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How To Make Passive Income Around Your Full Time Job

If you’re reading this article, it’s for you know probably you’re interested in creating a passive income if you’ve been following me from for a while, you know I’m just your regular guy, I’m still working my regular job, but what I’m doing is I’m hustling on the side.

Creating a passive income, so I can leave that job in a matter of months and you know work on what I really want to work on full-time. A lot of people run into that in into this problem, and people have been asking the questions. How do you find the time to do it? How long does it take, and I would just want it to take a quick second and really just come at you with with my experience on and what I’ve been doing to create a more passive income lifestyle around? My regular job, so the first thing is, you need to want it number one is you need to want it? This is going to be hard.

Creating a passive income is not an easy sitting on the beach money coming in type of thing. It’s it’s it’s work. It’s it’s actually going to be more work than whatever your regular job is going to be because you don’t have a boss who’s. Looking over your shoulder, saying, hey get to work, get up you you know, keep going. This is something you have to be self-motivated for so you have to want it. You have to want it deep inside.

You know there are. There are many times where I could you know I’m working on my computer. That’s probably the worst thing that you can be doing, because the computer is the gateway to the internet, it’s the Gateway to Facebook, YouTube and I’ve caught myself multiple times where I’m you know I was like alright. Let me just take a quick break in or read a article in like half an hour an hour. Sometimes more has goodbye and I’ve just been reading YouTube articles or whatever the case is, and I’m not talking about educational articles.

I’m talking about you know, car articles or whatever it is so you have to want it. You have to be self-disciplined, but you, you really have to have a drive. You know to go after this because it’s it’s going to be an uphill battle for most of the time number two is you have to think long term, so, ii think long term. This is not happening overnight, not happening. This might happen in six months. It might take 12 months, it may take two years.

Whatever the the timeline is going to be, is you have to accept and think it’s going to be? This is a long-term project. This is a long-term commitment, or this is a long-term thing that I’m committed to. No matter how long it’s going to take, if it takes you five years to create a passive income that allows you to travel, to give you the freedom to do what you want to no longer have to work for somebody else.

What’s five years of your life, when you have the rest of your life to do whatever you want, so you have to think long term. This the third thing, a kind of current ties into that number one is you have to accept the long hours that you’re going to be doing? You know the other night Friday night I was up till 2:00 a.M. Not partying or drinking or doing any of those fun things. I was up until 2:00 a.

M. Just working on the business on. I can’t remember exactly what I was doing, but you know I was working on things that, whether it’s editing articles or just you know getting of the things writing on the back end. I was up. I was working yeah I was I you know. I was tired, but I was also excited that I wasn’t able to sleep because I was so excited about working in the business, but bottom line is you know when you’re working, if you’re working like a nine-to-five or or whatever it is you’re going to come home And you know, if you don’t have a family right now and you’re a little younger it.

You can come home and you get straight to it right. There are no really distractions other than maybe your friends. But for me you know, I finish, work and the wife comes home with the baby and the you know: we’ve both now we’ve been working all day. We we haven’t seen any other. I haven’t seen a baby, you know so I know I don’t wan na as much as I want to get to work on the business right away. Yeah.

I need to spend time with them. They deserve it. They come first. So you know I got to do that. We got to get dinner prepared and spend time time with my daughter and and all of that when do I get time for the business it’s a little in-between times, but then it’s also it’s the time when they’ve gone to bed and it’s 9:00, it’s 10 o’clock! It’s 11 o’clock and I stay up for 2 3 4 hours working and getting the things I need done.

You know it’s the weekends. I literally do not have a weekend and I had a conversation with Marianna a couple of weeks ago, maybe a month ago, when she asked me hey what do you want to do this weekend and I looked at her I’m like what do you mean she’s, like I don’t know what do you? What do you want to do? I’m like it’s. I don’t have a weekend. I literally have no weekends until I’ve left my job, that’s the mentality.

We have to think, and you know I was just telling her. I was like right. It’s yeah, I can take the weekend. You know we would go to the mall occasionally for an hour or two for it with the baby or you know. Yesterday we went to the park for a little bit, but there are no big weekend plans until I’ve hit. My goal of leaving my job – that’s it so you have to you, have to commit to these long grueling hours, because that’s the only way you’re going to get this done right, having an income where you know it essentially, you know, makes money.

Well, you see, I don’t like saying that cause it sounds stupid and cliche, but you know having a passive income. That’s working for you is not something that comes easy. It’s going to require ton of work, a ton of dedication and a ton of sacrifices, and I guess that’s what I’m kind of mean coming coming in. In fact, that’s my number four number four point here is: you have to learn to say no now, so you can say little yes later say no now, so you can say it yes later and that’s what I’ve.

I think I’ve really become great at over the last few months is just saying no to these short-term things, because I know it’s not aligning with what I want a long term. You know right now, I’m just finishing some things up: I’ve, it’s it’s Sunday and I’ve been working literally from the moment. I got up to now it’s sometime on Sunday evening and you know everyone else where’s everyone else right now, they’re at a family, carne asada Mexican barbecue they’re in a barbecue right now – and you know I’m going to be heading there and like hopefully in the next Hour or so, but why am I not there right now because it’s just a barbecue, because the amount of work I’ve got done over the last few hours is going to bring me so much closer to my goal of leaving my job in a few months.

Do I miss the barbecue and yeah? It’s it’s gorgeous outside right now, it’s sun shining, it’s like thirty, odd degrees out and they’re having their their Coronas and their beers and barbecue. Obviously I want to be there but priorities. I had to say no for that. Right now, so I can say yes to traveling the world later so yeah. I can say yes to all of the other goals that we want to do later, so just becoming disciplined is what I’m trying to get across.

You have to become disciplined realize that there are things that are going to either bring you closer to your goal or they’re going to bring you further away from your goal. The fifth thing is surround yourself with others doing what you’re doing listen. You know i-i’ve never been wanted to go along the grain, I’m always the the the the person Cohen against the grain so to speak, and I know how important it is to surround yourself with other like-minded individuals and really that’s why I I produce these articles and And you know I connect with you guys, because this can be a lonely journey.

You know, honestly, you think about my parents, for example. I don’t even know if they, they probably don’t, even know what I do or understand what I do or know what a passive income really is. You know it’s. I was seeing a post in one of my Facebook groups, and I was this 20-some 20 year old kid and talking about his parents, think that Kindle publishing is a stupid idea. Well, of course, they think it’s a stupid idea when they were 20.

The internet didn’t even exist right 20 years ago. The internet didn’t really exist. Of course, I think making money online is going to be a stupid idea. They don’t get it right, they don’t get it. I was explaining to my mum today. You know it’s like she’s, like how how’s that business that you’re doing I’m, like you, mean how’s, the blog going mum houses, of course, creating going mum. I mean I was kind of explaining to her it’s like yeah.

I have these goals that I want to hit and yeah. You know she’s like okay, I was like. Don’t worry, you’ll understand it eventually. So what I do is I surround myself with people who know what I’m doing who understand it, who get it because then I can feed off of their energy alright going back. It can be lonely a time. So I make sure I’m talking to those people who are doing what I’m doing so. I can bounce ideas off them.

If I’m feeling, like I’ve, been the only one working, you know 12, 14, 16 18 hour days. I can connect with another guy and you you know, and you know he was telling me he’s like yeah. When did he say it? He says I can’t remember when he said, but it was the number of years ago he’s like. I was doing exactly what doing hustling away and now he makes $ 500,000 a year through through you know, publishing and different online online ventures, but that’s exciting, knowing that you know I’m on the right track.

So, just to reiterate, for you guys number one is you need to want it? You need to want this. You need to want to creating a passive income above anything else, because it’s going to bring you the lifestyle and and the things that you truly want in life number two. Is you got to think long term? This is not going to happen overnight. This is going to be six months, 12 months, 24 months 36 months. It’s going to take, however long it needs to take.

You have to accept that number 3 is accept the long hours right, don’t feel bad about working late into the night. Don’t feel bad about working through your through the weekends, when your friends are out doing whatever they’re doing right. Take care of you go after your goals. Number 4 is to learn to say no now so you can say yes later. No now, so you can say. Yes later that one is so key for so many different reasons and number 5 is surround yourself with other like-minded individuals who are doing what you’re doing you know.

I only take advice. There’s a bonus one. I only take advice from people. I would switch spots with if I wouldn’t take their life in an instant. I don’t want their advice because it’s not in tuned with my goals, so anyways guys. Hopefully those five tips gave you a bit of value there, and you know how this maybe shift. Your thinking on what not let let me know please, let me know in the comments which, which tip did you like best, leave a little note in the comments, so maybe I can elaborate on it or something like that.

If you liked the article, as always, please give it a thumbs up, appreciate that and hey, if you’re new to the blog nice to meet you, how you do and reach out to me and please, if you like this article, please consider subscribing as well from a Great more great content like this, and it was guys I’ll, see you tomorrow with another great article and I’m off for my BBQ, see you guys later

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5 Passive Income Ideas for 2018

So in this article I’m going to go over some passive income ideas that I myself are probably going to do or are doing in 2018 and that you can also do now what passive income is versus. I guess just a regular income. A regular income is, let’s say you work a day: job nine-to-five, you exchange time for money and maybe you’re like creating a product or doing some sort of service that you’re giving out for them, but either way you’re spending a great deal of time, probably anywhere from You know if you’re working full time 40 plus hours a weekend for you working part-time – maybe you know 10 to 40 hours a week, but either way your general line of income you’re exchanging some sort of time for money but passive income.

I have a lot of passive income streams myself I make around anywhere from 500 to 700 dollars a month off of them right now, and this has actually been increasing a bit in 2018. If you look back at some of my articles in 2017, I really wasn’t making a whole lot. I was only making a couple hundred dollars, but now I’m making above 500, which is great and is actually one of my goals that I hit for passive income but anyways passive income.

You might like put initial money in, might have your money work for you or you might create some sort of product or service that continues to generate you money without you actually doing a whole lot of work or working 40 hours a week. If you add up a couple passive income streams, they might add up to a little bit more time, you’re working them per week or per month or whatever it might be, but then generally, if it’s passive income, you’re not going to be working 40 hours a week On these income streams, so the first passive income stream that I do myself and that you consider consider doing is dividend investing or just honestly, investing in general now with dividend, investing what it is.

You buy either a stock or an ETF and either four times a year or monthly. This company gives you a specific cash amount for owning their share during certain periods of time. In order to get a dividend, you would have to buy the stock before it’s ex-dividend date and then they would pay you out on whatever date the company says you can look this stuff up. If you want I’ve posted articles in the past on blog about good dividend stocks or really how different, I think I’ve actually posted some, how dividends work in general.

So you can go ahead and check those out not to get into too much of the specifics of it. But basically, if you buy a share of a company, they give you a specific amount of money. So many times per year and dividend investing could be a great way to really get a good passive income stream going, especially if you put a lot of money into it, because this money is just sitting there you’re not doing anything active with it.

You’re, literally not doing anything at all of his eyes purchasing the stocks and this companies just giving you money for holding your shares, but some problems that with dividend investing is that it can cost a lot of money. We’re not necessarily cost a lot of money, but you might have to put a lot of money into your portfolio to get some significant returns. And another thing is that it’s sometimes a little bit difficult to pick out the right dividend stock, because some companies might cancel their dividends might reduce or divins, but in general, if you shoot for large companies, blue chip stocks, dividend aristocrats, you should be okay.

One thing to note too: if you had a hundred thousand dollars invested, which is a pretty significant amount invested for most people and you were getting let’s say a three percent dividend yield per year on average, there’s only three thousand dollars a year, so that obviously wouldn’t Be a whole lot, especially if you’re dividing that up into months or weeks you’d only be getting a couple hundred dollars per week.

So that’s one thing to take into consideration with dividend: investing you do need a pretty significant amount of money to start doing this, but the next passive income stream that you could consider doing in 2018 is social media, getting them more into social media. And what I mean by this is that there’s a whole lot of people out there that I know – and I really want to start getting into this more and making my social media accounts more well-known.

It have more followers and more interactions and be a little bit more active on social media accounts. You know my Twitter, my Instagram, Facebook snapchat, you know all the ones, I’m on pretty much daily BIOS enough on there’s a lot of people out there that have a significant amount of followers on either Twitter or Instagram. Or you know those are really the main to Facebook and they actually are able to generate some income from that, whether it be putting sponsored post ups creating advertisements for other companies, there’s a whole lot of different ways to do that.

One website that actually going to start using is called famebit and basically, if you have over 5,000 subscribers on your YouTube blog, I guess YouTube’s another social media platform. But if you have 5,000 subscribers 5,000 followers on either, I believe it does Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can then start searching for sponsors, there’s a lot of good resources out there to search for sponsors, and that is probably one of the best ways to create a little bit income from your social media pages and, honestly, all these other social or excuse me, passive Income streams I’m going to talk about it would probably help to have a pretty solid social media following whether it be on YouTube, Instagram, snapchat, Facebook, whatever it might be, the next one and the next passive income stream that you consider for 2018 is blogging.

I’ve actually done a blog in the past and I actually was making a very, very small amount of money off it, but then I stopped doing it because I just wasn’t having fun with it and it wasn’t. I wasn’t really talking about writing about what I wanted to write about on those just with a couple of friends in college, but blogging can be a relatively easy and pretty quick way to generate a little bit of passive income just by simply typing up a couple.

Articles a day what I did in the past was basically a couple of my friends got together and we were like hey, let’s start, writing blog posts and then start putting Google Ads on the side of these blog post and maybe try to get a little bit Of money, but honestly, my friends were just super lazy and stopped doing it, even though it really wasn’t a whole lot of work that we were putting in and didn’t follow through with it.

But nonetheless, it still is a pretty good way that, if you’re interested in pretty much anything, we were just talking about news in general, it wasn’t too much specific. I think my one friend talked about like article games. My other friend talked about World News. One friend talked about sports, so we were talking about anything but if you’re interested in pretty much anything, whether it be sports article games, books, iPhones, I don’t know technology anything cameras, you can go ahead and blog about that and, if you’re good enough at it, people Are probably going to read it, and you could obviously share these on your social media pages if you have a decent amount of followers and that will also help as well.

Another thing: if you’re not very good at writing or don’t like to write, you can get into blogging or you tubing in general and there’s other platforms that you can do this on now, like twitch, if you’re a gamer even Facebook is coming out with a new Article streaming service that I don’t believe is open for like public users yet, but some people are able to get to it and it’s really just the bigger companies.

But if you’re not into writing – and you really want to create more article content, more visual contacts and you’re – not bad in front of the camera, you definitely can consider vlogging or just you tubing in general. I would love to like show a little pop-up. How much I make a month on YouTube, but I guess I’ve heard from some pretty decent sources that you’re actually not allowed to, and I would most definitely consider YouTube a passive income stream, because it takes me about 10 20 minutes to make a article every day.

Sometimes it takes me a little bit longer to edit them depending on what the articles are. But then uploading only takes a couple of minutes and posting it and like doing all the thumbnails and stuff like that, doesn’t take very long and only takes maybe an hour to a day, but this passive income stream is my most by far. So, that’s why I’m fine with spending a little bit more time and effort on it, but I’m definitely not working 40 hours a week or anything like that on my youtube blog.

But right now I’m going to get like a ballpark estimate of how much I’m making right now it’s right around right below $ 500 total that I’m making from YouTube ads. Now with that there’s other passive income streams, I can play off that that I do that. I’m going to talk about in a second but overall YouTube. Right now is my biggest passive income stream and honestly, all I do is just pretty much sit in front of the camera and talk to you guys and post decent content.

I don’t think my content is amazing or anything like that when I started authors definitely a whole lot worse than it is now, and I seem to have a decent following I’m almost up to 4,000 subscribers right now, so YouTube is definitely a pretty decent passive income Stream, really all you have to do is sit in front of a camera. I have a decent camera now that I was able to buy once I started, making some money off of it, but I started off using my iPhone, which was super basic and really crappy quality.

Honestly, I didn’t even use a microphone that I slowly started. Upgrading some of my equipments that I could post better content. I now have a decent microphone, some lighting, a good camera, a tripod. You know everything I need right now. It’s really post decent content, so starting off, all you got to do is get in front of a camera and talk about what you liked talk about. I like to talk about investing in the stock market and money, but that’s just me, I’m probably going to create more blogs in the future.

I mean I’ve already have a personal blog out right now that I’m really not posting too much on, but I probably will in the future, but anyways YouTube could be a really great passive income stream, and I would say that it’s relatively easy and cheap to start. If you have really, all you need is a phone and that’s really the same with any of these other ones, but anyways the next passive income stream for 2018 is affiliate marketing.

Now what affiliate marketing is is basically it’s an online thing. You need to have access to. I have to do this and you need to be posting links somewhere, but I do it with is Amazon, but you can do it with a lot of big companies like Walmart Target Best Buy really any company out. There has them, but basically, what you do is you set up a count with them and every time someone posts or excuse me um, every time you want to like market a certain product or want to UM, I almost not sponsored but anytime.

You want to like look of a product here, like all this products, kind of cool. You find a link for that off the websites affiliate page, and then you post that link somewhere and pretty much every time. Someone clicks that link and like buys a product within 24 like 48 hours, depending on what affiliate program you’re doing you get a very, very small Commission for that, so, for example, at the bottom of my YouTube pages, which is be in the bottom of my YouTube Descriptions as you can see, I have a whole bunch of affiliate links about different things: some of my favorite books on investing my favorite books on business, my equipment that I use and basically every time you click that link and go to Amazon.

And if you end up buying that product, or even I believe in another product on the website, you very small Commission – it’s usually anywhere from 8 to like 1 %. So it’s like very, very small. Obviously, if you’re buying up its two thousand dollar laptop or something like that, I’d get a much bigger Commission, but in general it is a very, very small Commission. Now, if my blog was more product oriented like if I was doing an unboxing blog or I like product review blog or something like that, then I’d probably make a whole lot more of affiliate or even just in general, if my blog was bigger.

But right now my blog really has nothing to do with products or going out buying products was just totally fine. I’m not focusing this blog on affiliate marketing or anything like that. So I don’t make a whole lot, but in the future I probably will. Actually. I am starting to think up some ideas and probably going to create other YouTube blogs and other social media platforms that more go into reviewing products and promoting products and stuff like that, so that I will be able to get a little bit better of affiliate income.

But anyways those are the different passive income streams. The first one was investing. The second was social media. Next was blogging: next was YouTube / vlogging and the last one was affiliate marketing and just to note all these, besides really investing, I think, requires some sort of social media presence, whether it be on youtube, snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Now that doesn’t just have to be your personal account, because I have personal accounts on all of these platforms, but you can also create an account oriented to what you like, or what you’re interested in doing like, for example.

If I myself should do this, and I really haven’t been on it as hard as I should be – I’m very into obviously investing in the stock market, I should definitely make a Twitter account. And/Or, probably an Instagram account that is focused on posting, investing and financial advice and no not financial advice, but investing post financial posts and things like that to try to get a bigger audience on those platforms to then direct them to my youtube blog and then people On the YouTube, blog direct them to those accounts and that and then I could continue to generate more income off of those and just really get more followers off of those.

But unfortunately I haven’t done that yet, hopefully I would get better at that and more into that in 2018, but anyways guys after this article. I don’t want to make it too long if you enjoyed the article leave a like and if you’re interested in what I like to talk about, which is investing and the stock market definitely head out to my blog besties, but NGOs and kids that are subscribing. But other than that guys, I hope you enjoyed the article

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