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What To Expect From Your Web Designer – Copywriting Tips for Beginners

My first tip I’m going to be talking about um content on web sites, and this is a common misnomer that essentially, the customer always seems to think that the web design agency or web designer is going to be doing literally.

Everything for you, including writing. Your own content uploading, your content, finding images for you, whatever else that might entail really and our responsibility is designing and building the framework for your website. And then we give you the tools to be able to add your own content and, that’s not to say that’s, not just a rule that all web design agents use. We, we typically will add some, like you know, a dozen or so page of content to kind of test the platform.

But if you’ve got dozens of products and dozens of pages of content and thousands of images to upload, then the expectation really is on you. As the customer to actually upload your own content, and that’s because you know your products and you know your customers better than we do, and so in many instances it’s better for you to upload your own, your own content. However, it that’s not to say, like I said, that a web designer won’t be prepared to upload your content, but dupree be prepared that that may cost you a little bit more and because it is an extra service and for them to be able to add your Content, as is copywriting and some some some business owners and think that their masters of the Masters of oratory and they can write brilliant prose when actually they hand their content over to a sermon like world that doesn’t really kind of match.

The the core values of the calls to action which are required in order to take a somebody visiting your website and converting them into a customer, but those services such as copywriting, will cost you extra and an end. Fundamentally, is your responsibility to kind of produce? The initial set of content, but between us, hopefully we can kind of upload the content and for you, and I would recommend that if you don’t have time to write your own copy, then, and perhaps you should actually consider employing a specific website.

Copywriter to you can send a brief to give them the pages that you want to create and they’ll do all of the copywriting. For you second thing I just remind you to do is just to ask about your website’s warranty period. Some some web designers are not fussy and they’ll just carry on doing updates until the cows come home, but at the end of the day, web designers are earning money and so what they want to make sure that they or they’ll probably have to deadlines in place.

The first will be when they consider the website to be finished, so they’ve finished the design, finish them and building the framework and they’re waiting for your content. They might consider that to be the first deadline when it’s finished. The second deadline is when it launches. So that’s when you provided all of your copy content and images to them to be uploaded to the site and when the site and goes live.

The website designer may bill you on the first deadline. So you may not consider the website to be finished at that point, but your web designer probably will do and they will be expecting payment and what the way we kind of manage. That process is that when we feel the website is finished, we then can kick in a month-long warranty period, and this encourages our clients to go to the website test.

It upload any content, get back to us with any problems. We’ve worked together and we have a very specific launch date in mind and to get the website live, and it’s just better for the soul, for both the customer and for the web designer to know that you’ve got a go live date and for your website. I’d. Also remind you to em to check what training and support and is included within your package. So it might be a combination of article tutorials, a training manual, PDF training manual, personal, like one to one coaching on how to use your CMS platform and also telephone support.

So just double check with your web developer, what kind of support you’re going to get once your web site goes, live or is finished, depending on which deadlines you’re going to use and tip number four is to you know: don’t assume that your web designer is a Specialist at everything involving computers – I quite like for a long time, whilst we were just a web design agency and that – and we used to get asked a lot of questions about email support and what application is best to do X on their computer.

Or do you know anything about article? Oh, can you help me work? My DSLR and my iphone wont turn on and all those sorts of things your web designer. It’s like a job role. They are a web designer and they just work with things web. If you want to know more about things like social media and email support and article and things like that and your web designer doesn’t do that, then maybe they know somebody they can recommend to you to help with it or you can or go and search for Somebody else, but just remember that your web designer is building your website and they’re not there for everything to do with IT and perhaps they’ll probably like I said, be able to recommend some to you too.

So to summarize, those key points, firstly be prepared to add your own content. Don’t forget this as a bats and setting your own, you know managing your expectations, so, secondly, make sure that you ask about your your websites warranty period. When does your web designer consider the site to be finished, and when do you consider it to be finished so, thirdly, just check what and support you’re going to get from your web designer web.

That’s telephone support 121 articles, whatever it’s going to be. Also, just add ain’t extremely a website designer is a specialist everything involving computers. They are a web designer for one reasons, because they’re good at designing websites. So thanks once again for reading the article, I hope you found some of the tips helpful and if you’ve got any questions, then please do leave some comments in the boxes below the article.

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