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How To Use Social Media To Take You From Zero – 10,000 Fans In 2020 //MUSICIAN SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY

The fact is all the YouTube music promotion blog con ours make a big deal out of social media because they know they are faking their knowledge and have never built up a fan base and all they can do is dissect the strategy of a big artist on Social media: well guess what what works for massive artists is not what works for R Us with under 10,000 followers, and this is: why would you follow their instructions and do all the things they tell you to? Do you see minimal results at best, so this article, I’m going to tell you the truth about how to develop a social media plan that works, to build up artists who aren’t mega stars and how you can think of how to handle yourself on Instagram Facebook, Twitter, Youtube tick tock on a macro level, hi, I’m Jesse Kenan, and this is muse formation.

So one of the reasons all these YouTube music promotion blog clowns, make nothing but articles on how to promote yourself on social media. It’s easy for them to dissect. What an artist is doing and then tell you to do that, but it’s also your fault that they only make articles on this. Yes, — you, these articles are the most popular way to get views on YouTube, because you were all reward them by clicking on them.

Like you did this one, because social media feels good to you and you’d rather work on social media than much of the hard work that really makes a difference, plus I’m guilty of it too. It can feel great all the validation you get from social media, but you know it doesn’t feel great when you realize it isn’t getting anyone to listen to your songs and everything. They’re telling you doesn’t work but give me 60 seconds to explain why social media doesn’t work at the low level of fandom.

These con artists tell you it does social media works because of reach and having an army of fans that put you into algorithms, and your fans spread your message since, at a certain point of scale, it gets very easy to keep your music spreading to new people. Let’s say this stunning piece of art I made on the screen right now is your social media following when you have a hundred fans, and this other circle is when you have 10,000 fans, the people in each circle.

Are your fans who you follow you into everyone outside the circle? Is who here’s your latest songs from fans sharing you as we could see? Most of your followers don’t share your latest track, no matter what size you are and just as bad, usually only one person who hears it shares it afterwards. It infects another person, but for the chat of an artist who has 10,000 fans tons of people share it and make you new fans when you have great songs in content and are doing this well, it can be massive, but at the lower end of the scale, Even when you’re killing it, it doesn’t do much good.

This is why you always have to fight for every shared connection you make with a new fan at the below 10,000 fans mark with that said, there’s ways to get this to work. If you just understand the game, so let’s talk about what does work. Let’s first talk about your goals. The whole goal of the playlist, this article is a part of is to get you to 10,000 fans. So let’s call that our goal right now. So, let’s talk about what’s downstream from that, though, which is two objectives that get us to that goal.

So the first thing is awareness. Obviously, since we’re talking about promoting your music, our goal is to bring awareness to your music and by awareness I mean knowing what a song sounds like not just that you make music and look cute in different outfits. Since I know a lot of you are guilty of that social media is littered with artists that people know who are but have never heard a note they making music.

We won’t want to do here’s make posts. We want to use those post to make people know you’re doing cool things and that they should know as much about you as possible, so they don’t feel left out. Secondly, we’re trying to build bonds. I think the biggest mistakes are, as I talk to make about social media. Is they don’t remember that fans support the artists? They feel the closest bonds with oftentimes? What’s written in the caption is more important than a good-looking picture on Instagram, a tweet where you share insight and truth can expose you to more fans than in an announcement.

Think about how you start conversations and show your unique self, while also being informative about what you have going on. There’s a balance between over sharing and not telling your fans about your music enough and just being a boring press release factory does not work. I believe the artists that find a balance between these two polls get the most mileage out of social media. If you don’t believe me, these bonds help don’t make me pull up that MTV study that shows fans support the artists.

They feel the closest bonds with off. Look what you made me do, but let’s remember what no one likes whatsoever on social media being talked at instead of with it is insane to see how much better a reaction you get at the below 10,000 fan level. When you talk in a conversational tone with people on social media, put out a new song, ask your fans how it made them feel this is opens up so many conversations and conversations create bonds.

Your social media presence needs to be building an understanding of you, as that understanding invites curiosity and then helps us with the first goal of them. Listening to your music and building a relationship with it. Since the bonds you build on social media, not only make your fans support you more, they help spread you well, it’s also talk about reminding, since we mentioned that there, what is reminding mean for social media? Sometimes I forget, I love a song and then youtuber reminds me to listen that song again and then my relationship grows with them.

Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy to record and there’s a social media update that gets. Retweeted will remind me. I really enjoyed that record so now that we know what our goals are. We have to figure out what type of content you’re going to make. That brings those two goals together. So I want you to think about that SWOT analysis. We did a few articles ago and if you haven’t done one, you should go back and do it and then I want to think about what your personality is going to be so there’s a few particular personality, types that work well on social media and the best News is that you could do all of them, or just one of them it’s entirely up to you and they’re successful ours to do and combination of them.

The first is insightful. The insightful social media person talks about the lessons of life, mental health and what they have gone through in life oftentimes, it’s in the context of their songs and the emotions that went into them or the life events around them. So their audience could see how it came out in musical form. Then there’s the political, social media person there’s the person who posts about politics and activism around their music.

They don’t necessarily need to have songs about politics, but this often creates bonds around them. As fans respect that they stand for something eight, but who tells you that you lose fans if you’re being political? Is it absolute moron? You gain just as many for people who support that you take a stand. Tons of groups who suck we’re a highly political get attention for their outspoken words, and people want to support even the ultimate panderer and music Taylor.

Swift has gone political and, let’s remember most, your fans, don’t even understand your politics anyway or care when you talk about them as long as it’s not a riposte musician content. Are you a music or production nerd discuss that your musician fans want to know what you’re doing talk about your process and interest of music, because after all, musicians, nerds love to hear this and then see how you did this musically and it’s a great way to Get people to hear your music related to that is what I like to call my hobby Star Wars, gaming or you’re, a brony or whatever tons of musicians have had social media to them, tons of favors by posting about their hobby and bonding with fans over this Shared hobby, the next is a curator.

If you’re someone who appreciates culture greatly and is always aware of the best new music or underground movie or artist, you could easily build bonds around these conversations. I personally do a lot of this. Where I talk about what I appreciated songs since I love dissecting songs and I’m also the person who reades every TV show a movie before everyone else sees them. I report to the world what I thought before everyone else.

This could also be ranking records for your favorite bands of social media, our starting conversations with flowers on what they see in art, music, film or whatever. Next we have the funny person if you’re funny. This can go a long way. Since we all know, humour is the second biggest currency on the internet as good, jokes and pranks could spread and get people following you faster than anything. Aside from our next thing, memes memes are the greatest currency.

On social media I mean we now have musicians like back to Marco and post Malone, who hire people just to make memes around them to market their music. You can work your music into memes in a way that isn’t cringe. It can do you huge favors. So now, let’s talk about the different posts you make. The first thing we should discuss is those personality posts and there should be around 50 % of what you do.

If not more, then I wan na talk about what we call storytelling, which I also will say is the promotion in your music, which should be 25 to 30 percent of it, and then the last percentage is engagement, which we will discuss in a second now. I do want to talk about what some of these con artists on YouTube tell. You is just you need to alternate between these three as long as you keep there being a variety of these posts and you keep it in those percentages.

That’s what’s going to matter. No one’s paying that much attention to your patterns, to notice a forum, you know what they are paying attention to is if the content is quality as long as it’s somewhere roughly within this graph, all will be fine. The key is posting good quality posts than the actual quantity which will matter way less as long as people are enjoying what they’re seeing. So, let’s talk a little bit more about these posts and we’ll start with stories stories way more than everything.

There’s a reason to Instagram name than this. If you tell stories you build bonds, think of the times you’ve had in your life of what you’re going through and write them down or tell them into a camera anyway to get it across that shows vulnerability and allows connection that helps fans build those bonds. So I want you to think of every time you are promoting something that it’s a story. New song tell the story about it: new tour talk about the bonds and the fun you had on the last one and why this is going to be a unique experience where you build stories with your fans at those shows just say: you’re playing a show, isn’t Enticing telling why it will be special is the next piece of this puzzle is engagement.

Engagement is everything from answering comments to reposting fans, feelings about your music. Not only does engagement build your relationship with fans, it also encourages them to promote you, as they start to see you as someone they want to grow with, and they know that promoting you can help build that relationship so liking and reposting. What fans say about you is an engagement that helps them see you see them and keep them doing the work of promotion for you that we do have to talk about the biggest flaw in an engagement, which is that, in your feeds, this needs to be the Smallest part of what you do and not all clustered at once, if you become one of those people who shares how much fans love you all day and every day it becomes annoying and not interesting as you’re, not building bonds with people you’re just bragging.

Now, on the day of a single or album release, it’s fine to go a little wild as it shows people are really enjoying what you did and that they know about what you’re saying or particularly maybe they want to build bonds with the people who are in Your posts and they’ll see that they could build that bond if they’ve listed that song, but really this should be the smallest part of your public posts. Instead, do this work in comments and replies to your fans instead of having to put it publicly for everyone build those interactions in those comments – and, let’s remember part of engagement – is those bonds you make with fans so always reply with something open-ended.

That can keep a conversation going. In fact, if you could be invulnerable or insightful in these conversations, then go even further. Remember your fans are going to remember this more than you, since it’s a way more special interaction for them so be thoughtful. I always tell every artist I work with to reply to a conversation thinking about how it will be memorable through the fan. Another part of engagement is asking questions, so much of social media is now polls.

They don’t need to be as serious as what songs to play on tour. It could often be silly like what should you wear or if you should buy a furries for trunk pad at a truck stop. My answer is hell. No, you should also employ robots. Remind your fans of the times and also teach new fans. Your history throwbacks are always great to put on a calendar and remember to post from time to time and listen. We have to remember early on, especially before you’ve built up those 10,000 fans and even beyond that that the gate that the name of the game here is one fan at a time.

You could literally go back and read articles of Justin, Bieber, Lady Gaga and now groups like city morgue, who you never suspect, of doing this, making one-on-one connections with fans all day long because at the beginning of the game. That’s what it’s about. So don’t underestimate that you are working very slowly at first to keep building yourself up before you have an army of fans who are helping to promote you so win each battle, one at a time.

So those are the broad strokes of how to see social media, but let’s talk about how to make great content. The first thing you need to do is get in the habit of retention, and why me by retention, is remember to document what you do and remember what your good ideas are. The fact is one: when amazing things happen, it sometimes is worth it sorry, creative for the camera and get the shot and two whatever you do anything eventful.

Think of how you can turn it into content. This could be just going to a water park on to just being at a venue and finding the silliest place to take a picture. Think of how you make everything you do more exceptional and show your personality and put the effort into it. But let’s get into this, what are the things everyone who wonders is how you make exceptional content. I can tell you an easy formula.

I know this article has been going on for a while, but what I’m about to tell you is the prize for sticking around, since it truly is some of the best advice. I know that I’ve never seen anyone say the people who have success on social media are exceptionally good at writing, down their best, most unique or funny thoughts they that workshop them two of the people. I talk to the most have millions of followers on social media and what the two of them do all day is send each other what they are thinking of posting and the other helps workshop it to get it better by telling them what they would do.

Putting in the effort to make sure you have the best delivery device for your content is crucial as well. You need to post it at the Times your audience’s online, so many musicians make the mistake of being bored at 4:00 in the morning and posting great content. You could easily observe many of the biggest accounts, always post at the same time, it’s when they see the most reward. Some of this can be found from analytics, as most social media has software, to tell you when your fans are online, but much of it needs to be found out through experimentation as well.

Sub content needs to stay on a list. Some things aren’t best post until a current event happens, that’s worthy of it other types of stuff. You should be posting immediately. The key is to get tons of categories in your Notes, app and have content ready to fire when things happen, which now brings me to you, you should always have your content plan for a week ahead. We’ve talked before in a previous article about that.

Your content calendar should be there for all your releases and if you don’t know what I’m talking about it, the articles link below but all the stories you’re going to tell should be planned out every week. It should basically be following a script. Yes, there should be a travas ation and when fun things happen, you should do them by make sure the artists I work with. Have it planned out every story they’re going to tell around their music a week at events, so that we could have workshop that as much as possible and then during that week, they’re just following a script? If we have a funny post plan for Wednesday and then something new comes up like they got a good photo at Chucky Cheese or something we push that post back another week, just do the work in advance and always be head and have content bangs.

Since this is one of the most important things you can do to keep the quality of your content as high as possible. Now, let’s talk about a bunch of general tips for social media. If you link to Spotify or YouTube link to a playlist every time, so they don’t start playing someone else’s music for your potential fan, you want to build bonds deeper with these fans that you’ve linked the service. If you’re going to share your music, I love song, dot, link, it’s free and fans can choose where to stream.

Next, no more teasers, if you get someone’s attention, be sure to take advantage of it. I know it’s excited when you’re doing something fun and your favorite ours tease, but if you have less than 10,000 fans, no one cares what’s next, but what’s more important is reminding people to keep building bonds in a relationship with your music. By going to the content they can already get addicted to if a fan has a good time liking your song, but it hasn’t hit them.

Yet when you send out teasers a wasted opportunity, since the listener can’t hear the song, but if you post that article after your song is out you’re, reminding a fan to continue a relationship and as a story, they are building with that song. They liked, but wasn’t their favorite song. Yet no one makes a calendar reminder eight days from now to listen to your single when you’re a nobody. So please stop doing this.

What do you have under 10,000 fans analytics are really overrated, but those services that tell you when your fans are online can really help better engagement if you’re as graphic design challenged as me. Try setting up for canva for a few months and get the hang of what looks good for posts. You can take their templates after a while and dump them into a graphic design program it and work for there once you get the hang of it.

The next step is, while I think you should individually post to each social media platform the best automation service to trigger them all is I FTT why you should push the each social network individually? If you feel there’s just too much time, sucked from that, Instagram is the best service to trigger them all, but unfortunately you can’t do planning with Instagram outside of using a notes app. I really like smart URL for a promotion tool.

It’s one of the best things for social media to read: analytics it’s worth exploring if you’re going to go hard on social media. The next step is to cross-promote. You should screenshot your best tweets, occasionally and put them on your IG story and vice-versa cross-breeding. Those two socials helps you be able to remind people more regularly that they should follow you on more social media platforms and the coming episodes will get more specific about each social, media, blog and specific tips for all of them, including Instagram Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

And if I could find one of those Zoltar machines to make me fifteen again, I may even do one on tik-tok. I hope you subscribe to this blog and get a word to our next articles as we’re going to be going over tons more strategy. Just like this thanks for reading, am I missing anything? Is there any other way? You would have done this? I need to know your questions and what no one else is telling you since want to answer them, so leave them in the comments.

Since I answer every comment in every post, I hope you liked this article and if you did please like subscribe and get notified and I’m going to be breaking down the concepts in this article, along with how to promote your music and how to make songs. You’re happy with in the future. I have a Facebook group linked below there’s only helpful information, no playlists or con artists only AR is having helpful discussions aloud.

If you want to learn more about me, we’re going to record with me or check out any my books, podcasts or anything else. I do go to Jesse cannon comm or at Jesse cannon on all the socials one last thing: there’s two playlists here: one is on how to grow your fan base from 0 to 10,000 fans and the other is on how you promote your music with Spotify or You can hit the subscribe button below and stay tuned, as I have tons of tips for musicians.

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How To Find Out Who You Are As An Artist To Plan Your Future

These are considered at a plant is made to play off what an artist needs to do to accentuate these strengths and diminish their weaknesses. In this episode, I’m going to teach you the techniques, the artists you love, used to decide their next moves.

Hi, I’m Jesse cannon. This is muse formation, and today I’m in Millerton New York at bear tracks, studio and just taking a minute to talk about this. So if you’ve readed this blog before you know, I have more than a bit of disdain for startup bro culture, but with that said, when you’re right, you’re right, there’s always things to be learned from even the biggest douchebags in the world. It’s started playing.

There’s this thing called a SWOT analysis. Now we’re not trying to hit flies with something and analyze it. That was horrible. You do this analysis in order to get a grasp on who you are and what your to-do list should be, as well as figuring out what your next marketing move should be. So SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This gives a wide span of knowledge about who you are and what you should do and can really guide your each and every move.

I talked to so many artists and oftentimes. They feel like they’re walking in the dark and just seeing what sticks by throwing it against the wall and really are just guessing at what they’re going to do next for their content and going with the first idea that comes to them. Instead of making calculated and informed decisions that can really help make their music resonate better, this analysis will teach you exactly what you should be doing at all times and guide numerous parts of what you do.

Ok, so let’s get into this. So the essence SWOT is 4 strengths for this list. We’re going to list everything you do well. This could be that you have a charismatic frontwoman, great songs, attractive people in the group. Whatever your strengths are, let’s get them down here and feel free to even go down to the minutia. We want to get everything you have going for you on this list. Then we get to the W, which is weaknesses here.

We want to put everything you need to improve. It should be being worked on regularly. This could be that your drummer sucks you’re, a bunch of slobs. You have no money or that your music is generic, since you still haven’t found your voice, yet that’s all fine. Be honest with yourself opportunities is the openness. This could be that your dad owns that empty. Where that you can film cool articles in and put sets in, you know someone in licensing and you may get opportunities there.

If you make more licensable music or your guitarist is so good that you can get on a bunch of guitar YouTube blogs to promote your music, the T stands for threats, which are things you need to take care of before something bad happens. This could be everything from unpaid tickets that may get your van towed away, that your drummer’s going to have a kid and not be able to play shows for a while. Yes, I just called a kid a threat.

I had a really bad train ride up here with a crying kid behind me, so I’m taking a little revenge or that you haven’t released music in 9 months and you’re losing monthly listeners. So let’s get this filled out for yourself to give you some inspiration. Here’s examples of three different artists and how I would fill out their SWOT analysis if I was on their team okay, so I have to do these four groups.

I know really well because, in order to do these analysis, you have to know what the intricacies of each group, so, of course I chose my favorite group, the 1975 first, because who woulda thunk it so there’s strikes charismatic frontman he’s amazing. They use a lot of their articles to play up how much personality has and have him do all sorts of different things, because he’s capable of doing a ton and he’s an incredible performer.

They have I’d ever our sounds, so they get introduced to lots of different people on playlists because they get to be on so many different types of playlists regularly. Since, when you make songs in different genres, you can get on those and that’s helped to bolster their fanbase immensely. They have a diverse fanbase in that it appeals to everybody whether it’s normal looking people on to weird queer, kids, art, kids, even a girl on a job in the to time article, and they really bring this out and show their fans a lot because they want People to know that they’re included here, the singer is also probably the most intelligent pop star in the mainstream when talking about politics in society, so they do tons and tons of interviews which helps spread their message and they know this and take advantage of it.

Their weaknesses are also the same that many people are repulsed to by this about him and they think that he’s, you know, woke trolling and things like that for publicity and they also just turned off. I can remember going home on Christmas after they had played Sarah at live, and my father’s friends were repulsed by him. They have a diverse, and that also turns a lot of fans off. I end up deleting from my playlist of the records the gospel songs of the jazz songs, because I don’t like when they do that and Watts people don’t like that about them.

Their opportunities are that they have or about to have potentially to album of the year. Albums and critic circles and that can exponentially propel you when you’ve had two records. That really are this solid. Their threats are, the singer is a former heroin addict and that can go sideways at a time and they have insanely high expectations for the next record ends. Very hard when you’ve made a record that everybody called the album of the year to follow it up.

Next, we have my fav hundred decks. Their strengths are unique and shocking sound. When you listen that that record, I often tell people if they listen to it. You can’t just listen to one song. You have to listen to seven of them at least to understand how insane this record is because it’s just so all over the place. They have a unique look and personality that don’t look like any other group out right now, which always makes for people wanting to do photoshoots with you.

Other musicians, love them and they’re highly influential in the mainstream right now, every pop stars talking about how that’s the record, that’s influencing them. The weaknesses are many for people find them too silly, since they’re pretty silly and their diversity sound yet again turns fans off their sound. It goes all over the map. There are opportunities or they’re poised to be a huge act with the next record is seemingly it will be handed to them as long as they make a good record lots of keys to lots of opportunities in Dylan Brady that one of the producers in the group Produces many huge pop acts like Charli XCX, so they have a very good opportunity to widen their appeal with that their threats are they only have a dozen songs, so it’s hard for people to get addicted to a band.

That only has one real release and they also have insanely high expectations for their next record. Next, I’m going to talk about one of my new favorite artists poppy puppy’s strengths are: she has unique innovative production on her songs, her songs, truly just jaw drop on this latest record. I disagreed that you can’t believe how they got. Some of these sounds and how interesting the song structures are.

She’s a unique looking personality she’s been making some of the most interesting articles that people were talking about long before she found her voice. They would just talk about how crazy her articles are in the look of them and you know, she’s a very attractive person, and that helps no matter who you are weaknesses, metal fans, hate diversity and sound. They don’t like when you bring other genres in they’re, a closed-minded Bunch, so it makes a lot of people turned off by her.

She also used to make pop music, so stupid. Metal fans are skeptical of her opportunities. Are, though, that musicians appreciate her very much. I see a lot of people talking about how it influenced they are by this record and she has a creative level worthy of mass attention and what I mean by that is like we’re, seeing so many with creative directors now and we’re going to talk a lot More about that in a few articles from now – and she really really has a creative level of like whatever’s happening our team to make the stuff that she makes it’s like Madonna at her peak level.

Good content, like I am shocked by every article that she comes out with her threats, are, could be considered novelty if songs go in the wrong direction. You know this music borders on not being serious, and that is such a hard line to walk and the way she comments on music. Her personality is hard to age, and I don’t want to do that in a females can’t grow up, because that’s repulsive to me. What I mean by that is when you’re commenting on youth culture, eventually, you get too old like blink 182 and that’s a lot of what she’s doing is she’s talking about the youth and making a mockery of you know like a culture and stuff like that, so That you filled this out, how do you use it for your to-do list? I like to focus on the opportunities and threats.

First, since opportunities should guide what you’re working towards and since threats can potentially take down what you do, you have to make sure you act on them fast. It also helps to consider for your to-do list how planning up to your strengths can increase your chances to get these opportunities. You should also consider your weaknesses and take time to consider allocating time to fix them. Oftentimes, just stare at this list can get you to a more considered place on your to-do list, where you can be more effective in your progress, will dramatically improve just from this practice.

As the same goes work smarter, not harder. Secondly, this list should guide your image and the marketing decisions you make, whether it’s articles photo shoots or art, think about your strengths and weaknesses and how you play them up and make them more effective. Play up your strengths of doing things that conceal your weaknesses is crucial and makes everything you do better and more effective. Take the time to make a good list for this analysis and update it regularly.

I keep one above my desk for my own personal work at home, so I can always consider what I should be improving and what I should be focusing on. That’s it am I missing anything. Is there any way you would have done this? I need to know your questions and what no one else is telling you, since I want to answer them, so leave them in the comments. I hope you liked this article and if you did please like and subscribe and get notified for my future article, since I’m going to be breaking down the concepts in this article, along with tons of others, on promoting your music and how to make music.

Your more happy with as well, I have a Facebook group, that’s linked below, there’s only helpful information. No one try to sell you anything playlists or con-artists, only helpful information for musicians looking to be better themselves. If you want to learn more about me, make a record with me or check out any my books, podcasts or anything else. I do head to Jesse Canon comm or at Jesse Canon on any of the socials thanks for reading.

One last thing: if you liked this article, there’s two playlists here with tons more articles that you’ll probably enjoy ones about how you promote your music and the others about how you make songs you’re happy with. Otherwise, you can hit the subscribe button here and see you. The rest of my articles, thanks so much for reading

My favorite musician as of right now.