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TikTok Algorithm: How To Go VIRAL In 24 Hours ( 0 – 100k Fans )

I’d hear anything like me, I feel like we’re all protective, but we don’t really know how the algorithm works. Today’s article I’m going to break you down in a data point of view, so you guys know how to analytically. Look at your tick talk to you and maybe help you grow some more followers. So that’s what I did today and if you want to know all I got ta do is keep on reading alright guys.

So if you can do a blog, my name is Jade and I combined psychology and marketing to give you guys some advice about how to keep relevancy in this age of social media. So today we’re focusing on tick-tock. I made two articles about tick-tock in the past, so if you want to know how to monetize your brand and how a tick stalkers make money, I will link those articles in the description box below. But today’s article is all about growth, so grab a snack and we’re going to dive into the first initial tip.

You need to understand, which is how tick tock pushes a article so tick. Tock is a social media platform, that’s focus on vertical article and they have two formats there’s like 15-second article and there’s 60-second article. So this goes hand in hand for each format. But today I’m going to focus on the 15 seconds because with tick tock does, is they have these stages? Where, if you pass a certain read time or second mark they’re, going to start to push your article onto more for you pages now, the for you page is kind of like the explore page and if your article lands on people’s before you page.

That means you get noticed, so that’s the biggest way to grow an tick tock is allowing the platform to push your article onto people’s or you page. Now, in order to do that, you have to fundamentally know one thing which is read time: tick tock basically evaluates. If your article is good by saying how long people read it, so let’s just take a 15, a second article, for example. I have this article that hits 1.

8 million views. I believe on tick tock I don’t mean to flex, but I just do want to show you guys how this article hit 1.8 million views by looking at and read time. So, in my personal experience I just really think that tick tock looks at kind of like 3 segments, so you could say the first 3 seconds, the first 5 seconds and then 10 seconds so say your article gets readed by a majority of people for only 3 Seconds: tick: tocks on the label that article as like, less quality and less enticing to a viewer.

So because of that, if your article maybe only gets washed a few seconds they’re starting to promote it to maybe a few dozen people right, not too many. But if your article surpasses the 3 second mark and maybe go to the second part, which is the 5 second mark tick, tocks in to look at that and be like okay, I’m going to promote it to maybe a thousand people now. So what I find is, if your article surpasses say the 10 second mark, maybe though, all the way to the end, then tick tock says like wow.

This has a high read time, which means people are staying on the platform, I’m going to promote it to a million people. So basically they have these different layers and, like I guess, stages and really depends on how engaging your article is. So what I’m going to do is, let’s show you some of my analytics from the article that hit 1.8 million views to see if this is really true, I could be making this up out of my ass, but I could also be off to something.

So, let’s take a look at my data from the article that went viral, so I have my phone up this article with 1.8 million views. The average read time is 13 seconds so, as you can see, tip talks like wow. Most people are reading it above X. Long so I’m going to promote it to more people. So let’s take a look at maybe a lower performing article and how long people were reading that. So this article only has let’s say, 10,000 views, which is still a lot, but definitely not 1.

8 million. So, let’s take a look at what happened here so a article with ten thousand views got around four seconds of read time. So, as you can see here, read time is everything on tick-tock the longer you can retain an audience. The more talk somebody! Oh, it’s a good article. Let me push it so now that you know how the algorithm works. What you can do to leverage this is make sure your content has three important things now before we go over those three important things.

I quickly want to give a huge announcement, as you guys know, if you click on this article, you want to grow in tik-tok or grow social media following I actually have a solution for you. If you want to learn more about tick-tock and actually learn from a creators themselves, I have an event called the green room lives. This is a two-day conference on how you can build your brand and get viral success and learn how to make money from that.

We actually have my friend Selena, who has a million followers on tik-tok who’s, going to be speaking at this event, which is insane. We have a bunch of other creators also coming there’s a whole fire. 150 seats go grab your tickets before it’s sold out, and I literally can’t learn a lot of people. I let you guys know that I don’t promote anything on this blog that I don’t know hundred and ten percent believe it so yeah go check.

The link in description box to sign up for the green room live and get your tickets. Let’s jump back in today’s article leverage. This is make sure your content has three important things. First of all, it has a beginning middle and end. You know people really stay to the end of story if it’s enticing and there’s something to look forward to and a lot of my articles that go viral, I maybe introduce a problem and I solve it at the end right whether it’s me giving my dad a Vegan egg and getting his reaction at the end, or it’s a article of me showing people about my skincare routine and showing the final results you need to have a beginning middle and end and storyline is everything just to make it simple just think about what is A problem, and why are people staying to the end once you have those two elements, people will read longer and you’re going to find your read time will increase too in order to kind of take this further.

I find works. Really, well is parts and series so say you can’t have everything you want in a article just break it up into two parts like this Starbucks article has 1.8 million views as well. I don’t know why. Everything’s, like 1.8 anyways yeah, I created two parts or what happens? Is people read the first part, but there carries about the second two they’ll read more. The important thing about tick-tock is making sure you have follow-up and there’s almost a reason for people to continue reading.

You don’t want people to drop off because you start to make different articles so having series and parts really helps with continuing your engagement throughout all the content you make, and my last tip to ground tik-tok to make sure you guys are appearing on more 4u pages. Is ask the viewer to like and comment like a lot of the times when I’m viewing on tick-tock, it’s so easy to scroll, to give people a reason to follow and like what I did on my tick-tock bio? Is I’m giving away Starbucks gift cards if people help me reach 100,000 subscribers or followers? So it’s something to keep in mind.

Then you have to entice and engage the viewer and say: hey, don’t forget to like and comment you don’t obviously have to do it if it’s cringy, but I find out here and there really helps convert your viewers into fans and it’ll, keep that engagement and community. So with that being said, I hope this article was helpful for anyone starting their tick-tock journey. I definitely have tons of fun on tick-tock.

I don’t really know exactly how to turn it into like a business, yet I’m really just having fun. So if you guys want to go, follow me on tik-tok, it’s literally not none of the content that I talk on YouTube is existent. On Tech, Talk it’s fairly fun and jokes. You can see my dad and I have fun. My friends hang out so yeah. It’s super casual and more entertainment based. I think the biggest thing I want you guys to take away is to have fun and tick tock and hopefully learn a few things about the algorithm aim: data to grow your brand I’ll catch.

You guys on the next one and shout out to the comment winner, this post, to be featured in the next episode. If you want to be the next comedy winner, just comment below and I’ll see you guys in the next one make sure you text my phone number and I’ll see you in next episode. This is actually going to be a three-part series, so if you guys want to read more social media growth, articles subscribe and like this article see I’m using my own techniques.


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Influencers Are Too Predictable.

Okay, so if you’ve been living underneath, a rock I’ve just been seeing more and more influencers pop off and shorter amounts of time, and it’s scary how viral success is just getting faster and faster. Now, if you don’t believe me, let’s just backtrack and I’m going to quickly explain why I think influencers are too predictable cuz.

If I don’t explain it, a lot of y’all are going to attack me okay and that’s not what this blogs about. Okay, if you’re new to my blog, my name is Jane. I talk a lot about marketing in combination with psychology, and I haven’t done this series in a while, alright, so to quickly break down. Why? I think if Lewin sirs are predictable, I’m going to explain the story to give you a little context so bear with me: okay, grab a snack grab a drink, it’s about to get spicy.

So last week I had a call with my friend Edwards, oh and we’re just chatting about why we think Ava Max is Loki. The clone of Lady gaga, okay and I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but come on guys like just take a look. It’s like the blonde hair, the music, the pop. The attitude like we’re, just we’re just sitting here like this – is literally a gaga clone and Lady gaga right took years and years to build up to the credibility she has today.

You know she has a hit movie hit songs and it took her like ten years to do so. However, even max kind of popped off the charts in like a year or two, I mean obviously there’s a like a lot of hard work underneath over not saying, but that first conversation of Ava Max Lady Gaga, who are both singers, that make similar type of music And aesthetic which got me thinking, how often is the industry learning from this and literally making little clones, and this is called the clone effect, I’m not going to lie.

I made this up out of my ass, but I really think it’s a real thing and if you don’t believe me get this other example, okay, so I’m a Chamberlain right, she’s a YouTube star. In the span of six months, she was able to rise to a million subscribers last year, and that is insane and she’s doing amazing things with faux Cosmopolitan and even Louboutins. So you don’t need me to sit here and tell you how amazing it’s successful.

Amateur Berlin is to realize that we have another player in town. Okay, so Charlie D’Amelio is a tick tock star that has now literally almost surpassed Eva’s records right. So a tick tock Charlie reached 10 billion followers in two months, bro. What I’m telling you? Okay, Emma and Charlie, although they don’t make any similar content, they’re still that related teen to figure that relates to a young audience, and I don’t know what to say other than, though what the shit, okay, it keeps getting faster.

You know, Abba took six months. Charlie took two months, I swear to God. The next Charlie Emilio will come out in a week, and this got me thinking like, I feel like more and more people are catching on to trends and it’s a matter of fact of how fast can you spit it out and how fast can you spit it Out at the rate of your competitors, so this leaves me it’s you our main conversation, which is what is the cloud effect and how our brands leveraging it to literally replicate viral success, is faster and faster, so the road to viral success is obviously becoming way.

More. Predictable and the scary thing is it’s coming faster and faster, so today I’m going to explain the influencer clone cycle, so you guys can understand what it really takes to repeat success over and over again faster than the last night. If you guys want to know more, all going to do is keep on reading all right. So, honestly, I’m going to jump in today’s article there’s four main stages: okay, one is called the protective hype.

Second stage is joining forces, third is getting a scandal and fourth is survive or die. Now I know you’re wondering like what the heck are. These phases, Jade you’ve, definitely made it out of your ass and I definitely did all of this is bullshit, and I made this up, but to give you the real context of why I think influence are so predictable. So if you’re following along, I actually created a article on a vocal.

So if you want to read the full article I typed out with my team, you can read it right here and you guys can check it out. This article is actually sponsored by a vocal, and I have a quick message for you guys. So we could jump right in vocal is a platform that provides storytelling tools and communities for creators. You can actually earn money on vocal and I’ll. Show you how it’s done so vocal.

Has these communities and you’re able to post stories and articles in there and then you can actually earn money by every reader that you get. I actually wrote three articles on vocal and you guys could check it out, I’m actually in their business category called journal, because I love talking about social media, but they actually have over 34 other categories. You can choose from so like if you’re like a beauty, influencer, you can go to blush or if you’re like it’s a travel vlogging, you can go post and wander so.

This helps you find your community and as a creator, I love this idea check out vocal. If you haven’t already – and thank you for sponsoring today’s a article all right, let’s get back into it right, so phase number one, the protective hype. So when it comes to viral success, I notice that every single influencer are starting out goes through this phase, which is for me the ability to be kind of low-key and the secret of the internet.

So get this at the start of a craters career. When you stumble upon someone you on YouTube or Tech Talk, you almost want to keep them a secret. Why? It’s because like when you find a crater, you like it’s kind of like finding a best friend, and you don’t want to share your best friend. I kid you not there’s so many times in high school, where I jealousy. Issues like I didn’t want to share Cassandra with Bethany like Cassandra is awesome if someone gets too big and famous, and they have way more friends, they’re going to forget about you, which is why I think the protective hype is such like predictable stage and everyone’s career Right if you’re noticing comments on a craters page, where it’s like, I hope to keep them a secret, or this is so precious like.

This is like my favorite thing ever, but I don’t want people to know like you know, they’re at the start of this clone cycle, where, as kind of a phenomenon fans are protective over their craters. I kid you not in Emma Chamberlain’s comments back in 2018, there were ten of people saying I want to preserve Emma or keep her the same and like put her in a box essentially, and the protective hype is like, you still want to root them on and Have success for them, but you don’t also want them to get too big, so basically phase one is the fans are doing whatever it takes to keep the crater in its place.

However, if you do not understand the YouTube or tick-tock algorithm they’re here to make freaking money, so whether you like it or not, the algorithms automatically going to push this content to more pages and more people, so they’re going to have a larger audience. Without you being able to be in control, so without doing anything, you’re going to move on to phase number two and read your favorite creator go into joining forces.

I couldn’t totally making this up, but I pretty sure you remember when I was in high school, like we learned that when humans were first evolving, we had like this. You know like tribe mentality, where, if you were not in a tribe you’re, getting a kilt and that’s the exact same thing with influencer marketing, like I feel like once, you have any success or load on your blog or you pop off. You almost have to migrate to like a team tent house like if you are alone, you’re, going to isolate yourself from getting more views and growth, because you’re basically cutting yourself off from what’s currently trending.

And I don’t I don’t agree with this. But you’re going to see your favorite creators start drawing type houses or team ten. You know they’re going to collab more and the key with that is like, if you’re joining forces with another big crater you’re, going to share that audience and grow double the size, and the algorithm loves that. So it’s almost pressured upon you to do that. I have not breathe at all throughout this article, make sure this article like, if you’re so far enjoying it, because I’m super excited so the perfect example after you reach phase one is to join a larger group collab with more creators.

So you can keep growing because it’s better with a team and I’d get the tribe mentality, but also, I think it’s a little bit formulaic and too predictable like at this point, if someone’s popping off you’re just going to expect them to join some sort of like Pounce right same with Emma Chamberlain, she joined a group of dota creators, you’re going to start seeing people have this herd mentality just to keep their relevance and it’s kind of weird and low-key dehumanizing, because it’s like this really straightforward.

Stop placed ad format to success. Like the reason why I’m making this article is not to like just tell you guys a little entertaining a little fun fact, but it’s really just to like show you guys that like wait, a second like this shit is so predictable and at the moment I feel Like we can look at these like team 10 houses – or you know, group trips as like such a thing we want, but in reality it’s just so formulaic that I bet these creators don’t really feel a sense of family or community that would they portray an camera And I just hope this article kind of shows that this is so formulaic.

All of this is just consistent with you know. Emma Team 10, like everything, I believe, is getting to this point and I haven’t seen anything new in a while. So let me know if you guys agree with this or don’t before I move to number 3, which is what I call getting in a scandal 4. So phase 3 for me is just all about like once you get a level of success. Some people will feel strongly about you for good or for worst and for the people that feel bad about you, they’re going to be jealous and mad they’re just going to try to find anything to pick you and just tear you down, and I don’t need to Encourage this, but it’s really sad because this is happening to so many people.

I don’t want to talk about too much but, like I just seen my friends go through drama and scandal for things I didn’t mean to do or harm the internet like a lot of people. Don’t have these bad attentions, but because of the internet, you know anyone can get criticized and I don’t know I’ve seen it really harm my close friends, but I’ve also seen it happen with every single crater, like I’m pretty sure Charlie do be, Leah’s nudes got leaked Or people saw her vaping and at this point it’s just a really childish and immature and honestly again, predictable, because at this point like no matter what you do you’re going to get criticized – and I really don’t agree with that.

Like the number. One reason why I think canceled culture is just so popular is because, if you use someone’s name in a article you’re going to get views and what, if we’re good or for worse, there’s going to be people that are just wanted to use your name for a Article for their own clout, because again they don’t want you to succeed, they want it for themselves and you know that’s. You know facts.

I make articles here commenting about like the Internet. I just don’t know if the right wing’s would be a negative impact, but that is not for me to decide all right. So if you read your favorite crater go to phase three, you see them go through a scandal, then you’re going to see them go to stage 4, which is survive or die. I believe the number one way you can like differentiate someone who’s successful and here for the long run versus someone who’s a fad and not going to really you know, created a successful profile is someone who just takes us negative feedback and lets it crush them.

Like. I believe Charlie D’Amelio is actually not getting enough credit for what she does. She definitely got a lot of hates for her growth, which she didn’t mean to and she keeps making content, and I think that’s really dope, because I don’t know about you but like imagine going through your phone and all your comets are talking about about you to Persevere and really persist. It takes a lot of courage and honestly props to her.

So what I really want to say is Stage four for me is the pivotal moment where it really makes a crater a crater right, if they’re, really in it, for the views and attention. Do you really think they’re going to keep going with the hate and negativity right like I feel like this? Is the moment where we can see what is it spanners? True intentions, when you receive criticism, I believe you have two options.

You could either let it kill. You or let it fuel you and keep going, and I know it’s super hard to say, but these cycles are really just applicable to even your daily life right when you get a certain level of success or you get a really awesome opportunity. A lot of your friends are going to bring you down and try to make you feel like you’ve done something wrong and whether you’re on a teach annal for getting in a scandal or you’re getting in a fight with your group of friends.

I believe that negativity can be crippling you or you can allow it to flourish and persevere and keep going. Let’s just be honest, like a life, it’s just not easy, and I want to just encourage you for anyone going through tough times or criticism like everything’s going to be okay. This is something that’s normal and happens to everybody, and, although I love making jokes about this, get clone influencer cycle, this cycle is applicable to your life and I hope you guys can learn something from this, which is.

This is totally normal. It’s a part of doing something outrageous and trying to be successful. You’re going to receive criticism, you’re going to receive hate, but the people that really stand out are the people that keep going. So I hope this inspires you to just persevere through the hard times. Alright guys so thank you for reading today’s article make sure you subscribe to my blog and if you guys would like text my phone number, I’m here to reply to your comments, a question so with that shout out to the comment winner too.

The supposed to be beach for the next at fist, if you want to be the next current winner, all you got ta do is just text me or comment literally tell me anything your heart desires and, let me know if you agree with today’s article. I love your guys’s feedback and I am having a meet-up in Los Angeles. So if you want to know more about social media growth, my companies, I’m running you know, what’s coming me and I love to say hello, so yeah I’ll put the link in the description box for anything I mentioned today and make sure you guys check out my Article on the vocal I’ve been writing some stuff there and I’m really passionate about it.

So yeah just read some more content: description box below I’ll catch. You guys in the next one peace out,

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