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10 Digital Marketing Ideas For Your Small Business in 2018

It is there’s a Monday right, ha ha ha wherever you are, but it was promoted. Rowing and my mission is to actually help entrepreneurs like yourself to actually set up reliable and lucrative businesses that are profitable and enjoyable. If you’re reading this segment of the article you’re actually reading a article, that’s been recorded, live on Facebook.

So essentially I want you to type in the number 2 so that we actually know you know the people that are tuning in right now. So, if you’re in Melbourne right now, it should be past your lunchtime, so that should be right. I see Nicole, has just tuned in Anna or sheriff has just joined in Anna. You are seen reading this life. I do that right from the start, so that people get to understand, I mean so that I get to understand what time people are reading.

You know the article right so for those that are tuning in. Thank you so much for your time. I’m hoping that you’re! Well rested and it’s a good week for you. I really wish you a wealthy week ahead. Basically, my job is really simple. I help people like yourself start scale and grow a business, that’s profitable and enjoyable, and the reason why we stick around here every day. At 2 p.M. A est is so that I can help you navigate.

You know your online strategy, I’m using my four-step system, alright, so for those that are not well-versed with the four-step system, it is the online prosperity blueprint that would help you capture the right kind of clients, create the right kind of content and convert that audience and Also connect, you know with the audience that you want to be demanding money off of my seat, Nicole Saunders, you’re reading this live my life.

I hope you’ve been fantastic and you’re roaring. Like a tiger. I like that about your own blueprint, and I see Dean. Sprog has just tuned and thank you so much my man for tuning in all right. So you know right now. A lot of people are really being confused about this whole digital marketing lens. You know when Facebook yanked the you know the chain and then they stopped. You know they stopped. What do you call it? They stopped the reach of pages in our newsfeed that that you sort of disorientated a lot of businesses and Dean.

Yes, you’re reading this live. I am line all right so that disorientated, a lot of businesses and so many people are still confused. I know some of my clients, the crying foul, is because most of their online strategy was based on them being present on Facebook. But that’s the reason why we’re here so that we can help you. You know navigate the whole online space and also just to really really ask does any of you guys have a social media strategy if you’ve got one, can you type in the number one if you’ve got a source of media strategy? If you don’t, if you’re working on one, can you type in the number two if you need help working on one, can you type in the number three that would just give me an understanding of who is actually you know reading this show right now and what Do they possess come on guys, it’s 2018 tonight I mean and if you’re a small business doesn’t yet have a digital marketing strategy or a social media strategy by now, you’re, actually, being you know, you are already behind the competition? Alright, you are way beyond the competition Dean.

Can you also just type in the comments? What is it that you actually do so that I understand, maybe you need one or maybe you don’t need one all right. So that’s the reason why I’ve put together this article. It’s got at least off. You know some of the digital marketing strategies that I actually use that will get your business headed in the right direction, all right. So I want you to keep reading this so that you can learn more of some of the essential online marketing strategies that will actually put your business ahead off the competition, because, if you’re not doing this guess what your competition is actually doing it.

And if you don’t believe me tag your competitor in this article and then you’ll see why I’m talking about that? Alright, because, at the end of the day, what’s actually happening on, the market is if your competition is giving your audience or the people that you’re trying to reach out to a certain service or a certain way of dealing with them. Guess what happens? Guess what happens? Your audience and automatically anticipates that you they can also get it from you now.

If you are not giving it out, it’s going to be a problem now Dean says neither strategy mate. We can chat later absolutely and you can see what I’ve created here. I created a four-step system that you can literally plug and play into whatever it is that you’re doing, because everyone is out there. Looking for the right kind of client everybody out, there is looking to engage that audience and once you’ve engaged that audience, you want to convert them into lasting customers and then from there you’re going to need referrals from them and also ambassadors and advocates for your work.

So you know just type in the word blueprint, then Dean, so that I can actually shoot you through this blueprint. It all happens automatically. Don’t ask me how it all works out. Okay, so the first thing that you really need to do. I know every one of you guys is small to medium. No one is grossing anything above three million a year, so I can say you literally need to engage in what is called local search marketing all right.

So when people are around the corner from you all, they’re looking for yoga instructor near them or they’re looking for personal trainer near them, they’re looking for you know a marketing or a VA near them, you need to be found way. Audience is actually searching all right. You need to be seen way. Audience is actually searching because right about now nothing rivals a solid local search, marketing strategy for your small business.

Guess how I know that, because every time you’re out and about you just go Siri. What’s the nearest restaurant Siri? What’s the nearest ice-cream parlor Siri, what’s the nearest whatever shop you’re looking for that is all local search marketing and when you are driving around you just type into Google, maybe ice cream shop near me, Google generates you to the one that is closest within your vicinity.

Now can imagine if your business could be found by people that are lingering around your area of business right there, because all of that food traffic or all of those people that are within a hundred sort of meter or like a five kilometer radius. They could be people that are actually actively searching for your kind of core or your kind of product or service, but they won’t be able to see you in the newsfeed.

So local search marketing is where it’s at all right. How many of you guys are practicing any local search marketing tactics if you’re doing that, can you type in the number one? If you are thinking about it, can you type in the number two? If you have no idea what I just say, can you type in the number three cuz? I really want to make sure that we’re understanding this, because let me tell you something: at the end of the day, people are getting bombarded and they’re getting very confused as to how to actually proceed.

What strategy to use – and I see Anna – is actively doing local search marketing. So that’s that’s pretty good for you there, because nothing rivals local search if you’ve got a solid local search, marketing strategy for your small business, and I see for you you’re running and is it a co-op place for people to work in that people can come in? So that also really needs local search, because what what local search really is is its marketing that consists of you claiming and optimizing your business online listings and it actually shows up in relevant searches.

So if you’ve got Google my business, if it’s actually clearly, you know labeled what your work hours are, what you actually do, who you do it for people will come around to you. Let’s say you own, a local barber shop and somebody really needs desperately needs. A haircut or needs to get their hair done or they’re going to do is hair salon near me, and if your business is listed on Google or is listed on all the other search engines locally, you will be found there.

Do you not? I mean so. Those aren’t really relevant local searches that you don’t want to miss out on okay. So there’s a lot of elements that come around with you know: local search engine optimization, but when it’s done right it can actually put your business on the on the local map and its local branding that you’re also taking advantage of there. So it is one thing that you can actually start utilizing and doing right now, because your local customers are the people that are going to be loyal, they’re, the ones that can actually peddle.

What do you call it word-of-mouth, etc, etc. So you need to make sure they know of your own existence within their neighborhood. You know I mean, because they are also going to be made me searching for your your products and services all right and once you’ve branded with the people that are around you know. It’s it’s now easier for you to branch out, because now you have ambassadors so for a lot of people, local search is complicated.

You know the results won’t happen overnight or you know you can’t just do it once and then forget about it. It is best left to people that are actually actively involved with search engine optimization, which is what I do every single day of my life. So if it is something that you need help with, can you type in the number too so that I can help you optimize your business for local search engines and also, you know local directories all of those things you know that would help you get found by Our audience well, one when they’re, you know actively searching right, then, and then how many of you guys have optimized your website for mobile.

Can you type in the number one if your website is optimized for mobile the number two? If you are almost about to do it, the number three, if you need help with optimizing your your website for mobile, I just really need to see the level of you know intensity that you, you guys really have when it comes to marketing and branding your businesses. Now, if your optimized for mobile, please type in the number one, if you’re thinking about it, please type in the number two, if you need help with it type in the number three all right, because everyone else right now, you’re probably reading this article on mobile right Now almost 90 percent – I’m not quite sure, don’t quote me on this, but 90 % of the people that I see personally out.

They are utilizing a mobile phone, which means the accessing internet. You know using a mobile phone, so if your website has got all the bells and whistles for a desktop, not a lot of people are really using. You know the desktop or the laptop while they’re out of the back. So if your phone is your website is not, you know, optimized for mobile you’re missing out on a lot of traffic right there so have a look and see if it is something that you need help with, and if you really really need help with optimizing.

Your website for mobile typing, the number three and I’ll shoot you through something that you can look at right now to diagnose, to see if people can actually view your page okay for forum, while they’re searching you know, while they’re on their own on their mobile phone. You should also one other thing that a lot of people don’t realize is Google is a search engine, so you should, you know, optimize your website, first of all, for humans and also for search engines all right, so you should optimize your yoyo your website in a Way that people can actually read it and also that the the web crawlers on Google can also read it.

You know some people’s websites that I talk to right now. They still have a website that was created in 1997 between 1997 and 2017. There has been almost three changes with the Google algorithm, so if your website has not been changed in the last three years, you really need to take a look at that all right or if you created it within the last two years, then you should be fine. All right, so I mean, if you you haven’t created it, you know who you haven’t, changed it in the last three years.

It’s time to fix it, man and it’s time to fix it. I mean it’s 2018, you know for all we know we could actually be having phones that I just you know genetically owned. I don’t know modified to just stick in our ears and we don’t have to worry about even carrying a piece. It’s all coming. Have you seen apples, you know all you know earphones that you carry around all the time that are cordless. What is stopping them from on TV, something that he can insert into your ear that stays there and you don’t have to worry about it because right about now look at this.

If your website is not optimized for humans or for search engines, customers are getting impatient. You know we always talk about you know. The attention span is getting lower and lower and lower right. People now want instant results. So if they load up your website – and it takes more than three to four seconds – they’re already swiping right looking for something else – that loads up a bit faster – we now have so much shorter attention span.

So if your website is first of all clunky or an attractive, slow to load, it’s confusing to use people are just going to leave it, and then they take up what your competition has to offer. You know so you want to make sure that, first of all, it’s mobile-friendly, it’s easy to use, it’s easy to read and people can easily navigate it. The one thing that a lot of people have as a big big problem is, we are constantly as business people we’re constantly looking at our website.

We constantly know what it is that we are supposed to be doing. We constantly know what the website does what to press, but if somebody has only three seconds to look at it and then make a decision, are you giving them the opportunity, the right kind of information or the right going to you know buttons to press in order For them to go further either to book a call with you or to do whatever transaction you want off of them when they land on your website, so make sure that your website is loading quickly and because you not I mean customers will abandon the site, especially If you’ve got a shopping, cart, unday customers will live it if they have to go through hoops, and you know in order for them to to make a purchase, make it as easy and as seamless for them as possible and make sure that your site is really Really easy to navigate.

You know, because we’re dealing with a really small screen, so if you’ve got words that are spanning you know across the page, and you’ve got really big pictures that take up the whole screen. Guess what people don’t want to see that and don’t also forget to to end really really clean call to actions. Do not I mean and then tell your customer exactly what to do. This is what I have. This is what I want you to do, and this is why it’s safe to do it with me other than my competition.

You know, for example, you you, you can put a button at the head of your main page that says get directions or call today. That’s an instant call to action, because people are on their mobile phones. They will just easily click that button and then talk to somebody and make sure, on the other end of the line. There’s somebody like yourself who really knows what they’re talking about or not somebody who’s, just woken up.

People have no patience for you to get yourself together. You always got ta, be ready. That’s why I like what Will Smith says? Don’t try and say you need to be prepared. You always got ta, be ready so that you don’t have to get ready. You know you always got to be ready. Cuz. Now we live in a 24-hour global village. You know you need to stop thinking out of the 24-hour box. You never know where you’re you know, clients are going to be searching you from and what time they find you and what time they need to sprechen zie with you, so mobile optimization is also very important, like I said right now, if you’re on a computer or If you’re, looking at a computer or facing a computer press the button f12 alright, and then it will shrink your website so that you can see how it looks like online.

Alright, you’re right Anna says, love the point about why it’s safe to do so. Oh absolutely, Anna, look at this. Anyone with the t-shirts and a pair of sweatpants can start a business these days. You’re not I mean so. Your man worked so hard to get to where we at right now, and you know, we want to make sure that our clients know that we’ve got the social proof. We’ve got the goods and they are not just going to be throwing money.

You know into something: that’s not going to work for them and they’re not going to get value so yeah. You need to show the customer that, yes, it is safe to actually do business with me and that’s why you need to have SSL Certificates. All of that stuff, we could always talk about. If you book a coal with me, and then you know, we can figure out how we can actually help you by actively helping you.

The reason for this show today is to just show you all expand your mind. A little bit of what is possible and what you can actually do in order for you to actually be seen by our audience, since Facebook has sort of stopped them that the reach of pages. You know you know business pages in the newsfeed, alright, so about the mobile, optimization and stuff like that. Google will actually penalize a website if it’s not optimized for mobile.

You know, and the penalty is you’re not going to show up in the search engines, because they know that at least ninety two percent of their traffic is coming in from a mobile phone, and I just want to indulge you right now. Can you type in the number one if you’re reading this show on a mobile phone type in the number two, if you’re, using an iPad and type in the number three, if you’re, reading this on a laptop or type in the number? Four, if you’ve put me onto a big screen cuz, you can do that.

You know that right, if you’re in front of a smart TV right now, you can actually stop reading this show on a big screen. That’s pretty cool Julian Bundy Vidal. Has he got my man hope you had a fantastic weekend right there right see it’s mobile okay, so that’s where your your audience is also viewing from from the mobile phone all right. So also, once you you, your aesthetics, your website is looking cool.

It’s looking all mobile-friendly take advantage of what is called link building all right link building is is something that a lot of people don’t understand. Take it as if you’re going to be the president of your state all right, and then you have a lot of people. Voting for you, so every link that is coming from a credible site is like a vote for you. So the more you get votes from people that are from credible sites the higher the ranking you get when it comes to ranking your page.

All right is that is that an easy, I understand, um, you know um explanation to link building, because people forget or people are tricked into getting links from dubious sites which are not going to help them at all. You need very strong links that are coming from dot edu sites, dot, gough, dot, au. All of those credible sites are from University. You know sort of websites. That actually say. Yes, I think Julian’s website is credible.

I think look Maroni’s website is credible. Then you can show it to the rest of the people, because Google, if you want to understand it, it’s like a library every time somebody knocks on Google’s door through a search and is asking for a website or is searching for something. Google has to present that person with content that comes in to cinder in the way you know of a website, in the same way that a librarian gives you a book.

So they want to make sure that the book that they’re giving to you is a good book. It’s going to you know satisfy whatever questions you might have and that’s what Google also does. So you need to engage in really legitimate, whitehat link, building all right, um Nico says: have you got time to chat about public figure Facebook profile? Absolutely we can have a chat I’ll, send you through a link to my calendar, so that we can quickly have a chance and find out what it is that you are asking regarding that.

Okay. So what I’m talking about link building? These are the thoughts that your website is getting from other web sites. So you get these through blogging. You get these through guest blogging. Every time somebody mentions your website on their own website or when you, when, when you or your website, is mentioned by credible sites like Facebook et Cie, Google uses that as credibility, all right, so link building is a great way to actually show your search engines or Google or Bing or Yahoo that your website is actually popular, every link that you is like a vote.

So if you build links the right way, you know you getting very high quality links rather than a bunch of low quality spam links, because a lot of people just get spam links from India and most of them are linking to like porn sites. Those are not going to help you at all. You need relevant blogs and you need relevant links that are building. You know your the credibility of your own website and he will actually prove to Google that your small business website is relevant and is of high quality.

So so, whatever you’re doing right now, if you have been doing stuff with links and linking please find out from your web developer or web designer, are they using black hat tricks or are they using white hat? You know tricks right there and you can get your links from local news sites. They might run an article about you the moment they mention your your sites there. That’s a so find local business owners or bloggers that are willing to to link to your website as well, and you can also return the favor by writing blogs about them.

You know on your website so that you can, you know, share the juice links or you can do interviews with people and every time you put their website on there. They will also, you know, reciprocate by mentioning your website, which is also yet another vote for you Ray now Nichols under says people think they they don’t need a website. Well, those people – I don’t know what what worlds they live in because right now, if you really really look at it, Facebook has sort of cut the reach of you know the profile pages.

If that’s what you’re asking and you’re thinking you don’t need a website, then I also think that if you’re dealing with websites as your full marketing strategy, it’s like building a house on quicksand. You know during the summer all right when it starts raining. It’s going to it’s going to sink in. You know why, because Facebook is bourret, audience bourret, ground, burrowed territory. So if you don’t have your own platform to bring go back, how are you going to have credibility? How are you going to? How are you going to have anything to show that who are you as a person, because the one thing about Facebook is, you have to continuously repeat yourself for people to understand who you are look at what the Facebook newsfeed is like.

Nikhil you’ve got your ante. You’ve got your partner, you’ve got, you know somebody who is putting on an Advent and then you’ve got your profile or whatever. You know, profile page that you have. People are not coming to the Internet to see what you’re up to they’re coming to see what Sally or what auntie Sally’s cats are up to people that they actually know, and Facebook has caught on to that. So if you, unless maybe the your audience is people that live within your household, nobody cares all right.

So you should actually I mean, make people see things differently, but I feel like. If you don’t have a website, you actually don’t have a business. You actually don’t have a platform, because that’s what your you’re supposed to be having as a business, a platform that gives you the authority to sell. How do you sell to people if you don’t have your own website? Okay, one other thing that people should really look at is: do you know the keywords that people type into search for your kind of work? Can you just type in one keyword that you think people are using? You know to type your to find you maybe on Google, Bing or Yahoo can, or even if people are using to ask Siri to get to your business, what would they have typed in the search engine in order to get you know to where you are because Keyword research should actually be a mandatory part of every small business.

You know in your digital marketing strategy, because the way you’re going to write your contents the way you’re going to reach out to your audience. If you don’t know what they say about your business or how they find you or what words they use about your business, then you’ve lost them. I keep talking about this story about a about a dentist in manda. I think by now he’s read the message. Oh every time I walk past, there’s a sign outside that says: new patients.

Welcome, guess what I am NOT a patient. He might call me that, but I don’t identify myself as a patient. All right are you walking around saying? Oh, my god, I’m a patient! I’m looking for a dentist, no I’m a human being that has a sawtooth all right. So if you’re, not speaking to your audience in the language that they actually understand or in the way they see the world or in the way, they actually viewed themselves as you’ve lost them, trying to say what I mean.

So you need to really know what key words are your audience using to get to find you even on Facebook, even on whatever social media? What hashtags are they using to reach you? Because if you don’t know that, then you might as well close shop. You know cuz, you can use this business key words for so many things. You know because, right now you might be spraying and praying to your audience. If you don’t know the keywords that they use to find you, I suggest that you stop whatever you’re doing and actually go and use tools that will help you find out.

What are people saying about the business that we are presenting to them? You know and a great way to find out exactly what terms people are using to search you know for your services or your business products or or whatever it is that you do. There’s a there’s tools like you know, AdWords key planner. All right, you need to get on top of that Google Trends what people are actually typing into the search engines.

You can also use that to create content. That’s relevant, there’s also a tool called keyword, tool, dot IO. That will also show you what people are actually typing into the search engines so that they can find the type of work that you’re doing or even some such recommendations. Every time you you, you, you you, you read, you hit a block, find out if you’re a dentist find out what people are typing into Google and then use that to create your content.

You know every time Google tries to complete a search for you and Google. That means somebody has tried to type that into Google. You know all people are searching for all of those boxes. Those things help you figure out. What else are people looking for that? I can be of service to my audience, you know, and then you can insert those keywords into the pages of your website, just try and make it as natural as possible so that it makes sense within the content that you’re putting out in your blog posts.

You know, and one other thing that I don’t see a lot of people doing is actually asking for email addresses. You know as soon as somebody lands on that page. Can you tell me how many people have an email strategy within their business type in the number? One is you’ve got an email strategy type in the number two. If twenty eighteen is the year that you’re going to think about it type in the number three, if you need help with an email marketing strategy, you see because I can’t remember the last time I went through and lying in, a retail store or something like that, And the cashier didn’t even ask me for my email address: it’s become so natural now, if that people are coming to your website, maybe people are busy.

Maybe somebody is you know, fixing dinner or they’re trying to wipe their daughter’s bottle or whatever. It is because I’m talking about myself or they’re in public transport get their email address so that you can always send them relevant information. Depending on what landing page, they landed on your on your site because people just coming to your website and you’re not doing anything about them or retargeting them or trying to get them to get back to you.

That’s a waste of advertising money. If you’re advertising to get those leads, you know so yeah. That’s easy. It’s like a check-in checkout ask your customers for their email address and once you have your customers, email address, respect that don’t just spray and pray just because you know they’ve, given you the the email address, you now have to seek permission from them by being relevant By engaging them by actually educating them and inspiring them, while providing value and positioning yourself as a person that can serve them with whatever product you’ve got on them, because if you don’t there’s always online reviews, you know and online reviews, you can’t you can’t change them.

So don’t spam people but make sure you’re being relevant and that’s where it helps you actually own a space within the online space, because if you have people’s email addresses, you have given you permission to sell to them. You know, and then one other thing if you still are adamant that Facebook is the thing for you just give Facebook live and try. You know, try and if you’re doing it maybe twice a week, try and increase your life articles.

You know what, because people really now want to communicate. People really now need to see if you’re, the right kind of person who can sort out their needs, they need you to help them by actually helping them. So it can be a great way to actually add that human element to your small business marketing strategy. In any case, what are you too busy doing chasing shiny objects instead of creating and relating to your audience? You know so all of those people that you know one one thing that I want to advise you to do is when you are at a live event or at a geek, try not to get too excited and go alive, because people are expecting to see you And one thing happens is I’m talking about me personally and then they don’t see you.

They see other people then automatically you’ve. Given that person they’re reading all the credibility and that’s it you’ve lost that person only try and go live when it’s you or it’s something to do with you tonight I mean because that person also has people that can take a live article off of them. So you know it’s just an option that enables you to connect with your customers in a more personal level.

So don’t abuse it do not. I mean just like right now, I’m really being considerate of what people are saying and also engaging them in a certain way. You know – and this is a bonus if you go like on Facebook or maybe on Instagram, your followers would actually start getting notifications that tell them that your life, so don’t take advantage of that. If people notice that your colleague real content is not valuable, then they’re just going to skip and the more your articles don’t get seen the more Facebook puts them down the you know the the the ranking order so yeah, it’s just one of those things.

I really hope this article is going to help you, because a lot of people really are lost right now as to what to do how else to reach out to their audience. And I really want to help you by actually helping you, because all these strategies that I’m talking about this is just top off the cuff type. I’m you know stuff that you know when we sit down. I really want to personalize it, and you know with you.

So that we can actually help you be, do and have a business, that’s profitable and enjoyable type in the number three, if you’ve readed it up until now, and you really have questions that you want me to personally answer pertaining to your business in the meantime. Thank you so much for tuning in and enjoy the ratio that

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