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Micro Influencer & Money : how & how much we’re making from social media!

I just want to speak about the topic that I Just talked about on my latest post on Instagram, which is making money on Social media, how small influencers make money? How influencers in general Make money to help you understand better, but also I want to get back to what I Was talking about in my post, I don’t know why it’s a very taboo topic.

I don’t Know there’s a lot of hiding, I feel, and I don’t know why I’m going to try To be as transparent as I can, because I know that some of you are curious and Are just wondering how it’s possible to make money on social media? This is the Topic of this article today After you’ve readed this article, I would love to have Your opinion in the comments, I would love to know what you think, if your Opinion changed after reading the whole article (, french speaking, ).

Sorry, I was just explaining to my French audience. That they can answer in French. Alright, just know that everything I’m going to talk About is really from my own experience. I am not talking for anyone else, Although I know from experience and meeting other bloggers that they have the same Experience as me, especially as a small influencer, I know I have twenty Five thousand followers, which is huge – that’s just how we are defined by the Industry and by brands, knowing that a lot of influencers have millions of Followers between 10,000 and hundred thousand you’re considered rather small Influencer So there’s basically four main ways to make money on social media.

As a blogger or influencer, The first one is selling your Own products, So a lot of influencers sell ebooks it’s the case. For me, I sell Ebooks on my website about a topic that I’m passionate about Some bloggers have developed products. Some bloggers have developed Their own brands, after having built their community And honestly, I feel, like This is the nicest most authentic way of making a living Of social media, because it’s really a project that you built from scratch and That you’re so passionate about And you’re basically investing a lot of time.

Into it and you’re basically, like a, I, don’t know a business owner and in the Future, that’s one thing that I would love to do It’s way easier after having A community to have a successful brand, because the awareness of the brand is Already there and that’s kind of one of the hardest thing for a brand to have Sales, so that’s helping for sure. Not all the bloggers have sustainable or Authentic brands, just letting you know that a lot of online retail Are a bit suspicious, I’m not going to call names and stuff, but just be careful from where you’re buying your products, The other stream of Income is also organic.

Basically, when you see ads on the side of a blog and When you see ads just before a article or in the article like little pop-ups, these Are basically a contract? Okay, I’m not going to go into details because I’m not Sure about this, but it’s a contract between the advertiser and Google And Obviously, the more the article has view for YouTube. For example, the more the ad Will be seen and we are paid by Google after from a split amount.

I mean it. Depends of the number of views and also the engagement rate of the Blog, If that blog, has a lot of comments or likes on the articles, So Monthly, we can get a check or just a bank transfer from Google. The third Way of income – okay, this article is going to be longer than Ten minutes, The third stream of income is brand partnerships, sponsored Post or sponsored articles So for this, the brand will send the influencer a product To try out and the influencer will talk about it and promote it in a post, a Story, a YouTube, article etc And the influencer is paid for the post and gets A free product as well to try it out J’ai oublié de dire que quand un contenu est sponsorisé l’influencer doit le mentionner avec # ad; # sponsorisé; c’est la loi, Aussi si les produits sont reçus gratuitement; c’est bien de le préciser En revanche encore, plein d’influencer ne Respectent pas ces règles et parfois les marques sont prêtes, à payer plus chères pour que l’influenceur ne mentionnent pas que.

C’Est payé pour que ça paraisse plus authentique..Ce qui est dingue. This is where it gets a little tricky. Depending on which influencer you’re following and what their value is, Because it’s very tempting to accept a lot of product and accept a lot of deals. And make a lot of posts, I personally get a lot of emails and requests for Partnerships – it’s very tempting to say yes to everything, although it’s not the Goal for me personally, I want to try the product.

I want to make sure the product Is great I have received products in the past that were not great, so I Decided not to do the post and not being paid about it. The brand is always aware: Of that, before sending me products, and so everything that I talk about, is Always something that I recommend for you, but some influencers may not be As picky about that And then the the fourth final way of Earning money on social media is affiliate programs or being Sponsored and being paid monthly by brands, basically the more you’re helping The brand to make sales the more you earn money, So this is done through discount Codes, not all of the discount codes, are affiliated codes, but Sometimes they are, Which means every time a follower uses your code to make a Purchase the influencer gains money out of it Like a small percentage out of it.

So this is how it’s done basically, the four ways: majority of ways of making Money Now in case, you really have no idea how everything works. What is an Influencer, how come they have partnerships with brands and stuff? I Just want to touch on that really quickly, so why do brands and us Influencers collaborate, It is because, as an influencer, we have built a community Over the years, we have a certain amount of followers people that trust, hopefully What we are saying, what we are recommending and brands see that as a Really good way to make sale, it’s a sale tunnel just another way of Making sales before it was a lot of TV.

You turn on your TV. You see an ad you Want to purchase that thing now you just turn on social media. You see a product That your favorite blogger recommends and you want to purchase it And why do Influencers make those partnerships well mainly because of money honestly, We are doing a lot of free content, some people – sometimes it’s a part-time job – For influencers, but we spend a lot a lot a lot, a lot of time providing free Content, that’s like free articles, free tips, things that you could pay people For nutritional tips recipes anything else, you know yoga tips, Anything that I’m talking about I’m doing it for free, I’m doing it because I Love it all that work has created a community and that’s (, collaborations ), also a way for us.

To make money and to continue to make content that we love to do At the same. Time I want you to understand that not all partnerships are shady or just Money based kind of thing, a lot of my partnerships are actually me being Really really happy to recommend a brand, because I like what they’re doing I Think it’s sustainable and I want to make the world a better place. If I have The opportunity to promote a vegan ethical, sustainable brand and be paid For that like why, wouldn’t I do it? You know Now, let’s get into the subject that Everyone wants to know how much people make out of social media.

How much I make Out of social media, I’m going to tell you everything, because again I have nothing. To hide, I don’t think it’s something that you should know, because yeah you’re Not going to ask a singer how much money they make or an artist how much money they make, but if you’re really interested that’s how it works. Okay, So I’m just Going to give you the example of an Instagram post, otherwise it gets a bit More complicated because there’s different rates and all but the majority Of the time on Instagram, the market price for a post is 1 % of the number followers.

So if you have a hundred thousand follower your price per Post will be a thousand dollars if you have a million. Your price per post will Be a thousand a hat sorry, ten hundred ten thousand, that’s like so Much that I can’t even say it, if you have ten thousand, your price will be a Hundred That’s like a really basic rate that most people have it’s the rate that I have so I ask for 250 per post for myself, what makes it more or less Depending to the market price is the engagement rate of the influencer Just quickly on what that is.

The engagement is the Number of likes comments, shares of a post, so every time that you like a post Comment on a post or share a post, it increases the engagement and the Engagement rate of the blogger, So just so you know, if you like, the person That’s really really cool because you’re supporting that person. But if you don’t Like that person just so you know that you’re also helping them, because Basically, the higher your engagement rate is which brands have access to Those statistic the higher you can ask for money, obviously, because some people Have 10,000 followers and have a very, very low engagement rate? Some have 10,000 and have a very, very high engagement rate.

That means people Commenting people liking people being really really engaged into the community.. The brand will be ready to pay more money for that person. Obviously so just Do you know This is also why a lot of influencers, like myself, I’m not going to Hide anything again, every time we post, we do a story about the new post, for you, To check it out for you to like for you to comment for you to engage because it Is helping us and it’s just a free thing for you: it takes like a second and it Really does help, So I’m not sure you were aware of this, but every time you comment, Also under YouTube article, you like a YouTube article, it really does help you Have no idea it helps to support the blog or the blog that you’re Following to provide you more free content, if that makes sense, Okay, this Article is definitely not a ten minute article, but I just want to say everything: So it’s clear.

The last thing that I want to touch on is the price I Know a lot of people are amazed at how much money we make on social media for One post, let’s say for my example: 250 euro for one post, seems ridiculously High, it’s not that high compared to the industry, but I understand myself: 250 Euro, I know that it’s it’s not negligible amount of money, but know that A post requires a lot of time, a lot of effort.

It’s not just a photo. I mean It depends for which blogger, but for me a post is in between 2 hours, 30 and 6 Hours of work, first of all, sometimes it’s really struggle to get Parcels, especially in Paris, so that’s a lot of time. You know losing time. To get the parcel and stuff, then I mean the story: the creativity, how you want to post what kind of photo you’re going for all this Research process takes time because you don’t want to be like a copycat of Someone and you just don’t want to have a like very basic photo, at least not for Me Then, taking the photo takes time.

Editing the photo takes time. Writing the Caption trying the product because I never receive a product and post right, Away, I always take time to try the product out, so that also requires Time And even just that it might seem quite expensive still but just know, That brands don’t just pay for the content; they also pay for the community. That we have built – and we have built a community with all the other free Content that we’ve provided the community with – and this is like the Majority of our time, for me, it’s like 95 % of my time, working for free and So it’s kind of normal that I ask for a bigger amount of money for the Small amount that I’m sponsored for because the brand actually does pay for The amount of people that will see their ad, if that makes sense, So I know you want to know how much money I make right now being really Transparent with you, I make between four hundred and a thousand euros a month out.

Of search media not included my ebook, not including my ebook, but just The brand sponsorships that I have – I don’t have a lot some months. I have None and some month I have more, but I’m extremely picky, with what I’ve chosen to promote and that’s all So again, this article is not a Complaint On the post, I mentioned that I was really exhausted of brands that do Not pay smaller influencer and just want to send free products, not to mention Most of the time brands do actually have budget and are ready to pay mainstream.

Bigger influencer a lot more money because they’re more visible and Especially sustainable brands that pay a fair salary to their employees like why Do they not pay us a fair salary again, this article was just purely educative and Informative and I don’t want to start a big debate on that, but at the same time I really hope that you learned something or maybe, if you’re a bigger influencer You learned, what’s going on for smaller influencers, that it’s not easy every day, Although we are working the same quality than bigger influencers or if you’re a Brand actually – and this article makes you think I know I’ve received some comments.

Saying that I shouldn’t complain, because I’m so lucky to have that job and I have Not complained about my job and I know I’m lucky but at the same time it’s not Luck, it’s it’s just work, I’m sorry! But it’s work. I have decided to have this Activity as my job and you could too it’s just having your own business or Being self-employed takes a lot of dedication takes a lot of Work, I’m not saying that if you work in an office you’re not working a lot but It’s just something that people don’t really realize.

There’s a lot of work. Behind the scenes, a lot of dedication, a lot of investmen t I’ve lost a lot of money, I mean some month. I don’t make money at all. It’s Tough like having a small business if you’re a brand too, and you can’t afford Paying influencers, I know what it is, but you know at some point you have to start And you have to think what you want. What’s your priority, investing in Influencers may be a really good idea in this digital age.

So thank you for Listening sorry, if that was very long again, let me know in the comments now that you Know that it really helps the engagement of this article. Let me know what you think: What you thought before, what’s your opinion on it, do you think that Influencers should get money, or do you think that we should just not complain? Or what do you think I would love to know your opinion? You can share this Article also with people around you, thank you so much for listening.

I hope to see You soon, my blog

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