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How to Setup Online Ordering With ChowNow

If you have your own delivery drivers, of course, And if you’re using Websites Plus Marketing, you can add online ordering via Chownow right to your site During the COVID-19 crisis, Chownow is offering special offers for GoDaddy customers, So let me show you how to Add ChowNow to your Websites plus Marketing site. The starting point is Website Builder. You can add a new section by Going to the Pages and Sections part in your my site, pane or You can use the preview window and click Add Section where you want the new section to display That’s what we’re going.

To do because we want our new section to show Right below our header, The section we’re going to add Is restaurant online ordering There’s only one layout Available so let’s choose it, You can see the new section. In the preview window and the pane in the Right is open and ready for us to edit the section If you haven’t already Set up a ChowNow account, you can click the link to create one. This is where you’ll See all of the discounts that ChowNow is offering To GoDaddy customers, Let’s check it out Right now, as of April 2020, Godaddy customers get $ 100 off setup fees as well as a free Month of Google ordering a free email blast and a Free social media graphic to promote their online ordering, All you need to do is fill Out the form and click Submit to get started Once your account is set up with ChowNow return to your website and Continue with the setup process Back on Website Builder, you Can edit the text in the title to say anything, you want Try “ Now offering takeout Or curbside pickup” Next enter your ChowNow ID Which you should have received during the setup process with them, You can change the button.

Name I like “ Order Now” The last thing we can change. Is the background image click, “ Change, Image” Select the image you want, I like this one, so I’m going To choose it and click Insert If you wan na adjust the Image you can, but I think it looks good just the way it Is so I’m going to choose Done, That’s it! That’s how you Set up ChowNow to your site At this point, use the ChowNow App to manage the details of what shows, when visitors, Click the Order Now button.

Thank you Darlene. I love how easy it is to integrate ChowNow into Website Builder and as A consumer stuck at home, I appreciate being able To order from my favorite restaurants, so I can still support them. I hear you and I feel the same way, I’m happy to help. So thanks for joining me, Today, stay safe. Emma Thanks, Darlene stay healthy