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How I Marketed my Clothing Line to $10,000/Month

Some of these tactics, or most of these tactics, are going to be taxes I actually used in the very very beginning, and some of them will be newer tactics that are going to be relevant with today’s marketing. So the first thing that you want to do obviously is have a dope website.

I always use Shopify, because Shopify has the best back in a lot of people who have high-volume, EECOM stores you Shopify. So the first thing that I did on Shopify is use high quality photos and a great template. High quality photos are important because it because it gives you a lot of brand integrity and, as you guys have seen in the previous article, that I recorded is a lot of the wholesalers in downtown LA allow you to use their high quality photos.

If you go ahead and just ask okay into the side: okay, really, nice! Now, when I buy from the store, do you allow your photos or do I take my own? Why can’t you? Okay, so you have photos that okay, so you have photos I can use, but of course I think my own as well yeah. Okay, if you guys want information on the whole sellers that I use, you guys can go ahead and read my article and click here. The next thing that I use to add credibility and integrity to my site is a size chart and also size articles for me as a consumer.

I also look at things that I like from websites and what makes me buy, stores like pretty little thing and misguided use, actual sizing articles so that you can actually see it on the model and the way it moves, and that always just adds a little bit Extra of trust to your customers, so those are things that I used as well as Shopify apps. Now the apps that I use that we’re the best were the upsell recommendations that, basically are the things that say things that you might like under the actual product page or things that you don’t want to leave behind that are actually going to be under the shopping.

Cart page right before they exit or right before they buy, as well as on the home page, when it’s like the most popular items that people bought from this site. Another app that a Shopify has that’s super super useful is the abandoned car app. Now the abandoned, cart app is basically for people who go through the whole entire process of going to buy the product and then right before they click buy, for whatever reason they get out and they don’t buy the product.

So I know some of y’all have received those messages and you’re like how do I receive messages? How do they know, but hey, did you forget blah blah blah in your car? You guys can go ahead and click this link and we’ll give you 10 % off or 15 % off. Those marketing tools have a very, very, very high conversion rate and they allow your customers to buy. Now a lot of customers don’t buy because either the shipping or the shipping time so giving that 10 to 15 % off basically just makes them buy again and basically takes off of the original shipping price and actually before you bring anybody to your website.

The first thing that you want to you’re going to want to do which I did not do in the past, because I didn’t know about this – is but you’re going to want to add a Facebook pixel. Now what is the Facebook pixel? A Facebook? Pixel is a code that you actually put on your site and it tracks every single thing that your consumers do. A lot of you guys might see little pop-ups like adding cookies. If you accept cookies, cookies is basically a tool where are able to re track.

You down when you go on a on a website and I’m sure every single person reading this article has gone on a website looked at something for a while. I thought something was really really cute and then they go on Instagram or they go on Facebook or they go on snapchat and they’re scrolling and they see that exact same item so that all routes form from I’m not going to say all because I’m not sure. If there’s a different method of doing this, but that basically routes from a Facebook pixel, a Facebook pixel will track everything that your consumers do.

So after you get traction on your store and you develop enough data and analytics from your Facebook, pixel you’re going to want to run Facebook ads and Instagram ads. If you guys do have the budget to work with that, Facebook and Instagram ads may seem annoying to consumers, but it generates a lot of sales. It’s generated a lot of sales for me in the way that you’re able to target an 18 year old girl, in Los Angeles, who likes pink bodysuit.

So you could literally market somebody down to color that they like, as far as clothing, goes people that they like size interests if they like beach things, if they like sports things and those those interests are important, because if you have a beach based product like a Bikini, then, you could attract all the people who are interested in that interest in Facebook if you, like somebody, who’s more focused into sports and you can market products for sports, whether that’s workout things things of that nature to that exact person, books that helped me understand.

Consumer behavior and why people buy are decoding the new consumer, mind buy kit yaro why we buy by Paco, Underhill and biology. These are the books that are going to be very helpful for people who don’t know anything about marketing and just understand what makes people buy. How to price your items, how to set up your website colors to use, and things like that, if you guys have never tried it listening to audiobooks, to basically enhance your knowledge on business, you can get your first audio books for free by going to audible.

Com slash Wine guru or you can text fine guru to 500 500 audible originals, our exclusive audio titles, created by celebrated storytellers in worlds as diverse as literature, journalism, theater and more so getting into the next phase and how you price your items after you’ve, basically understood why consumers Buy you can set your pricing accordingly. One super super super big tip is adding the shipping cost to the overall cost of the product.

This has helped so much with my abandoned cart, app because nine times out of ten, if a consumer sees something online for twenty dollars, they want to pay twenty dollars. I know we all been there. We go. We see that it’s twenty dollars. We go to the shipping and we nine times out of ten exits out because of the shipping cost. One tip that I’ve learned is, I always just add the shipping cost to the overall cost of the product, so that when people see twenty dollars, they’re actually only spending twenty dollars having something as free shipping over X amount of dollars has also increased overall sales.

On the website, and have also increased my conversion rates, another thing that I touched on in my most recent article is private labeling private labeling, just to give you an overview is something that was very beneficial for me, because it’s a marketing tool after the product is Already sold, adding your branding to your clothing will go such a long way because it allows other people to see your label on a product.

They basically look at your company as an established brand, whether you are new or oh gee in the game. So in my last article I showed you guys in my experience and shopping at hey babe. So what I’m going to do is actually show you how I would private label this exact item. So I’m going to this items out of the bag and it you know it comes with the tissue paper, the bag and everything marked. And then, when you look inside, you can see the actual tag and because I’m going to be doing everything on my own, I’m going to take my seam ripper here, which is a tool, that’s necessary.

If you’re going to be doing your own tags and basically just pop off the scenes pop off the thread that attaches this label, quick, easy without damaging the actual product and then it peels off so after it’s popped off, I would then take my label and sew It here I actually did that off-camera, because it’s mandatory so now you can see the item that I did I showed on my actual label. I would then take my gun and then take my hang tag.

My hang tag already has a pre plucked hole or pre plucked is not the right word. So what I would do is, I would take the label. I would take the gun. I will put the gun through the hole. First then, I would poke a hole through the label, make sure that my fingers are flat and then shoot it out once I shoot it out. I pull it apart and look at me. I’r cute I’m branded and I would just put the size on the actual item, as I did in this there’s another label here with the size small, medium large, just in case this sticker peels off.

So then, now that I private labeled, my own item by hand at home, I would then take this item. I would fold it up really nice, I personally never mine in the plastic wrap. I will put it in tissue paper and then I would seal it with my sticker that I got also with all of my branding on it and then I would put it in a cute little bag and then it’s good to go so yeah y’all, just with A few simple tools and a lot of time, TLC and some effort – you can private label at home yourself if you are trying to save that coin.

But another thing too, is you want to add the overall cost of what it takes to private label to your product. For me, private labeling cost anywhere from $ 2 to $ 3. So if you buy something like this bodysuit that I use in one of my articles for $ 12, you want to add maybe three dollars for shipping and maybe three dollars for private labeling, as well as the bags that you use the tissue that you use in The stickers, so if this was me selling this product, I would say the cost of this item is actually $ 18, and then you want to add anywhere from ten to fifteen dollars to that price and sell that item on your store.

To also give you wiggle room, if you do have any sales or if you have buy one, get one 50 % off or if you’re running any other advertisement. That would basically give an additional discount, and the final thing that I used to basically generate all of my sells – was just Instagram and now I use Facebook. So I basically saved this one for last, because it’s the most obvious, but using Instagram for influencer marketing.

I’r myself at the time when I started my store was my own influencer and that’s actually how I basically grew my platform organically by consistently posting a lot of outfit pictures, and it so happened to be that I was selling the outfits that I was wearing. So basically, what I would do is, I would just go out, hang out with my best friends for the day. Take pictures of me and my outfits put them on my website and then I would generate sales like that.

Now social media has increased to a whole different level to where you can use Facebook for ads. You have the swipe up feature an Instagram that generates a lot of cells and makes your conversion rate go up just because it’s easy access to the exact products link scaling your influencer reach by using other influencers, whether they be your friends or just having a consistent Strategy of making sure that you have one influencer post a week on your feed and yeah, that’s basically the different tools that I use to grow.

My business scale it to $ 10,000 a month. If you guys have any questions or you guys want more depth in the article go ahead and put down some suggestions down below, thank you guys so much for reading my article and don’t forget if you guys do, need more tips and more help on marketing. Don’t forget to check out audible and you guys can get your first audiobook for free when you go to wwww mine guru or you can text mine guru.

500. 500. Thank you so much and I will see you in my next upload. Be


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How I made $13,000+ PROFIT in 1 DAY Online [PASSIVE income?]

Dollars coming in under 12 hours and in this article I’m going to explain exactly how we did that. So I’m going to outline our entire step by step funnel what we did, what I learned, what I’ll do differently next time and all the little tactical things along the way. So if you just wanted to know the overall figures, you got them now, but this article it’s pretty interesting.

So I’m excited for you to see it, and I look forward to hearing a comment from you below as to what you think about what we did and maybe anything that you’ve learned from it. So I’m just in my hotel room after speaking at an event J. After Black Friday is Sunday the past December, and I’m going to be singing at another event today, I just wanted to do a little recap on how all that Friday, emotionally so pretty much on Black Friday, we launched a new offer, which is where my audience could Buy my money-making messaging method, which is what we use to talk to people through direct messages and get them booking course and I’ll also give a bonus, which is an outreach trip.

So people could reach up central plans without being sleazy or salesy or, like you see all the time, not intent like hey. Do you wan na connect? I have this thing that I think it’s going to help. You know we have a much better method to pass. Retail and then we have the money messaging method, actually get a little cool to look at sudden already seen this way. That was one thing that goodbye, and the next thing is this sales script on north, which was just a sales domination.

Instead of just offering those products, we actually had a new low ticket front. So I did. Was I launched a new ebook which is five steps to getting 5 online clients and and then the other day on blackberry, a depressed but not $ 4 and $ 7? And $ 13 then $ 19, and so it was really interesting. Seeing purchasing interview didn’t really change one little s90 and then we also had an audible which is basically where you can take a box and add something to your purchase and the oil bottles of resources.

Hot, which is basically all the resources that you need to run your online coaching, slash consulting business, really affordable supplies. First, people from spending hours and hours in Google, manna figure out was best – I saw you know give them was actually going best, then, after that, after day, for our just even I taken the one-time, offer the or bump as well and then took them to a Next page, which was like wait, grab the money-making mystery method, it’s normally 997 dollars, that’s all going to be putting up.

This is my first order like that boy. It’s going to be selling more now cuz. It makes you much money. Basically, they can have the opportunity to just do a one-click, absolutely they dream up and then it’s automatically after that page, whether they case yes or no. It took them to the sales domination training which they could get access to or 297. I think of that, and then we increase that one in seven the money-making mystery method started at 97.

Then I went to one in seven then. Obviously now it’s none okay, so that was essentially what we did. We did interest me in that sales donation have another cell which is impact on our business. However, we’re going to do an insane crazy, Lord, on Cyber Monday, so I just want to run through the numbers and everything which we achieve so here my start for showing the sale or the money-making machine method and the sales donation.

We did got a couple of sales, I think. Overall, we had. Let me just check here, so we actually had six sales or the impact online business programs and all those six people took the payment plan, so that was 758 times 6. That’s going to come up to four point: five K dollars; okay, but basically it’s all just a long talk. All things I’m about to share with you, but then that’s for mop, okay, they’re, going to pay on this month next month, racks of the three month payment that okay.

So basically, as you can see here, augers sales were 8.8 K, plus the wetback. So, let’s just say like that was around 13 gram, so bearing in mind we launched this around, I think it was 9:00 p.M. UK time on Black Friday, or am I’ve been yet social media? We launched it at literally 8 or 9 p.M. You cater to my email list. We launched it earlier, but from the email list. We said click here and I will send you the link.

It then took them into a messenger book, but my messenger bought automatically sent on the link, which meant I could manually pull up right because it’s awkward. If a messenger you send out like an osmotic link, and then you have a series going on all those magic messages, it just doesn’t work because it means that what happens is it’s really awkward because you’re just like sending automatic messages while they might be messaging, you Back and it just makes it really an authentic and it breaks the trust, which is why one initial automatic message will have my money: pull up wins every time.

I think that’s why we were able to generate this much in overall and being like under 12 hours. So costly routine, going on at all hours, but you said that a break in that data and then in here you can actually see the offerors overall volume himself from Black Friday and Saturday as well. Sorry, I complained one t7k and then that’s very possible. I think so I wrote it down in Grand in two days pretty much like 30 hours or so so, I’m very happy with that.

The thing that I’m not so happy about it’s, like all the tech issues that we have. However, me this isn’t a problem, because it means that I have now learnt from my nursery mistakes, but I’ve learned what goes wrong. Everyone work. What doesn’t work, how to actually get ahead. Specific things in the funnel are going to cause problems. So the reason why this excites me that I had so many problems, little boy is that now my high tech, a client, you join me and you get to like, let say 50 grand profit per month.

I can then actually teach them this booty, the one next library mantra they can bounce up, or, let’s say at some point along the year next year. I just want to do a load to get launched. They can use the exact one of the ideas. I know that I, why not very interesting if we go actually into the spot. Basically, what you’ll see right. The average cart value with eighty six point: two: nine dollars. This isn’t including the image on a business program, the simplicity sake, because we have a real problems with the check out on that, but all the people who thought just paired those six people who jumped in on the parent plan for 750 dollars times three.

They use a separate checkout page just because it was going to be them, but it was really interesting. So the money-making messaging method, we have twenty full sales on that, but then, for this sales trip only have five dozen rushers me, but I’m to make that offer more unit, because the revenue generated someone’s making messaging method was over double what was generated from the sales For this, why the father of the social script was a wrestler okay, so the money-making mystery method generated.

Let’s just see here, they generated three point: five K: whereas the cell script generated one point, 4 K and the e-book generated one point one game, and then how interesting is that? So that shows me that all marketing and everything for the money-making mystery method was on plane, and so it’s just made it really clear to me as to how I did them. What I did because on my social media and on my blast, I was sending out with what I was doing tons of testimonials, but am I making this team? Is it myself stuff? I literally did nothing so the fact that we generated one point: okay from that, it’s great it’s kind of like an extra bonus, because we don’t really do any marketing for it whatsoever.

So with that said, it’s been a very interesting learning curve and it’s helped me realize, keep moving forward with this one in particular, we’re going to do. We need to make the sales donation offer more sexy and appealing, because, honestly, that is a really good offer. It’s just like we haven’t made it clear enough inside of our actual marketing out. Quite how good bit so we’re going to welcome going just manuals that and marketing that out.

But then what I also realized was like having a page having like one author right, which is our ebook, the merging it was a really dirty choir with all of us that really works the order bar. If I can see yeah okay, I don’t know how to see exactly how many people actually took the order I’ll fill out and I’ll make another who’s like that, but the e-book below to get most the order. I know people took the order up, which is great, because that automatically pretty much doubles your average order value.

I mean when that you’ve it was $ 1.00 that took be our value from $ 1 at the $ 20 right. That’s amazing, so those that second thing is that most money messaging method marketing, so that was awesome sales needs to be better. Then it should we got having that extra step on the end, just annoying people we had tons of people emailing back saying I accidentally after that was like way more money than I was when Spanky’s can you from me? Normally we don’t offer refunds like on this.

One occasion because it was a new thing that I haven’t done before we gave it to them. Obviously I want to make sure that people are happy and go and they want, and then I know that they’re going to lovely got so much though coming around to throughout that, as soon as they’ve made enough money from the money-making misslisa things like that. So what we’re going to do so? The Monday is put that final offer.

The high ticket one, which is mid ticket, we’re actually going to do a really special offer for cyber monday, is the day of the online business, and this program is the impact of online business, so it just makes so much sense. So I wish I’d thought of that before, but it’s cool because all of my clients are online purchase and result set. So what I’m going to do them next year for my high ticket is I’ll give them this funnel.

That’s already done and filled them set up together. All the stress I’ve been through, but you read my youtube blog you’ll know how much I don’t so that’s and then I can say, look just hold something back for Cyber Monday so that you can sort of like sweet and review on cyber monday and say because I’m an online business you’re going to get all this this every Monday on my myths right make sense huh.

So that’s basically, what’s going on there, it was pretty cool that we generated over 10 grand in a day, but all the stress that was worth. I know that when we make our ticket, I think it sells. You know we make more than that. So was it worth it, it was worth it for me and my position where I help people with this type of where I help people basically build online. Consulting businesses, because for my high level people, then it’s going to be great, but if you’re just starting out in your new, it’s not worth time and effort and stress it’s you’re, much better off to just sell high ticket.

It was just look: let’s see how many new client I have. I had let’s see how many new customers right. Let me just pull this up right. Okay, so stripe is showing me that was a hundred and thirty seven new customer 137 us 137 new customers. Let’s say you had an offer like $ 3,500 right times: three that beats 10.5 K. So how should we generate? We generated just on Black Friday alone, 8.8 k plus 4.5, so I’m going to do 8.

8 plus 0.5. That comes out to 13 points. So let us say you offer is $ 3,500 nice. You would just need to make all sales $ 3,500 that would generate $ 14,000 right and it’s like all of this dress and a pur. Just I’m not complaining doing oh you’re wrong, it’s just when you put the numbers together, it’s a 137 new customer scenario. What we did or what easier when you have a smaller audience. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go with the height again.

People think oh I’m just starting out, so I can’t you’re my ticket. Actually, that’s not true. In my opinion, it makes you more credible because you’re selling something expensive, which makes it clearly you’re good at what you do and if you’re not confident in the budget. You’re good enough of what you do is like, and you take someone to an outcome that they want. Can you fix someone’s relationship? Can you help someone lose that? Can you help someone generate 10 units per day on LinkedIn, for example, if you can generate an outcome for someone, you can sell a pipe to hit that high to hit wimp.

That’s why I teach my clients inside. In fact, your name is that and in high schools Academy and the five steps ebook how to generate our ticket clients and then the money-making messaging method and the cell domination. They are just tactics that we use to help them get to that outcome. Okay, so, for example, for me, my heart ticket program is impact schools, Academy, there’s a packet of that we have a continuity which is VIP or last month, depending on where you’re at and so really that’s what you need.

You need. The high ticket offer continuity and a high ticket open is to take your transformation and now get such good results. The one asperity, even if they don’t meet, you, don’t want it, and so basically, where I’m at with that, I think me I’ll go. This is success because I learned so much for me, my birth is a lot learning now, it’s not so much about the revenue that I generate, because I know that if I wanted to generate how much revenue just make a couple have tickets sales like it just Be me piece of me lighten our gene two tons people now my facebook profile is so restricted from advertising because of the tech issue on that.

So all this, without without page traffic, now look I’m not saying that to brag. I’m just saying it this! It’s true and I don’t actually think that this is ideal long time, because I know that I want to be running because I am a seasoned marketer. I know how to run them. I love them and I think that absolutely great and you open sea, you say I generate traffic just like I’ve done it, because it’s kind of like baby, I’m the Berlin Wall.

I won’t do that honestly, right. First agent. You know you need to get client to generate what was it 14 grand you don’t need traffic that you can do that through out the DM outreach that we give our clients, for example, and that then using the money, make investing method and then closing them up. Like that’s what we teach our clients to do every single day to scale beyond that in case we I’ve really highly beneficial.

I would like to be using them. It breaks my soul. Are we park use them right now, because it just blogging I’m working on facing. It basically ends with plastics motor. So basically, why not with this is like okay? It was a cool experiment, it was fun for me, my success is learning and growing and developing and the only things I can teach my class in the future, but I’m happy. I know that this time next year, when we have paid traffic, I’m pretty confident already alone, my goal is going to be 250 grand in revenue generated and the cool thing is.

I reckon a little that the economic margins on that probably about eighty percent, because even though it’s like unloading a tunnel, my audience is, like I mean really engaged, which is what and that’s what happens when you have a high to go and look, I never would Have come out with these strategies? These pencils, I didn’t, have my had to go because I named it like the money message. Method gives my hands again and then my audience saying that hey look whoa.

I want this and that obviously will help you to jump in Holland jumped in with me in the future. No wonder job is my: how to get people naturally often think that that’s what everyone’s going to do. Honestly. 27 people – hey your hopes up, LT, was problems. If people have a problem right now solve it through your hightail cool experiment, it was a little long and it was a lot of stress if you are starting out in Italy.

People will see me doing this now, but it’s like comparing your chapter 3, someone else’s chapter 50. I’ve been doing this for a long time now we did that very last year and you and I have a team who was working on this and so again starting out just do. I think you will be so much more successful and I’m just like a different state. Now it’s different phases actually brought about this any bucket, see if you want to grab that I’ll leave it down below yeah there we go so who you do Friday any wins and losses any letter yeah, I’m looking forward to hearing

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