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Let’s see, oh, oh, we got it. We got it there we go boom. That’s done today we’re going to talk about becoming an influencer. I was poking around on the internet and I didn’t really see a lot of people talking about becoming an influencer. You know it’s like.

I want to start a YouTube blog. I want to get the Instagram account. I want to make that bread, but the thing is there are people youtubers people on Facebook, people on Instagram who are making millions of dollars a year or month being an influencer, not necessarily selling anything? Now I am an influencer. I know right kind of crazy, but I sell stuff, and since I came into the game by just selling stuff, it’s going to be hard for me just to sit back and let someone else get all those Duckett’s.

But we’re going to do for you tonight is drop, how you can become an influencer, how you can make that money, how you can make that bread? Okay, that’s really interesting! But anywho. Let’s just go into the first thing: Instagram influencer! Now it gets a little tricky because I’m a media buyer and what that means is that I buy placements on ads YouTube blogs, Instagram, Facebook, whatever right. So when I’m looking for engagement, I’m looking for real engagement, I am looking for true engagement.

One two three percent because see this is another thing, because the influence of marketplace is so dynamic and so big that you have people who will inflate their numbers. Who will kind of just play around with some stuff and have you thinking that they’re bigger than they really are, and essentially, if you advertise, when your money’s just not going to go anywhere, but let’s start with Instagram? Let’s start with, you are Carl and Carl.

You you do brushes, you do hair brushes now. I know this is going to sound strange, but there are literally brands that do hair brushes that do reades that make millions of dollars per month using influencers. Now. This is how it goes: you’re, Carl and you’re just crazy about reades right. You like I got a. I got a rock my gear. I got a rock my gear and you start an Instagram account of you read of rocket and reades right and then you got a little swag and you got a little style and next thing you know people are approaching you and they’re, like hey Carl I’ll.

Give you $ 50, if you put a post on your Instagram account for this thing right and you’re, like okay $ 50, no problem, it’s free! So you put this post on your Instagram account and it’s $ 15. Well, they make $ 10,000 off of sales and, let’s say the cost of goods to the read. This was 3000, then marketing it whatever, but they they met at 10 grand and you got 50. So that’s one of the things about becoming an influencer depending upon who you are where you are.

You need to know your Worth and there’s a. I think I can jump into it hold on a second I’m going to show you hold on I’m going to come out of here. Also use social Bluebook. Okay, on that social blade, social Bluebook, okay, this kind of gives you here we go hold on a second. I will I’ll get this trust me I’ll get this alright. So we’ve got that and you will go here and this is kind of gives you value placements.

Let’s see join as a creator. Okay, I’m going to just go ahead. Good lord! I got to go ahead and put all this stuff in here. Alright, fine I’ll! Do this I’ll go ahead and join the platform and show you they changed it man changed it. So, let’s see what we’re going to do we’re going to do the storage unit income at gmail and, let’s see we’ll, do that class word, and it will do that password since they got me agreeing of stuff okay, okay uh! I guess I’m in there alright hold on a second apparently I’m in here login.

I hope that this is. This is important. Okay, it’s very very important, so bear with me as I get into this. I think I joined like two years ago, but I didn’t really. Okay, hmm well hidden, well hit. Never, let’s see! Oh you! Oh you got ta be kidding me. I got to do all this stuff, all right I’ll! Do it it just one you to be all over okay us here we go and we’re going to put Linden since I’m. Usually I am cool all right, it’s that enough for you all right, let’s see my values.

Ah, here we go alright. So this is the YouTube blog, and this is what, if someone came to me is like hey Glendon, I want to put a post on your YouTube blog or I want you to make a article. This is it, and this is hmm, I don’t even know, dedicate upload. Let’s see whether we get for a shout-out $ 50 for a shout-out and direct link. Oh 14 bucks and activity promotions. 7:00, 7:15 per upload, alright.

Now, based upon the way that my blog is, this is completely bogus, but that’s kind of like the marketplace platform. That’s uh, let’s see where’s it take. It took me to there so, but you know, one of the big things about this is: let’s see is let’s go into my projects. I have no projects, my finances, I have no finances, it kind of changed it around, but let’s see create a proposal. Essentially, they have choose the platforms you’re working with, but let’s just go ahead and come out of this and go into something a little bit better.

Let’s uh, let’s go to Instagram, it got to be better hey. Actually, this is a good one. Now, Mindy here is an influencer. Now what she does is she takes pictures at these exotic locale right. Well, a lot of these hotels and I guess retreats and such they actually pay her to come and take pictures I’m not kidding. This is one of the things I think she has like five Instagram accounts, so she gets paid to take these pictures to show off of these lovely hotels, resorts vacation packages so on and so forth.

Now that is one way that you can kill it with Instagram. Now here’s the rub: you got to build it. This is the thing you can make a lot of money doing this. You can have a lot of fun. You can go places, you can do stuff, but you must build the Instagram account. However long that takes you. You’ve got to build it, but once you build it and you get true engagement, you can make I’m talking about what the average person makes in a year.

You can make in a month or a quarter seriously, and I’m not talking about you have to have. Let’s say: she’s got fifty seven thousand followers on this Instagram account she has others. Let’s see what does what does this link? Take you to freedom, job lets. You do whatever you want to do wherever you want to learn it from get access. So all so, let’s do this: let’s go ahead and see what Mindy is doing behind the scenes.

So we’re going to go to similar web my favorite site and we’re going to put that in there let’s see and see what kind of traffic she’s getting she’s, not really getting a lot of traffic they’re, just checking just checking. So let’s come out there. But that’s one of the ways that you can make a lot of money. Now, let me go I’m going to do this hold on a second, and this is another thing that you can do on Facebook hold on a second.

Let me get back into my screen. Sharing application, so you savages can see what’s going down all right, so we’re going to present that to everybody and we’re going to go to Facebook and we’re going to go to keV on stage all right now, Kevin on stage he’s another influencer right now boom this. This is perfect now he uses his blog to create booking opportunities for himself. Now. Look at this September, 30th October.

13. 15. Now, let’s just do the math on this. Let’s say that these are really small venues and they have maybe 500 people right. So let’s say they sell these tickets for $ 30 right $ 30, 500 people. Okay, so we take out our calculator and we go $ 30 times. 500 is oh! No! I I need to show you this. It’s 15 grand 500 people. There he’s also had. Let’s say he does a 70 split, so 70/30 house gets dirty.

He gets 70 % minus 30 %. It’s $ 10,000. Okay. So let’s go back to because there’s so many ways to do this. I’r just kind of giving you okay there we go. I had to show you the math on that, so you can appreciate the greatness of keV online. All right. So s 10,000. Let’s say that’s! 8,000, that’s! 10,000! So that’s like 28,000. Let’s say: that’s! 10,000! That’s! 38,000! Let’s say that’s another 10,000, that’s 48! So, let’s just say all together.

This is $ 50,000 for working one, two, three, four five six days. This is the power of being an influencer, because I remember when he started his blog, the things he had on there. So essentially it does not take a lot, and I mean he could be doing way more than that. That’s just one way that you can do it because there’s another comedian, uh, I’m thinking I can’t rocket he’s got the bug eyes. I don’t even know his neck.

Wait a minute wait a minute. I think I think it’s coming. I think it’s coming hold on. I think that’s his name and no it ain’t, but it’s another guy he’s got bug eyes and essentially he books. He says he’s doing about a hundred thousand a month and I can’t remember his name, but that that is just one of the ways that you can do it all right so hold on we’re going to go to someone else matter of fact.

Let’s do me all right and yeah yeah that would be good, so hold on a second. Let me bring you up to date, all right. So here I am just going at me. Alright, so see the stuff at the top eight hundred bucks. Eleven point: seven, you see all this stuff and this this is kind of where I’m at so, if I was just doing YouTube with these numbers, I’d be at about fifteen hundred a month, but since I do more than YouTube at these numbers, I do so many Different things I have embedded salesmanship, I have all kinds of CTAs and articles.

I do twelve times that and that’s just getting started so you can now. This is something else to that. You should understand the new YouTube algorithm is so dope. That is allowing people to get to 400 500, 600, 700, 800, maybe $ 1,000 and Adsense money with relatively small subscriber basis, because it’s not so much about the subscriber base. It is about the views. It is all about the views because I was reading a young lady.

She has 25,000 subscribers, but she does about 38 hundred dollars a month in that sense, because she’s got like 12 banging articles that just keep bringing in that money. So it has changed. There’s a lot of things that you can do to make that money. It’s kind of crazy, alright! So I’m going to pop off well yeah, I’m going to pop off in here and let’s see oh yeah cuz uh the way that I named this stream.

A lot of people are not going to come, so let me go to the chat room, real, quick, what’s up, Jay Flemming, you’re, always first, that’s funny! What’s up Lucifer, what’s up naked? What’s up it’s not always with a lot! That’s funny! Tyrone, Browne naked matrix! I know you from Atlanta. Of course you do. Everybody knows me, I’m worldwide, Kindle vision. What’s up conscious, editor, what’s going on Tiger shocks was reading yeah.

What’s up Diana, what’s up Arch Angel three five, seven, six, I’m thinking about starting a podcast! Do it do it? Do it what’s up Glendon Ludlow Harrison Tyrone Browne yeah? What is that? The two? That’s two of my blogs influencer general day topics. Okay, two live streams from one day, I’m blessed like no, I’m going to be going out of town, not not this week, but that week coming up, so I’m I’m actually going to be busy, because I want to get ahead.

Oh yep. That was one all right for you, folks who are like go below and get on the email list, and also, if you’re on the email list, you’re not getting these going to your spam folder and bring those emails out. Because I’m like I’m doing everything you can. What’s up sorry, what’s up rugged collars, what’s up fully fully I’m showing you every time I do a livestream pay attention? What’s up, mica, sorry, I don’t have fifty.

I make money off eBay and Pinterest once again, there’s so many different ways. I just gave you three of them because after I get through with the greetings, I’m going to get into the whole thing of influence, but I’m getting tired of hearing your voice all day. That’s funny, John Francis! What’s up Damian Papp Ian PK 4-6, what’s going on? What’s up Tyrone guru? Actually it’s easy for males. What’s up Monica, you know that’s funny and country Wayne.

Thank You. Erica Nicole country Wayne see somebody knew who he was Rodney coy. What’s going on goddess, Jim collection greetings so glad I caught you live. This is my first time reading. Well welcome and thank you Diana Thompson. What’s up honest, let’s see: whoa whoa whoa whoa Cabrera, I’m singing about creating the website like Fiverr, but for colors, which you actually do who’s the cuddling website app.

You know that has been proven to work. What’s up delete a user, could you build an audience on blogger, great question, your brand? Don’t do it because you build an audience on blogger. You can’t take that audience anywhere else with you. Oh Lord, we’re killing the Giants. Yeah, it is country Wayne, that’s it you, you hit it Thanks going to brawn. What’s up Marquis, how can one learn to dispel the myths, all the secrets of society? True, look.

There proof suppressed we’ll talk about that later, no problem, okay! Now, here’s how it goes with being an influencer right now, and this is something that you’re not hearing you’re, not seeing anyone talk about. If you’ve seen a little people talk about influence, your marketing is essentially you create a following right: okay, you create a following, and then you monetize that, following by taking ads a promoted, post, all kinds of thing, Instagram YouTube, there’s so many ways to do it, but Essentially, you have to build a following now.

My following is worth more to me by selling my products and courses than it is to another advertiser, because let’s say I can convince someone to give me like maybe a hundred bucks for a post right. So I would need like ten of those or twelve of those a month for it to be a decent month, and it’s not really happening so part of this deal, and you should be really aware of this. Is it just started? You had stress in about 2010 because it what it’s called influencer marketing and it’s building and spreading, because it’s mostly on the Instagram, it’s on YouTube and it’s starting to come on Facebook, but essentially for those of you folks who are like hey.

I want to start a YouTube blog, hey. I want to start a podcast hey, I want to start an Instagram, but I don’t know what I want to do. Let me tell you something, and let me tell it to you now start with something, even if it doesn’t work out, even if you’re going to change what you’re going to do start with something, because you will be building skill sets that you can leverage on the Other thing because I was telling a client it’s like we did a lot of stuff that didn’t work out.

The way we wanted to, but we gained so much insight and we gained so many skill sets, and it was just crazy right and now it’s like the dots are connecting because there is critical mass of experience, points of data points so now we’re like okay. This is how this is going to roll, but you need to get started now. If you’re going to do you to get your camera phone start, making articles just write a goal, I’m going to create 30 articles, I’m going to do it for the next 30 days.

I’r create a article of it and just go through the ugly raw period, because this influenced the thing it’s just getting started. I know you look at someone who has like 50,000 people on Facebook or you’re going to have influencers okay, who are going to have more pull empower than cable blogs. Yes, it’s already happening. The epicenter is Los Angeles and it’s New York and some other cities plus South Lake City.

But the thing is you’re going to have youtubers with 50 60 70, 80 million subscribers right and then they’re going to drop a article and they’re going to get 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10 million people just like that. Dad is coming and the money and just alright, let’s just go ahead and say – que si nos that right. He makes these vlogs and everything every time he puts up a article. He gets a million dollars.

Alright, I’m going to show you something hold on. I will be in my my thing: real, quick, I’m going to show you something and it’s going to blow your mind. Okay, cuz, I’m going to well! Alright, I’m coming out here BAM. Alright, so I’m not sure I’m not going to the analytics right well, I thought I was going into the analytics now Casey does so. What is YouTube analytics? You can do this year, BAM.

Okay, so all right now, I actually had a lot of periods where I didn’t have adds anything on this. So this is way off, but okay, so this is 1.9 million average. What Casey gets per article right? So, let’s just conservatively, say he gets 10 to 20 thousand dollars per article drop in ad revenue. Let me say that again: 1 million 1.9 million views – and it’s like five thousand because you can see I just did not – have a lot of ass, so yeah because servant Lee and also actually I’m going to say he might get thirty to forty thousand dollars.

Because, since he has such high view velocity, which means people love him, they love his content, they’re going to read his article through the end, so he’s going to get a lot of non skippable commercials and ads, which is just going to raise his CPM up. So yes, Casey could literally be making between I’m going to say the low in $ 30,000 to $ 50,000 per article, so that is not even including all of the back inventory and the views and stuff for that.

That’s just new uploads, so he might be getting. I don’t know how much he uploads but 500,000 to maybe a million a month from YouTube ads. Now I bring him up because what he’s done, there’s going to be people who are going to outdo him, so that is how this thing is really flowing. So I’m just letting y’all know because influencer marketing, whether you want to be like me, so your own stuff or you want to be like Casey nas, dad or someone else.

It is just beginning, and you want to get on this gravy train cuz. Some people like, oh, it’s too late – you can’t get in mm-hm. No, so let’s see all right, let me get in here. Let me get in here because I know I missed some: what’s up: okay, a country weighing cool cool, the brand lovely books. Thank you. I’r just trying to see where we are her kill was cracking me up. Just do it. So immediate company needs to be an influencer marketing.

An influencer can become a media company. One person can become a media. Company B loves life 100 K target sharks, Wow yeah per article tiger, sharks per article me alone, building that audience didn’t market to that said audience. Yes, Eric I’m going to go dammit man! All this time. I was going to YouTube to get nice and that no one I could be getting funds to yeah, that’s crazy. His articles are usually pretty sure that best most people read the whole article.

Yes, the leader users stay away for profanity, religion, politics and sex be consistent, provide quality as far a visual audio verbal communication and you to zag remand favor your content, yes, and no. This is something that’s real funny because, like I’ve been testing the algorithm, because it’s a said in the article earlier today that I’ve gotten away from doing stuff that YouTube wants me to do because it’s diametrically opposed to me making money.

So I’ve taken the posture on that I’ll, just pay for traffic. Fine, I make money I’ll spend money. If there’s no problem right well, I did that and then it exploded. My blog, I got like no. I got ninety three hundred. Ninety three. Ninety nine thousand. Three hundred subscribers in one month – and I was just like whoa and then the paid traffic was subsidized by the Adsense, because I didn’t put ass on all my articles.

I had a lot of articles that ran paid traffic on they had no ads. If I had put ads on there and I’m going to test this, this one reason I’m doing this stream, I might literally net out meaning that whatever I spend in that sense, I may make all of that back in Adsense money. I don’t think you understand me when I say what I’m talking about, because essentially it’s like getting traffic for free plus, I’m making more money.

I mean it. Is it like blows my mind for real, because I was like? Oh my goodness. This is how – and this is why I’m sharing this with you, because some of you are looking for sure things, and this is not a sure thing, but I’m telling you you need to get started, you don’t know you could break through you could pop through. You could become one of those people making this crazy bread uh. Let’s see pretty much, not that that was someone that was here earlier.

I don’t know, I don’t know, because that is one of the things all right. So I will just say this: if you were marking someone traveling apps ate my bad, but I just don’t have time for that stuff because I’m putting out information we’re moving fast and then you got a lot of people out here who just want to play. Games, cuz, they’re bored. Let’s see, I have four streams. I want to look at my goals to look at my project again, because this is where I could generate more customers as well.

Okay, surely because one of the things that’s happening, let me just move that back a little bit, but so we’re all up in the grill and stuff. Let me see yeah, that’s a little bit better, that this is incredible. This is like crazy incredible. This is like I, I want you to think of something that you can literally pull out a camera phone and start making articles, and I’m actually going to show you someone he’s he had five thousand subscribers a year ago and because there’s new the thing is the New YouTube algorithm is it’s vicious, but if you can get into it, what it will do for your business is insane.

It is just crazy hold on I’m going to show you this guy, and let’s see I actually that’s funny. Okay, so he started I I could show you this because actually he’s going to be speaking at the event I’m going to and go here and let’s see, we’ll go to his oldest articles, see I’m giving you all kinds of ways to low key creep on people. Child just don’t know right all kinds of ways to low key creep, all right.

So, as you can see, he had a few articles up, but he really just got started right and this right here and that this did a lot to help him get to a million subscribers. That’s all right and you see that he got a silver play button. Six months ago, six months ago, so he just does a lot of vlogging photography stuff. Four months ago he had 500k. Alright, so we will go up to he’s, got a million. He did this in a year from 5,000 subscribers to a million subscribers.

Now you could check out this blog. You could kind of peep out what he’s doing, but he has a way about himself: a million subscriber I’m telling you what you know with PewDiePie Casey Neal stat we’re going to look back in three to four years and go like. Oh, my god. I really thought Kate, I mean you’re going to have someone who’s going to literally break out and they’re going to get ten million subscribers in the year.

It’s going to happen, it could be you so I’m just letting y’all know. What’s going on. Oh, let’s see Louie the seller. What’s up thanks Lynn, I’ve been motivated to meet regain my focus on YouTube drop, my first article today now I have to stay consistent, so I’m tired of failing with YouTube thanks for the modification cool. Oh there’s going to be much more with the American hustler, my cologne, that hustler mindset, let’s go with lemon, he believes in tribal.

It is crazy. It is crazy, but here’s the thing like you know: Instagram marketing, YouTube marketing, Facebook marketing. You need to get started. Don’t worry about being perfect, don’t worry about having the right camera, you need to get started. Actually, I’m going to show you something else too, because one of the things I do is I track blogs and stuff. So this is why I know where they all are.

Alright, so hold on we’re going to zoom in and we’re going to zoom out. So let’s see make sure that we’re presenting everybody, okay, so sad squad, right, Jenny Nicholson here: okay, uh last year, when this movie was coming out, she did this article. Okay. Now I saw this happen and I knew what was going to happen, and it was just really interesting because when she did before she did this article, she had two thousand subscribers just two thousand and what she did was a very good.

And if you can see it’s not that long, it’s just her doing a very nice thing. I mean what she did was brilliant. Now, the reason I’m bringing this here, the camera. Okay, it’s crappy, the camera is crappy like does she even have 720p? It’s 1080p she’s got she’s got 1080p, but she’s got really bad lighting. It’s the focus, but the volume is good. So essentially, this article, this one Suicide Squad sales pitch literally grew her blog to over a hundred thousand subscribers.

This one article so for those of you who are going, I don’t have a good camera. I don’t have the audio and stuff bump that you can do this, this article, that she did. You could do this article with your cell phone. I team iPhone team and draw, or whatever you can do this, so I’m just letting you guys know. Let’s see me, what do you think about reaction and prank blogs? You do reaction and prank blog at some point, you’re going to outgrow your demographic, just sayin TLE Osbourne Bauer’s.

How do you build a little following be consistent? Put up articles look for what articles hit look for what articles don’t hit and just you got ta keep putting out content, because this is why you got to do your own stuff at some point, you’re going to find a way that differentiate yourself and you’re going To be to get a lot of views, but essentially get started, stay started and do a lot of research do a lot of research.

A ton of research, J, Fleming Glynnis, like the knowledge will uncle. I never had that’s funny Belize. A lot of people like Google’s algorithm than Facebook of Facebook and Google and YouTube for all fighting. So it’s good for us, my quote from our friend Jake Parker. He created inktober challenge, finished, not perfect. The world wants people who finish and complete things. Your friend Jake Parker, I agree.

What’s up Baruch, oh yeah, I mean this thing is like insanely good, what’s going to happen with influencer marketing, so that’s just it! I’r just dropping that. I’r giving this to you guys, because I’m telling you like, okay, you know Lucy. I started with YouTube right, and this is my second office right, which I used primarily for the studio and I’m probably going to do some other stuff, but I started in my basement with a digital potato.

You can do this, it’s going to be hard. It’s not going to happen as fast as you want, and it’s just not just let that go. But the thing is, if you put your nose to the grindstone and you work and you learn from your mistakes very quickly and you do research and you present yourself because I’m going to show you another one. I don’t know how I got here, but I’m going to show it to you because it’s weird, I still don’t know how I got here, but let’s see and let’s go, what is her name Trinity, you d? This? Is it okay? All right just to let you know, Trinity is a trans, fest, tranny tranny she’s, a girl with a penis anyway, I came up on it and I was reading her articles now.

This is something that’s really interesting. Okay, she had you know you can come back and read it later, but she has such great delivery and she’d I mean her. Anything’s got to be crazy good because it’s like she has this way of delivering stuff, and I found myself reading these articles and cracking up at all the stupid crap. She was doing, but just look at people who do good article, because, let’s see we can go ahead and Pete Trinity, let’s see, is she dying cuz, I’m going to actually show you something else here.

If you want to know if a YouTube blog is doing well or dying, do this go to socialblade.Com and you put this in sociably is plugged into the youtube api, so certain numbers are cool, or these numbers of valid, like this number, is valid, valid valid ballot. Alright, so she’s Kanna she’s with a studio – oh yeah, she’s like nineteen years old, so she is dying. This is not good. If this is not good, so apparently she did.

I think I know a article that did that, but essentially, if you know how that what to look for you can see if someone’s blog is dying or growing or it’s going to explode like alright I’ll, do me, I can show you what my blog is doing. So yeah, like I said cuz I am in a mold of I’m growing because you know I was starting to slowly. Die, do go into degradation, but now I’m grown and there’s just a few little things that you can do.

Oh yeah they’re little they’re really little. That can make a big difference. Alright, so let’s see well we’ll see Luther so which is more beneficial to a blog using a brand name of your blog name, your real name, it really. It really doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter, because the thing is, it’s you. It’s not the name. It’s you! Oh you’re, funny, grant M Smith. Hey, really appreciate the info that live stream helps, carry a lot trying to figure out how to build a youtube blog for my recycling.

Business MF just start take out the camera and just start a kW beats. Instagram is like my number one: traffic source, yep creative and quality LC. Oh, what’s going on Linna hair’s long term, it’s dangerous to put all your content on a platform like YouTube, or is it safe to be going to be if it’s safe to think it’s going to be available forever good question, it depends now. None of my articles are really controversial and I don’t go down these dark roads or political things.

I can tell you a few things that will get your blog delete it. If you become a person that likes to call out people and start stuff and call out people by name put up their articles and mock folks, you will be deleted. If you like to be controversial, you’ll be deleted, it are you’ll, be d monetized. If you like to mock people, I mean essentially as long as you’re not being mean to people or you know, showing graphic images.

Chances are your blog getting to leave there pretty slim to none now with that said, if you get really big and you get haters other things can happen, but it depends upon your content. If you’re, like really raising hell doing a lot of damage causing people pain, you’ll grow very quickly, and then they will put the slap that the slap down on you instant. If you already helped me get from 7 to 13 K and two months from the old pimping, Craigslist applied to other performance working from my one car garage, awesome M Smith, mom, and these are wild.

He she, oh there will be merchandise, let’s see in local DMV nation is a blog that grew from a million year. Oh that this is going to be so many of them. It’s going to be crazy, because this is what’s happening. Youtube has new people coming in and they’re growing up, and then they have old folks who have blogs that you know or years old, and these folks have never changed and they’ve never gone to a conference and they never did any research and they’re literally just dying And they can’t figure out why not really I’m telling you sex sells okay, boys and girls? All right went ahead and just put this out here.

I meant for this to be much shorter than it is, but this is just to get started with some weather you’re going to do YouTube. You’re going to do Instagram you’re going to do Facebook, you need to get started. You need to go hard and you need to just do just do it just really do it, because I’m excited and I’m like real excited, because we got a project that we’re going to do and essentially and I’ll actually do another stream, because this one is just Pretty much introducing you to influence their marketing, whether it is how it works and the things you need to do.

But I’ll do something else about how to create an influencer, because that’s what we’re going to be doing as a company we’re going to create influencers, and I cannot wait. I am so hype so with that I’ll catch you later be sure to subscribe. To the blog. Be sure to like it and be sure to leave our well-thought-out comment haha when this livestream renders and I’ll catch you guys later, because it’s time to go

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Online Marketing

How to Move Products Stacking Cash in 2017 – 3 Words Marketing Marketing Marketing

Will you learn how to make money with either job today we’re going to talk about make sure we get there. We want it. How to move product in 2017 got a lot of stuff, that’s happening and we’re going to reorient the blog and the discussion towards marketing. I woke up this morning and I was going to do another stream, but I saw this pop in and I was like hey.

Let’s talk about this also during the live stream, only there’s a 75 % off for 30 days 2500, because I’ll get questions about hey. What do you have that can help me do this and that’s the course that can help you do that, so, let’s jump into it. First of all, your marketing must be embedded in your product, that was that mean before you get your product before you make your product before you discover your product and all those other stuff.

You need to make sure that the market exists and put in the elements and factors and things that you have to communicate to sell that product. Now, I’m going to go way way back way before 30 days to 2500. I’m going to the way back. This was with Craigslist, I used to sit in the warehouse and I would pay attention to people who would come in we’re doing a lot of furniture, we’re selling a lot of furniture.

In this. I will see people no look at their body language. You know like I like this, but they wouldn’t buy. No, it was just sitting there like, and I start asking them questions like. Why won’t you buy it’s clear that you like it? You need that you came here. You got in your car. You spent money on gas to get here and that’s just I can’t get it home, hmm and so what I did was I changed. My marketing price includes delivery on anything over 300 bucks, washer and dryer sofa loveseat whatever, and I always bundle it together to make it worth the while of hiring that delivery and I embedded the delivery guys cost in the product, because I was getting stuff out.

Storage units – I remember – selling a bedroom set for $ 850 in the unit cost me 200 bucks. There was plenty of margin in the deal to hire someone to make sure it was delivered properly, set up and everything. So once I embedded that in the marketing I didn’t change my copy, I’m changing the ads and I changed nothing else. I just put that in the copy in the advertisement, sales went up 75 %, so your marketing has to be embedded and whatever you know.

I have these thoughts and you know people come in here when I said no eBay in the Amazon. You can’t make a lot of money on Amazon yeah. Can you make millions on Amazon and eBay yeah? But the thing is, you can never build a brand on those sites and you can never get to that long-term wealth, so you’ll be forever chasing your tail and you’ll never be building something that you can stack up year and year after year after year after year Year, you can’t do that.

You just can’t and I don’t like some people – don’t care, but a lot of articles I put up about that stuff. They’ve all come true and there’s a lot more to come. Let’s see what we have, we have Diana we’ve got our Ben we’ve got Benjamin morning morning, Cedric there’s a book. You recommend on marketing yes, 30 days to 2500. That’s what I recommend for people who are reading this blog, who listen to the messaging who come here? Who are interested in Marcus, see the thing is many people will read the book, then we’ll tell you why 30 days to 2500, which is 75 % off only during the stream, will help you many people Hartman lies business which hurts them all right.

You want to get a book on marketing, let’s say you already have a business and you want to go out and get this book on marketing and you’ll go on Amazon and you’ll. Read the reviews they’re doing really well and people love it, and then you get the book. You read the book, you apply the stuff, but it doesn’t work for you now why there are certain elements that should have happened before you got the book to see.

This is one of the reasons as an educator as something that’s training courses we’ve been doing this for years. It puzzles me, and it de-stresses me that I’ll have one person who’s doing really really well and then I’ll have another person who is sucking ass and I’m asking what is missing and part of it is missing. Is this one person who will get this course will be in a position where it can help them? Then another person will be like at that beginner stage and they’ll get overwhelmed and you know with a book.

So the thing is you’ve got to work. All of these things in tandem – and you got to put it together, because if you don’t you’re not going to get the results that you want and with today’s stream marketing three words marketing marketing marketing, if you can become really proficient with marketing, you can sell a Lot of stuff, as I’m talking about and uncivilized profits, we’re getting into the deep pathology and psychology of how you sell your product or service or brand to an audience, and often it’s not what you think it is it’s just not it’s just not what you think It is because we think in a very linear stance, terms of if I do X, Y & Z, I’m going to yield this result when people have not changed since we’ve been walking around on this planet.

Our pathology, our behaviors, have not changed. Technology has changed. Quite a bit, but we as people and how we interact with each other and stuff that hasn’t changed. So that’s why you go ahead and read like older books about people and it’s still very relevant or someone to post something on Facebook written in like 1906. That rings very true today, because we as people have not changed, we haven’t like to think we have.

Our society has changed. Our technology has changed. How we govern has changed, how we treat people in our society. That’s changed, but at our core who we are has not all right. So the first thing is with marketing is: when you create your product or service, you must ask yourself how many people would buy this and part of that asking is establishing the products establishing the service and going to the marketplace.

This is why you know you’re sitting around writing a business plan for maybe a year to is ridiculous because Travis who started Boober, that’s what he did he didn’t. I have he had the app he went to all these limousine companies and he said: hey sell me X, amount of space and I’ll pay. You, you know, send me an invoice and I’m pay at the end of the month, and he worked on that for two years in a beta testing mode to get the information to go back and create the real business plan.

Part of that experimentation and doing things like that is going to yield information esoteric information. You will not get any other way you just won’t so part of that is. You got to do some work and this this is the thing that just so hard for people, because there’s this scarcity mindset, there’s just limited mindset. Belief of, if I put forth this and this and this I’m going to lose, or if I put forth this and this and this and it does not work out, I have lost and the reality is.

If you put forth effort – and you can do some experimentation – you get feedback that you normally would not have and that’s valuable, that’s very, very valuable. It’s extremely valuable when we got in the chat room Raquelle morning diana morning, welcome to teaching rocks, share, live hey. This is new thing. What we’re talking about here is marketing we’re not talking about my business, because everybody wants to know what my numbers of stuff are.

I am NOT quote the regular internet marketer, I’m not going to show you my tax returns and show you fake-ass screenshots. The questions have to be geared toward marketing. So when someone later comes and reades this, then we’re all on the marketing tip and also that kind of information you got to pay. You got to pay for a baby. You got to pay for. What’s the saying the game is sold, not told all right now lift the marketing deal and let’s just go ahead and say you know people ask me these questions like why I do what I do.

I spend 70 percent of my time creating marketing stuff. That’s how important this let’s go way way back to the upscale garage, so my job was logistics, project, procurement, marketing and a few other things, but those two main goals. So when I would go out to a unit and I was buy, I was buying for certain streams that were already established like one of the big problems we had, and this is how you embed your marketing.

One of the big problems we had was trash trash was stuff that could be sold, but it piled up so damn quick, we couldn’t sell. It went throw the way because we had all this low dollar, merchandise, toasters, microwaves, clothes, small televisions, bikes and it was just like every week. I could count on getting X amount of microwaves. I could count on getting small televisions. I could count on getting to 3,000 pieces of clothing every week, so I would go out because I created the dollar space and I would advertise that to my Mexican Hispanic brothers.

I was like hey homie amigo amigo amigo me too me too me too. Whatever it depends because there’s different things how they respond and that’s like hey, go, tell your friends and this bags free for you. So I had a whole economy and that’s what I talk about in these articles screen your own economy that I had a group of people that I knew. If I got to the three thousand pieces of new dollar stuff, I was going to get fifteen hundred two or three thousand dollars from that income stream, because I bought and marketed for that stream.

I knew a lot of people weren’t with them. I knew what soon as people walked in the warehouse where they were going, what they were going to buy, then that’s that was part of the marketing and embedding and buying and stuff any tips on how to target a specific demographic to market. To yes in uncivilized profit, we’re talking about that. Essentially, you’ve got to do some research this. This is the whole thing.

I’m going to tell you the truth here. You can’t do all of your research on line. You do a good bit, but you’ve got to do research, identify the market and test the market. So it’s not really a matter of finding them. It’s a matter of saying, hey. I think that these people would buy my product. You creates a product and you test it on a small scale and then, if it works out, you scale it up. If it doesn’t work out, you find that no the market or you tweak your language, so you’ve got to go out and pick something.

This is the thing everyone wants, like I’m going to give you the top ones weight loss. Number one beauty is high fitness insurance well how to get rich. There’s ten, I don’t. I know it’s like ten top markets. Demographics that could just exist. You’re super huge and that’s why all these guys get into so just do a little research like what are the top ten and niches online. Well, the top fifty you’ll find that stuff this.

If you increase something to sell it to them, how the create a good marketing plan number one, you find the market and you start talking to them and ask them what they want. How do I implement into a service business, including marketing to my pricing? You got to talk to people, you got to sit down and ask them like when they’re at your car wash you got ta like pull aside and actually have a conversation, because this is one of the things that many proprietors and business owners don’t do, because there’s I’ll tell you, sir: it was a place they’ll used to get my car washed and there’s another place that I get my car wash now.

The other place is more expensive, we’re talking about like three dollars, but still it’s more expensive and I have to kind of go out of my way to go there the place that I go to now, the owner. Every time I go in there he actually talks to me another place. I was just a number so as a business owner, if you sit down and like really start talking to people you’re going to get this information that you can help you and that would be Benjamin.

How do you make money I sell stuff, I’m used to all the parts busily trying to take it online. Okay, this is the thing with auto parts. Unless, here here’s the discovery mechanism for you who needs used, auto parts, people would use cars where people will use cards you find where they are. That’s where you market those doing YouTube, comments and forum marketing, still work for marketing. I’ve never done for marketing.

So I can’t really give you an honest assessment. I think this is my thing with the comment marketing in the foreign market. If you’re talking about like someone was like, I find it highly annoying on this blog, where, if first it used to be, they would post like hey guys, project x6 797. I made 500 bucks a week. Most people ignore that and the thing that they started to do is when someone leaves a favorable comment.

They respond as if they’re a regular person, and I don’t think it works. That’s just me now, I’m not out spinning all this money and I’m not having these people post thousands and thousands of comments across life. So I don’t have a frame of reference on that. I just find it very, very annoying any tips for eBay nope how to test, implement and sell a product in your local area, and that would be Adrienne Casanova.

Be more specific. I’m not trying to be an asshole, but I have no idea what you’re talking about you’d be talking about anything you all products, don’t have the same mechanism of testing and delivery if service business, its physical product, business, its educate, it’s influencer, there’s so many different things. So, where the notifications for these live streams, you know that’s puzzling, because some people give them YouTube on the delivery mechanism, that’s kind of broken, but what I’m going to start doing since this seems to be consistent, because other thing that I used it works sometimes and Sometimes it don’t work, I’m going to start emailing.

I think I put out that threat what products would sell and where to sell. Okay, you’re asking me to do a whole lot of research for you. You got to go online and figure out what you want to sell and do that hard work yourself. Do you still think it’s room for uber like business nope? That’s just me. I don’t think that you can be Travis. They’ve literally are around the world. They’ve got two billion bucks in the bank and that you know I could be wrong, but if you’re going to do a liberal like business, you need to be having tens of millions of dollars to get McCain.

That’s just my opinion. I could be wrong. I put one product on offer up for a weekend. Oh my god. I find offer up to be very much like Craigslist. When I was moving. I sold a lot of stuff. I sold most of my stuff on nextdoor.Com, which is a local. You got to have a house, I don’t think they do apartments. You got to have a house, but essentially by zip codes. You create these little communities and I would think, there’s some recommendations.

There’s the classified section and I sold a lot of stuff on next door. I sold a lot of stuff on Facebook, then sell that much on offer up. I actually sold one lamp on the offer up and I sold the rest on Craigslist, so it’s real real interesting how that works out, but with marketing you’ve got to think about it. This way marketing is solving problems. Think of it like this, not thinking of it as how do I sell this? One of the reasons that I do these things is – and this is before Trump became president-elect – is the way that the world is moving.

Jobs are disappearing, especially what I call simple jobs: jobs where you don’t have to have a lot of experience and pay a decent wage. Those jobs are gone, and I found my estimations as many people will be forced to become business owners. Now I want to they’ll just be forster and cedar, don’t survive. So that’s why the weather offer up gets a lot of faster responses, but to sell rate is much lower.

I thought it was some. I I’ve got men where’s my phone. I have some stuff. That’s still up right. Someone sent me this these questions. Like five months later, I didn’t even answer. It was just like what the hell are. X1 95, I’m trying to sell. My beats, have my own online store after three years and I’ve made no money. Yet let me tell you why you’ve made no money who buys beats kids or people like me, who do articles and need some background music.

You cannot sell something like get on the general platform. You’ve got to create a community, become part of a community, go and hang out where everybody who wants beats. You know if you you need to like maybe sponsor a rap show or something you need to get to the people who are going to buy the beats or creating music blog and sell a beats on iTunes, Tech, leathercraft. I make and sell leather wallet, slim and color holders burgers.

I do local shows and have a website in each of some marketing currently focused on techies and edie’s every everyday carry on once again. It’s the same thing. You’ve got to find people who want that stuff, and I actually talked to you on the phone and gave you some good advice which you’re not implementing yeah. I remember that Adrian. I want to know how to do research in my local area to find out what people want.

I know that it dependence from an area to area, but I want to know just a basic method: okay, I’ll teach you what I did when I was selling my dirty books, which I sold on Kindle. I did two things, one of them being uncivilized profits. I think another one was, I would be in a restaurant, something I would find a woman who was reading Kindle and us excuse me, you look like you like to read ma’am. I kid you like romance or rather yeah yeah.

Do you mind if I send you something, and would you just give me some feedback, sure that’s what I did locally and when I got enough response on certain stories, that’s what went online and other stuff I threw away. You got to talk to people. I know it’s very antiquated, but it works Mac. Milk, low, skilled jobs are in the process being a thing the past. Yes, they are Tony Carr, one by one you’re going to start selling printers on Amazon.

When I heard you say, build your own site, don’t rely on Amazon, I really bleed it and built monster printers, but I’m having much trouble getting off the ground spending seventy per day on Google Shopping, and I got a one sale since I launched 30 days ago. What thing would you suggest if I do to get off the ground? Okay, who buys printers you got a really look at this printers are very, very unique market, because what Epson and Canon all these printing companies have done is they’d literally give you the printer away for free to induce you to buy the ink and one of the Reasons that I have laser printers because I’m not playing that game, so the pressure itself is pretty much worthless.

Without the ink right, you will probably be doing better to sell ink verses printers. How many articles the data you recommend making per day is just market. A YouTube. Blog depends on your niche. There is no rent. There was no rhyme or reason. There’s some people girl recently. She makes a article a moth. She gets three million views per article. She just started this year. It’s a lot of variables.

There is no do this. Do this? Do this? Do this? It’s not. I know people hope for that, but it’s not and let’s get down to it, I’m marketing right now now, when people look at me and they will go ahead and like okay Glenn is doing that some other day, but part of the reason that it don’t work For you is you don’t have this back-end of I’ve been doing this since 2009? This is not like. I just woke up and started doing this yesterday.

There is a residual effect now with that said. If I want it to stick with resale or I want to talk about eBay and Amazon, I would get way more views. I’d get way more subscribers because that’s what people want I’m just not interested in that ship, because I know the ultimate outcome: FB s cheaper and focus on groups. That’s one way. Another thing is now a lot of stuff and let’s just kind of get down to the nitty-gritty, I am predicating my information to you to make you rich you’re, not getting rich on these other platforms.

I got this email. Where is my phone hold on a second? I’m going to read it to you if I can find it alright did that come apart, no did not okay hold on a second I’m going to read this to you and for those of you who are interested in 30 days 2500. It is 75 % off. Only during the stream once the stream is over that price and goes away all right. Let me find that. Let me I’m going to read this to you because I read this this morning and I think it’s very, very good and will help some of you out and one of the reasons that I I’m just have really moved away from certain things.

Let’s say it’s a tit: oh let’s see someone wrote this about masterminds, which I found interesting, because it’s so closely parallels what I keep hearing specifically. He was talking about certain people joining these high paid masterminds he’s ants who offer crappy products with crappy execution and who’ve. Never done anything other than sell their own 25k masterminds to unsuspecting noobs and can’t deliver.

He got a cold email from a self-professed marketing specialist and a specialist spelt their own name wrong in the forum Phil. And yet, let’s see a lot of shoots are buying because it’s from a girl probably an attractive one, even if it’s a fake person with a fake pitcher, see that all the time and they go and they’re so desperate to talk the girls they’ll respond. It’s amusing to think about, but at the same time I wonder how these jokers get a little way with it.

It reminds me of the scene, the wolf of Wall Street, where Jordan go for, it is getting interviewed for his first job selling penny stocks. He sees the nonsense, penny stocks and being sold and says: hey come on. Who buys this crap the answer he gets well, I mean honestly, mostly Schmucks. They see rats in the back of hustlers and Popular Mechanics and their ads actually say they can get rich, quick laughs.

So, if you’re looking at buying coaching in masterminds, read the scene and read it again, especially the guys lack he’s potentially talking about laughing at you. Yes, my little truly, it’s no different from not at all office of coaching and masterminds, my friend Dan and I were recently laughing at people who think they can get by as coaches in this business long term, just because they have a hot ass, pretty face.

Bubbly Pervin that personality and big boobs or, if they’re, just simply a highly caress charismatic smooth-talking, who can get people swimming with horseshit fluff. That gets people to feels, but do nothing to prepare them to do battle in the marketplace all right, there’s more to it! There’s this guy called Ben civil he’s got this thing called players emails and he actually does what he does see.

The thing is all the stuff I talk about. I have done. I have done, and you know it’s just real different, because many people are caught up in with hustler parlor porn. I don’t want to do the hard work. They don’t want to build real businesses, they just kind of want to skate by and that’s why so many people can’t make money online, because this is work, it is work and they will do it. Well, I’m serious.

It was somebody who was making leather wallets and stuff lives in Arizona. I swear the same thing in same exact thing that you do what happened with the market thing. Were you doing, except in phone calls? That was the thing I’m talking about this whole thing with marketing. I got the information I needed and that’s like. Okay, let me you do it anymore. That’s the stuff! I’m talking about thanks for bringing it up.

I took four I’m putting the number on the blog. I took four hundred calls and asked people a bunch of questions. It was easy it was exhausting, but that’s what you have to do if you want to make real money out here in the real world doing stuff. Alright, let’s see hold on a second I’m going to do something just real quick before I do that hold on a second. Let me get in here. Wait a minute! Wait, a minute yeah! Here we go lots of work, but you can’t give up.

It would pay off uh that offer up is very poor about taking down old listings. You have to delete archive your old listing, seven lots of stuff hold on a minute hold on it. Let’s see uh, I don’t even know how to get in there anymore. I don’t even think I can get in there anymore. It’s been so long all right, let’s see, offer up but yeah. So that’s what happened to that now. Part of this thing is like I said, it’s work, it’s really really work, and there are many people online.

Who will induce you to well tell you that you can do all of this stuff? Make a lot of money very quickly? And it’s just simply not true, and one of the reasons that I get a lot of hate or used to, because it’s really calmed down. And I think, because it changed the message and I start running a bunch of people off is people who have been here on this blog who’ve listened just from the information just from the free information and make money if they did the work and the work includes Marketing and includes talking to people and includes getting on the phone, and I mean it’s a lot of work to be successful, Sheeta bull, she audible.

I want to provide a service assist customers in an automotive field during servicing their vehicles. How do I develop a format to charge for the service I received called Ilia, but I don’t really know exactly what you’re doing that’s confusing now good thing with that is when you ask questions like that, and I’m confused think about what’s happening with your marketing. Think, what’s happening with that service repair quotes used car purchases, I’m working on the app to assist you.

Alright, here’s the three course. Yes, I’m the sell right. You got to find your audience who wants that type of stuff you’re getting calls. So your marketing, I mean the thing – is an app game: you’re going to be spending a lot of money for pay-per-click advertising or you’re, going to have to infiltrate groups or you’re going to have you got to do some creasing buzz? What’s a good marketing strategy for a tire repair shop be close to the road.

You see all right here. Here’s the thing with tire repair shop: nobody is looking for a tire repair until they have a flat tire right. So what you have to do is be so far ahead of that flat tire in terms of your marketing that when their tire is flat, they know that you exist. You got ta create a lot of content about that, our article audio products easier to market and ebooks. Alright, I’m going to say like this: alright, alright, it doesn’t really.

I got a friend who pull out an e-book who’s made like a hundred grand in the last 90 days. It is not quote it the article audio products, it is not the product, it is the audience if there was an audience for red iPhone cases which is Piron orange because of my resolution here and the market was huge, it would just sell it’s not the product, It is the market, I don’t know, that’s one timeout pretty much a whole week for an uncivilised products, profits.

There would be time it’s not evil or audio courses. It is market. They could up market. Forget all those other stuff. Think of the market. Do you ever do any guest posting, none, I’m doing a guest posting a lot of people don’t do what I do, which is one of the reasons that it’s pretty challenging to create partnerships and affiliates and networking and co.Labs, because this is a very different kind of Blog, if you hadn’t know this, so no, I don’t do any of that stuff, maybe in the future, but I’m looking at creating something else.

Now I got a question on rods. Shared life. You come any ask a lot of questions. What exactly are you doing with your business? This is your chance to put out that your thing, so I can direct traffic your way. What exactly do you do? Where are you and how do you do it? So I know there’s like a 30-second delay, but for those of you who are interested in learning the whole components of building a business go see when you market, you can’t market in a silo, and what I mean by that, is you can’t remarketing books without a Product to apply that information and you can’t create a product without an audience to sell to just doesn’t work so for those of you who want that type of stuff during this live stream be sure to get 30 days to $ 2,500 75 % off.

Let’s see what’s going on, it looks like I’m still flawed all right, so I’m going to wrap this thing up in the minute, but it’s all about marketing. Okay, yeah yeah! We haven’t gone too long, but it’s all about marketing and marketing isn’t just doing a YouTube. Article or to putting up a billboard, it’s embedding a message for an audience that you’ve already identified before you created your product.

There’s a company thirty-one signals, they actually create their audience. They look at their audience first before they do anything else, and then they create the literature and copy for the product and test it with the audience before they create the product. Mack milk is hard paradigm shift to think of serving the audience instead of coming up with a product and didn’t having to put together an audience.

It is a hardship, but it’s way more successful, because when you last year I did something – and I had an audience of 450 people in may 3 under grant, because the audience wanted the product, whereas I’ve had stuff where I’ve had exposure, where a lot of people Saw it I talked about it, but the audience wasn’t dialed in and I made like 1,500 bucks, so the audience is really really really really important.

No I’m not doing in the I’m not doing any affiliate marketing program. That’s a job into itself. You got to keep up with stuff people, don’t want to act right. Currently, I’m building a dating relationship, advice, blog fish, it for love and selling the e-book. Now previous, this was good when I started this whole thing. My first thing was a relationship book. I went out I interviewed in person over 200 women close to 300.

I remember there was this seller of this teller. I was at the bank and I was asking this bank it’s okay, I’m writing this relationship book and I won’t know what is your opinion on the current state of relationships? There are no wrong answers. It’s a boolean ominous! I had to extract myself away from this woman that was constantly the deal now, I’m going to tell you why I got halfway through and I changed my mind.

I did not want to be quote the relationship book dude. This is typically a guy who’s. Not married who’s had a lot of issues. You know, and this wasn’t going to be quote a Macbook which would be an audience of men. If you’re going to write a relationship book, you have to cater to women, you have to say things that women want to hear not necessarily the truth, and I’m don’t do this. But I’m going to say, you’ll be better off picking another market because unless you want to be part of sympton you’re not going to make any money with that just being straight up, I saw that in 2009 and there have been some guys who, who was Steve Harvey Hugh Hill Harper, I believe some other people, some other people and everybody other than Harvey – is out the game.

There was a guy who was doing the blog here on YouTube, very personable guy. He quit the blog there’s just not a lot of money in that. Unless you really get on, you know, you got to go on enter on chart. That was that guy. All of these guys got to a certain level, and I can I could say, with a great deal of confidence other than harm another made as much money. As I did selling other stuff, so I was abandon that with a quickness, I’m a friend, a friend and I getting into a business where we can help people get loans by fixing their credit.

And how can I market I promote that Facebook? I keep talking about audience. Nobody seems to hear me, yeah see the story, here’s the thing! If you notice, if you go from now, you can’t see how many subscribers I have if you notice that the article view counts, have come white way down because I’ll stop talking about certain things, I’m making more money now than I did when all this stuff. It’s not how much, how many read your articles? It’s not how big your list is.

It is who the people, who were by that’s what I come to trade on all this other. This is why I call it hustler porn cuz. This got y’all like oh yeah. You know I seen these comments like you should have so many subscribers. I give a about how many subscribers I have. I give a about how many fuse I have I care about people who will spend money. That’s what I care about that. Other stuff is, and many people are starting to see that and starting to act on then they’re.

Just like oh, this is it’s like the kid that story where the emperor has no clothes or The Wizard of Oz. All that doesn’t matter. I focus on conversions and sales, not how many all right I don’t have Twitter. I got Twitter I’ll just with it. I got Instagram I’ll do with them on Facebook, I’m going to do with my Facebook page. I stopped up marketing my business and I just started talking about whatever the that tickles my fancy for that day.

Every now and then I’ll talk about something but social media doesn’t sell as much as you think it does. You know a lot of people who are privy to how real business works. Are waking up to that and know that social media, probably don’t you sell low those things, but who does a cell? What’s the demographic, you know these important questions. What’s the blended marketing you work, I know who my audience is: was an exemple a directing that traffic, for instance, playing a song that my demographics like like in the article or something? No, I wouldn’t play them in these songs.

I will show them cute puppies all day long. I did something for someone where there was a picture of a dog, a little cute puppy of a Datsun with our rope in its mouth, and it did very well images, images, images, images, images, images, images alright, so I’m going to wrap this up. For those of you who are alive, who want to learn how to build businesses, integrate your marketing and sell stuff to people and put the link go under the article hit that 75 % off of 30 days to 2500 because got a balance.

I got to work on some stuff today and I got a few phone calls so with that be sure to subscribe, and if you want notifications to everything that happens, there’s a little bell in the subscribe button hit that and you should be good to go so With that, I’m out