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The Best SMMA Service To Offer in 2020

My name is Sidney Bechet me and for an entire year I’m doing one YouTube article per day, so make sure that you are subscribed to this blog and also activate the notification. So you don’t miss any articles. Alright, so for an entire year, if you have any questions, you can ask ask me on Instagram. So basically, every Friday, I’m doing a pull on my story, and you can ask you know whatever questions that you have.

It can be on sales. It can be on negotiations, it can be on Facebook cards, just everything alright on LinkedIn, just ask me the question and I will make a article for you answering it. So the question of today is community management or paid media. So first, let’s define both of them. So community management, the role of a community manager, is, you know, as the name state, to manage the community.

So you, your job, is you know to take care of the image of a brand, so you need to interact with the community. You need you know to give information. You are just managing a community so giving as much information as possible interacting with the community. What else can you do? You know you can answer comments. You make sure that you know bad comments or handled also, so you answer them just to show that you know that the brand has have a voice, that the brand is caring about its community, so very important right.

On the other side, we have paid media so paid media. You know you use social media, so the platform’s you use Facebook, for example. You can use. Also, Google, you have Google Ads, you can use snapchat, you have snapchat ads, so you use those platforms and you put an ads on them. So you use, you know you use the placement and you will create and manage the ads of a client. Alright, the difference between those two services is that paid media is a monetary or o.

I service. So, basically, when, if a client is investing with you, he will make a return of investment. So the thing with paid media is that you will make a return of our investment for your client. Compared to you know, content management, community management – you won’t make any you know visible return of investment. Of course it’s important, but you are not making return of investment and that’s my biggest point.

That’s why I love so much paid media, because my clients can see directly the value. On the contrary, if you take community management content management which are non-monetary services, your clients can’t see can see the returns for the simple reason that community management and content management is the social return of investment. It’s not a monetary return of our investment, and you need to explain that to your claim that you know, community management is important that it’s a long term work all right that you will see the result after you know, I mean that you will see a visible Result after six months one year and that it’s just important for the image of the brand right now, if you run a digital agency, I recommend you to always have to always propose you know a monetary return of investment and not a social return of investment.

You can do both right, you can have an agency that is doing paid media and also that is you know, can offer a content, management or community management, but I would say to always focus on a paid service right, so on paid media, because the thing is That we’ve paid media you’re really very, very extremely important to a company all right, because you’re bringing money, you’re, bringing new flow of leads new clients, new traffic and the company, love that and they won’t get rid of you.

Whether. But the thing is that if you are only doing content management or community management for a company, if the company is going, you know nuts, if it’s not going so well or if, let’s say there is a recession or the economy is not so good, you will Be in trouble, so I would say to always: you know, diversify between paid media and also you know those social return of investment. If you want to do them thing is you can do only paid media? Alright, you can focus on this and that works very well or you can also focus on community management and content management.

But if you are doing this, I would recommend you to have or to explain it really well to your clients that they will see the result. After six months, alright, but that’s why again I love so much paid media because you are bringing a real difference to the lives of people and to you know to a company you’re, changing a company by increasing its profit, its revenue. So yeah guys. That’s that’s my view on those two types of services.

I hope that you liked this article again, if you have any questions, make sure that you’re subscribed to this blog. Make sure that you follow me on Instagram and if you want to start and run your own digital marketing agency, I’ve done a one-hour free training and you can find the link in the description. So take care guys, and I will see you in another article. You

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Apps I Use and Recommend to get to $10K Month | SMMA

Hey guys, I hope that you are doing well. My name is Salim Shamy and for one year I’m doing one YouTube article per day related to SM MA sales negotiations. Just everything related to business – and you know articles that will help you start and grow your social media marketing agency, six figures in 2020. So I hope that you are doing well that you are having an amazing week guys and today I wanted to talk to you about the apps that they use and that I recommend to get your agency to six figures.

So there is no particular order, but it’s just apps that I have in mind and that I love and that I’m using every single day so before to get started guys. Make sure that you get this article a big thumbs up, make sure that you’re subscribed to this blog and whenever you have a question you can follow me on Instagram. Ask me your question there and I will make a article for you answering your questions.

So the first app that I recommend is fully led funeral ilex for the lytics, and I love this app honestly like before, to get a client like before to run a project for clan before to run ads. I’r always with my team doing a funnel if it’s econ, if it’s legion, if it’s you know, cultures or an online course, you need a funnel like what will be. What will be the road from you know, consideration to purchase.

You need to know that and federal ethics is just amazing and it allows me and my team to be on the same page to know which campaigns we will build, which are the metrics just everything alright. So I love these apps and I really recommend you to get it. Basically, you have a felon in mind alright and you just plot it on this app. So now all your team can go on, it can see the matrix and it makes everybody go on the same page and you can even sell your clients this.

You know it can be a marketing blueprint. It can be a strategy that you sell to your grind and honestly, if you’re good at selling, you can price it for 1k 2k, depending on which brand you are talking to. So I really like this app and I really recommend you that when you get a client like before to run any any ads like have the funnel plot and know what you are doing – and you know have a naming convention just have everything on paper so that Before to do something, you have a GPS, you know where you are going, why you are doing something, and I really recommend you this app too to get started like you know, you get started running ads for your clients, then I recommend you Squarespace.

So Squarespace is an amazing app, especially for you know, lead generation. So when you’re building a funnel, you can get also click phone. Also, I’ve tried both and I recommend my clients Squarespace, because it’s like half the price of tick funnel per month and you can basically do the same thing, but with click funnels, it’s really it’s a little bit. You know everybody is on click funnel. So in Squarespace, the design or, in my opinion, better better than click funnels like I prefer the design on you know on Squarespace than on click funnels, and I recommend you this app because it makes you stand out directly got the website the funnel that you can Build for Legion clients is so much better than with click funnels.

In my opinion, I know that quick funnel is number one, but this is a great alternative and also it will. You know for your client its how the price all right. I know that 100 or 50 dollars per month. It’s the same thing right approximatively, but I just love the design. I think that it converts better and there is not in. I think that there is not so much integrations as click funnels or so many you know, features, but you can do like you know from what I’ve tried you can do absolutely the same as click on also.

I recommend you Squarespace, then another app is simple invoice and or paid funnels. Alright, I’ve tried both personal is a little bit. You know it’s costing more than simple invoices, but with simple invoices you can do absolutely the same as a funnel, so I will recommend you guys to if you’re starting to get simple invoices so that you can do you know subscription I’ve done a article on it On my blog, and so that you can get paid directly and basically simple invoice will allow you to autofill your clients and also to to get paid automatically so Auto billing and Auto invoicing, and trust me for $ 10 per month like this will be really saving Your life, because you won’t have to be invoicing your client every single month.

Everything will be just automatic and trust me. It saves a lot of struggle. All of this integrated to stripe all right for payment, just go with stripe. This is secure. This is don’t go with PayPal all right. I had a very bad experience with PayPal where they just block your money. Basically – and this is a struggle, especially if you are taking, if you are in boarding high ticket clients, I would just tell you to go out like don’t use PayPal.

You stripe it’s perfect to put seven days for you to get your money, but you will get it for sure all right, four contracts. I recommend you DocuSign. This is a classic all right! Docusign! You can go on it. You know, put your template, have your send! It talk to your client, your client. Have everything fooled. He just click one button he put his name, so you know last name, he click one button and boom it’s signed.

Then you sign and you’ll have your contracts. You know sign and ready, and then you just have to send in invoice with simple invoice and boom. You can store the project so for the contract again DocuSign. This is great. This is a great tool. Alright DocuSign is a great tool, so I highly recommend you for your contract to get the cosine and always have a contract. Alright, this is not legal advice.

By the way. Just you know, if you need legal advice, you can go on Legal Zoom. I think it’s called like this. There are just so much website at the moment if you need an accountant, if you need you know a lawyer, you can just get one on a website and it’s not costing a lot right if you’ve gone Legal Zoom. This is not costing a lot, then another tool that I recommend is up spots. So all of you guys reading this, if you are an SME owner, you need a CRM.

Alright, you need a CRM to know when you will follow up which deals is on which stage you know. If you, if one is on a contract, if one it’s just a lead, if one you have an appointment, you need to have a CRM and the serum will help you so much trust me. So web spot is free. I just recommend your app spot. Alright! No! I know there is a there are a lot. I’ve tried a lot, a lot that are cool but app spot is just this all-in-one solution that I love, so I just recommend app spot all right and finally, this seven lead finder to find your leads.

This is a little bit more expensive than simple invoice. You know it’s costing like thirty euros per month. I believe, but really great tool, alright and – and you will be able with this 7 is finder – will be able to find all the leads that you need for any industry. So trust me, it’s it’s saving life like you will find more leads, you’ll, find more opportunities, and when you are combining this with app spot, when you are putting the opportunities that you find on this 7 did finder to your CRM to your app spot.

Life is becoming easier, alright guys, so I hope that you enjoyed this article. Those are the tools that I believe you need to grow an agency to six figures. You don’t need more tool than this. I really really believe that you don’t need more than this to to scale to six figures. This is the absolute minimum, in my opinion, so guys this will cost you like $ 100 per month. This is the cost of your agency, and you can make six figures for one hundred dollars cause.

This is why SME is the best business model to start in my opinion. So I hope that you enjoyed this article guys, if, yes make sure that you give it a thumbs up, make sure that you’re subscribed to this blog and also, if you want to start and grow your own social media marketing agency. I’ve done a one-hour free training covering everything all right: sales, niche Facebook, Ads team building. Just you know everything that you need to start and grow an agency to six figures and for the tools that I’ve put there.

In this article, I will put affiliate link in the description so that, if you want discount, you just click on the link and you get the tool alright. So I hope that you enjoy this article guys, and I will see you tomorrow, you

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