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Online Marketing

SEO Tool – MOZ Review

This is Vanessa, T Brule. I wanted to give you another search engine tool, another tool that you could look at to help you with keywords when you’re searching for search engine optimization when you you want to put your content out there and make sure you’re using keywords that people are actually looking For you might have some great ideas, some great phrases, titles and things like that, but nobody is looking for it and that’s what search engine optimization is all about again.

Thank you for coming to my blog affiliate marketing mastery or you can learn to earn a passive income and again this is a tool that you definitely want to use, whether it’s this product or a different one and I’ll go over a few other ones. As I start creating some more articles this one here, it is pricey if you go to pay for it, it’s anywhere from like 149 a month to $ 5.99. But the neat thing is: if you’re, just starting out, you can use it for free and you actually get ten queries a month for free which isn’t too bad.

Because when you’re new you’re looking up certain keywords – and you really want to analyze them and see what they’ll do I’m going to show you how this pops up? Okay right here it has a keyword, search, it’s called keyword overview and I’m going to put in make. This is one a lot of people search for, and I want to see how well it does here make money on line. Okay, let’s see what comes up all right down here.

It has a monthly volume with that keyword or the tagline. However, whatever you want to call it, and this phrase is searched, seventy thousand to one hundred eighteen thousand times a month, so it’s searched a lot. So, looking at that you’re going to have a little bit of competitions got other people probably have that out there and it’s searched a lot. But that’s a good thing. I mean people are looking to make money online.

So that’s that’s very good. Let’s look at the next section. The next section says it has a 54 for difficulty. What does that mean the higher that that score is the harder it will be for you to get a hit on your site? If that makes sense, there’s a lot of competition. I would say it 54, probably a lot of competition for that exact phrase. Now again, yes, people are looking for money online, but maybe we can find some other variations of that phrase so that we’re not looking exactly for that one and that’s what’s kind of neat you can go in and rephrase it and do some testing.

With that phrase, the next one is organic CTR. That means click-through rate, so the higher that number is the better, so 54 %. When people see that phrase they do a search, your click-through rate is pretty good at 54 %. I really like this last number. It’s called priority and we have an 82 there, and actually, that is your search engine results. That’s not your search! It’s your difficulty, your opportunity and your volume combined, it’s kind of like what does it look like altogether again, the higher that number is the better.

So, yes, that is definitely a good keyword. Now, like I said you might want to use a variation. So if you slide down here, they actually give you some variations. Alright, so make money online fast. You still have four to six thousand people looking for it, but you’re just adding one more word and that kind of narrows it down to look, but it a little bit make money online today make money online with Google see how these are changing.

Make money online from home and then you can click here and see even more suggestions. So that’s where you really want to be a little bit strategic and start putting in make money online, but you want to add to it so that your use your sticking out a little bit more, uniquely than just using that phrase. If that makes sense and you’re still going to get a lot of people looking for that now, a serpent alysus that is a search engine results page so when they ran the review of the keyword, these are some articles or different blogs that came up different sites That had a really good results using that.

So that’s what these are, so you can go in and look at these other sites and see what other keywords that they use to get that high of a of that many people looking at their site. So these are the top ones that came up. You’ve got three here and you can click down here for full analysis. So in a nutshell, for your free, mas keyword, search engine, optimization tool, that’s what you can do with them.

If you start really going, it’s really recommended, I went in and looked and it said if you are in here every single day and really tracking your content and looking to get ranked and things like that, then it is worth it for you to purchase the product And use it every day, but if you’re not going to use it every day, then it really wouldn’t be worth it. But it is a good way to get started as you learn about search engine optimization and start, comparing it to some other tools that are out there.

You definitely want a search engine tool eventually, so again, most of them have free trials. Most of them have some kind of a free service that they’ll give to you, so that you can try it out and see if you like it, and I highly recommend that you do that, while you’re looking so there you go mas Pro, you can just go To em Ozzy calm and you can go in there and get a free trial or just go in and use their free program.

If you really want to dig in and see what it looks like, if you’ve got all the features, then you definitely want to do free trial, and that’s it give me thumbs up if this was helpful, if there’s another SEO tool that you would like to have Reviewed, let me know in the comments, and I would be happy to pull that up and make a article for you until then give me that thumbs up subscribe to my blog