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Marketing Tip o’the Day… Attention to Interest

In other words, the ADA formula remember attention interest desire in action, but today we’re going to focus on the 1st 2 of those formula, points, attention and interest. Remember it’s a linear process. You must convert attention into interest.

Let me illustrate if you’re walking down the street and you hear a loud bang that captures your attention. You turn around to see a 65 Volkswagen Beetle backfiring down the road. Alright, the noise got your attention, but are you interested probably not? On the other hand, let’s say you walk down the street here loud bang and turn around, and there you see a man with a smoking gun. Are you interested now now? What you do with that interest depends on your personal make up your character and a number of other things, but the point of the matter is, you are definitely and immediately interested.

The attention has been converted into interest. That’s what you have to do with your advertising and the way to do that is through delivering sound benefits. What’s in it for the customer, that’s it for today’s tip, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and leave your comments below and don’t forget to enter our contest by referring people to both this blog and to my good, bad and ugly ads blog. The person who refers the most subscribers each week will win a prize each month, we’ll win a prize and on November 13th the person who has referred the most new subscribers between now and then will receive a 70-200 dollar principal center marketing coaching program, absolutely free.

The details for the contest are right at the end of this program. Vo is, cannot a poof and we’ll see you next time with another marketing tip to help you get more customers who will pay you more money? More often, the fastest easiest, most cost-effective ways possible. You


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