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How I Was Getting 1000 Instagram Followers Per Day On Using FaceBook Ads

Not necessarily you know, ecommerce with business related, but for the people that are trying to you know, grow the personal brand grow their. I guess that you know their business brand whatever it is and not you know, use what all these other people are saying assume like. Oh use the algorithm get organic followers stuff like that, and you know you can do that.

But this article is going to be some. You know paid ads and trying to use that to gain followers and kind of my results with that and showing you guys the back end of that. So you guys can kind of replicate and do the same thing now. Basically, what I was doing, okay, just to give you guys an overview before we hop into the laptop screen here, is I wanted to figure out a way to gain organic Instagram followers right and pay as little as possible, but not go the typical route of like Buying a shout-out from an influencer or trying to use the algorithm, or you know doing anything like that because you know it, for instance, if you’re new to this blog right, I own e-commerce businesses, I own software’s, I own sass companies, you know social media marketing companies.

It’s like I do marketing for a living. That’s what I do, and so I wanted to basically apply that to my personal brand on Instagram and see what we could kind of get done there. Okay, but that sort of makes sense now to kind of go over. That now right, it’s basically what I decided to do was. I was going to run Instagram story ads. Okay, so you know the ads you see when you’re on someone like reading like swiping through people’s stories.

Okay, I was running it in scream story ad to try and gain followers now, because my personal brand is very, you know, angled towards sort of like content and business. I get a lot of people in the business space that want to like get started with dropshipping, like I start with e-commerce. Those are the people that are really interested in my brand in me and those are the people that follow me. I want to target those people now by doing so.

Okay, you can’t again just telling someone to follow. You isn’t going like like to me like the good. This is my train of thought right. Telling someone to follow me right off. The bat is going to be a lot harder than using some psychology to actually get them to follow me instead and what it, what a minute. So, basically, when I was running the the instagrams type of bad guys, but basically I was telling people to do is.

I was saying hey if you want to get started in e-commerce or dropshipping, because that’s what my brands about right so again add them. In that event, that might not be the case with your brand, but that’s where you kind of like spin it and put it push it on something like whatever your brand is doing right, but my brand is around e-commerce. You know drop shipping and content. So my ads were just a article of me right next to my car.

Now, I’m just saying: hey if you guys want to get started with e-commerce or drop shipping just swipe up okay, because the swipe is just going to lead them to my profile. My Instagram profile all right, I said swipe up and then shoot me, a message shoot me a DM and I’ll get you set up. Okay, that was literally all I was saying and I’ll play the ad here and then it will hop into business. I so I can kind of like break it down and show that to you guys, but again, that’s the psychology I was using is I wasn’t.

I’m people to follow me? Okay, because that’s going to be a lot more expensive and harder for people just like. Oh okay, I’m just going to listen to them in and follow up. That’s not it! You need to a you need to offer value. It has to be some sort of value exchange in that. So I always like people hey. I will help you get started with e-commerce or drop shipping. Alright, just shoot me a DM now on Instagram right, at least as of this date, when I’m recording it and when the ads were running all right.

When someone swiped up, they saw my account. There’s two ways that could either shoot me a message right, cuz, that’s. What I was telling to do is shoot me, a message that they could get started because they want to get certain e-commerce right. That was the value proposition. Now they had two ways to message me: either one was going to be going my profile and then they have to click follow and then they can click message, because it’s the same button.

Okay, they can do that or most people don’t know about this. But like you go up to the little three dots or whatever and then click send a message which takes longer and most people don’t know about that right. So it was like all’s. You think I was doing as I was saying: hey shoot me a message so when people did that they swiped up in profile, they would just follow me and then they’d shoot me a message and shoot me a DM okay and that’s how I was doing that’s What I was doing to literally gain a thousand followers a day, spending thirty dollars a day on ads.

Okay. So that’s what I was doing now we’re going to hop into the screen here and get the screen recording software set up real, quick and I’ll. Show you guys a little breakdown to that. So you guys can kind of replicate that for your own personal grants, um again just to try and give you guys some value and just quick plug by the way subscribe. If you haven’t already now, we set this up alright guys.

So we are currently in one of my ad accounts right now and, as you guys see, we have four four different, basically four different assets that I was playing around with for this campaign. So again I was spending $ 30 a now, as you see I’ll name. I named it one of something up so dropshipping famous entrepreneurs SMS, like social media marketing and then job should being copied, which was a copy of this one.

Now, as you guys ever see so they’re all inactive right now, because I was playing out with some of Facebook stuff and Facebook, like I got in facebook, was like being weird about it, but I had this going for around five or four days. I don’t really know, but I hit here the stats right so again, basically with what I was doing. Okay, so my cost per is what I was going for: link clicks and again I’ll hop into each actual ad in a quick second.

But I just want you guys to see the numbers right, so we’re spending $ 10 every single day, all right and in total right during a lifetime of this, which really wasn’t too long. Usually like four or five days, we got 6040 link links for this. One 6700 around that one around 7,000. For this one, an adjacency we were only paying one or two cents per link: click. Okay! Now here’s the thing too! Is you know with that? Obviously we see this one here for 16 likes to do with that.

One wasn’t running: that’s why I wasn’t spending $ 40 a day, because I was testing it. It’s all about testing guys. You got a test on Facebook. It goes with. You know, with your e-commerce businesses, with your brands, whatever it is. Whenever you on Facebook, any social media ad platform paid out a platform if it comes out to testing. But as you can see here, we were getting one link, click or one cent, link, click to send, link loose here and then total reach.

We had over a million people that we reached in over a million 100,000 people impression wise now, if we hop into one of these. So let’s hop into this one, which was the cheapest one, just kind of drop shipping. Okay, so happened the ad for this one. Now, as you see, we had the main article going up and then a blooper one, just because my brand isn’t like super serious. I’m really only serious in like some of these YouTube articles, I’m trying to give you guys value, but this one was the main article again I’ll.

Have that one playing, but it’s like the same one from earlier, but basically that’s the one that we were doing and, as you can see, 7,000 link clicks here. We reached 400 65,000 people, impressions 500,000 and then again we spent $ 75 and had one link click. Okay, now this started again october 3rd was the last big edit on it. So it’s around that time frame, which is what you’ll playable. I hop into social blade in a quick second, okay, now we’re actually going to go in here and click Edit.

Just so, I can kind of break down um, the actual targeting or whatnot, for you guys go back to the campaign or show you the asset and then we’ll hop into the drop in one click, edit, okay, so we’re in here now. This is the actual targeting. I was using for this particular ad set, so as you can see locations, I said United States, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom well sure so I was trying to go for more like eyes like higher quality traffic, not necessarily like, like just other places.

Other words that made not necessary, like speak English, always kind of stuff, more people that be relevant or, in my brand, all right, age-wise. I said 1435, gender, all and then languages, English, now the actual interests in targeting right so interest, Aliexpress, BigCommerce, DHgate, dropshipping econ econ. So again, this one I was, I was really just hitting a bunch is I was interest, stacking, okay, that’s like a term civilian.

So, basically, that’s what I was doing with this kind of breaking all this kind of stuff down. I wasn’t really excluding anyone out of it and again I was only running on stories, so only doing story ads, because that’s what my actual ad was primed and set up for saying swipe up, shoot me a DM, and then I think actually this was edited, though Site, I really only started with Instagram and I really only did Instagram stories um.

I think at the last moment before I stopped running this, I changed it to Facebook now Romilly yep strolling out here to optimization and delivery guy. So again, we’re charging for link clicks, that that was our objective for the actual ad set and again that’s the expected of a 30 or 190, but basically guys that’s just the type. I just really wanted to show you guys what was working for me and how I was you know getting a thousand plus photos a day, all right.

Well, I want to hop in social. You guys and kind of show you guys. The actual like day-by-day, follow her growth. You know this is when I first started YouTube for started actual branding myself in content or not, but as you can see, it cuts off here On February 3rd, but we were running this ad set and October guys. But this is what I was using to gain a thousand followers a day for $ 30 ad spent every single day just testing these different ad sets right.

So again, this was called the dropship on. As you see, the interests were targeted. You know it with Intuit the interest being around drop shipping or e-commerce right. So if we go to this one, the famous entrepreneur one and we’ll click this one and then you guys can see so these are just like popular entrepreneurs that I was targeting as well. Right so Gary Vaynerchuk anchor donut russell brunson, all these guys, Tim Ferriss when I grow like all of these guys, okay and then I didn’t also think where I was doing like books just to get people really really really invested like babe.

They they knew who these entrepreneurs were, and they were reading some of the stuff that they published, sighs or just like in conjunction with that. So again, these are just some of the like Think and Grow Rich 4-hour workweek. All this kind of stuff get not excluding it, but just they have to also matter so narrowing it. Basically, okay, that was basically this ads again, I was running basically, I was running the same article for all these okay guys there was just different interests and they were getting all spending $ 10 a day again, location-wise all the same age of the same gender.

The same language, the same there’s just the actual interest: okay and then for this one social, media marketing or when you guys do that, one real, quick, again everything you say the same up here: okay and then down here. We get social media, so digital marketing, online advertising, social media marketing it just those three that I was testing. As you see, that was a little bit more expensive. I think it was two cents versus one cents with drop shipping.

So that’s the one that I really really really should be focusing on scaling. But again I had some problems with Facebook, so I stopped running that after five six days, but this is just a quick article. I just wanted to break this down, to show you guys that you know to gain followers on Instagram or to grow your personal brand. You know on Facebook in store whatever you’re deciding to do. It’s not, you know, always have to go like the pure organic route because it does take longer so I was just kind of experienced.

I was like okay. What, if I do marketing for myself for my personal grant? Actually, I gained fall over, it’s like what can I do down that sort of Avenue, and this is kind of what I got and I’m trying to show you guys. You know what I started doing in the future with this bug, and this is just a very quick article that I want to do, because I literally have a flight to Bali that I have to go out and leave soon for, but that is the article guys.

I really hope you guys enjoyed. I hope you guys learned something. I hope you guys use this to apply it to your own personal brand, to your own stores, whatever you’re trying to grow. Because again, I think this is a really really really cheap and efficient way to just get a lot of exposure at all of attention to yourself to your brands, whatever you’re doing whatever you’re promoting okay guys. So I hope you guys enjoyed the article make sure to leave a like make sure.

There’s drop a comment, respond to everybody’s comments and don’t forget to subscribe guys. You know we’re out here doing articles ecommerce, Instagram branding whatever the deal may be. I hope you guys enjoy and I will see you guys in the next article – take care peace,


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