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How to Use IFTTT to Automate Your Life and Business 2

This is their home screen and does not look great. Isn’T that pretty That the crowd here seems like it. So what’s so great about it? Is that it’s just so plug-and-play it’s pretty, and it’s simple so you that you can’t ask for more than that – and these are my applets, that I have set up and there’s a couple of fun ones that I want to bring to your attention and stuff. Maybe you’ve never thought about before there’s some obvious ones that are just practical, but I really like having fun with some of the ones that are more out-of-the-box, so the first one I’m going to show you is this one.

So what this says is if the weather changes then post a tweet with an image to my Twitter account. Let me back up here because I didn’t do a great job to sort of introducing. What is tiki is the essence of ifttt, and that is, it connects applications and devices together to automate things, to make your life just a little bit easier. Okay, when do you think, might be a good time to use something like this.

I could think of a million ways, and I actually was inspired a while ago by a blog post are read that talked about how the coarser in group in New York uses this. So, basically, whenever new york is forecast well, actually, whenever it rains in New York, a tweet automatically goes out with an image, and it says paint new york check out these top 10 things to do in New York when it rains in the city when it rained Something like that, so I thought that was a great idea.

You can also time this for sunrise and sunset, so one of my clients was a an online Jewish magazine, and so what we did was we triggered a like shabbat shalom, happy sabbath to go out with the come down on friday, so really cool. What I did in this case, here’s 1 i’ll, show you a graphic. So when it rains and Cleveland, I send out this graphic – and it says it’s raining Cleveland a great time to get cozy and brush up on your social media, so think about the ways that you might use that.

But you can also do it based on your calendar, so let me get back to here, so you could say on the first of every month to do this. You know on every full moon. Do this so really really fun way to use ifttt. Let me go back over to my applets okay um. Now, let’s just talk about i’m going to walk through these we’re just going to talk about some of these. You probably already have set up with this red square up here on the top right and it says post your Instagram photos as native Twitter photos when twitter is in the caption.

So if you want your Instagram photos to show up nice and big and beautifully in the twitter feed, that’s all you have to do is get set this this applet up and the reason you would do this is because, if you just connect the app whether it’s Facebook or Twitter or anything with instagram, then you typically just end up with an ugly little link in this case. It post the picture, nice and big, and bold and beautiful, but check this one out so on Twitter.

What this one says is: if anybody tweets with the phrase I want to create a course, then send me a text message at this number, so really anytime. Anybody tweets with that exact phrase. I’M going to get a text message now. Why is that a good idea like why? Why would I particularly want to have that information? Well, because I have a course that teaches people how to create courses now are another experiment that I love to do is in those of you who have followed me for a while have probably seen me do this a few times.

But, to be honest with you, it really never loses its novelty far as I’m concerned. This is difficult thing ever and that is you’re going to go over to Twitter and then we’re going to go to advanced search, which is twitter.Com /a search cash advance. Alright, this is what we want and where it says this exact phrase, i’m going to say, I need a graphic designer and then we’re going to click search and what you see is all the people who have just tweeted that they need a graphic designer.

This person is guys I need a graphic designer someone to redesign to design logo, t-shirts, corporate branding, i’ll pay marketplace price, pls retweet to assist or please reply to it with resist to assist. I need a graphic designer, that’s good, a tree, creating logos, I mean on and on, but you don’t have time to sit here and hit advanced search all day long in twitter. But what you do have time to do is to set this up so maybe you’re.

If you’re a graphic designer in the quotation marks, it would say I want a CI need a graphic designer and then you’re going to get a tweet every time. Someone says that pretty cool right: let’s go back over to the other applicants and remember don’t worry, you know, don’t worry about writing all this down. I am putting all this into a slick. Workbook, that’s going to be emailed out tomorrow. Course it’s free and I’m hopefully going to compile some of your suggestions for your favorite ifttt applets and recipes combined with these as well on.

Let’S see here, what’s the next one automatically sync starred emails in gmail to evernote, so I don’t know about you, but I get a ton of email and a lot of them. I don’t have time to answer right away, but they’re important, and I don’t want to forget about them. So I will start i’ll click the little star in gmail and it will automatically go to my Evernote this next. One automatically create new reminders on your iphone.

Four emails that you start in gmail, yeah, that’s redundant, ok, email, me, 10, things to know in the morning. I love this one. This one I get. This is where I get great ideas for what to post on my social media, because I’ve got new york. Time result New York Times. Basically, I get an alert from them with any breaking technology news. So if you’re in the health and wellness base, then you would get breaking news for health and wellness and so on and so forth, according to whatever your me shit.

What else I want to point out? Oh, this one’s cool, so whenever you arrive in the city in New York, send yourself a map of the subway. So I’m they’re quite a bit these dates, because I’ve been participating in Todd, Herremans on basecamp mastermind and so its cool the minute that I’ll and I get an email with the map of the subway system. This one saved my too much more times than I can even tell you.

This is set an SMS alert before any event starts on your google calendar. So, for example, today I had a client call at ten. Am I almost forgot about it, but I got a text message. 15 minutes prior to the meeting. That said, your meeting with so-and-so is starting a 10am, so that was really helpful on a every morning at 7am I get the forecast for the day this one pin a photo to a Pinterest board and this one I highly recommend right here where it says.

If new is TT update, then send me a text message and that’s because ifttt is constantly adding new, integrations new devices and stop softwares and platforms that they integrate with and you’ll find out about it. If you set up that rule, so let me show you quickly, starting from the beginning, how you set up one of these easy, peasy little recipes and see, look at how beautiful this is it’s so so, like I just love how clean and simple it is so You’Re just going to follow the prop, so we’re going to click here.

If this now look at all these things we have to choose from, we can connect any of this stuff together. Even your washing machine, ok, your washing machine light bulb SurveyMonkey. I mean I’m just randomly your nest, thermostat on and on on Iran. So many things. Ok, so let’s say on it. You don’t want to scroll through all these things, and you know what it is. You want to connect, then you could just start typing it in date and time and now I could say everyday at a certain time.

Every hour, every day of the week every year on a certain date and time you specify every month on the whatever day of every month, so every single person that’s reading with your audience, there’s something you can come up with. That would be of value to your audience to send them on the first of every month or at the last day of every month, to check in and say, hey, you know it’s the last day of the month.

Did you do such and so or this is a reminder to do such and so so explore this and have fun with it? So what we’re going to do is we’re going to say every month on the first of the month and then we’re going to click create trigger, and then the next probably get is just blew that so now we’re going to click on that and what we want To do what we didn’t do on the first very much um gosh, we have so many options.

So i’m going to say Facebook page and i’m going to say that I want to. I can either just create a status message or post the link or I can upload a photo from a URL. So that’s probably going to be the best thing to do so. I’M going to click here and i’m going to put in the photo URL now quick, tip low pro tip for you in order to get a really easy, clean URL for a photo like the one that I showed. You hear that I have.

That goes out on a tweet every time it rains is to go over to amazon s3. Now I’m warning you now that if you’re not familiar with amazon s3, when you look at it you’re going to go yeah yeah I this is more than I want to take on. But if you just follow exactly what I’m doing, you’re going to be fine and now look at this teeny weeny weeny right there – s3, that’s what you want and what I’m showing you is basically a cloud, but the great thing about amazon s3 is that number one Stuff, uploads lightning-fast: you can create these buckets to organize your content and the truth is, I need to go in there and add a few more buckets and organize myself a little better, but you can create these buckets and then and then you upload articles or graphics Or PDF documents – and it gives you these shareable link in it.

I don’t even know what I pay for this. It’S so inexpensive, maybe five dollars a month, and I have so many articles so much content and I’ve never gotten a message that says like you’re, you’re, running low on content and it’s extraordinarily reliable. In fact. There’S a lot of big-name systems and platforms like teaching platforms, and I don’t want to name them right now, because I used one the other day and I can’t remember which one it was like.

I don’t know if it was teachable, I don’t know where I was, but the point is a lot of big companies that how your content already use Amazon at s3 to host, so that just shows you like help how kind of durable it is or dependable. I should say so: okay, so here we are and arm i’ll, just go over here to this one, because this is where I just uploaded that little dog graphic and you click upload and then you’re going to click, Add file, and I recommend for this purpose to Find a PNG payment, which is what can be if you create your graphic in kamba.

It will default to that format. So let me go to downloads, because I know I have one there. I thought I did so now. What I’m going to do is just click dot PNG in my search and that’ll bring something up just so. I could demonstrate okay, so we’ll just pick this and then click open and then don’t forget this part in the lower right hand. Corner click start upload. Ok done: do you see how fast that was just insane done? Not only that I’m live streaming and I’ve got all these things open and that just happened that fast.

So then, this is very, very important. You’Re going to click to the left of that file, its blue now and then you’re, going to click properties and you’re, going to click permissions and then add more permissions and you’re going to click open, download, you’re, going to check that check the little box and then You’Re going to make sure on the pop-up menu click everyone. Then click save now we’re going to hit reload on this and there’s the file we’re going to click the little blue button.

Again, click properties again and then there it is, there’s our beautiful little link. So you just turn that graphic into a link this also by the way, works really well as a lead magnet. So you know arm, as opposed to feel like when you send a thank-you after someone off into your thing or on the thank you button on your lead page. You can have this be the link, so they are immediately. Click on it and they’re automatically taken right to thing that they opted in for so very, very cool.

Alright. So let’s go back over here, so the photo URL would be whatever it was that we just created. And then you put your message here: it’s the first of the month, it’s lalala and then just click create action and then that’s going to be your ifttt recipe. There, so that’s it! That’S how you create a recipe. It’S just going to just going to walk you through it totally plug-and-play. Please feel free to comment down below and share.

Your favorite is TT applet with us and for those of you who are just joining us. This will be mailed out to you if you’re my email list, you’re going to get the beautiful workbook that I’m creating, which is a compilation of all my favorite, is TT recipes, some that we mentioned today and some that I did not get a chance to mention. So on that note have a great day thanks for joining me, and I I hope you have some nice zesty delicious tacos tonight, because it is talking to use that