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Earn $100 A Day Re-posting s (Make Recurring Revenue)

There’s four steps: I’m going to show you in this article how you can earn $ 100 a day simply by reposting articles. I set it folks, literally re posting articles, folks literally step one step two is download, then upload. Then you make money so download a article upload, a article, I’m going to be walking you through everything on my computer, so there’s no loose threads because with this method, like all my articles, when you make money, I make money and that’s why this is the number One money blog on YouTube, so without further ado, let’s get it hey.

John Chris Tony here, affiliate marketer won’t tell you too much about my story, but I love money and I love helping other people make money too, and I’m going to show you how you can make articles simply by reposting articles from other sites, downloading articles from YouTube And posting them on other sites using this method. Now the first step with this method – that’s very important, is you need to actually get articles to repost? Where are you going to get those articles? Well, how about this I’m going to actually give you permission to repost every one of my articles.

That’s right! Folks! I make tens and tens of thousands dollars a month just from the ads on this YouTube blog, I’m giving you full permission to repost any article from my blog. I have hundreds. I have articles that have been seen millions of times and I’m giving you permission to repost every single one anywhere you’d like, but I’ll show you the step by step ways to make money with them in this, because just reposting them is not as important as actually Making money with them, and I’m going to show you how you can earn money by using this method of downloading and uploading the articles anywhere in the world, I’m going to show you how you can do it paid all you need.

Is a bank account a PayPal account or an address for a chat to be physically mailed to so? Let’s go over to my computer, I’m going to show you I’m going to dive right into this method and show you exactly how this can be done. As I said, the first step was to get articles to post and you’re. On my blog, you just click my name or whatever you’ll go over to my blog page and you’ll, see, there’s lots of articles on my blog that you can repost hundreds and you can sort by the most popular and see their articles that have millions of views On them, you may be reading articles here on YouTube, but I don’t know if you knew, but there are other websites where people read articles on with hundreds of millions of users so check this out.

How many users does Daily Motion? Have 300 million there’s another site out there, that has 300 million users and there’s many other sites that have similar sorts of numbers? And you can take advantage of this because I don’t post my articles on YouTube and many other creators or people with article content. Don’t post their articles on other websites as well, so you can make money simply by reposting my articles or somebody else’s articles on another website and making money from the Adsense.

Now I don’t know the laws, I don’t know what people are fine with reposting articles. You can ask them or you could look up the laws, your country again, I don’t look up international law, you guys are from all over the place. Am I supposed to freaking study the laws from Morocco? Don’t ask me: okay, if you put in the comments, I will ban you from making any other comments for life. I just don’t to deal with stupid comments.

Okay, we’re just trying to make money here and you can pre post my articles. So it’s all cool! Sorry for the rant folks, I get a lot of comments from Unruh source phille, but the second step we’re interested is now that we have the articles that we can use is we need to download them. So how do you download a article? So let’s say you wanted to take this article: how would you download it well, what you do is you go to google and you would search download YouTube, mp4 and mp4 is a file type, that’s a article file.

So what you’re really asking Google is you’re saying: how do I download a YouTube article as a file that I can store in my computer and right here? You’ll see, there’s a bunch of results. There’s a bunch of sites that do this. No site is better than the other. As part of my knowledge, I just always have used the first result because in my mind, they’re all kind of the same and I’m just going to use.

This result right here which says keepvid and I am going to go back to my article right here, which has 2.5 million views and I’m going to simply the blink. You see right there and then I’m going to go to this site and then I’m going to copy and paste the link right then we’re going to click download now so we’ll right-click and then we’ll click, Save Link As and then see boom. So it says invitation to create and automate this, so we just click, Save boom, just download it so super fast.

I love it. Okay, so real easily. We just did number two. Okay. We found the articles. We downloaded the articles. Now, I’m going to show you five different places that you can actually upload your articles to. I’m also going to show you an additional just way to find dozens of other places you can upload a article to this is a great way to create multiple streams of income very easily, and I suggest you hop on this if you’re taking action right away, I’m Taking action because it makes no sense to not just go out there, just download and re-upload a ton of articles, so the site you want to sign up for is dailymotion comm, which I mentioned previously.

It has over three hundred million users. A lot of people read articles here and in order to sign up you just scroll all the way down to the bottom, and you would look at this area right down here. It says become a partner and you’d want to click that right there and just sign up, I’m not going to walk you through the signup process, because that’s boring and frankly, if you can’t figure out how to sign up for a website, you shouldn’t be trying to Work on the Internet, folks, okay, you should like you know, go work in a store like get off the internet and like get a job like you know, this isn’t, for you can figure out how to sign up next one is Metacafe.

This is a really old site, metacafe right there. So this is a quick search and they get over a hundred and twenty million visitors every month and 27 million users, and if you can’t make some sales to a hundred and twenty million people, you know, I don’t know what you’re doing I’m actually going to show You a really cool way of how you can earn some really nice passive income, getting people in the door for just one dollar a book I wrote you can use my articles to sell a book.

I already wrote and or ninety percent of the money I’ll show you exactly how this whole thing works in just a second here, but you’ll be earning recurring commissions I’ll just just throw that out there throw that out there recurring commissions I’ll, show you it in just A second here, let’s go into the other mess, so metacafe great way: lots of viral articles. All that stuff. You see, thousands of people are reading these articles right now.

Okay, another great site is break. Calm is another really old site. Break.Com. You see right there to sign up for that side. I won’t walk you through the process, but basically click that upper right corner and it says, sign up right there and you would upload some articles straight. A blog upload some articles and just keep going just keep uploading articles. Each of these platforms has different algorithms that rule it.

The judge which articles show up here versus which articles don’t show up so you’ll, want to get to know some of these platforms to figure out how to get your articles up as much. But frankly, if you’re, just reposting articles that have never been seen before. In these platforms, like mine, you’ll, have a pretty good shot of success. Here’s another site called 9gag, it’s another kind of like viral article Mimi type website.

So you can just upload articles here, sign up right here and to get started. And last but not least, is you can you can even reload my articles to YouTube now the thing about YouTube is because I was the first person to upload my own article to YouTube. I ended up making the Adsense revenue, but you end up making the affiliate Commission’s, which is what we’re going to talk about next. So the most important way of monetizing is actually not making money from the ads.

So, making money from ads is chump change, whereas making money from affiliate commissions is big money. I’m going to show you how you can make money by putting affiliate links underneath or within each of these articles, so you can earn recurring revenue specifically what I’ll be showing. You is how you can sell my book. This is a digital workbook for one dollar. I sell it for $ 1 sells any country in the world, and this book is great book.

It goes over different ways. You can make money online called work at home secrets, but what’s great about it is there is a free trial. There’s a 30 day free trial for everybody who just spends a dollar buy this book. They also get a free trial, then, after that it’s 40 dollars a month if they enjoy the training they’re getting from me and from me and my friends about how to start a work at home career, they pay $ 40 a month and as an affiliate, you Get 90 percent of that pretty cool right, so you are earning $ 36 a month.

You get somebody to spend one dollar, you earn $ 36 a month every single month. So here’s how it works is what you do. You are going to want to go. There’s going to be a link in the description, but you’re going to want to go to digi store 24 you’re going to want to click register now right. There digi store is an affiliate network based in Germany but they’re all over the world and they payout affiliates over a quarter billion dollars a year.

They work with any country in the world and they will pay you one of three way: they’ll pay you via PayPal. So you need to have a PayPal account or they’ll pay you via a bank wire, which means you’d have to have a bank account to get paid me. A bank, wife or they’ll pay you via cheque, which means you need an address and what you need to do is you need to register right here. Some fields are optional, some fields aren’t and when you log into your account, you will be able to see how much money you earn and what have you where you want to go to get your affiliate link for my product as you actually want to go to The market place right here where it says marketplace right there and you’ll click the marketplace, and then you will go down to where it says: internet marketing and ebusiness.

On the left hand, side in this category you’ll see the number one product there’s only five products here. Right now, but the number one product is work at home secrets and internet jet-set is the continuity program. You get 90 percent commission right here and if you want to see how it works, you just copy right here, your affiliate link, so you would copy your affiliate link, looks something like that, but what I like to do is I like to shorten the link.

I like to use a link shortener such as bitly to shorten the link and what you do with bitly. Is you just copy your link in here? Then you prettify it now. Let me show you what it actually looks like when somebody clicks on the link. So what it looks like when somebody clicks on the link is, it says, start working from home today and it says without any experienced tech skills, a product or an audience, and we have a american celebrity as currently as one of the endorsers of the book.

There’s a long page which explains what you get, but what’s most important, is you start for a dollar and, what’s even better, is you’ll see there is a $ 39 95 cent monthly recurring program here that starts after 30 days, which means you earn 90 % of All of this you earn 90 % of the dollar. You earn 90 % of this. Now. Imagine if you just got two people every single day to spend one dollar. You got two people every single day to spend one dollar.

How much recurring revenue would you have? Let’s do the math so two people a day times 30 days. This is $ 2. Hopefully you’re good enough to get two people to spend $ 1 right, easy type and easy. If you think you can get two people a day to spend one dollar type in easy in the comments, so that means you’re getting 60 customers. So the recurring revenue is 90 percent of $ 40. We’re going to times that by 90 percent times 40.

That’s thirty-six dollars, so you have 60 customers times $ 36 a month right. That’s your recurring revenue, but basically that will leave you with two thousand one hundred and sixty dollars a monthly, recurring revenue. If you can get two people to spend one dollar every day, you will be getting roughly $ 2,200 you’ll be getting over $ 2,000 a month in recurring revenue and you’ll be selling a book that genuinely helps people.

Now you might be asking. Why am I doing this well I’ve thousands of subscribers here? If I make 10 percent of the efforts of thousands of people, I end up ahead, no matter what and either way I’m looking to change the world. There’s a revolution going on right now, folks, as people working at home companies don’t want to hire people in offices anymore, people are moving out of the cities. We got to help lead the revolution and I want to be at the forefront of things.

So, in order to monetize all you need to do, is you need to post your link below the article and say it? The book or just say, learn more get the book and you just post that below the article that you post up and you can start earning money because whenever you post up a article of me, people are already reading me. They’ll be very willing to spend $ 1 in order to learn more ways to make more money.

For instance, on page number 34, I share with foe a little over a dozen websites of where they can earn as much as $ 50. An hour working online people are willing to spend a dollar to learn that. Furthermore, there are workbook questions in each chapter, just like a school textbook, learn and really ingrain the knowledge in their head. This is built like a school textbook. It’s built to help people retain knowledge, because working at home is a whole new thing not on in school.

Now. Here are a bunch of other websites that you can actually post on. You can post on Facebook. You can post articles on LinkedIn. You can post articles on mixer, twitch, periscope, Lutz D live zing. We major league gaming ste. I don’t even know all these sites. Vaughn live et cetera. You can post on all these sites, but the point being is you have the articles? You have the way to make money, you have the knowledge and the ability to download and upload these articles, and the math is all worked out for you.

You just need to get two people a day, spend a dollar right and you need to post these articles up as many places as possible to see where you can get viewers where you can clicks. Do this folks there’s a lot of articles on my blog. I would start with the articles that are getting the most views, because those are the most popular. Those are the ones that resonate the most with the widest audience vary up.

The text vary up. The titles do what you need to do, but get the articles out there post them up, find ways to get traffic and find ways to get people to click on your affiliate links, because you do this, you will create recurring income to allow you to live a Life that is very different from everybody else, and it’s amazing. I talked about in other articles how much money I make a month, but it’s over a hundred thousand dollars a month insane.

I never thought I’d be in the position. I am in this life, but it’s fantastic. It’s really cool, but I don’t wear fancy things. You can live life whatever way you want so go. Do it if you’re going to take action, type, an I’m, an action taker in the comments below okay, like this article subscribe, if you want more because I got these methods coming all day, long hit the notification bell, I’m looking to make more millionaires this year than Ever before so check it out, let’s get this started check out my other articles, but use this one.

I look forward to helping you all out have a good day.


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