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How To Start A Business With No Money

I’m going to be dispelling some myths that I’ve heard about starting a business. I’m also going to be showing you five business models that are the most effective business models to start. If you have zero capital start, if you’re just like nothing, you can do it with these five business models, let’s get into it.

So in this lesson, I’m going to be showing you how to start a business with no money. First off: what’s the definition of a business, I’m just going to do it real quick, it’s a person’s regular occupation, profession or trade, and this is important for what we’re going to go over next, which is I’d like to dispel some myths about starting business. Maybe you think that the word business is to corporate II sounding for you that you can’t start a business.

How many of you think that you need an LLC or some sort of corporation or some sort of legal entity to start a business false? You do not need actual like a corporation or an LLC to start a business all over the world. You can start a business without any of that stuff. You don’t need an actual entity. Another myth I’ve heard is that you need to you know a lot of my subscribers are based overseas and you think you need to be in the United States to have a business myth.

You don’t need any of that stuff people are affiliate, marketers! That’s what I do for a living all over the world, any country in the world. You don’t need an LLC. All you need is an address for checks to be sent to another myth. I’ve heard is that you need to be 18 to start a business myth. You can be any age and you can start a business. You can earn money going to have it sent to you, neh neh, another myth.

I’ve heard about starting business is inventory. You need inventory right, you need a product to sell. You need some physical thing that costs physical money to sell to start a business myth. Another thing I’ve heard is that you need experience to start a business. You need to have been working for years in an industry before you can go off on your own and do your own thing again myth about it, and the last thing is that you need connections to start a business once again.

That is a total myth and I started a business without any of these things. As you see now, I’d love to hear in the comments below how many of you believed one of these myths just say. I did or something like that if you believed one of the myths and name out the myth that you believe, if you want to play along, you need to be 18, you needed a business license or something like that name it in the comments.

No five business models that you can start without any business license without any money whatsoever. Okay, first one is consulting Kay zero dollars to start what you’re doing is you’re selling your expertise, you’re selling your knowledge or money. Many of you, if you’ve been following my blog for the last year or two, you have much greater experience in marketing and understanding, marketing and understanding how to get traffic than most other people in the world.

That knowledge is worth money. You can gain knowledge for free anywhere on the internet. Everything you want to know is available somewhere for free. If you just have enough time to learn – and you can sell that for money to individuals who want to learn about how to be an affiliate marketer or how to do marketing or how to market their local business, whatever that is, you could consult with them and Make some money another business that costs zero dollars to start is social media as being an influencer one of my income streams as being an influencer or on YouTube.

I make over $ 20,000 per month just by putting up articles and that’s by sharing knowledge. That’s by posting, you can put up articles on YouTube as well as long as you have a camera phone or any sort of camera. If you have a friend that has a smartphone, you are reading this on some sort of computer device. So you could record the screen. You could do whatever you want. You can do social media, you can post images on Instagram, you can post articles on Facebook or YouTube.

You can post on a lot of places and earn money on tik-tok, etc. You can post and earn money just by being an influencer just by sharing funny things or by sharing knowledge great way to make money zero dollars to start another business. You can start for zero dollars is an ad agency. So it’s not very difficult. I show a ton of free traffic methods. In this blog, you can check out my playlist 3 traffic methods.

If you want to learn more about ways to get traffic, you can actually do the marketing for local businesses or for other businesses and help them do architects. Small businesses, local businesses, are being murdered by Jeff Amazon he’s just going to gnam down another business. You can start for literally zero dollars is drop. Shipping you have to set up a website, usually people do it on Shopify store, Shopify costs, zero dollars to start and people ship another person’s product to a customer in the US.

Now this is oftentimes done with Alibaba, most famous drop shipping website. The only downside of drop shipping is that it takes a couple weeks for the product to arrive, but the great thing about drop shipping is you don’t have to carry inventory. Okay, unlike Amazon Amazon, requires you to carry inventory in your store in order to sell it. You don’t have to spend any money on inventory to start selling products, you can sell products and, just you know, pay the supplier when you get money in and the last business, which is what I do and I earn about half a million dollars a month.

Doing this is affiliate marketing. This is how I earn my first million this. I earned my first ten million this hour. I know from my first: twenty million dollars is doing affiliate marketing, which is marketing other people’s products and earning a commission when that product was sold. What’s great about that is with affiliate marketing, you don’t even need a site. Okay, you don’t even need a website.

All you need to be able to do is get traffic post links and get people clicking on them. You don’t even need your own social media. You can post on other people’s social media, there’s a lot of advantages of affiliate marketing that make it, I believe, the easiest business to start possible and, if you’re looking at how to get started, affiliate marketing. I have another article that you can click on to get started with affiliate marketing.

Now, let me know in the comments below what business model you’re most excited about is a consulting social media, ad agency drop shipping or affiliate marketing, and if you’re doing one of these, let me know what you’re doing. Okay, because I’d love to hear sort of what businesses you’re doing or you’ve tried out in the comments below also make sure you subscribe to this blog. If you love marketing – and you want to learn more about how to do marketing – and you like making money, it’s a great place for you to hang out our release articles every single day, I will continue to be doing so for the rest of the year.

So make sure to tune in like subscribe comment and also check out our communities. We have a discord, chat community. We have a Facebook group and we also have a reddit subreddit, so you can interact with other members. Make deals, learn. Ask questions. I get to quadrillion messages a day, so don’t ask me and I get most common ones or John. Can you give me money and John? Will you be my mentor and I’m like dude, I’m going to spend my free time with my kids right so like no offense to everybody reading them, but I’m not going to like fly to India and like, like you know, help give you a confidence boost.

I post everything up on this blog if you really want to learn from other people, make sure to join one of the groups and, if you’re looking to take your life to the next level check out, my six-week marketing course called the super affiliate system. We have a bunch of testimonials. We have a bunch of success stories of people who have gone through my program and made a lot of money even become millionaires.

So we have at least five people who have become millionaires from going through super affiliate system, and many more have made a lot more money check out. Some of these stories make sure you subscribe and talk to you soon. So it’s been about three months since I got your program. It took me about a week to learn. Read all your articles read through the 20 pages in your guide or more and took my time, and here I am two and a half months later and I already made about 20 thousand dollars in affiliate commissions.

You can pretty much apply your program to any affiliate program, any product, any niche that you ever imagined. You will never ever go hungry again once you know how to apply, but basically what I’m lacking right now is time. I can set up a new hours campaign for any product that I can imagine. I can start making money online tomorrow or today. So I can definitely recommend and vouch for your program to anybody either beginner intermediate or advanced get that program today and start double triple.

Ten fold: your income, okay, bye, hey guys, it’s me Rishi, I just sometimes I mean, of course it was like being pulled out of the matrix. To be honest with you, just all the information that you need to tactically go out there and to just kill it. Just valuable valuable information things that we normally would trip over on getting information at conferences, all that’s good, but it doesn’t really come together unless you’re in a mastermind and getting that systematical information.

One of the key things in the course was just getting together with a group of people to see how we would actually build out an affiliate marketing business like right there on the spot building on the system, so it was just an immersion experience. I really think that uh everybody should have the opportunity to have. It was definitely worth every single minute.


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