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Why shoot a blog

The number one reason you should article blog is going to be told to you at the end of this article, but all the other points are really important to like it will help you stand out from your competitors last year.

Seventy percent of internet traffic was article, but only a fraction of business owners were using article to promote their business. So if you use article, you are going to be doing something different from your competitors. The next reason why article blogging is great: it’s because it gives you so much of that lovely Google juice. You know when you put something on the net and Google finds it above somebody else’s now, because google owns youtube and you put your article on youtube and you also embed it in your blog.

You have two opportunities for your article, your blog, your information to be found, one on youtube and one on google and there’s another thing. You can share your article. You can share on facebook, you can share on twitter and people are more likely to share a article than they are any other media article blogging, and this is a good one. It’s a very cost, effective way of marketing your business.

Now, if you were john lewis, you could spend a million pounds getting a wonderful christmas, animated advert may and a further six million to make sure it was in people’s homes on the telly at the time they were sitting down reading it, though peak times yeah, but You don’t have seven million and if you did you wouldn’t be reading this blog and wait if you do and if you do have several million – and you want me to help you tell you happy to I’ve – got a BAFTA nomination for animation.

I digress, set up your smartphone on a tripod, get a little microphone from some vlogs chat about what you do. Stick it on the Internet. It costs you nothing and you are getting your message out there. I said at the beginning. I was going to give you the number one reason why, like article blogging works, it gives potential clients the opportunity to decide whether they want to work with you or not.

When people read you on article, they feel like they know you that step number one. You want people to think they know you, then, after a while they start to like you now, hopefully you like me, you, if you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t be reading unless you just decided you’re going to learn something and that’s fine too, once you know somebody and You, like somebody, the next step, is trusting them and over a period of time through article people get to trust you and they get to trust you far quicker than if they were reading articles or blogs that you drink.

So once someone knows likes and trusts you that’s the time they put their hand in their pocket and starts paying you to do something if you’re an entrepreneur, sole trader or run a small business, and you want to start using article to help your business stand out From your competitors and you’re not sure quite what to do, click on there can I help you tab below register for a 303, a free free, a free 30-minute consultation with me and hopefully I’ll be able to talk properly by then, and we can chat about any Article related issue: I look forward to hearing from you my name’s Neil, been I’m a article coach and I under tell you something I’m going to sleep, hey Rula.

Excuse me: it’s an awful lot to bother to set up a camera. Oh excuse me, I’d better start again. Have you ever heard of a photo going viral? No people share articles. Okay! Aha! Excuse me now, I said at the beginning I was going to give you the mum lump mumba member you’ve been reading this article for a while, and maybe some of my other vlogs and you kind of like me. If you don’t that’s fine, we can’t love all like love.

Do you love me if you do and you’re about to my foot, one you’ve got blonde hair. Don’t know it’s pretty nickel again, I digress ah got to do it again.

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