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How long should a blog post be? – Blogging Tips

Do I am a car starting about the length of a blog post? It’s a really common question that we get time and time again and it’s come in on the QA for this week. Yes, Marissa Jenkins has asked that question. How long should a blog post be and well I’ve decided to take on that challenge because I know a thing or two about size or blog posts, just so what care blog post right? Marissa! Thanks for the question when it comes to the size of a blog post, there’s no hard and fast answer like everything in life, everyone is different.

Everyone is unique, some will be longer than others. Some will be shorter than worse. Some will need to be longer that aren’t long enough and some will be too short that they just can’t have enough energy. So how do you make sure you’ve got the right length of a blog post? It’s a tricky one to wait! Oh well! Let me give you some advice: conventional wisdom around SEO will tell you that anything over 350 words has a better chance of getting ranked well, that is true, but we found that actually blog posts longer than a thousand words get ranked even better.

In fact, only 6 % of bloggers are creating content with more than 2,000 words. So if you’re looking to stand out with a piece of content, maybe it needs to be over 2,000 words to really stand out. So that’s just if you’re looking for an epic piece of content that you really want to impact with. Maybe it needs to be 2,000 words or more now, for your standard, blog post. How long should that be? Well, it depends really on what the standard is again within your niche.

There’s going to be a lot of other bloggers, regardless of what you’re writing in, but you can be pretty sure that a good few blogger is already talking about this company, so maybe take a blog post of theirs copy it and then paste it into word and You’ll see the word count and do that for a couple of bloggers within your niche see what their typical length of blog post comes out like ten people pick 10 because the maps are in okay, kids take a note of how long the blogpost are, and that Will give you an average called the blog post, but most bloggers within your niche are producing.

It will give you an idea what your benchmark should be for standard content. What your benchmark should be for super pieces of content and it’ll also give you an idea as if you wanted to do a short, quick, well postal, a short Creek Road close to you or I could be 3 or 500 words for two people within your niche. A short blog post could be just 100 words, or it could be a thousand words, so understanding where your niche is in terms of the types and length of blog posts that are going out there will help.

You then decide how long your blog post should be for us. For me, in particular, our blog post generally, especially at the moment, are coming in well over 1,500 words, if not over 2,000 words, in fact, I’ve just written a first draft or vocals. Today, that’s two thousand two hundred and fourteen words and that’s like forged wrap, so that will give you an idea of the types of content we create now.

Having said that, most of the content we create will have a kind of help to list element to it. So we’re trying to convey a message, we’re trying to show people how to do something or we’re explaining something. So that does take time to convey in a blog post, whereas if it was a quick bit of news like our fantasy football side, when we report on the news, those articles would probably be just about 350 400 words, no more, no less precise enough to give You the facts, but not long enough to bore you, so that’s what you’re kind of looking at so there is no definitive hard and fast answer.

Look at! What’s going on within your niche look at what other people are doing and then decide. Does this style of blog post, I’m writing soup the length of time I have to write above 4. So if you’re writing a hell, when you’ve only got time, maybe to not go 500 words, you might be able to do one at the time you have. You. May need to read you your schedule to push that whenever maybe write it at a later date, so just think about the style of blog post.

Can you convey what you need to convey within that style within a limit and that’s what it comes down to and really the best piece of advice? I can give you when it comes to how long a vocal should be is a blog post. It always be as long as it needs to be with short enough to be engaged, so don’t try and draw it out just because you’re trying to hit a word count and if you can take out some unnecessary words.

I do suggest you do something. In fact, I linked to a recent article in the description below with nine ending tips for bloggers, and it’s something that I spoke about recently on the blog that will help you wan na, come to editing your blog content and also will have a bearing on how Long, your blog posts are going to be so what I will say is don’t worry about it, really how long it’s going to be, but if you want it to rank well, then it’s got to be over 350.

As we know, I would say it’s got to be over five, at least if you really want to stand out from the crowd. You’ve got to do something bigger and bolder than what’s already out there, but don’t start out creating a piece of blog content with a ward count in mind. Have it as long as it needs to be, but short enough to cover all of the points. So that’s it Marissa. Thank you very much for your question today and don’t forget folks.

If you’ve got a question, you want me to answer, you can leave in the comment section below or you can send me an email. It’s still up content dot Academy, but that’s it for me for this Tuesday and until next Tuesday happy blogging

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