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The Unspoken Truth About Being A Diverse Artist

Com, because I saw it myself now this article right here, the dis Lippitt that you have to see is talking about diversity. It’s a this is subject right that we’ve talked about a lot on this blog, but there was an interview that I did with TJ Chapman Bo B’s manager and he specifically went into what b.

O.B goes through as a truly diverse artists and I’ll wait to the end. Before I get into some stuff, that’s perfect because I would like to I mean you know your perfect person person I eggs because for me you know, he’s such a unique artist right and, like he’s very diverse, and so many artists want to be diverse. Like so many people say you want to be a verse and they not, they aren’t diverse for real, but he is like truly diverse, and I remember, like you know, are the cloud knives and things like that and and then you know the the it was a Track that was that would be on a radio everywhere and I’ll be in the sky.

Exactly those tracks were like some of them were a little bit smoker. Some of them were a little bit more Atlantic. A little bit. Hood did Hill had the ones that are more poppy or Hydra 2000s, but right when he blew up with the nothing on you right that will straight pop and when I saw because I was just me, but it wasn’t dome what if it wasn’t bruno board boys On there it could have been urban and it went number one urban true, but a universal sound.

We’re going here like a kid’s perspective and I’m just reading YouTube comments and stuff like that. At the time like you need to hear the airplanes and stuff like that, like that introduced him to such a pop world, and then, when I started to see just reading as more music, I released from the comments perspective. I would see he might do something back more on to you know: Atlanta hooter type size sometimes, and then the pop fans will be calling him a sellout and then I’ll see you know and into her.

Then we won the pop stuff. Those other people are looking at a woman side on some real shit right there. It’s like it’s like as an artist. You work all your life to become a superstar. That’s what you want! That’s what you’re working for five come from the hood. You know I’m saying he don’t come from no suburban night. Please a fan, you know he can’t he come, he come from Decatur, he come and and that’s what he how he grew up.

It just so happened that he makes worldly music, yeah and, and so when he got all he just made Universal saw he he never wanted to be a pop guy. You know I’m saying and and and and really they don’t they don’t even sit well winning. You know a lot of people, always wonder why I like yellow man, you know that’s what every rapper aspires to be, but you know he wanted to be embraced by his people and he just you just made really big music and you know it ended up becoming It’s a gift and a curse having all these different types of fans have been able to make all different kind of Records and having all this success, the fan base is so huge and so diverse um between the age groups, to the cultures to to everything um.

It’s almost impossible for him to make something nowadays that going to go well with everybody and and so then it it, you know, become something’s. You have to deal with and people on our side really don’t really don’t get it and they don’t understand and when you to artist you just wanted to make records yeah you never never tried to. You know they never try to do it. On the only poppy record was on the album that was like.

Okay, damn this, this thing is pop to pop. I was magic, you know him with Rivers Cuomo, you know it went double platinum, it might be triple now, but you know that was the pop record. Yeah um, we did airplanes on bt with Keyshia Cole singing, you know Sam, and so, if you had Keshia on there over Haley now this song, because an urban feel there were Universal records of what they were pop, it was what was put on the made up.

It took him that rock hmm. Yes! Well, yes, oh well, he never tried to do that in and so you know so it’s been a gift and a curse and and be honest is something that you know that he did. He deals with like, and it’s and his crazy, it’s crazy from a management standpoint to to know no matter what he does and no matter how good it is it don’t matter, it’s going to be a segment of people, it’s going to fade and bash.

You know – and this is like wow what I should this is hard. It’s weird, that’s what I was asking, because I was so deep into it and I would literally yeah because before you say it before you hum before you say that. Let me say this because I just helped at for an artist that gets confusing. You know I’m saying: okay, so you’re making this sound and then your fans start talking about hoedown. Are you selling out, and this is that other than this ain’t? What you’re trying to be so now you’re trying to make something to please them, but when you do that you know, then you got these people over here now bashing, you – and this is okay, should it there if I do damned.

If I don’t that’s exactly what I was actually about to say, I know interrupted. That was it. It was fifty to me because I have a diverse like type of music that I like, because of just how I grew up. There would be so many different types. My dad, and so I could enjoy both sides, you know, and they know in the journey of where he came from and all that stuff so I’ll be looking at comment like barely Brewer.

Do you mean, but it was it’s. I always imagined I was a wild situation and he came out with no drama trying to make a point like you know, I mean like there were so many but yeah. I always wonder like how maybe yeah what that was. So that’s why, when I hear artists talk about being, never especially when it’s truly diverse, like some people are stylishly diverse, you can do a lot but you’re still in this pocket like Tori Lane right he’s like he might pick it right and do anything.

But it’s tough that he might write for people and do that stuff. That’s way outside the pocket, but as far as his music, he keeps it pretty much in a pocket. You know and it has similar or overlapping fan base, but like to just do it. How Bobby did it – and I like he, never came out with that rock album that I remember let’s talk about at least I didn’t catch it yeah and he’s you got it. He got all that music and he got.

He got a whole bunch of projects. You know his record. I have magic make music a lot. I just want to know for like for the air for an artist. I definitely wanted to get your opinion, your insight, which you shared life, because I think artists don’t know what their what it actually looks like. We always they hear the message of organics so much and they hear the message of it. Doesn’t matter just make what you want, you can be that versed and consumers are not as trained for diverse music, as you really think like they just aren’t.

They are not. You know, they’re receptive, even yeah, all right. So that’s a snippet and I definitely have some things that I want to say, but before I get into that, I just want to remind you that you haven’t seen the whole interview you can check out the entire interview by just google searching. I mean YouTube: searching TJ Chapman brand man, brand man, Shawn and that’ll pop up, because I don’t know if I remember, to put the link in the description below, but the things that actually keep in mind about this is yeah.

We have a lot of artists that say: they’re, diverse right, but really diversity is this kind of kept within a box right and there’s still the same fans that you’re speaking to you’re, really just speaking to the same fans from a different direction. But when we get into diversity, diversity, then you’re talking about types of music and types of sounds where one fan base might hear it. But then you have a completely different side of your fan base that does not even relate to it at all right and that’s when we start to find these troubles when you’re a truly diverse artist when you’re a a widely diverse artist.

You have this conflict of interest that we talked about in this interview, snippet right and that’s when you find a lot of trouble. That’s what I’m trying to get a lot of people to avoid when they’re starting off, because if you put out some music and on one hand your fans are loving it, but then, on the other end, you have these other fans. That, literally, not just say, that’s not the song for me, but he’s selling out for creating this type of song, and then I drop another song and now.

Finally, this fan base side is completely okay with it in their back and love with me again. But now this other side of my fan base is like yo bro. We hate you or you’re a sellout from their perspective, you’re always going to be in this conflict and it’s just a hard thing to work with, but even greater than that for artists aspiring to blow up. It’s just a hard thing to ever create a foundation to blow up off of again a lot of these artists that you see that our diverse quote unquote, write a lot of air quotes, they blew off off of one song or one sound right, and then they Found other ways to get their fans to like them: either it’s the personality that they had.

That became larger than life right onward. It’s something like. Let’s say they create songs that have different sounds, but that those same fans like it. They, like the content of it’s more about the content than the phonics itself. There there’s so many ways to get around that stuff, but the more you focus on trying to be completely diverse, and maybe you aren’t as diverse as you might seem, and that’s what I want people to think about as well, because somebody some people, I honestly feel Like after talking to some artists, they feel like they have to be diverse, they’re aspiring to be diverse when they’re not capitalizing off of what they already are right.

And then it’s really just creating confusion in the music and that’s just the honest, guy’s truth. Where, sometimes you aren’t super diverse, you aren’t really good at a lot of different types of music but you’re killing it in one area and you’re, not capitalizing on that, because it became cool and training too. Everybody wants to beat our verse, but in the 90s it wasn’t this huge cool thing to say I listen to all types of music, but now you ask people, what do you listen to and a lot of people say I listen to a little bit of everything, But then, when you go down and looking through their playlists and the things that they actually listen to based on their real behavior, they don’t really listen to everything right and that’s where your fans can throw you off.

You see people like giving people Big Ups right and praise the people for being that verse, but then you actually find out it once you go be diverse. They don’t really feel that way right and it’s not exactly what it seems. So that’s just something to keep in mind: there’s no better way to see that other than what was in TJ at Chapman’s interview. Talking about this real experience of what it’s like, this real conflict of what it’s like when you have a truly diverse, not just sound right, but more so even in a diverse fanbase, because your music so diverse, it actually speaks to different people.

Not just please. It’s the same people from a different way and how hard that could be as a career other than that man. As always, this article is brought to you by brandman network.Com, and, if you like, this article go ahead like button, if you like, you might as well share it if you’re not subscribed, you know what to do here. Subscribe.

My favorite musician as of right now.


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