Online Marketing

Aashna Shroff Unveils the Key to Become an Influencer

One tell me: what is your top secret secret? Firstly, thank you for having me it’s been really nice. I think for me, the secret of getting it isn’t really a secret precise talk where all the time I think, being consistent and in patient and staying like that. How do you think that every second person who has access to do you medium? How can that person become an influencer got it to you? I think that’s what we were discussing that everybody everybody is different and your personality is different.

So if your social media and your digital honey, it reflects your personality. That is the key for you Sandra. You know women more trying to make their mark on social media. Oh, I think don’t stop it. It’s like now is the time as well. It might already be a little too late because there are so many people over there. So just like start now,

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