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How To Build Your Online Presence Using a Cool Web Tool – S2 – Episode #1

First, go to w-w-w dot, maas that’s M 0 Z, dot com forward, slash local, I repeat: w-w-w dot, Maas moc that comp or slash local and Mars has been beautified once you go to this website right down or inter your business name and the zip code.

For your business, once you do that, you will see two options: the first option, if you are already listed it, will give you some type of a score like let’s say twenty percent or forty percent for local online visibility and at the same time it will give You some suggestion on how to improve that and make it, let’s say more than seventy five percent. So if you see that go ahead, do your best to fix those issues.

Moz will show you how it will also show you the incomplete content that you probably missed, and what you can do to make all of them. One hundred percent. Okay, once you do that make sure you have to log in on every listing, like you have to log into Google, to bring to yahoo Yelp foursquare. Now, if you don’t have access to those, you can actually claim them. Then we access them. Now, if you don’t have any listing basically mas said 0, your business address, your business name does not exist locally on the search engine.

Now you have to create those listing. This is very essential because when you do this, what’s going to happen that it will help you with the search engine, it will help you to get more exposure. It will help you to generate targeted leads so make sure you do that now make sure you open your world document, notepad openoffice googled office. What about the kissing me just open one and start writing down all your information.

The information I’m talking about are your business name, the description of your business, all the contact information, your phone number, business phone, number cell phone number, email, address, website, social media websites, hours of operation, types of payment that you take five to ten images of your office Or of your business of your product and the proper category basically select the proper category, each listing might have a little bit different.

So if I’m a doctor or let’s say a dentist, I’m going to pick like a new health, medical dentist and so forth. One thing I can remember that the information for your business name, the phone number, the description all have to be exactly the same. If I type let’s say crazy, ninja dentist, I have to make sure that the same sentence, if I put all of them in upper case – let’s say in Google+ and all over them in lower case on y’all, it can cause some sort of conflict.

So what I mean make sure that all of them are exactly the same. So that’s why, if you write them down on a notepad or warm documents, you can just copy paste for those of you who didn’t have the list in the first place as soon as you submit them, google, bing, yahoo, yelp and Foursquare, they will send you some Type of postcard, like within 7 to 10 days and days once you get it, take it and enter them on those listing.

There is to the other listing like citysearch and superpages. They will actually verify your information while you actually submit it so make sure you have the right phone number, because when they call you, you have to answer right away. Is it easy? Is it real, easy? Well good question? It is easy, but unfortunately it’s a time-consuming. So let’s say again: you’re very busy: you don’t have the time to do it.

You can actually have Mars. Do it for you for an affordable price and I believe they do it once every year. You’ll be surprised how much they charge. So the choice is yours, but because your local business owners – this is the basic. This is the most important thing that every business should actually do, because your customer do exist there and it does help with the search engine. Really it doesn’t really cost that much.

So please go ahead and do that today and if you need any help, let me know share those linked with me and I will basically help you until exactly. Where did you miss? Because you know I love to help and I really want you to succeed because you succeed, part of me has part of me have succeeded now. It’s your turn. Tell us, what did you use to get an exposure from the internet for your local business comment below and please share and don’t forget.

Please subscribe to my youtube blog and let me leave you with something to think about patient. It’s not the ability to wait. It is how you act while you’re waiting, Joyce mayor thanks for reading, and you have been Yusuf, I that was fake and it’s a freak on get your freak on.

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