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Marketing Tip o’the Day… Desire

Okay, a couple of tips ago, we talked about the ADA formula last tip. We talked about the first two pieces of the ADA formula, those being attention and interest. Today. Let’s talk about desire desire, though, how do you cultivate in a prospect the desire to have your product? Well, you remind them of what their needs.

Are you remind them that they, this product can help them solve some problems that they’ve got, but, most importantly, you appeal to their emotions. How do you do this? You recognize that we’re all pretty much powered by the same kinds of emotions. We all have a need to feel important. In fact, I like to say we all walk around with an invisible sign around our necks and everybody signs says exactly the same thing make me feel important.

If you can tie your product to how these people will feel important, you’ve got a better chance of making the sale. Another main driver is the need to love and be loved fact nothing’s more powerful than that in our lives, and it is a key emotional driver. If you can tie your product or the benefits of your product to a person’s need to love and be loved, you will create in them want and desire. Another approach, variety, we all have a strong need for variety in our lives and it is an emotional factor.

We don’t want to be the seeing the same as everybody else, and so, if you can p appeal to variety and how it will make the person different, you have a good shot of cultivating that desire. And then the last thing that you can use as an emotional driver to cultivate desire and let people and make them want your product is to appeal to their need for convenience or to what I call the Leys factor. You know this society runs at a frenetic pace and anything you can do to make people’s lives easier to get them through the chores they have to do faster or enable them to be able to relax a little bit.

That’s a tremendous driver and will cultivate desire. That’s it for today’s marketing tip now, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and leave your comments below and don’t forget to enter our new subscriber contest, the more subscribers you refer, the greater the chance that you’ll win prizes. Each week a prize will be awarded to the person who refers the most new subscribers each month. The person who refers the most new subscribers for the month and on November 13th will award the person who refers the most subscribers between now and then to a brand-spankin’-new, principle-centered marketing coaching program, a 7200 dollar value.

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Marketing Tip o’the Day… Attention to Interest

In other words, the ADA formula remember attention interest desire in action, but today we’re going to focus on the 1st 2 of those formula, points, attention and interest. Remember it’s a linear process. You must convert attention into interest.

Let me illustrate if you’re walking down the street and you hear a loud bang that captures your attention. You turn around to see a 65 Volkswagen Beetle backfiring down the road. Alright, the noise got your attention, but are you interested probably not? On the other hand, let’s say you walk down the street here loud bang and turn around, and there you see a man with a smoking gun. Are you interested now now? What you do with that interest depends on your personal make up your character and a number of other things, but the point of the matter is, you are definitely and immediately interested.

The attention has been converted into interest. That’s what you have to do with your advertising and the way to do that is through delivering sound benefits. What’s in it for the customer, that’s it for today’s tip, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and leave your comments below and don’t forget to enter our contest by referring people to both this blog and to my good, bad and ugly ads blog. The person who refers the most subscribers each week will win a prize each month, we’ll win a prize and on November 13th the person who has referred the most new subscribers between now and then will receive a 70-200 dollar principal center marketing coaching program, absolutely free.

The details for the contest are right at the end of this program. Vo is, cannot a poof and we’ll see you next time with another marketing tip to help you get more customers who will pay you more money? More often, the fastest easiest, most cost-effective ways possible. You


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Small Business Marketing… Don’t even think about making THIS copywriting mistake

This is the second installment in a series of five, where we’re talking about mistakes, people make in copy that could kill their sales. Today, we’re going to talk about using acronyms and jargon. Look in whatever business you’re in there is a vernacular there’s a jargon.

There are acronyms that are used that you know that perhaps your colleagues know, but maybe your audience isn’t all that familiar with. If you’re a jeweler, you might use the term GI a, but your customers know that do they know what that means. What about I Jo or are Jo or any of the other acronyms that talk about the associations you might have or the qualifications that you might be able to spout? Not that there’s anything wrong with letting people know that you have some qualifications that lends credibility, but they need to understand what they know in the speaking business.

There’s something called CSP. It stands for certified speaking professional problem is most people, including most meeting planners, don’t know what it means or what it takes to get it. So what good is using it if it is not explained, I’m not saying you shouldn’t use it, but you must explain the term. I’ve got a client, who’s, selling, high-tech electronic equipment to the government for use in airplanes and fighter jets and those kinds of things he has a acronym.

That’s our m.R.H M stands for remote health monitoring. Do you know what that means sounds like something they stick on astronauts to make sure their health is ok, not at all has to do with the monitoring of the condition of the power supply or the electronic components that he sells, and it’s a unique point for Him but his customers do they understand it. Do the buyers understand it and is he absolutely sure that they do because, if you’re at the least bit uncertain, you must explain your terms, don’t get caught in the syndrome of using jargon and acronyms that your prospects may not understand? That’s your tip of the day.

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6 Critical Ad Copywriting Techniques You Need to Know

I’ve, given you some fundamental principles of how to write good copy. Today, I’m going to share with you some techniques. For example, let’s begin by talking about the combination of features and benefits into what I call marketing statements when you do this, try as often as you can to lead with the benefit, because, after all, that’s what the prospect is really after the result that they can Get from buying your product and then you support the benefit with the feature that makes the benefit promise possible.

Second technique that I’d like to share with you right, 12 to 20 headlines for warm-up before you write the rest of your ad. Now don’t worry about the fact that can only use one of them in the ad itself. The words won’t go to waste. Nor will your effort, because you can use the headlines that you don’t use as the headline for subheadings and cross headings. There won’t be any waste, it’s a great exercise.

Technique number three use, adjectives: adverbs power, words and phrases to add punch to your copy, mmm and depth, and intrigue and excitement about the product. You’re representing technique number four, while you’re doing all that other stuff, don’t get all a D on me, use conversational language speaking. The first person use I and me instead of us and we and it and they, and in addition to that, speak in the vernacular of your audience, do they have a particular jargon, that’s unique to their industry or phrases to the type of person they are.

You want to speak the way they speak. Yo yo you get that y’all and now the next one keep words sentences and paragraphs short, but at the same time don’t fear long copy. Yes, you want the words, the sentences and the paragraphs to be short, but you’ve got to tell your whole sales story if you’re going to get them to take action. The more you well, the more you sell short word sentences in paragraphs, but make the copy exactly as it won’t as long as it needs to be, and then finally vary.

Your paragraph length, you can have one sentence paragraphs you could have paragraphs up to five lines, but never more than that. These are just some of the techniques we’ll have more in our next tips. But if you want to know more about copywriting, I suggest you get my copywriter checklist I’ll, give it to you free. All you have to do is click on the link in the dooblydoo and I’ll. Send it to you.

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