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Seemingly Obvious Mistakes Made By Artists

Bothering me, you know a lot of artists when they are oh, I noticed because you know how to show coming up, and I have artists sending me stuff and if you call yourself an artist right, I would need you to have recent music. I have artists right now that send me stuff from 2016 right and I’m like and you’re saying that your artists right now so there there ain’t, no way that you don’t have up-to-date music.

So for all of you guys and now I’m not saying that sounds great though so, is it like this because it sounds so or just the fact that it was created back then the fact that first of all, I feel like sometimes a lot of times. Music gets dated, so you can hear a song and the beat the vibe it feels like something from years ago. You know I mean, and with this show in particular, I have multiple artists sending me stuff.

Now I have requirements like. I need you to have a article all of this, so all of it looked oh, you know I mean like all of it. Look, oh and I’m like. What do you have this right now? Are you? Are you still an artist, or are you just so it’s like if you’re a person and you’re reaching out to people because you’re trying to get placements you’re trying to get booked for things like people want to see? What have you done recently? You know what have you done for me lately, what have you done lately if you try to get booked for shows you can and you you can’t send me anything.

That’s up to date. That kind of tells me as a booking agent as a promoter like if you don’t even got another reason that tells me you probably don’t even got no fans right now or you don’t have nobody moving for you. It’s just like a bad look man. So it’s like first of all, artists should be recording or producing music on a regular basis. Now, there’s no like: oh, you need to bust down the song once a week or release the song once a month, but you definitely should recording and creating music.

If this is what you do for a living on a continuous basis, you know exam. So it’s like. If you are artisan, you don’t really have anything new. Maybe your thing right now is to get a project together, create some new music get your your imagery together. Get your presence together. Maybe you are trying to go through a rebranding phase and maybe that’s one reason why you kind of took them on it off but, like you, got ta hit people with some stuff with right now and it starts like sending all of those old super old music That sounds outdated.

The visuals look outdated, you know in the article you had brains and now you got a cut like brain man Shawn. You know, I mean you, you send me pictures. Well, you have locks, and now you got a low cut, like everything has to translate with who you are right now, because if you want people to promote you as who you are like and we’re putting out flyers and we’re putting our content and then people were Seeing like people that look too different like to different people and don’t correlate like I don’t go together, so we need to update everything.

You need new music. Now is the time to start working on something new get some fresh sounds. You know, get everything. That’s that’s new. I can say, as like two artists. What you’re hearing right now is the type of person you want to do business with, because the people who don’t care about those things, the quality of their show or whatever they’re doing in the other spaces, is going to be on the same level.

So they’re not carrying and holding you to those standards. Yes, you can say: oh I got in, but now you can also expect those low standards to be in the other aspect. So it’s actually not worth being a part of that thing in the first place. So you want the people that you do business with, to hold people to those type of standards to have barriers to the level of quality of artists and other people.

They do business with, because I’ve definitely been do that, especially when I was doing my festival. That’s my big biggest experiences with artists and things like that, so one, even if the music doesn’t sound, outdated and isn’t whack, you have the idea just from a business standpoint. Am I trying to put an artist out there and promote an artist that isn’t active right? They’re not committed in they’re, not you know, constantly working towards their career because it’s like yeah, I believe in you, but I’m not sure manager trying to build you up right.

So I want like my incentive is to have an artist – that’s dope right now and for that artist to continue to be dope and in large in their platform, because now I’m associated with that. That’s how the people who are throwing events with doing certain things are going. I want to be thinking so it’s in your best interest or in their best interest to work with people who are currently active, currently grinding and doing work without them, because now I can add my sauce on to it and then, if people really see me doing That stuff they’ll add something extra or they’re, really old man.

This artist is dope and I think this artist is going somewhere. I see the momentum, let me get him on cuz. I want to let everybody know about him and I want them to know that I was the one that told them about me, but you have to put yourself in a position to look like that, because then people will start coming to you more or doors. I’m opening for you a lot faster right and from us like a fan standpoint like if you, if somebody hears a song right, I just hear a song, but now I want to look you up.

So I go. Look you up on YouTube. People look at dates. I know I do like I look at like when was this article posted? You know I mean, and it didn’t article especially yeah right and it’s fun – to follow us right on Spotify, but I feel like a lot of people I know mean personally, I think when I listen to something new, I’m always trying to find the visuals, because me, I’m just activated visually like I like to see something.

You know. Sometimes you read articles and it makes you like a song more because you’ve seen some type of visual to it and it kind of like engage with you. It’s like reeled, you in versus you just hearing it. You know, I’m saying so like a lot of people will go and start to look you up and I’m one of those people like. I go to YouTube because I want to see like what your visuals look like, especially when I hear our artist and I don’t know who this person is like.

I want to see what you look like. You know I mean so I’ll, go to youtube and search for some type of article, and I always look at the date like in this article. It’s like is this a recent artists? Oh, what does it mean to you like if it’s, if it’s old and I can’t find anything, that’s recent – it makes me feel like I’m wasting my time, oh and, and you can’t right – and I can’t find something – recent I’m just like okay.

Well, maybe this artists not even doing music, no more so like. What’s the point you know, Danny or Dobie could have went somewhere to do something but yeah, but you got me all exile, all hot and bothered you know and then just let me down, I’m unfinished! You got ta come with the package and you should want to cause – I don’t know whatever, but it’s like yo before you, it’s like yo. A lot of your artists are constantly reaching out to people to to like put you on and do this and do that and then they’re asking you like.

Okay, send me what you got send me pictures send me there simulate and it’s like you just don’t have nothing recent, so it makes people feel like they’re wasting their time you’re trying to put into you. You know I mean when you don’t even clear. It looks like you’re not putting it to yourself so nah why’d. You say I still always go back to these artists who rejected him for your show, and I was like bro, you don’t have anything right.

Like literally, I could tell you what the artist looks. I’m looking this Instagram, I couldn’t find music, he really had nothing and then this artist had the nerve to get mad and say: look man, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. I was going to debut my music at your event, you think I’m a risk. My credibility, all right, I have no idea about so I I don’t understand how artists put themselves in that position to to think of themselves.

I get the having to build up confidence and that becomes a part of the game, sometimes, but the level of the goal that some of these people have like. As far as not understanding the other side of the business and the value that you need to be. Bringing not just the fans but to these to the other people, what what matters to them right, the more you can put yourself into the state of the person you’re doing business with understanding their business model and just what matters to them, the more you can make It easy for yourself to be a value to them into just just create a relationship that actually gives an impact.

My favorite musician as of right now.


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