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Jaron Lanier On Why You Should Delete Your Social Media | The View

Please welcome author of ten arguments for deleting your social media accounts right now. Jaron Lanier the book lays out 10 really great ideas of how we can take care of ourselves, but you say that the media companies have one goal in mind and that’s to change our behavior.

What does that mean? Yeah? Ok, so you know how these services are free. You log on to Facebook, it’s free, so the reason it’s free is that there’s, like somebody else off to the side who’s paying. But it’s not like when a TV ad, it’s a different kind of ad they’re, paying to modify your behavior because you’re being constantly readed and you’re, and then what you see the ads you see, the feed you get is constantly adjusted right.

Using techniques that have been established by scientific research for over a century to get you addicted and then to get you to change a little bit right – and you know the problem with that – is that addiction has consequences. It makes people cranky, it makes them irritable and when we talk about bullying, it’s a side effect of this process. You know so until the companies can change their business model to something else.

This is going to keep on happening, and that doesn’t mean the good stuff. On social media isn’t real, it is but there’s this other machine behind the scenes that is really doing a lot of damage, Wow yeah yeah. Well, we talked earlier in hot topics about online bullying. Why is it that more hasn’t been done to control or to get rid of some of this behavior online yeah? You know it’s a funny thing, so I’m a Silicon Valley guy, I do companies, I love Silicon Valley and all my friends there, don’t let their kids use the products that we yeah and you know as a father, I’m trying to cut a middle ground cuz.

I don’t, I don’t want to create a rebellious kid. I want them to find their own lessons, but you know it really comes down to this stupid business model. You know like as long as anytime. Two people connect. The only way we make money is, if there’s a third person off to the side, sometimes like a weird intelligence warfare unit reporting to mr. Putin, but whoever it is. There’S always somebody out there.

There’S always somebody out there trying to get into the middle of your business and it makes you a little nervous. It makes you a little sad. It makes you anxious. It makes you insecure, but that’s part of the game see every addict. Has that problem. Every single addict goes to that cycle, whether it’s an drug or gambling. That’S always part of the deal yeah. So what do we do? Yeah? Well, okay, here’s what I’m asking people to do.

I know a lot of people feel like they couldn’t possibly quit, and I know a lot of people are addicted and I know there’s no place to go and all your friends are there and your family photos and all that I realize I’m in a way asking For something hopeless and yet all it takes – is a small minority of the country to get off this thing just to get some perspective to open up the conversation. Look, we have a president who’s addicted.

I don’t know if any of you knew him in the old days. I knew him before he had. He didn’t used to be quite as insecure, quite as cranky, quite as quite looking for a fight all the time. That’S his addiction talking all right, and so the thing is: what’s he addicted to power, he’s a social leader and a lot of other things? Well, he always is addicted to power. Power isn’t the same kind of thing, because power isn’t playing a deliberate game with you see social behind-the-scenes that companies like Twitter and Facebook there’s actually computer programs playing a game with you, [ Laughter, ] I’d, say he’s more addicted to lying than he used to be.

I think he’s always been a bit of us. He’S always had a bit of that thing about him, but I you know honestly like this is this is his addiction talking, and this is going to keep on happening until we can see, and you know, the other thing I want to say is young people. They have to the greatest gift that you can have for yourself is self-knowledge and until you can at least experience life outside of the manipulation machine, you can’t know yourself as well, so at least while you’re young take six months off this stuff, and then you can Decide, I don’t know you, I don’t know what’s best for you, but you have six months is a very long time and I, I think everything they’re saying is 100 % valid.

But what what do you say to someone like me? I mean I met my husband on Twitter, our so there are the good things are totally real. Nobody would deny that and see. This is what so, it’s like a sandwich of good and bad, but the thing is, we don’t need the bad stuff. So yeah, I’m asking you it’s a huge investment six months to learn about yourself. I know it’s a lot. You know I all I can say is, I think if you do it, you’ll really find it.

You know thanks, but but there are some bad things and they happened in the last election with Facebook and Twitter and the interference from Russia yeah. You know how do we doing squat to prevent it from happening? You know – and you know why it’s because, as long as the whole system is run on this like manipulation in secret, it’s like rolling out a red carpet to all the worst people in the world.

You know and honestly, a lot of it a lot of the folks that the companies are good people they’re, my friends and they’re, doing their best to pick. You know, do little tiny changes like they got it rid of the fake people, but they can. You have to come back is that yeah yeah thanks Jerry linear members of the audience honey y’all are getting the boy. Thank you.

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