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My head is not going to fit out this door. You did throw out some questions. Let me pull up your email pricing and more info and drop shipping. What tips of the Eiji world you have for marketing your thoughts? I’m trying to become an influencer as well to generate more connections on the well. What I can tell you, I’m actually doing right now, as we have this conversation, is I’m also doing my makeup while live-streaming once I finish this article we’re going to have a snippet that goes up on our Instagram page and I’m going to be using the hashtags For every single makeup brand that I’m using so that I get that extra visibility, as opposed to me, just posting coaching content, you got ta, stop gassing me up.

My head is not going to fit out this door so another thing there are really really popular brands. I spent a ton of time researching my avatar and exactly where I could find her and what she’s into, and I know for a fact that she likes the fashionable clothing brand. So most of the clothes that I wear in my articles are fashion OVA. I also tagged that brand because it has tons of traffic going to that hashtag.

So it’s not just the clothing and it’s not just the makeup. The only thing I actually tagged with an @ symbol is my clothing brand in that photo and in future photos. But I’m using hashtags from all of these other brands that are not in the same exact lane, but I know these are things that would appeal to my target demographic that also likes cardi B and also likes the shade roam so you’re going to see me commenting In posts inside of the shade room, because that increases my visibility to my target demographic and you’re, going to be seeing me in the streams when people are searching for the fashion.

Oh, the hashtags, wearing their clothes that are just directly promoting my own clothing brand. So well, I do think you trying on different jewelry things and pushing those. I think your focus should be on here, but you should be really conscious about how exactly you can have these they’re kind of, like unofficial brand collaborations, where you don’t even need the cosign from that brand. Their hashtag is out there, so you can utilize it but anytime that you post anytime, that you’re preparing to post always keep in mind how you can increase discoverability of every single post, whether it’s the shirt that you decide to put on, because it’s a more known Brand to your actual demographic, whether it’s music that you can play in the background and hopefully not get any strikes from Instagram for copywriting.

Like all of that stuff, you should be conscious of. I just had a conversation with a woman who had this beautiful photo shoot, but what I said she should have done, instead of just choosing a random photographer, instead of just choosing a random hairstylist to install, instead of choosing random models to be in the photos, she Should have chosen models that had an actual Instagram following and posted like it was their job because they would have appreciated the freeway just as much as the nobodies that are not working to build up their profiles.

She should have worked with a hairstylist that was respected in the physical area that she is working to target. Why? Because, then, that lets everyone that follows that hairstylist know that you are your company in the market and that this stylist everyone respects really with you. She should have chosen a photographer that people are used to sing in Los Angeles there’s. This photographer named, I think Kim Cordell.

He shoots for a number of brands that I absolutely love his shoes for a number of makeup like that’s, who I am hiring for the next big brand shoot for my company, because I know he’s going to post it on his following and his following is going To see that, I am also in the same game and at that same caliber, so I don’t even need to do extra brant work to build up that viability that I need with his people, because once they see that I’m associated with his brand, I get to Borrow the trust that he’s built with his audience really shortly.

This other person that we were in touch with about this next influence or campaign that we’re going to run was asking us to commit to sending out at least six six thirteen blonde 24-inch full lace units and, and then, when we started to do the numbers and Looking at the following count, it was clear that at least 90 % of their following had been purchased and wasn’t real, because their engagement is lower than even our Instagram page, which only is like they said they had about 35,000, and so their engagement is less than Our Instagram page, which I think has well there, are 13,000 followers on it so like, which is also a why it’s so important that you also run your social and know what to look out for when you are planning on cutting checks.

For this sort of thing, I think the best way to do influencer marketing is to do in-kind. Exchanges like what I was saying target your local demographic. You are in Arizona, I would get in all of the Arizona hair hashtags and see who gets the most likes. See which stylist is king and let them know you want to send them some units. They can wear them themselves. They can sell them to a client. It doesn’t really matter as long as they post at least one time tagging your company, so that you can take that photo hold on to it and recycle it.

Every couple of weeks, letting the people in your area know this is who MFE with and depending on the number of likes and then the amount of traction that you get then circling back to that person and letting them know hey thanks. So much for that. Let’s do something regularly moving forward if you would be open to it and then, if not, if they’re asking for a check go to the second most popular then go to the third most popular, then the fourth.

At the end of the day, these units are not cheap, not when you’re getting them wholesale, not directly from the Fed like it’s so you’re, giving them not just a unit. That’s a few hundred bucks you’re, giving them the opportunity to turn that unit into thousands of dollars for themselves with nothing they have to lose. So I think that’s the way that you should lead into that conversation with them.

Let them know you: have a hair company want to send them something free, you don’t need anything in exchange, except for that tag. That’s the way to do. It do not cut a check for thousands of dollars to someone that probably purchased their following and probably isn’t going to tag you enough to make it worth your while, if you were paying them, do an in-kind exchange. One off top see how it goes and then bill out with them, but do not commit to anything long-term.

Do not commit to sending out six. You do not commit to any sort of six-month contract without them actually showing and proving

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