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Facebook Marketing Tips for Local Business with Paul Getter | Influencer Networking Secrets

He works with influencers such as Grant Cardone Gary Vee Kevin Harrington and ty Lopez in this article you’re going to learn about how you turn your local storefront into a global storefront you’ll also learn some of the worst mistakes to avoid.

So you don’t fail at internet marketing and you’re going to learn why the simplistic product pushing offer no longer works. Even if you have brand recognition now be sure to click on the links I provide in the description below you can follow paul on instagram under at paul. That’S the best way to get ahold of him, and we are pleased and indebted to paul for offering up his course have become a social media rockstar for free.

If you mentioned you heard about it on executive conversations so be sure to stay tuned to the end. Take advantage of the free course and let’s get started alright well excited is an understatement to describe and bringing on my next guest. This is paul getter, the internet, marketing nerd paul. Thank you so much for joining us here on the show. Thank you Paul and let me just first of all say you have a great name.

So, wouldn’t you agree, I’ve had mine my entire life. I know it’s never steered me wrong, so we are talking right now to I describe this very generally as a magician who can make a lot of money fall out of the sky with a few clicks of the mouse. That’S always an encouraging feeling Paul. I’M we’re all curious about your background and how you became the internet, marketing nerd yeah. So you know people often ask me: how did you become an entrepreneur and I think, quite frankly, it came out of the fact I needed to get the bills paid, and so I began to kind of like reach out always had kind of like that tech.

Nerd background and was building a website when they first got started and playing around online, but I initially started you know just experimenting with Facebook and building Facebook pages and after a short time, I realized that there was an opportunity that you could monetize your traffic online. So it started out with building little websites doing affiliate, offer, selling t-shirts and, and it just kind of expanded from there.

So how long ago was this? This was about ten years ago, and I you know it was kind of a odd transition. You know a lot of people when they look back at you know around 2008 there was a really tough time economically for a lot of people and housing decline and all that stuff, and so I was in a transition of jobs like a lot of people and So trying to find something to do and kind of leaned on that tech background and got plugged into you know: internet marketing so yeah about ten years ago now Paul I often compare the Internet to the vastness of the free market system right, but now the way I see it is it’s covering the entire world instead of just the West and and and really what it does for the marketer is.

It gives us the freedom to market our products literally to billions of people, and that’s made a lot of people very successful. Would you would you agree with that description of it yeah? Absolutely you know. The cool thing about the Internet is some jobs. You have you know. Recessions, you’ve got ups and downs and flow of the economy, but when you’re working on the line, you’ve got an opportunity that you can work with people in overseas, and so so really the world is your customers, your clients, the entire world? So that’s a beautiful thing because if you’ve got a laptop, a phone and you can connect with people on a global basis, really your opportunity for an income is limitless, exactly yeah.

What it makes me think of it. You know if you, if you look back at history at les, I don’t want to say less regulated times but times when you could be more of a freewheeling entrepreneur in the physical world. It’S now just transplanted itself to cyberspace, but the benefit is the whole world. Is dialed in instead of you having to be within the borders of the US or Canada, or you know the capitalist West right right, yeah! It’S it’s! It’S really! It’S a cool thing, because we’ve had the privilege to work with people literally from around the world.

We worked with people in Africa in Europe and Malaysia, Philippines and Kentucky, and so all over the place. I like it Kentucky. What do you think? I mean this question, probably bugs a lot of people in internet marketing. But what do you think are some of the maybe two or three of the biggest things that prevent people from being successful with it yeah. So I think, first of all I you know there is a learning curve that you have to kind of figure out.

There’S always these shiny things that people they will jump from one thing to the next thing, but what I always tell people when it comes to really becoming successful online. You just kind of like find one specialty, whether it’s learning how to do Facebook ads, really good learning how to do YouTube ads, really good, so find one thing and become the best at it. You know it’s always good to learn a little bit of everything, but you got to kind of like focus in on one specific niche, one specific skill set and not get caught up, because you know once you once you get on those the the email list or You know you’re online you’re targeted, you have all of these different offers, and you know the next best greatest thing, but really there’s.

I know people that are making great money and their education was YouTube. So fine find that niche find that specialty find that special you’ll say just focus on it and be the best you can mmm that’s good advice. So now what I’ve observed here from following you on social media and getting to know you a little bit through Vince’s mastermind is you’ve worked with some very big names in the influencer community.

You know: Grant Cardone Gary Vee ty Lopez, Kevin Harrington when you’re marketing with these people but and they’re playing at that level. How does the strategy evolve from say a small business just trying to market itself on the internet and what are those people usually looking for? With paid advertising yeah so yeah, so first of all, yeah we’ve had the privilege of having relationships with a lot of cool people, some of them just friends and connecting with them on that level.

Some of them we’ve actually ran campaigns for them and help them in their their business model. Uh. You know, here’s here’s the thing when it comes to a person that has you know a huge existing brand. What he will find out is there’s there’s always this warm audience where they can sell anything to where you know if they put something new out that people are going to buy it because they’ve got this really passionate fan base.

But for someone like that to grow, you have to kind of present their message and brand in a way that would appeal to people that have never heard of them before, because, if they’re going to grow, if they’re going to scale, you’ve got to be able to Take their audience and their message and their brand to a global level and begin to tell their story to people that have never heard it before, because you know yeah.

Those are some big names, but there’s people in this world that I’ve never heard of a grant. Cardone that I’ve never heard of ty Lopez so for them to scale their business. You really have to present their message and their product their service in a way that appeals to people where they’re, at and in in what they’re. Looking for so with the people that are outside they’re, their fan base, where this sound sounds to me like it’s, it’s not a single step process like it actually reaches them, and it probably in several waves before they take action on it sure sure yeah.

Well, you know I’ve seen the entrepreneur, personal development space really involved where it used to be hey, I’ve got a product and I’ve got a fancy. Car I’ve got a nice house and people buy it, but it’s evolved and people have become a little bit more keen and they want more than just you know, a little flash and bling and stuff so so yeah. It begins with educating the people and giving them content, giving them value and you’ll see a lot of people that are very successful, that they they have a good way of giving people content.

I’Ll, give you an example of a guy that we had a new client. We just started working with he’s, got a great Instagram and has a good following. Not you know huge, it’s just tens of thousands of people, but he he has great articles great content and he’s just been feeding people his content. Well, this past week we launched a webinar for him, and this is really his first webinar that he’s done within.

You know that the framework of something professionally done, but since he has fed his audience and groomed them over a long period of time, this webinar is is going to make six figures it’s going to make over 100,000 just in in one webinar. So it’s because he’s provided content he’s provided value to people right right, yeah! That’S that’s exactly what I. What I try to teach people with my content, as well as just you know, is make that investment all up front.

Sure then read it. Come back to you in spades, so right right exactly now, maybe I don’t know whether this is a question. You can really speak to Paul, but what what I’m hearing in a lot of places is that Facebook advertising is still very popular, but Facebook is in somewhat of a decline ratings wise as Instagram. You agree with that, or do you have any knowledge and if so, what’s the background there? Yes, so um, here’s here’s! The thing is, I, I think, like probably two or three times a year, there’s an in over the past eight ten years, two or three times a year, there’s some apocalyptic type news about Facebook.

Facebook has changed their algorithm and you’ll never be able to do things. The way you used to do it and Facebook has declined in viewership and Facebook is changing this, and quite honestly when, when that, when I first got into it, I would get. I would panic when I would hear things like that, and then I realized okay, maybe some things change, maybe policies change and you just have to learn to evolve with it.

Here’S one thing about Facebook and we’ve worked with on Facebook, reps and talked with. You know high-level people within Facebook and this is Facebook’s basis – is they are more concerned about the user experience than the revenue, so in other words, they want to deliver an excellent user experience versus trying to make money. Obviously, we know if they give people a good user experience the money’s going to come, but if you just allow it now, there used to be a day when I first got started in on Facebook ads, it was like the wild wild west.

I mean you would see ads on Facebook for anything and everything that you could think of. I mean there was ads for adult products, adult websites – and you know all kinds of garbage, but Facebook has obviously they want to give a better user experience. But there’s there’s always when it comes to ads and advertising. You want to be diversified, you don’t want to just be focused in on Facebook. I mean Facebook’s one of many platforms that we use.

We use Facebook, we use Instagram, we use YouTube, we use Google, we use native ads, so you want to be diversified, because if there is something that is really, you know changes the game, you don’t want to have all your eggs in that basket and you want To be diversified, I I thought you might say that and part of the reason I asked was whenever I hear stuff like that, I always think well wait a minute.

This is one of the largest, if not what the largest for-profit company in the world yeah yeah. This in a relatively unregulated playing field, where you know all of the all of the great capitalism that’s going on in the year 2018 – is taking place. Yeah, that’s thing that they want to do is just see stuff decline and decline and decline and go out of business eventually. So my hunch is always when I hear stuff like that, I’m like well, there may be changing the way they do things you know and then and then they’re going to bounce back and and everybody’s going to be like what decline in ratings ya know I mean It’S I I I remember when Facebook first got rolling, that you know it had a different feel in and they’ve done, a really good job in rolling out different kind of features within Facebook.

You know like right now the the Facebook they’re they’re going into like a kind of a television network, type of format – that’s cool! That’S exciting! People are excited about that. So you know they’ve done a good job in always adapting and giving people what they want. You know if you ever get nervous about Facebook, just follow their earnings reports and it’ll give you an assurance that they’re doing okay, yeah yeah.

I mean I read that that whole kerfuffle they had a little while back on Capitol Hill and her getting called up there, and I just laughed the whole way through and, like you know these, these people questioning him like they have the first clue of. What’S going on right right, right, yeah, you know I have a as a sort of a ending question here Paul. I actually have a a Kingdom question here because I noticed that I don’t know if that you still do it, but at one point you were pastoring a church.

Yes, absolutely, and so I have quite a significant following locally in the church that I belong to. A lot of people bought my book and a lot of people are very interested in what I’m teaching as a practical tool, taking what I teach in the marketplace and then transferring it over to evangelism. You know right. Community outreach. Is there anything you can point to that you’ve learned in internet marketing that you could really also use to advance the gospel? I mean what could an entrepreneur of faith mm-hmm in the service of God by applying the kind of stuff that you know yeah? So so, absolutely, first of all, I believe that our occupation, our career, is an extension of our ministry in our representation for Jesus Christ.

So the very first thing that we can do is be people of light and integrity within our business, and in that that is something you know, especially within the internet marketing world there’s. You know all kinds of people that play different games and there’s lack of integrity and everything like that. So if you can be above that, first of all that’s going to connect with people – and you know if people google, my name Paul Gator – they will find out really quickly that I’m a pastor of a church so and people do that, and you know quite frankly, I have probably had people that have felt like.

Maybe I don’t want to work with this guy because it’s a pastor, you know they get reading some of my articles on YouTube me preach and, like I don’t know, if I like this guy, but to me, I’m like well, if they wouldn’t want to work with Me because of that then chances are, I probably wouldn’t want to work with them either. So hey, you know that that works, but here’s here’s the cool thing when it comes to the Internet.

We are at an unprecedented opportunity where, with the click of a button, I can get the gospel to millions of people around the world, and I work with several really cool clients that also are Christian and have this. This desire to get the message out, and so using the social media using internet using paid ads, whatever you want to do, is really it’s a powerful opportunity to think about this. The years ago, to put a have a article on get millions of views.

That was that was unheard of on television, but through the internet you can have a article put some money behind it and if you’re presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ, you can get that message out to millions of people. So it’s really it’s an awesome opportunity and yeah the church. We should capitalize on this opportunity. I agree, I agree and that’s one of the reasons I asked you is so many there’s, so many people who are not directly involved in the actual professional ministry, meaning people who are not pastors are on staff at a church, but they are bringing and embodying and Living that message out in the marketplace every day I know I’m written all time, yeah yeah, I’m just thinking you know we should we should.

We should make an effort to educate them on how they can apply that so so they can start to get some of that momentum and build on it and leads to success in in anything whether it’s business or the gospel is those little victories. That add up to bigger ones. Absolutely you know going back to that question one of the first things that sparked my interest when it came into facebook marketing. There was a young lady at our church.

She was going off to college and she said: pastor Paul. You need to set up a Facebook page, so we can stay in contact, I’m like who does Facebook. You know that’s again, it was just a new thing then, and I really I I wasn’t interested in it and then so I I gave in I set up a Facebook page and I saw that businesses also. You know they had facebook business pages. So I said, oh well, let me set up one for the church and I set up a Facebook page for our church.

You know just did it because I you know that was the thing that you should do, but when things changed for me is I a couple came to church and I got talking to them. I said where’d you hear about us and they said. Oh, we saw your Facebook page and then it was at that moment. I realized this is real stuff. These are real people, this really works and so we’ve. You know: we’ve used Facebook and in other ad platforms to generate visitors to our church and do large campaigns, and so so really it’s a powerful tool.

Yeah absolutely. I agree Paul if, if somebody wants to find you or wants to find out more about your services, where would where would we want to send them? So the easiest place to get in contact with me is just connect with me on Instagram. This is how easy it is on instagram. My instagram name is paul. That’S it just p AUL. So if you’re going to Instagram Instagram comm backslash Paul, you will get to my Instagram page and myself or someone on our team is always good about checking the messages, and I think that’s probably where we connected at initially was on Instagram, so connect with me on Instagram and we can start up a conversation there and of course you can also pick up Paul’s course become a social media rockstar is that is that still available Paul yeah yeah? I think I think so I can.

I can get that for you. Unfortunately, I don’t have the link in front of me right. I’Ve got the link, I’m going to put it we’re going to put it in the description. Okay, okay, fantastic yeah, and you know what for your audience, if they’re interested in it just have them say they heard on the podcast and I’ll make sure they get the course for free. It just just says I thank you to having us on here.

It normally goes for $ 197, but if they send me a message and say they heard it on the podcast I’ll give them a code that they can get the course for free awesome. Well, that’s very generous of you Paul, and I appreciate that and I appreciate your time – and this has been a really great conversation. Hopefully our audience will get a lot out of it. Any any last comments, suggestions or other things.

You wanted to say that we didn’t get to no. No. Thank you very much for having me on here. It’S been an honor and I believe I’m going to be seeing you here in a few days up in New York, I was mind there and we’re good to see each other in person Saturday, at the 7 figure mastermind. We’Ll have pictures we’ll have pictures to follow on Instagram awesome awesome sounds great man again a pleasure hat being on the podcast here, and God bless.

You turn to you Paul. Thank you. You’Re! Welcome, thanks for tuning in to this edition of executive conversations with Paul Edwards. I really appreciate you doing that now. If this episode has added value to you, please be sure to leave a like and a comment and check out the links in the description below first of all, follow Paul. Get her on instagram under at Paul. There’S a link down there to get his course become a social media rockstar for free, just because you saw it on this program and also if you would like to meet other high performance entrepreneurs and executives.

The type that in the grip where Paul and I got acquainted then you’re going to want to check out the seven figure mastermind finn’s del monte, there’s a link for that below. Lastly, do not forget to get your copy of 10 secrets to networking success. There’S also a link for that in the description below. I appreciate you tuning in we’ll see you next time.

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