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How To Create Instagram Ads For Beginners 2020 – Instagram Advertising Tutorial

So I’m going to go through a few of the specs right here and then we’re going to jump on to Facebook and actually go through and create the Instagram ads because Facebook they bought Instagram a few years back And then they just kind of implemented the whole Instagram advertising platform into the Facebook, Ads manager, And so we’ll show you guys how to set that up.

So real, quick guys, We just want to cover some specs on setting up your Instagram ad. So if you go here, I just did a quick, google search. I’m saying like Instagram, add Video links, because you could do images, you could do multiple images, So you can like swipe through like you’re doing on Instagram right or you can even do article It’s like you can see this little. I think it’s bla la land koala lion article now you see like different Placement, so instagrams stories see the specs.

So if you’re, using a article just on the Instagram newsfeed right here, You can see the article length it has to be one to 60 seconds. Okay, so it’s longer than that, they won’t actually allow you to run the ad on Instagram. Okay. So then they come come down here and show you some different technical requirements. So if you go to facebook.Com or what I would do is I would just google Instagram, add article length or something like that, and it was the first search result.

That’s how I kind of found this page right now. We want to go through and check out the Instagram stories, because for those of you guys who would use Instagram, you know you’ve got the feed and Then they kind of copied snapchat a few years back or maybe a year. So I can’t wear the exact time frame, But you’ve got the stories at the top Okay. So it’s pretty cool because you’re going through clicking through your stories, You can actually show up an ad right there and just you know it’s it’s a little bit more in in people’s face, I guess so Kind of cool.

But if you look at this, you can only have a article for 1 to 15 seconds right, so you want to probably shoot a different article based off of where the placement is and make it specific to what’s actually happening and Anyway. So I just want to hit that really quick. Now, Let’s jump over to Facebook And I’m going to show you guys how to go through and get into the ads manager and set up these ads on Instagram right.

So we’re going to either come over here to the ads manager Under the Explorer tab, on the left, hand, column or you come up here to the deck, drop-down right, arrow and going to say, create ads. Okay, so we’re going to cut coming here. It’s going to take us into the Facebook Ads manager and we’re just going to do start over and, Let’s just say, you’re at the initial A Center that kicked me in right into crate, an ad but let’s say we’re starting completely from scratch.

So we’re going to go through and Let me just exit out some of these things so we’re going to go through and create a new campaign all right, So we’re going to say, create a campaign and it’s going to first ask us: What is our marketing objective? Okay, so just like Facebook, This is the same exact thing, but it’s for Instagram. Okay, so, like what objective do we want to Accomplish? Do you want people to read our article? I want people to click to our blog or our website.

You want to generate leads like what do we really want to get at okay, so for this example, Let’s just say we want people to click to our website or a blog, so we’re going to click on traffic for it — here And then we’ll just give It a quick name, then, whatever you want, but I’m going to say: Instagram, demo, Okay and so we’ll hit continue there, And then we could give this ad set an a. This. Is we’re going to go through and choose the target who we want to actually Target, and this is where we’re going to tell Facebook that hey, We don’t want it to just show up on Facebook.

We wanted to show up on Instagram or show up on Instagram and Facebook. You can choose both or choose one or the other. Okay And we’ll show you guys how to do that here in a second, so we’re going to say: Instagram Advertising, demo, okay, just type that in right there, real, quick and So where he come down, we’re going to choose the audience right for right now, I’m I Don’t know, let’s just say, we’re we’re going to target New York City, okay, New York City.

Let’s see it pop it right there, New York, New York, Okay, so that we could do Let’s say We’ll: do a ten-mile radius within New York see nine million people and then we could go and target. Let’s say we’re doing a 25 to 65 and people that, like basketball, okay, so now this is going to drop down to 1.8 million and Then what we’re going to do. This is where the whole Instagram Advertising placements comes into play, where you want to make sure that you’re choosing this right, so Facebook by default is going to say automatic play Smits and it’s going to show up on Every possible place that Facebook can show your ads.

So Facebook, newsfeed facebook, Messenger, Instagram instagrams stories their audience network, There’s a whole bunch of different options. But what you want to do you want to specifically target either the instagrams stories or the Instagram newsfeed. So we want to click on edit placements Come down, and this is kind of cool guys like, although Instagram is pretty much primarily used on your mobile phone, you can actually determine what device like, if you want to say, hey mobile, only or Desktop only or what I would probably do is just leave it as all devices Just because it’s probably not going to be a lot of people on desktop that are going to be going through and searching for Instagram.

But who knows it can happen? Ok, so now what we’re going to Do is what we, what we can do is go through an uncheck all of Facebook. We can uncheck all of audience Network uncheck, all of messenger home and we just choose Instagram feeds. Ok! So now, if we come back over here, We remember if we go to the Instagram feed, we can have a article for up to 60 seconds long, all right, Whereas with if we do the stories We have to do it, at least it has.

It can be a maximum of 15 seconds. Okay, so based off your creative, like whether you’re using a article or image, You could still use an image right. It’s it’s not a problem, But if you’re going to go through and say you want to show the article on your stories and on the news feed, It has to be able to match both of those so like it has to be less than 15 seconds. And if it’s longer, then it’s not going to be able to show up on the stories.

It’s only going to be on the news, feed. Okay. So sometimes, if you’re really going to get detailed into your advertising on Instagram, maybe what you want to do is shoot a different article for the Instagram story. That’s less than 15 seconds. Okay, It’s kinda just like more of a quick hit and then The news feed. You can have a little bit longer article if you’re like, let’s say you’re in real estate and doing an open house And going through and showing that, whereas with stories, If you’re doing an open house, maybe you just got your camera up to your face and say: Hey Jason, We’re up here We’re doing an open house on this day.

Hope to see you there swipe up, because you can actually have them swipe up and click the link And I’ll send you more of the details. Okay, So those are kind of things worse like on your newsfeed. If you have 60 seconds, you can give a little bit more Run-through of the actual whole whole home there. So that’s kind of the differences here For this example. We’ll just choose them both and you can’t so guys get this.

You can go through and choose Instagram and click on Facebook and choose multiple Choose all these different platforms Or you can create a an advertising campaign. Just targeting Instagram and another one just targeting Facebook, So you can kind of see that split test and see the results of how things convert on one Versus how they convert on the other. All right So we’ll see you out of both those right.

Now You can see 1.4 million people and we’ll come down. We can choose a budget, we can do a daily budget. We can do a lifetime budget so like. If you wanted to kind of say, hey I’m going to spend 10 bucks a day, 20 bucks say five bucks day Whatever or you’re like. I only have a lifetime budget of Let’s say: 100 dollars. I want to spend oh that’s thousand hundred dollars And I want to spend that over the next month right So then, you can kind of say: hey spent, set a start and end date and obviously that’ll kind of I mean it won’t necessarily Spend exactly like three Dollars per day, What Facebook does is little starts.

Taking that look at the data and after the first week They’ll say: okay, Tuesdays and Fridays actually perform better. So then, the following weeks, they’ll save up more of the budget for those specific days. Okay, So you’re doing a lifetime budget and it’s not all spending evenly consistently, Don’t worry, They will spend it but they’re trying to optimize it for you, whereas if you’re doing a daily budget, They will shoot to spend, let’s say ten dollars a day every single day.

Okay, So now just coming down link clicks, We could just leave that, as is Difference between link, clicks and landing page views just really quick if you’re brand new to this whole Instagram Advertising or Facebook advertising so link clicks is if they they have the ad and They click on the link that Counts as a link, click and the difference between that and a landing page view If, let’s say somebody’s on their mobile device and they’re like on the subway or something like that.

I don’t get a lot of really good service and they click it that counts for the link clicks. But maybe, if the page doesn’t fully load, then They didn’t really even see what you’re trying to get them to click on right. So if you’re going to go through and optimize a little bit deeper and say hey, I only want to go. I want to optimize for people that are actually going to get landing page views, so they click the link and the page actually loads.

That’s a little bit farther into things And so you’re going to get a little bit better result. So obviously you can go through optimize for either one of those We’ll just leave that link clicks for right now and then we’ll just hit continue and then from here. We can go through and create our Instagram post, okay, and What you want to do typically is add an account. Add your Instagram account. Okay, so you just add an account and you put in your login credentials right there.

You can add an existing account create a new account, whatever it might be, okay And then, as you’re going through, you can go and add the image you can add the you know a carousel would basically be multiple images. So like someone who, like can swipe, You know how, like they have the new feature, We’re like you, can see a post and at like five or ten photos or whatever it is. You can swipe through all the different images.

The articles like we mentioned you want to have 15 seconds Or less if it’s on the Instagram stories, 60 seconds or less on the actual news, feed. Okay, So we’ll go through, We’ll choose an account or you can say if you don’t have an Instagram account or you don’t want to use. If you want to Use a separate one, you can say hey. This is my facebook business page. I want to run things from and use the selected Facebook page as the insta clike up as the the profile on Instagram.

Okay, so that’s best well just leave there, or, as I mentioned you guys, can add into your Instagram account their login. So it’s directly from that account And then, let’s say you’re going through upload a article. You just click that plus button or upload article right here or we can say browse library. Let’s see, I Think, okay, that one’s 50 seconds long this one’s 10 seconds long. So this one can go in both stories right there So like this is kind of a quick article of this home.

So we can go. Have this on the story. We can have this on the newsfeed on both of those and then throw in the website. Url of Where you want to send these people to you so like let’s say It’s Google com, obviously it’s not! You probably want to send them to an actual landing page To get some leads or your website or what But you’re able to see like a quick preview of what this is going to look like okay, So you can see right here.

This is the Instagram feed and then Okay story, media, a speculation has to be smaller than equal Okay, so this is. This is another key point That you can see the specs right over here. So, if you’re doing the Instagram stories, You can see it’s more of like that vertical like how that layout is. So you need to match that, so that the the ratio is the same as that for when you’re doing a story. Okay, so What I would need to do is go back in and see how this is more of that Horizontal view.

We need to make it more just the same ratios, to fit on the Instagram stories there: Okay, which is fine, It’s totally fine, but right now We’re just going to continue on with this, and then we come in here type your text. This is basically just like the the text That would be in your post kind of your typical thing. You see that right there and then You can do learn more ply now here all these different types of contacts or call-to-action buttons right here, I’m just going to learn more just going to leave it at that cuz.

I like. I know it’s not like super In-your-face like sign up down on Oh back by now, or anything like that. Just learn more, It’s kind of more that discovery phase, and then we come down here and that’s pretty much it you hit confirm and you are set ready to go and you’re going through it’s showing that add to the specific people you targeted and with a specific Budget that you chose and Then you’re able to go, see how many clicks and all that stuff inside the ads manager Happened from that post case.

You can see how much cost for someone to go through and click to your website, How much it cost for people to go through and like or comment on the post, all those different options Inside the ask manager all right so anyway, guys Hopefully this was helpful – Is a quick little Instagram advertising tutorial for complete beginners, just kind of get you that foundation of going through and Setting up your ads with Instagram, whether it’s on the stories or the Instagram newsfeed? So if you guys found this article helpful go ahead, give it a thumbs up, Also comment down below.

If you guys have any questions and I’m happy to answer every single other questions I like to go through and respond to every comment people make on my blog here and if you’re brand new here My name is Jason Wardrop And I want every single day on How to generate more leads, make more money and grow your business so go ahead and subscribe Hit that notification belt so you’ll be notified. Every single time I go with live, I’m going to start doing, live trainings, Which is going to be super fun for you.

For me for everyone – And so anyway make sure you guys subscribe hit that notification bell, and I will see you all tomorrow:

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