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FREE Music Marketing Strategy To Get REAL Fans Using YouTube | How To Build a Music Fanbase

Now this is one of five cheap growth strategies. I listed in my guide that free guide is in the description below I’ll, also put in the top comment, so check that out after the article, if you’re interested and a great thing about this article right here is a lot of you guys have been looking for A system to use marketing wise because everybody needs a system, but you haven’t had one.

This article will show you a system for growing a fan base and if you can’t use this particular one, you at least understand what that looks. Like here’s, the things that you got to do to use this strategy, one you have to upload a content mix. This requires two types of content at minimum, but three would be even better. Those two types of content are your original music that could be a music article or just a audio track, upload it to YouTube, and then there’s cover songs.

Now I know a lot of you guys are familiar with using cover music on YouTube. Some people have tried it and haven’t had much success, but a lot of it comes from not completely understanding so listen to this entire article, so you can really get an understanding how best to use cover music and also to actually make sure you maximize this. You have to upload your cover: music, your remixes or your free styles, one of the others in the right way.

So read the article that I did on how to properly do that and I’ll also provide that in the link description below the third type of content. You can do is really just regular vlog type articles where you’re engaging your audience and different ways, or just giving them peers and peeks into your lifestyle. There’s plenty of youtubers out there that you know are just succeeding as just youtubers, no music at all figure out.

What you might be able to do in that type of category to give fans additional ways to connect with you? The second thing you need to do is manage your proportions. Now. What I mean by that is you have those two or three types of content that you’re dropping. You want your original music to be a decent portion of that, and your original articles to be a decent portion of that if you’re doing vlog type articles covers, can be some, but not all of your posts.

There’s some people who use a cover, type strategy or a remix type strategy, but that’s all they’re doing and then there’s some people who rarely ever do covers or any kind of remixes or freestyles. You want to create some form of regular schedule, even if you’re not dropping this music regularly, it doesn’t necessarily matter what your proportion is as long as you stay consistent over the long term, but just for those of you, my ex, if you do at least one Cover song or one freestyle, every four articles you drop, that could be pretty good for you, but on the other end, if you aren’t able to record quality original music, you might want to flip that and drop only one original song.

Every four articles you have to figure out what works best for you, but if you can do this at least weekly, then that should be a nice pace to work with. If you want to slow that down and do four articles every month, just realize you’ll be taking more time to get out more content and you’re working at a slower pace so expect success or certain numbers to come at a slower pace. Now. The third thing you got to do is links in promo.

It’s the equivalent of letting people know where your other music is in this article right here. I could have text pop up that says: follow brain man, Sean on soundcloud or follow brain man, Sean on Spotify or Apple music, if they’re not going to also have that in my description links. I can also have that in my top comment link now, if you don’t know what I mean by top comment, if you look at the comment section of this article, you’ll notice, that my comment is at the top, because I pinned it to the top and now Any links that I want people to see people will always see.

My comment first be sure to do this with relevant links for your articles. Now it’s extremely important that these links lead to places where it’s only your original content, if you haven’t realized it, yet we’ve been walking through pieces of the system. The reason a lot of people fail when it comes to covers is they’re thinking about it directly as creating fans as opposed to realizing that covers are marketing.

So now, when I talked about that marketing funnel remember, we’ve talked about this in articles before read my article on that, if you haven’t, this is how the system would play out. The top of the marketing funnel always has the most people your covers, because they’ll get views and organically are usually going to be the first thing people see, that’s just them becoming aware of you initially, the next step in the consideration phase.

That means they saw whatever cover article that they saw of you and now they’re saying. Let me look at this other cover article, or maybe they run into your original content. That’s what’s happening in the consideration phase, because they’re discovering more of you next is conversion. This is when they’re really saying yeah. Oh, this person’s original content is awesome and if you did the third type of content, that is the more youtuber, maybe blog type content, they’re discovering – maybe some of this in the consideration phase as well, but once they get down to the conversion phase.

They really like your original music and they really like your other articles. That is just you and your personality, not necessarily the covers. So now. At this point, you have people who are discovering you on your YouTube page and then some of your subscribers are probably casual fans and real fans. You don’t know what that number percentage is, but with the links, the people who follow you, because they see your link in your YouTube article or they see it in your description or your top comments and follow you on other platforms, whereas only your original music.

You now know that the people who went there through that route really love you for you. These are some of your true fans, and that is a system and the way these systems work is now once everything is in place. All you have to do is stay consistent with it, and on top of that, give it more and more exposure, because now, after you have let’s say a hundred articles of this combination, if article number 101, all of a sudden goes viral, all the new people that Come in and will go to the top of the funnel and be able to follow that exact same route, and now for those of you who get all discouraged like yo.

My original music doesn’t get anywhere near as many views as the covers. That’s how it’s supposed to be it’s the top of the funnel that’s people discovering you in the first place. Naturally, less people are going to even find out about your original music at first. But if you stay consistent with this system, you’re going to have more casual fans and more real fans and you’ll have more people who aren’t fans at all, but at least have been exposed to you.

Everybody has this there’s an artist out there that you can think of that. You know, has a pretty strong fan base, but you don’t really know their music like that, because you’re, the top of the funnel for them. This system could be a strong foundation for you and if you follow the criteria and follow these instruction and you’re, not finding any kind of progress in the content probably needs to improve whether that means your music isn’t good or whether that means the quality of the Audio and articles is just straight-up messed up, you’ll have to figure that out, but there’s no way you shouldn’t find some progress, even if it’s not as fast as other people.

Now again, this was just one of five cheap growth strategies to build a music fan bits. The rest of that guide is in the link in the description below go ahead and have at it would love to know you guys thoughts only when you get a chance to go through it go ahead and hit me up at brandman Shawn on Instagram. To give me your thoughts other than that, if you like this article, go ahead, the like button, if you like it, you might as well share it and if you’re not subscribed, you know what to do hit that subscribe.

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3 Ways Rappers Can Build Their Fanbase Fast | Music Marketing Strategies & Tips

What’s up, my name is hip play of hit, play, beats calm and my goal is to help provide rappers with the knowledge they’re going to need in order to turn their dreams into their careers. So if you’re, a serious rapper make sure you go ahead and you hit that subscribe button down below and you click the notification bell to get notified every time.

I release a new article also, if you like any of the beats here in the background this article I’ll have the direct links listed in the description below alright, so the first way that you can start building your fanbase is by actually collaborating with other artists, either Around you or that you can meet through social media, so collaboration is great because it allows you to get in front of an audience that you wouldn’t have the opportunity to get in front of otherwise.

So as an example, if you have a thousand fans – and somebody else has a thousand fans – that’s potentially 2,000 people that can see your new song – you just did with that artist. So now, potentially, you can gain an extra thousand followers just because you were in front of somebody else’s audience and that’s across all other social medias as well. So, if they’re, promoting through Twitter or they’re, promoting through Instagram or they’re, promoting through SoundCloud or whatever it is you’ll, actually be able to grow on all those different platforms as a whole and that’s just from doing a collaboration with one artist.

If you find multiple other artists, so if you find say ten artists, you can collaborate with that’s not potentially ten other opportunities that you have to be seen in front of other audiences. Another great thing about collaboration is the fact that most rappers aren’t going to take down the song that you did with them. So if they blow up and they get say they get exposed to 10,000 more people or they grow a fanbase to like ten thousand.

A hundred thousand people have percentage of them are going to see your name as well, and the percentage of they’re going to go search you out as well, and if you grow your fanbase big enough, you’ll actually be able to charge for collapse and start making some Money from this as well, alright, so the second way you can start building a fanbase is actually by creating viral articles. So basically, the type of articles that I’m talking about are the ones that people want to share, because it’s either interesting or it relates to a certain audience on social media.

So a great example of this would be how futuristic was able to dress like a nerd and start rapping for people, and all they did was record that from across the street. And so basically, because that was such an unexpected thing and it was able to be shared across social media, but through either Twitter or through Instagram or through Facebook. It was able to go viral and he gained so much exposure from that.

Now he’s not going to gain his mate, so if he gets a million views, it’s not going to give you a million followers, but there’s going to be a percentage of people that are going to be like. I want to see what he’s going to do in the future and those are the people that are going to be able to become part of your fan base. So you can also use those to your advantage to direct people to your original music as well.

So, basically, by leaving a link to Spotify or by leaving a link to your original music somewhere else, you can direct people to your original content. You can gain fans from that as well. Just as a side note, I don’t want anybody thinking that okay, I can just go and do the same thing and get the same result. That’s not really true, and that’s not really the case. People are going to know that you’re trying to rip off and do the same thing, so you just need to be creative and figure out.

Something else that you can do on your own. So the third way that we’re going to talk about how you can build your fanbase is through targeted marketing on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. So yes, this does require that you have somewhat of a budget, and you also do need to know what you’re doing somewhat, but once you understand some of the things about how these ad platforms work and how to actually promote your music on these platforms.

You’ll actually be surprised about how effective these can actually be. So basically, if we take the previous way so using a viral article to basically gain exposure, if you take – and you promote that through YouTube or Facebook to people who have a similar interest in that style of music, you’ll actually be able to gain fans from that. So as an example of how you can actually go about doing, this is basically going through and on facebook on the ads manager.

You can pick the fan pages of people like future young thug, yo gotti, whoever that’s in your kind of in your genre. In your lane, you want to pick about seven to fourteen of those people, and then you can actually market to their fans. They’ve already built these fan bases up. So basically, all you have to do is pay to get in front of them, and a percentage of them are going to like your music, because you’re in that same style in that same plane.

So if you take that viral article idea from that second way that we just talked about, you can actually promote that article to people who are going to have an interest in it already. This is great because a lot of those artists already have millions of followers. Already built up for you, all you’re doing is tapping into their following and finding other people that have a similar interest in that style of music and, like I said before, this will work on all the social medias that allow you to create ads and promote people On their sites all right, so I hope this article was helpful and if it was make sure you definitely like the article down below and if you have any questions comments or concerns go ahead and leave that in the comment section below and if you mean beats, Don’t forget to stop by hit play, beats com and until next time, I’ll see you guys later peace.

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How To Find Out Who You Are As An Artist To Plan Your Future

These are considered at a plant is made to play off what an artist needs to do to accentuate these strengths and diminish their weaknesses. In this episode, I’m going to teach you the techniques, the artists you love, used to decide their next moves.

Hi, I’m Jesse cannon. This is muse formation, and today I’m in Millerton New York at bear tracks, studio and just taking a minute to talk about this. So if you’ve readed this blog before you know, I have more than a bit of disdain for startup bro culture, but with that said, when you’re right, you’re right, there’s always things to be learned from even the biggest douchebags in the world. It’s started playing.

There’s this thing called a SWOT analysis. Now we’re not trying to hit flies with something and analyze it. That was horrible. You do this analysis in order to get a grasp on who you are and what your to-do list should be, as well as figuring out what your next marketing move should be. So SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This gives a wide span of knowledge about who you are and what you should do and can really guide your each and every move.

I talked to so many artists and oftentimes. They feel like they’re walking in the dark and just seeing what sticks by throwing it against the wall and really are just guessing at what they’re going to do next for their content and going with the first idea that comes to them. Instead of making calculated and informed decisions that can really help make their music resonate better, this analysis will teach you exactly what you should be doing at all times and guide numerous parts of what you do.

Ok, so let’s get into this. So the essence SWOT is 4 strengths for this list. We’re going to list everything you do well. This could be that you have a charismatic frontwoman, great songs, attractive people in the group. Whatever your strengths are, let’s get them down here and feel free to even go down to the minutia. We want to get everything you have going for you on this list. Then we get to the W, which is weaknesses here.

We want to put everything you need to improve. It should be being worked on regularly. This could be that your drummer sucks you’re, a bunch of slobs. You have no money or that your music is generic, since you still haven’t found your voice, yet that’s all fine. Be honest with yourself opportunities is the openness. This could be that your dad owns that empty. Where that you can film cool articles in and put sets in, you know someone in licensing and you may get opportunities there.

If you make more licensable music or your guitarist is so good that you can get on a bunch of guitar YouTube blogs to promote your music, the T stands for threats, which are things you need to take care of before something bad happens. This could be everything from unpaid tickets that may get your van towed away, that your drummer’s going to have a kid and not be able to play shows for a while. Yes, I just called a kid a threat.

I had a really bad train ride up here with a crying kid behind me, so I’m taking a little revenge or that you haven’t released music in 9 months and you’re losing monthly listeners. So let’s get this filled out for yourself to give you some inspiration. Here’s examples of three different artists and how I would fill out their SWOT analysis if I was on their team okay, so I have to do these four groups.

I know really well because, in order to do these analysis, you have to know what the intricacies of each group, so, of course I chose my favorite group, the 1975 first, because who woulda thunk it so there’s strikes charismatic frontman he’s amazing. They use a lot of their articles to play up how much personality has and have him do all sorts of different things, because he’s capable of doing a ton and he’s an incredible performer.

They have I’d ever our sounds, so they get introduced to lots of different people on playlists because they get to be on so many different types of playlists regularly. Since, when you make songs in different genres, you can get on those and that’s helped to bolster their fanbase immensely. They have a diverse fanbase in that it appeals to everybody whether it’s normal looking people on to weird queer, kids, art, kids, even a girl on a job in the to time article, and they really bring this out and show their fans a lot because they want People to know that they’re included here, the singer is also probably the most intelligent pop star in the mainstream when talking about politics in society, so they do tons and tons of interviews which helps spread their message and they know this and take advantage of it.

Their weaknesses are also the same that many people are repulsed to by this about him and they think that he’s, you know, woke trolling and things like that for publicity and they also just turned off. I can remember going home on Christmas after they had played Sarah at live, and my father’s friends were repulsed by him. They have a diverse, and that also turns a lot of fans off. I end up deleting from my playlist of the records the gospel songs of the jazz songs, because I don’t like when they do that and Watts people don’t like that about them.

Their opportunities are that they have or about to have potentially to album of the year. Albums and critic circles and that can exponentially propel you when you’ve had two records. That really are this solid. Their threats are, the singer is a former heroin addict and that can go sideways at a time and they have insanely high expectations for the next record ends. Very hard when you’ve made a record that everybody called the album of the year to follow it up.

Next, we have my fav hundred decks. Their strengths are unique and shocking sound. When you listen that that record, I often tell people if they listen to it. You can’t just listen to one song. You have to listen to seven of them at least to understand how insane this record is because it’s just so all over the place. They have a unique look and personality that don’t look like any other group out right now, which always makes for people wanting to do photoshoots with you.

Other musicians, love them and they’re highly influential in the mainstream right now, every pop stars talking about how that’s the record, that’s influencing them. The weaknesses are many for people find them too silly, since they’re pretty silly and their diversity sound yet again turns fans off their sound. It goes all over the map. There are opportunities or they’re poised to be a huge act with the next record is seemingly it will be handed to them as long as they make a good record lots of keys to lots of opportunities in Dylan Brady that one of the producers in the group Produces many huge pop acts like Charli XCX, so they have a very good opportunity to widen their appeal with that their threats are they only have a dozen songs, so it’s hard for people to get addicted to a band.

That only has one real release and they also have insanely high expectations for their next record. Next, I’m going to talk about one of my new favorite artists poppy puppy’s strengths are: she has unique innovative production on her songs, her songs, truly just jaw drop on this latest record. I disagreed that you can’t believe how they got. Some of these sounds and how interesting the song structures are.

She’s a unique looking personality she’s been making some of the most interesting articles that people were talking about long before she found her voice. They would just talk about how crazy her articles are in the look of them and you know, she’s a very attractive person, and that helps no matter who you are weaknesses, metal fans, hate diversity and sound. They don’t like when you bring other genres in they’re, a closed-minded Bunch, so it makes a lot of people turned off by her.

She also used to make pop music, so stupid. Metal fans are skeptical of her opportunities. Are, though, that musicians appreciate her very much. I see a lot of people talking about how it influenced they are by this record and she has a creative level worthy of mass attention and what I mean by that is like we’re, seeing so many with creative directors now and we’re going to talk a lot More about that in a few articles from now – and she really really has a creative level of like whatever’s happening our team to make the stuff that she makes it’s like Madonna at her peak level.

Good content, like I am shocked by every article that she comes out with her threats, are, could be considered novelty if songs go in the wrong direction. You know this music borders on not being serious, and that is such a hard line to walk and the way she comments on music. Her personality is hard to age, and I don’t want to do that in a females can’t grow up, because that’s repulsive to me. What I mean by that is when you’re commenting on youth culture, eventually, you get too old like blink 182 and that’s a lot of what she’s doing is she’s talking about the youth and making a mockery of you know like a culture and stuff like that, so That you filled this out, how do you use it for your to-do list? I like to focus on the opportunities and threats.

First, since opportunities should guide what you’re working towards and since threats can potentially take down what you do, you have to make sure you act on them fast. It also helps to consider for your to-do list how planning up to your strengths can increase your chances to get these opportunities. You should also consider your weaknesses and take time to consider allocating time to fix them. Oftentimes, just stare at this list can get you to a more considered place on your to-do list, where you can be more effective in your progress, will dramatically improve just from this practice.

As the same goes work smarter, not harder. Secondly, this list should guide your image and the marketing decisions you make, whether it’s articles photo shoots or art, think about your strengths and weaknesses and how you play them up and make them more effective. Play up your strengths of doing things that conceal your weaknesses is crucial and makes everything you do better and more effective. Take the time to make a good list for this analysis and update it regularly.

I keep one above my desk for my own personal work at home, so I can always consider what I should be improving and what I should be focusing on. That’s it am I missing anything. Is there any way you would have done this? I need to know your questions and what no one else is telling you, since I want to answer them, so leave them in the comments. I hope you liked this article and if you did please like and subscribe and get notified for my future article, since I’m going to be breaking down the concepts in this article, along with tons of others, on promoting your music and how to make music.

Your more happy with as well, I have a Facebook group, that’s linked below, there’s only helpful information. No one try to sell you anything playlists or con-artists, only helpful information for musicians looking to be better themselves. If you want to learn more about me, make a record with me or check out any my books, podcasts or anything else. I do head to Jesse Canon comm or at Jesse Canon on any of the socials thanks for reading.

One last thing: if you liked this article, there’s two playlists here with tons more articles that you’ll probably enjoy ones about how you promote your music and the others about how you make songs you’re happy with. Otherwise, you can hit the subscribe button here and see you. The rest of my articles, thanks so much for reading

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