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How To Use Google Adwords For Beginners (2020) – Complete Google Adwords Tutorial ( Marketing)

So I wanted to go through and show you guys some of the updates here and also Sean commented on one of my article cuz the other day, and I do a lot of stuff on facebook advertising all that good stuff. They said hey what about adwords like what do you do on adwords and all that stuff, so I want to show you guys just To be completely transparent.

I have a lot more experience in facebook advertising, but I’ve been able to see some really good results in google adwords as well, so guys. Also, if you want this little checklist, I made for you all, i’m showing you breaking down exactly how I create my campaigns. Exactly what boxes to check to uncheck the bidding strategy and all that stuff just comment down below just come in adwords and Then also just for the fun of it comment with your favorite ice cream, queso with adwords and then one of your favorite ice cream.

Isn’t you know ice cream, then I Don’t know. Maybe we won’t give this to you here, but anyway guys. So you guys want that will make sure you guys get that alright guys. So this article is going to be Specific to setting up a article marking campaign, and so i’m going to give you the complete rundown, how to set the campaign, what boxes check, but all that different stuff. Now you know i’ll probably make different series that going through and hit different parts, the adwords platform, but there’s a lot of different things you can do with adwords.

You can set up campaigns for the google search. Google display network There’s a whole different, a bunch of different platforms. I’ll show you guys that here in a second. So, as far as like kind of the the beginner tutorial for google advertising, google adwords, This is going to be break down the article marketing side of things. Okay, so right here, this is kind of like you’re made advertising platform.

So if you guys are familiar with facebook, advertising Same type of thing right here, so we’re going to do is click over here on this plus button. Okay and, like I said guys, this is the new Platform that they’ve just updated. I think they have to like about a month ago, So, if you’re familiar with the old platform and you’re like man, i’m not really sure how to make this whole new platform. Work is pretty similar.

I don’t know why they always change things, but they do so. This is kind of like the quick rundown. Alright, So we’re going to do is we’re going to click on new campaign. Right here, you guys Can see, is to select a campaign type so similar to how you know. Facebook advertising starts out, And what we’re going to do is article right here, but you can see all the different options, so you have search.

So if someone types in to the search bar google says like basketball, shoes or whatever they’d be able to pop your ad right, there display is basically like banners on all these different ads or i’m not as sorry, banners on different blog sites shopping. Obviously, if you’re going through and shopping and universal app, that’s kind of like going through and pushing app, installs and being on different apps and all that stuff.

So What we’re going to do is choose article right here. Okay, now guys i’ve tested a little bit both on both of these, but what I like to do is typically product and brand consideration. Okay, so brand awareness rhesus is just more of like going through and getting mass exposure for as little as possible product and brand consideration. I’ve found like when you’re going for conversions and leads This is the best way to go through and set that up right.

So we’re just going to click on this all right. So then, if We’re going to come down, says campaign subtype, obviously, if you’re going through and doing e-commerce Or shopping, if you got like a shopify store, you’ll probably want to click on shopping. For me, what i’m? Just going more for like Lead generation of getting people to opt-in to you, whatever landing page, i’ve got Set up, I like to do standard consideration right here, okay, So what we’ll do now is we’ll just click continue and it’ll.

Take us into this aspect of things where we choose like our budget, we choose which audience we want to target and You’ll see we’ll be able to hit a bunch of other things and, like I said guys on that little spreadsheet, I had for you guys where That little pdf download, as I mentioned, if you guys type in adwords, plus your favorite ice cream i’ll, get you guys that, because I break down Exactly all these different things, even when you get an additional settings, what to do there and there’s some important things where, If you don’t, do it the right way, you’re going to end up losing a ton of money? Alright.

So for this example, let’s just say: we’ve got the test campaign right, So we want to just give the campaign a name and then, as far as the the daily budget, this is obviously up to you of what you go through and start with, like I like, If you’re getting started, just barely i’d, say, maybe try out ten to twenty dollars somewhere in there. I typically start out around 25 to 50 dollars depending on the campaign, and what my end goal is how big the audience is, but for this example, let’s just Say we’ll, say 20 bucks per day.

All right also, you guys, Can see hey i’m going to set a campaign total, so I only want to spend $ 100 or $ 500,000 or whatever the number is, so you can switch that up right there, All right. So if you come down here to delivery method method, so standard is you can see right here? Suspend your budget Evenly over time. Okay versus accelerated! Hey it’s going to spend your budget as quickly as possible so like, if you’re, targeting the words basketball, shoes and And like from 7 to 8 a.

M. First thing in the day, there’s tons of people searching that it’s going to go through and show your ad as Many times as possible right out the gate, But then the rest of the day. It’s not really going to show your ads, so I like to go through and I like to use standard, alright guys so for start and end dates right here you can see you can start as soon as possible. You can select a certain date in the future and an end date as well, so you kind of set that up how you want it.

If you want Just ongoing you just say you know as soon as ads are approved and then there’s no end date. Well, you got To go back in and make sure you’re keeping an eye on it So that it doesn’t go through and spend tons of money, and you have no idea – and You owe a lot of money to google now. Okay, so don’t do that And that networks guys this is huge kay. We want to do youtube, search results, Youtube articles and we want to uncheck article partners on the display network right.

So the display network Honestly is more beneficial for google because it gives them so much more traffic To work with, but it’s kind of a different beast. Okay, so we wanted on youtube articles and youtube search results, because that keeps everything within youtube’s platform. Okay, on youtube.Com. There’s opposed to the display network, Where that gets into a wide variety of different sites, and we don’t really know what’s going on there, so we just want to Stay away from all that all right.

So now, if we come down to languages, obviously like if you’re running something in english or spanish or portuguese, Or whether the languages I like to just go through and make it so it’s specific to whatever language i’m doing if you’re speaking english in the article, you Don’t want somebody speaking like hebrew or something like that reading your article, because if i’m not going to understand it right and then locations, obviously you can do you know states, united states, canada.

This is all specific to you and your business and what you, where you’re, really trying to target ok bidding strategy. I always just leave it at maximum cpv devices. Although eligible devices just leave it there, frequency capping. Ok, hey guys! All of these options there’s a little button that I clicked a little bit earlier to says, show more all settings and that’s these are only going to show up If you click that.

Ok, so don’t skip Over this, because this is huge and you can actually waste a ton of money if you’re not doing this correctly. Ok, So what we’re going to do over here, it says, set a limit to no To how many times your ads appear to the same user right so, let’s say You’re going on there and let’s say: there’s like this 20 year old kid. So, let’s just say me: i’m going on there, i’m looking for a new basketball shoes right like got all the shoes in the back, i’m always looking for new basketball shoes.

I love those and i’m searching all these articles and you’re, saying like i’m going to target people with this article for people looking for basketball, shoes, ok and I go through and I type in you know: basketball shoes and I readed one article and it’s like lebron Basketball, shoes, kobe, the basketball, shoes, michael jordan basket. I got all these different ones and I’m seeing your ads so many times and it gets to a point where it’s like.

Ok, it’s really annoying keep on seeing your ad and I get the point. I know what you’re talking about. I know what you’re you’re trying to get across right, So we want to go through and limit the amount of times. One person is going to go through and see our ad everyday and The number of times it’s actually going to pop up and show to them. So what we like to do is come over here and say: Set a number of impressions now usually like to do two and the number of views I usually like to do one or two Okay, so one or two I don’t know, let’s just start to in Here for right now, and then, if we come down here, let’s say so: content Exclusions.

Okay, this is another big one. Okay, I hope all of the frequency capping made some sense, because this is really important because a lot of times when people go through and search for a specific result or keyword or whatever they’re doing a lot of searches so like. If your ads going to keep popping up, people keep popping up, just gets annoying okay, so jumping over here to content exclusions. What I like to do is I like to exclude all mature audiences and obviously depends on your offer, depends on what you’re doing, but typically for most offers all that stuff.

You just don’t want like that. The mature type articles for your ad to be displayed on there. It’s typically like not the best traffic, then also. I also like to opt out of all three of these. So embedding youtube articles live streaming articles in games. Okay, it’s like someone’s playing a game. They don’t really care about your ad sorry they just they just don’t. If they’re reading a livestream article there and they’re interested in what’s going on, live they’re, not interested in your ad okay and then embedded, you see articles you don’t know where those are going to be embedded.

Okay, so I like to go through and uncheck those or check all those, and then typically this obviously is depending on your audience. I also like to go through and check all of these Sensitive content right. So this you can see all these are beta sexually suggestive. Profanity sensational shock you, like all that stuff social issues like you’re catching people a lot of times and all that stuff and pretty like emotional Situations, so they’re not really in the right mindset to go and react and respond to your ad right.

So, like I just like To leave it out of there There’s a lot of traffic on google, you don’t need to go through and have every single person seeing your stuff. You want to catch them at the right time. Okay, all right so ad schedule all right! This is kind of self-explanatory, But you can say hey. I want to run all day every single day and that’s great, because you’re able to see okay is it going to work best on the weekends on the like on Midweek or what days are going to actually work best.

So I typically like to start out by just saying all all days every single day, however, for me, I like to run live ads for live trainings. Okay, so I do my live trainings every thursday. So what that means is like, if i’m running an ad on thursday right After the live training, they got ta wait to the next thursday. It’s like it’s almost like too far out in advance, So usually like. I don’t run my ads on thursday, friday saturday and I usually start like on sunday, and so I can say, like hey, I want to run on monday from let’s say just 12:15 a.

M. To 11:45 p.M. We add okay and then we just go through and we Do this for Tuesday then wednesday, then thursday, they’d, like all the days that I want to run them it’s specific to that, the time zones k and honestly like It doesn’t. I haven’t seen a huge difference if you’re like running them in the middle of the day or the middle of the night, Or whatever i’ve seen sign ups on both. So it kind of just depends on it’s more.

It’s more you’re targeting Okay, which we’ll get to here in a second right, so that those are kind of like the initial. That’s that first top half now we’re going to do is create our ad group okay. So this gets into more of the Targeting of like who we want to specifically target okay, so our ad group name we’re going to say test demo and then the maximum cpv Cpv bid. What does that mean? So it means the maximum cost per view.

Bits like how much you’re willing to pay For someone to view your article so like you can see right here. Maximum cpu cost per view bid. It’s the highest amount, you’re willing to pay for someone to view your article ad, so Google adwords is all a bidding system right so like if you go through, and you only have so much so many like people reading each article and let’s say you’ve – got this Basketball shoes, article and somebody’s willing to pay 20 cents every single time.

Somebody read that article okay versus another person might be willing to pay 30 cents every single time that purchase someone reades that article so based on this person’s daily budget right here. The person that is willing to pay 30 cents they’re going to be in first place and they’re going to take Priority to all the people, viewing the article before the 20 cents person, okay, but then, once that person has spent their $ 20 at a budget, then This person is now going to take priority.

Okay, so that’s kind of how it works, just a bidding and if you’re not getting abuse, You want to up your budget if you’re getting like you know, if you’re spending too much money or whatever you can like lower your budget, a little bit where I typically Like to start out with this – and this obviously is really depending on how competitive your niche, how competitive your market is, I like to start out with 20 cents per view? Okay, if you’re spending more than that you’re, probably spending a little bit more than you really need to.

However, if it’s a really Hot niche, it’s very competitive and you’re, not seeing the beus, you might need up it like. I do have some Where I go up to, like, I think 50 cent’s alright, but that’s for every single person to read your article. That’s not a lead! Okay or that’s! Not even someone clicking your article to your website. It’s just somebody. Reading your ad okay sign easement that I hope you guys get that right there can this popular articles a bit adjustment, you could say: okay, there’s like a really hot popular article like it hits trending or whatever They say hey.

You know. If there’s a popular article, are you willing To spend a little bit more to like be shown on there, and so you could say: hey i’m willing to spend 50 % more 75 % more or whatever? I think we don’t do that. I don’t really worry about that, just because there’s enough other traffic other places that you don’t need that, okay, So moving on guys here to the people who you want to reach the demographics okay, this is getting a little bit more into the targeting okay.

So we can say: okay based off your products, and this is going to be a little bit different for everyone right i’ll show you guys what I do to be a little bit different for everyone. I real estate agents, real estate brokers, loan officers, mortgage brokers, all that so female male unknown doesn’t really matter. Okay, like doesn’t matter the gender then over here, typically, if someone’s 65 plus for my market they’re – probably not really going to be actively doing stuff, and I go into like talking about technology stuff, and so sometimes that could be a little bit over their head and A lot of times, if someone’s 18 to 24 they’re, almost a little bit too young to really go through and connect and see my stuff whereas like if you got a shopify store, if you’re doing something else, You might be wanting to target more of the younger Crowd yarn community so based on your product, based on your offering what you’re doing you know just go through and target those those ages right there, okay, parental status, I don’t mess anything there.

You can and then household income just Because i’m taking people to a live training and i’m selling like a fairly high ticket products. I don’t want people like if we don’t know their how sold income. I don’t really want that that traffic, because it’s unknown right and then the lower 50 %. I don’t want just kind of like freebie secret type people. I want people that are willing to invest in their business into themselves and what they’re doing and then sometimes I uncheck this one.

It’s kind of like a back and forth thing, but basically they soft, like the the product, amount that you’re selling and who you’re working with you can go through and check on or off the household income items All right so now guys here is where we can Get detailed on who we want to target okay, So the audience is so you only want to do one of these four Okay, you don’t want to do all of them. You want to just do one of the four and I’ll show you guys kind of how to go through and use each and every one of these okay.

So the audience is So this one, this affinity, okay, that means groups of people based on their long-term Interests. So you click on this and you go through. What you have to do is you’ve got To create an affinity audience first. I wouldn’t really start here. I like i’ve Tested a little bit, but I haven’t really gotten to this a lot. So I would just like leave that to the side for just getting started, Intent and life events.

You see like in-market audiences case so like they’re in market for auto moto’s automotives business services. It’s like you can go through and target like they’re in the market for real estate right software. You got all these different options right there remarketing. This is really cool because you can remark it to everyone: who’s readed, one of your youtube articles before anyone the subscribe, you blog, you can remark it to anyone.

This visited your website. Okay, so, like you could set up your google, google tracking, your google analytics on your site and then anyone that’s visit your site, your blog, your landing page, whatever you Can remark it to them on google. So now You can go through and show your ads to them on google, on facebook on instagram and that you’re like everywhere right, so that’s pretty cool. You can also upload a customer database.

You can see youtube users similar audiences, that’s kind of like facebook’s look-alike audiences. Just like once, you upload, let’s say everyone, who’s readed, your youtube articles like let’s say us, maybe a thousand people. What google do is they’ll automatically create, what’s called a similar audience to the people that have already readed your article Okay, so it has to get to a certain level as have so many people in the audience.

I want To say it’s a thousand, not a hundred percent sure on that, but then they’ll automatically create it. Okay, you don’t have to go through and create it. They just automatically create it. There is so you can see. I’ve got several similar audiences based off leads and other things that i’ve uploaded there. Okay, So those are kind of the audience’s. If you pick one of these, you don’t pick any of these all right.

That’s that’s my words of wisdom right there, okay and then you just skip down here to create your article ad, which we’ll get to that here in A second and then or you can go through and say, hey. I want to target a keyword. Okay, so the keywords would be like so, for example, if I want to type in basketball, shoes, kobe, basketball, shoes or lebron, whatever you know, it’s like you go through and I wouldn’t really type in more than five keywords per per ad group that you’re creating right Here, just because what happens typically is google will go through and They’ll see like oh basketball, shoes getting a lot and they won’t even really go through and show it to these other keywords: he’ll just show All to this specific one right here, okay, So I probably want to do that or you go suits through it.

You can see you know enter enter a related website to get keyword, ideas. It’s like you could enter in your competitors website and get some ideas, or you know your product or service or whatever, So some cool things you can do right there. So basically like when someone types in basketball shoes, your article would show up as a article ad when you’re setting that all up okay. So now any topic right here.

This is pretty general. I would stay away from this in my personal opinion and I’ll. Let you guys know so actually i’ll just share with you right now. I would start out if you guys are just going to start out. I would start out with the audiences and remarketing remarketing people have already readed your articles. Your customer list, people visit your website. That’s going to be your warmest best bet, you’re, going to get your best results right out of the gate.

Okay, then, from there I would probably go through and maybe target some keywords And then even the next one is placement. So this topics you Can see right here, people are interested in like games or health or hobbies or whatever you’ve got all these different options and then And remember guys, if you choose topics you’re not going to use either one of these other ones you’re just going To pick one or the other, okay and then the placements you can say, hey I want to go through.

This is a pretty cool. You could come in here and say I want to choose where my article is placed. So I have you gone through and say I want to go through and search for youtube blogs, youtube articles, websites or whatever. So we can say: hey basketball, shoes, okay and then, when we type that in we can say okay, we want the youtube blogs or youtube articles. So we look at this and look at this. This is going to be the top searches for when you type in basketball shoes, so we just click all of these and then, if our bidding is high enough, would somebody like this is basically a quick and easy way to get ranked number one in google? For your article right, because all these articles are already ranked on the first page for basketball shoes, so if you want people To see your stuff, all you got To do is shoot that article And go say hey.

I want to my ad to run on these specific articles on page one, so you guys So say: basketball, shoes or lebron shoes or something like that. Let’s say something, and they would come in here – choose all these and then Anyway, so you can’t see the idea and you can choose all these articles go through and show your stuff To you. So, like i’ll, usually pick about twenty to thirty articles in there to show my my ads to you just so like there’s enough traffic enough people reading, but obviously that’s basis based off of your keyword that you’re typing in here in the articles that you’re choosing alright.

Alright, so now we’re getting into the ad portion. Okay, so let’s just choose a random article. Okay would Obviously you want it. You want to choose your article, you don’t want to choose just a random one. So, like let’s say you tell, I mean, read a lot of basketball articles lately, we’ll just choose this one right here, But obviously this is like what you want to do. Is you want to go through and use the article that you uploaded, because this Could be your ad right and when you load it, you want to make it unlisted? Okay, so that not everyone on your blog seen it because it’s probably a little bit different type of ad or article than your typical articles on your youtube blog.

So you want to make it unlisted so that nobody else can see unless they have the direct url. So now we’re going to come over here we’re going to throw this article in here and then what I do is I do the in-stream ad, alright and then i’ll just show you guys the actual landing page. I use right here. Okay, so i’m just going to come in here, throw in the url Final url display and give it an ad name and hit save and continue and you’re done.

Okay, now really quick, let me hit a few things on the landing page because google’s actually, when you’re setting up these adwords campaigns, they’re pretty specific about what you can do, what you can’t do and it’s kind of a pain in the butt. Sometimes sometimes you got to get your your adwords rep on the phone and kind of have them look at stuff? Okay. So if you look at this, first of all, i’ve got a star up here.

Okay, so I said the simple system of real estate agent newbie use the three extra commissions just 37 days. Now Google will look at that and if I don’t have a star up there, they’re going to be like oh you’re, Promising that and not every person’s going to get that which is true like I i’m going to percent agree. That’s not true that every person is going to get it, but i’m saying a real estate agent newbie, i’m not saying that everyone, i’m not promising that they’re going to Get it.

So then you got To come down here and say: a disclaimer okay. These sales figures state above are my purse sales figures, so something kind of like that does basically a little disclaimer and then even like right here, jason where’s ab real estate lead generation specialist in the last 12 months to generate over twenty thousand five hundred real estate Leads I Even have to put a disclaimer on the stuff that I say: i’ve done.

Okay and then every single one of these bullet points. I put a disclaimer just some different things like that. Then you need your contact information. You need an email, you need a phone number, you need the terms of service privacy policy. These things are all I kind of pay in the butt, but they are What you have to have them to get approved and second for legal purposes. You also need to have them okay, so those are a few different items on your landing page or whatever pace you’re sending people and if you’re doing e-commerce like a shop, buy store.

You still need that stuff. You still need contact information. You still need terms of service privacy while all that stuff, so it’s not just if you run into like a landing page or whatever. Okay, So you give an ad name. You hit demo you’d hit, save and continue’ and You’re done all right so anyway, guys. Hopefully that was helpful as far as like the complete adwords tutorial for beginners here at 2018 kind of with all the new updates that google has with their advertising platform.

So If you guys have questions, go ahead and leave a question down there in the bottom, also, if you guys want i’ll, show you guys this one more time, this little pdf right here, just comment down below and come in adwords and then comment whatever your favorite Ice cream is sms before and I could get you guys that downloads so that you guys can have that is you’re going through. Creating this, you know, check step-by-step checklist, and so you can know exactly what you should be doing so you’re, not wasting tons of money and your advertising dollars are being best spent alright.

So, anyway, guys thanks so much again for reading today, If you guys are brand new here to my blog, my name is jason wardrop. I launch a article every single day on how to generate more leads. Make more money Grow your business. So if you guys liked it give it a thumbs up, comment down below with any questions, make sure you guys subscribe and with that said, I will see you all tomorrow.


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