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How to Make Money Blogging (Built a $$$$ / Per Month Advice for 2020)

I can assure you that the content will be rich. It’s just that today has been very different, and this recordings taken place on the 7th of April 2020 with a whole will is on a lockdown, well, the UK’s on lockdown, as we speak, China’s recovered extremely well and they are distributing products all over the world like Sanitizers hand sanitizers face masks, gloves, humidifiers or different types of products to protect you from the coronavirus.

Ok, China has over 6,000 manufacturing plants built as we speak, and they are thriving in business and if he wasn’t aware China, they have been thinking a hundred years into the future in terms have been becoming a superpower. Ok, what does that mean? It needs our love. Colonization will take place so in terms of certain borders, he will definitely have selected folk from China go in to certain people groups and introduce the concepts the mindset of China so that everyone’s thinking on one Accord we’re talking domination here.

So with that in mind, this is a great time of opportunity and everyone sees things differently. You know you can have a think from a half-empty or half-full perspective. If millions of people is saying, there’s no jobs, it’s a perfect opportunity to create one and you’ll. Have millions of people flocking you for work, you know. So in these times of uncertainty, it’s a great time to set up your business.

Now I don’t know what you’re passionate about what you love doing. What your ideas are. I know my approach is different tonight. It’s just that. It’s been long and it’s been on my heart to share something with you: a stock, some like chips in the oven, some chicken I’ll just fall out just sharing raw rugged face to face heart to heart article with you, because I know right now. It’s a ton of people that struggling in terms of finances, because duality is when it comes to financial security.

The best way you can be financially secure to be self-sufficient. If you got a skill, a vehicle, anything that can generate income, it’s important that you use that vehicle generate income until you find yourself in employment. So to speak. Even when you define yourself, employment always keep your vehicle alive, that’s going to create assets and not liabilities, because when people didn’t have the answer, what you’re going to do? You can’t point it where you can’t point your fingers and blame people.

I mean one day. You can have a job and the next day you lose it. That’s what’s happening around the world as we speak, people who’s losing the jobs. What do you do depend on the handout, a stimulus package, because, if you do that, then, what’s that backed by if that’s backed by your mortgage, your house, if that’s backed by something that you own an asset, the reality is, if you’re dependent on your job to Pay back the loan from the government, the chances are, you may lose that job and if the interest has been whacked up on that loan, you’re going to be in a bit of a pickle which means you’re going to be in a bit of a predicament.

Do you know how problems in terms of uncertainty people take, they tend to make decisions based on fear, worry, anxiety, etc. So if you do have any skills ideas, things that you’re passionate about turn your passion into profit and create a blog, I think that’s a great place to start for any single person. That is in a situation where they can see that term changes come in and you know you need to do something not now, but right now, I think, on the best things you can do is become an expert in a field that you’re passionate about whether that We cook in driving teaching creating products services.

Speaking no elocution skills education. You could be a scientist you may have whatever information you have, that you can share with the world package it into a product and sell it online and by starting a blog. He built in trust when you build trust of people only become likable. People will then invest in you, you see so it’s easy having the skills, but until you have like a platform where people can listen to you hear you learn about what you can deliver see.

What you can deliver where they can see testimonials about stuff they’ve already done. Only then will people invest in you. It’s important. I believe that everyone should have a blog, pretending to whatever industry, then a personal blog and to monetize. It, like, I said, turn your information into packages, whether it be an e-book, a article, the course podcast people and stream, your podcast online, and you can offer like them and have a button where people can click on it and make donations if they believe in what You are doing if it’s adding value to them and they believe that you can add value to others.

People will support what you are about, so a great place to start is by creating a a log, Hadji creator blog well, there’s plenty of articles on YouTube that I will show you how. However, i’ve got links in the description box below you can click on them links and learn. I am here to support you if you need support with your digital marketing articles. If you have a ministry as an example, maybe have a church and due to the economic collapse, you need to get offline and go online and stay connected with your people.

Then I can help you. I can build platforms that will keep your people connected anyway. This isn’t a time to fear. This is a time to build. Ok, so I encourage you to feed your faith starve it out brainstorm, get a piece of paper, write down all the things that you enjoy doing and then look at how you can monetize your talents, your gifts, right, it’s important! It’s important there’s plenty of room at the top and we need to help each other there’s plenty of room at the top.

So I encourage you to take massive action, simple steps day by day until you get to that place where you know you truly want to be so either change. You want to see subscribe to my newsletter, there’s a link in the description box below 100 % free I’ve got a site where you can literally learn about systems formulas online, marketing, affiliate marketing. I started out as an affiliate marketer in 2008, I was invited to her instant mark and seminar and met a gentleman called Mark anastasi.

He went on to be a multi-millionaire as future this out of his book, the laptop millionaire. I started to take copious notes and follow. Why say things that he was doing and I was getting rewards for doing so for creating systems and adding value. If I can do it, you can do as well. So here I am, it’s been a privilege and honor speaking to you at sort of a time as this in that step is to collect, let’s build.

So thank you for listening and I’ll speak to you very soon. God bless bye.

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