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The Best SMMA Service To Offer in 2020

My name is Sidney Bechet me and for an entire year I’m doing one YouTube article per day, so make sure that you are subscribed to this blog and also activate the notification. So you don’t miss any articles. Alright, so for an entire year, if you have any questions, you can ask ask me on Instagram. So basically, every Friday, I’m doing a pull on my story, and you can ask you know whatever questions that you have.

It can be on sales. It can be on negotiations, it can be on Facebook cards, just everything alright on LinkedIn, just ask me the question and I will make a article for you answering it. So the question of today is community management or paid media. So first, let’s define both of them. So community management, the role of a community manager, is, you know, as the name state, to manage the community.

So you, your job, is you know to take care of the image of a brand, so you need to interact with the community. You need you know to give information. You are just managing a community so giving as much information as possible interacting with the community. What else can you do? You know you can answer comments. You make sure that you know bad comments or handled also, so you answer them just to show that you know that the brand has have a voice, that the brand is caring about its community, so very important right.

On the other side, we have paid media so paid media. You know you use social media, so the platform’s you use Facebook, for example. You can use. Also, Google, you have Google Ads, you can use snapchat, you have snapchat ads, so you use those platforms and you put an ads on them. So you use, you know you use the placement and you will create and manage the ads of a client. Alright, the difference between those two services is that paid media is a monetary or o.

I service. So, basically, when, if a client is investing with you, he will make a return of investment. So the thing with paid media is that you will make a return of our investment for your client. Compared to you know, content management, community management – you won’t make any you know visible return of investment. Of course it’s important, but you are not making return of investment and that’s my biggest point.

That’s why I love so much paid media, because my clients can see directly the value. On the contrary, if you take community management content management which are non-monetary services, your clients can’t see can see the returns for the simple reason that community management and content management is the social return of investment. It’s not a monetary return of our investment, and you need to explain that to your claim that you know, community management is important that it’s a long term work all right that you will see the result after you know, I mean that you will see a visible Result after six months one year and that it’s just important for the image of the brand right now, if you run a digital agency, I recommend you to always have to always propose you know a monetary return of investment and not a social return of investment.

You can do both right, you can have an agency that is doing paid media and also that is you know, can offer a content, management or community management, but I would say to always focus on a paid service right, so on paid media, because the thing is That we’ve paid media you’re really very, very extremely important to a company all right, because you’re bringing money, you’re, bringing new flow of leads new clients, new traffic and the company, love that and they won’t get rid of you.

Whether. But the thing is that if you are only doing content management or community management for a company, if the company is going, you know nuts, if it’s not going so well or if, let’s say there is a recession or the economy is not so good, you will Be in trouble, so I would say to always: you know, diversify between paid media and also you know those social return of investment. If you want to do them thing is you can do only paid media? Alright, you can focus on this and that works very well or you can also focus on community management and content management.

But if you are doing this, I would recommend you to have or to explain it really well to your clients that they will see the result. After six months, alright, but that’s why again I love so much paid media because you are bringing a real difference to the lives of people and to you know to a company you’re, changing a company by increasing its profit, its revenue. So yeah guys. That’s that’s my view on those two types of services.

I hope that you liked this article again, if you have any questions, make sure that you’re subscribed to this blog. Make sure that you follow me on Instagram and if you want to start and run your own digital marketing agency, I’ve done a one-hour free training and you can find the link in the description. So take care guys, and I will see you in another article. You

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