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Our YouTube Race Car Adventure Continues…

The adventure continues… Our latest YouTube video is here! Matt covers a few new updates and show cases footage featuring the progress of our Race Car. Enjoy!

We have just released our latest YouTube Video. This will be our 24th video and we have come a long way. It is hilarious to look at our first video and compare it to video number 24. We have learned a whole lot and continue to research on what makes an entertaining video. We will continue to improve and try our best to bring value.

 The one concept that has been the same is our priorities for our YouTube channel.  Which what we found through research is the most important concept to follow. With that said, here are the list that we have put together.

  • Create awareness of our brand “Allshouse Designs”.
  • Execute our Inbound Marketing Stragity.
  •  Educate the public about our experience and our knowledge.
  • Communicate our values.
  • Advertise our services.

With these 5 priorities in play it helps us determine our next steps. As far as the quality of our videos. We really have a long way to go, but when we get there it is going to be very rewarding. The really cool thing is that we have everything documented. It is fun to think that everyone can look at our channel and start to see our progress. That is what we look at to see what we need to learn and what to tweak. We really thank our current audience and hope that they continue to support us through our journey.

Here is a little glimpse into our latest video. Now we did film around 5 videos at the same time. We experienced horrible lighting and sound issues. We fixed the audio that alone is a great fix. Nothing like having an echo in your videos. We purchased high quality microphones. If you want to know which ones we are using for our latest video you can ask us by commenting below. Now on to the lighting.  After filming in front of a green screen for majority of our videos. We decided to can the entire green screen concept. We just felt that we just could not get the lighting right. In video number 24, episode 3 of the Race Car series. We are using natural light with studio lights. To film it we used two different cameras at two different angles. When you watch the video. The crisper picture with everything in focus is filmed with the Samsung cell phone camera and the warmer picture with the background slightly out of focus is the DSLR camera. In nut shell we are trying to find what we like better.

The last mention is what we have show cased in the video. Matt talks about the feel of the video with out the green screen, a little blurb about our new service and of course the progress of the race car. I hope you enjoy and like what Matt says, “let us know what you think?”

By Allshouse Designs

Hello! We are a Digital Marketing Agency that builds awesome websites and more! We enjoy spreading the word about services created by small business via the world wide web. You should find out more about us by visiting our website at The link to the website is here on our profile. We value connections with people and watching business grow with our handy work. Please take the time and check out our YouTube channel and then our blog which are posted to this profile as well. Thank you for visiting and hope to see you somewhere in the vast digital world.

7 replies on “Our YouTube Race Car Adventure Continues…”

Hey man, thanks for the like on my Atlanta Preview, I really appreciate it! Thats cool that you guys are sponsoring a car, its too bad you don’t have enough money to OWN a Cup car; with how few cars are entering each week, some millionaire (billionaire?) could just walk in off the street and run the full schedule without the threat of failing to qualify. Wouldn’t that be something? But yeah, pretty awesome what you’re doing, I hope everything works out for you guys.

The lighting, yeah, never underestimate the power of a white balance! I’m a production assistant for a few TV shows and its something that some people just forget to do. I see it happen on nationwide TV, too (recognized it in TNA Wrestling constantly..all 3 of their cameras would have different white values..). I think once you sync those up you’ll notice you like what you’re seeing even more. I personally like the warm one a lot better, but you’ll find what works best for you. I hope I don’t sound like a wad talking to you about this stuff, but on the shows I work on, we do a white balance after every single set change to make sure the cameras still like the light they’re getting.

Also, “snow,” haha, I know that stuff! Where are you guys physically located? (Rochester, NY here) I don’t know whats going on with the sky or temperature lately, but spring’ll be here soon enough, yeah? Good luck with everything going forward, and keep up the good work!

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Hi Rob! It really is too bad that we cannot own a car of our own, but who knows, maybe someday in the future we might just have the money to do so.

Thank you for the info on the lighting. I have not done much with the white balance for the camera. If you notice, the shot pointed strait at me, not toward the window, is the better quality shot. Which is interesting considering that is shot with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The other shot was with my Nikon D3200. I would be interested in hearing your input on how to adjust the white balance to make the Nikon shot a better quality. By the way, you do not sound like a wad, I am actually happy that you brought that up. What is your take on using the grey reference reflector for white balance adjustments? I have seen these used for adjusting this but have never actually used one myself. What shows do you work on?

Allshouse Designs is physically located in Bothell, Washington but our video studio is located in Eatonville, Washington only about 30 miles from the base of Mt. Rainier. I myself am very excited for Spring, but with Spring comes a large amount of rain for us.

Thank you for your comment and I look forward to your reply.

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Alright, “all cameras are different,” but these may be able to help you out:

I asked Joe (owner of Classy Wolf Media) about the white balance stuff, and he said “I don’t ever use the grey reflector, its more for photography.” A simple piece of white paper will work fine. The camera doesn’t know what “true white” is, so if you use something that is ALMOST white (but not quite, like a t-shirt that hasn’t passed the Tide Challenge or something), your shot will reflect that when the colors are told how to look. Think of those old adventure serials, or vintage Star Trek, where they go to a planet where the atmosphere looks crazy, and it makes their skin look weird, too. Simple white balance trick! “Hey camera, this yellow sign is white, wink wink” and so on.

I work specifically on the Vision High School Sports Beat and the Rochester Press Box, but here is a bunch of videos primarily shot by Joe (who writes on alongside me as well). He also owns the WrestleVision account over there which has a lot of fun stuff, and I’m in there as talent sometimes, too! Those were the dayyyys..

Good luck going forward, feel free to ask questions if you need to sometime (I can route them), he’s a smart as heck guy who has been doing it for quite some time, and I’m always happy to help. And I’ll do my best to put up quality NASCAR previews, haha. Missed the setup a little this week, though I put 4 of the 6 guys I mentioned in the Top 5. Not too bad! (Truex and Dillon surprised me with their finishes, and trouble for Newman relegated him to a finish that left a little to be desired..but I said those words specifically about his previous few races there, so maybe I’m onto something, HAHA!!)


Nice guys! I always appreciate the clips of you guys showing the process of everything you guys are working on. It really shows the work, effort and skill you guys bring to what you are doing. Again… Looking forward to this project as well as future projects I know you guys are already running through your brains. Keep up the work! Very motivating.
P. S. I like the new look without the green screen. Gives it that natural, Tough grind feel atmosphere


Hey Chuck, Thank you! We love what we do and I think that is the biggest motivator for getting these projects up and running. Especially the car project.
We are excited for the new look on our videos as well. It is a bit of a transition when it comes to filming now. Along with ditching the green screen we have also ditched the teleprompter. It will be exciting when we can get everything adjusted and running smooth.


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