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How to Build a LinkedIn Network

That’S a huge deal. Obviously, LinkedIn has a strong Presence for all businesses, Let me ask you hopping on LinkedIn. What are some things I need. To do to get it organized Well, it’s important for You to make sure you describe every role that you had Throughout your career, Have a very professional headshot makes you bring your very friendly smile that will invite people in And then also don’t forget.

About those keywords, Yes,,’cause, that will Also help you to be found in a search also, you Really got ta think about what’s relevant. What would Be your target audience or the business you’re trying to target what would they be searching for and what do you want to come up as Like? For me, I do a lot with social media, so I’m definitely looking For people searching for social media help Social media marketing they want to know about Facebook Instagram Twitter, so those are some keywords that definitely need to be Infused into my LinkedIn So a question that get a lot When it comes to LinkedIn, I’m sure you do too is how do I build my network? What are some best practices And honestly I’ve just taken the approach that I give for social media, which is you don’t wan na just go and follow some random people just to grow your following.

You want to follow people that Are relevant to your industry or within your area, if you’re, a local brick And mortar business When it comes to LinkedIn, does it matter if I know the person Or can I just sum it up To me, it makes sense to Keep it very relevant like social media, but You’Re the expert, what I think it’s really important, that you have a reason for connecting You can connected with Someone you’ve never even met but use the things that are Right there in front of you, you have people’s description, so you need to learn something about them.

They’Re in your industry, and it’s interesting to you. And you wan na know more let that person know on that personalized connection request. So don’t too concerned like “. Oh, I don’t know that person,,” and “ They’re, going to think I’m weird,” they’re there to connect. So it’s okay, but make sure you let them you Know why you want to connect, So that’s why LinkedIn always advises, leave a note.

You’Re more Likely to connect right Exactly And that’s actually true, so with doing my career I do a lot of traveling and speaking so. I’M meeting Essentially strangers all the time and it always catches my eye when someone is connecting with me on Linkedin and then they say: “ Hey Emma. I was on Your webinar yesterday,” like right away. I’M like “ Dude, that’s awesome,,” connect. We are now on the same network.

So do you advise that? Is that a good practice? For everybody, listening in, like hey, leave a message of Why you know this business Exactly you want to make sure that you give them a reason. Why you’re reaching out? Because in all honesty, there’s so many people out there that are just hitting the connect button without sending a message? A lot of people do just disregard that. So you want to make sure You give people a reason to get to know you more And of course, every so often you want to make sure you follow up, make sure your network Is going to be relevant so make sure that you’re Following up with them – and you know a smaller More relevant network is os much better than A large one that just is not in touch Same with Facebook, I was Just talking about this recently with some local heroes, You know cool cool cool.

You have a large following they’re like “ Yeah, that’s social proof, right?”, Not necessarily you want to make sure that you check the hygiene Of that list of followers and ensure that they’re in fact relevant and pertinent to your network, All right, Sam, I think it’s Time that I confess something I don’t post on my LinkedIn and I definitely enjoy When other people do and I consume it, but I don’t know I just Don’T take the time to do it is that a big deal Is that a big driving Force of being on there is creating content.

What are your thoughts? It’S really important. To create some content because just going from a Casual viewer on LinkedIn, creating content makes you stand out More things that people Like comment or share, it increases your visibility and the whole point of Being on that platform is to be seen, and that’s what you want so you may want to take your Linkedin game up a notch Em. This is sounding a Lot like social media, It is And it’s okay to be personal.

You know yes, LinkedIn is A professional platform, but at the end of the Day it is social media. What’S the first word Social, how people relate And connect with each other. That’S what you want to make sure you do So don’t feel like a stuffy. Linkedin has definitely changed over time. It’S okay to personal! Well, I saw a quote, though that said LinkedIn is where humor goes to die: (, laughs, )! I know what people Are talking about with that, but honestly you make Of it, what you want, if you want to be connected with people that, like your personality, showcase it LinkedIn now has article You can also put yourself on article if you’re comfortable with that ( gasp ) Idea.

I could add this article to my LinkedIn. Well, I think so. Okay, Emma you said you want To beef up your LinkedIn game, so let’s start to think About the type of content we’re going to create, It’s really important A lot of people think you know, keep it professional Stay away from things that are like politics, And things of that nature that is important, but at the same time don’t forget you can’t Separate your professional and personal, I know, and plus people Like to laugh and smile, So it’s important if you want to share Some personal anecdote: it’s okay, but give people Some insight behind it like a day at beach, you Showcase that you’re having fun and you’re relaxing, but you can always tie back in the point that you’re not all about work.

You like to laugh, you like to get away. I love the beach It is important so that you don’t get burnt out very important in your profession, All right, Sam. This has been awesome. I’Ve learned a lot about LinkedIn, I’m a little less intimidated by it and I’m excited to go on There and update my profile Just thinking about what I already have in place with my social media. I’M Got that content calendar to keep my strategy on track.

It makes sense to me Correct me, if I’m wrong, I need to add my LinkedIn Into this content calendar Absolutely right, you want to make sure that you have a good goal. That’S feasible for you of how many people you Connect to on a regular basis, I suggest one to two per Week start out with that, because quality is way Better than just quantity, You want these connections. To mean something and be significant: That’s really building your Network in a responsible way, That’s a wrap.

You Just learned how to build your LinkedIn network be sure to like this article, Hey share it on LinkedIn, Also subscribe to our YouTube blog and ring that bell. So You’Re, not the last to know about our next article and –, Make sure you comment below and let us know what Is your go to message when you’re sending those Linkedin connection requests: This is The Journey, see you next time.

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