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Artist Marketing How To Make MONEY Fast On Soundcloud

What’s up yours, Devin Malik back going to make another quick load article. It might not be people fuckin with the SoundCloud articles. You know, like they’re, doing good. Thank you for the feedback. One thing I must say the people posting links, stop doing it ain’t. Nobody really going to check out your link. I feel, like I’d, be taking the time to read this market in the article.

You should be at the point where you you need to understand that posting a random link in the comment section on a YouTube article. It’s not going to get you a lot of traffic. You wasting your time. Most people won’t click it and if they do click it. The fact that they’re going to go through your playlist and follow you or you know, become a fan, it’s kind of almost throw that in there real, quick but back to the topic, so niggas fuckin with the SoundCloud article.

So I’m going to keep talking about it. This one is about how to make money on soundcloud how to make money using SoundCloud how anybody on soundcloud could make some money. If you a high school, you got a little part-time job. You don’t got a job. You need some extra bread. This is pretty much a good article for you, I’m 19. Now I’ve been using SoundCloud for about two years. When I was 17, I started uploading beats and things like that got real consistent, uploaded a bunch of be tapes, instrumental albums a few wraps here and there.

Now I’m focusing more on that doing music articles and shows you know things like that, but around 12th grade year I was putting out, beat tapes and I was like damn. I need money on you money like what am I doing like you know. It’s a certain point where you know it is your hustle and you got to treat like a hustlin. You got to get compensated for it. So the number one thing is: you got to get to a point where you’re not scared to ask for compensation.

You’re not scared to ask for money, because at the end of day you are given a service or you are bringing some sort of value and that you provided or people fuck with your music. They might be willing to throw you some sort of donation or some sort of payment because association, you know they’ve messing with you, you messing with them and it’s just a good vibe all together. So don’t be scared. I asked for money: if you’re not selling things, how are you going to make money if you’re not putting up a beat and saying? Oh, you can lease it if you’re not putting on a tape and saying oh, it’s for so here you’re not going to make any money a lot of people.

How are you going to act? Oh I’m not making money, I’m not making money. What am I supposed to do? You’re, not even selling shit. You want people to just come and just give you bread like that. Doesn’t make sense. That’s not how life works. You feel me. So, basically, you got to start selling shit. If you want to make money, it’s not the monies, it’s not going to come to you. You got to create these opportunities.

People always talk about this law of attraction and speaking things to existence, but they forget the radical action part where you got ta actually like makes you happy. You know I’m saying and niggas be forgetting that’s just a little T, IME for y’all niggas right there moving on how you going to make the money right, yo I’ll, be held at gigs, making these articles, but I’m just turned. I love giving you all these information and the feedback y’all be giving me that shit’s time.

So I’m looking out my window because it’s like somebody parked like up in front of the crib right now, just looking weird. So I keep kind of like zone enough, but back to the topic more for pretty much um talk about ways to get paid on a soundcloud. Really, if you are a producer, if you are a rapper, there’s two different, you know that’s pretty much. How people are they either they either do that or they do the other if you’re a producer.

The number one thing I can say is: if you’re not putting on instrument of albums or be tapes whatever you want to call them. You should start doing that because a lot of people put out if you’re a producer, I’m going to beat every day, I’m going to be every four days. Every week you got all this material. You can organize it as a tape. Put it out as one full project and get paid off of that bank and got it down just off youtube.

People will hit you up like just all type of Runaways. My name is Dan cam. You can find my my shit on there. I got like over 10 tapes right now, maybe 15 of just like good as music and a vibe to chill pretty much, and it’s actually weird because a lot of people don’t know the opportunities on soundcloud. You know a lot of people, take it as a joke, but once you start creating it and using it more as a business, then you get more business opportunities from it.

So I do suggest even right now, if you got a photo with 10 B, 10 and 15 beats, it could be a EP. I’ve taken four beats. Five beats put it out as a project people like when you have an organized project. It looks better than just random singles, or just like, oh he’s, just a producer with all these 100 beats at 50 beats like that. Don’t do that organize it, promote it and drop that shit, because you get to a point where you get into a rhythm and people start paying you for it.

You can set small prices, you don’t have to have a huge, a huge payout, but things like Bank can’t know that they will take a percentage out of each cell. You know so just know that I calculate all that in there, but you’ll make making a dollar. It’s better than making, no you don’t say no money at all. So don’t be stingy, don’t be like. Oh I’m not going to do this and only make a few bucks cuz yeah it’s going to start small.

It just depends on your work ethic and how hard you going to work at it, cause it going to start small, but it’s going to get bigger yeah. You might make a dollar off this tape. The next tape, god damn make $ 2 thanks. Take me $ 3 makes a make $ 4. You don’t saying you do that all over again, you got eight goddamn. You got eight bucks right there right, you get two more dollars. You got you a G, but I’m going to keep going then so yeah be tapes.

That’s not one thing number two is beat leases. If you make hip hop, instrumentals trap beats or whatever. If you make shit that people are willing to rap one man, please start selling your beats leases exclusive. Whatever you sign up with track, train set them up on, beat stars, put them on YouTube everywhere. Don’t I’m talking about SoundCloud but put them on everywhere. You know you SoundCloud as a hub connect with people and then spread it out, and then all these other things send them to SoundCloud and I’ll just be like your main source right there, but yeah it’d be Lisa’s things like that.

You make more money off of being least, you can augment I’ve sold a beat package for what $ 200 $ 300 and that’s way more money than as many as beat tapes. I would have to say you know, I’m saying like that. Just comes into the quality of beats that you are providing and if people are actually going to want to wrap one, you know goddamn realtor, I’m really excited for this shit yeah. I haven’t made a article in a while.

I’ve been lacking your it’s might be a lot more consistent content. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m just so busy right now. I got so much shit going on and I’m just trying to process it online like from family life. They get so goddamn. Fucking work career to this tonight today, so I’m just trying to make all this shit work and operate and just keep it. You know just keep it to I’m appreciating the feedback yoga, it’s crazy, so many people are into my inbox hit me up on Twitter Instagram, asking me for advice asking me for this.

Like that’s one thing, I really do appreciate like the fact that y’all are listening and understand what I’m saying. Another thing is: don’t think I know everything cuz, I don’t know shit. You feel me so if y’all got some advice, anything like that give it to me cuz, I’m always willing to soak up some G AME real talk so hit me with that and I’ma hit y’all something back and we going to be good. Moving on forward beat Lisa’s is really simple on the way I like to do it, even if you make a folder of 10-15 beat street like a beat tape or a sermon, I get 10 15 beats and just put them out every day every other day.

For a certain amount of money, pretty much and then once you get to a point me to have a thousand photos: 2005 three thousand four: it becomes automatic. There’s always somebody that wants to buy and see what you provided me. You know so you just got ta stay consistent with that. If you a rapper, you wan na make money, it’s even easier for you, because people will buy your tape quicker than you know, just by like their instrument, it’s easier for them to make a lease.

But if you’re a rapper, if you’re artists, you should really work on putting off some sort of project, even if you, if you really get to a grind on, get them tangible, get some CDs. But I ain’t up that played out. You know I’m saying if you about your hustle, you going to make the bread and just do that and then it’s all going to come together for you, I’m trying to think about other ways to make money off.

Soundcloud um! You can sign up. You need to monetize your SoundCloud wait, honey. You actually need a monetize, your SoundCloud, because I’m at the point now it’s not a lot of money, but even if I’m getting $ 10 $ 15 $ 20 a month just off a couple thousand plays here like them. Saying like it’s good, because once the more music you put out port per month and the more people that are playing them in a lawyer, listening to your songs, the more amount of money they’ll seen you monetize it.

So you should search that up. There’s a lot of free, monetization programs. That’ll get you right, you know get you feeling just why you need a fill hold on. It’s still. It’s still, I’m going to treat these articles more organic you’re, like I’m trying. I was trying to be hella weird and my hella professional and have a list of shit to talk about. I can’t do all that. You feel me crime, it’s just easier when I just treat it like a regular conversation.

I’r just talking, like you know, they’re trying. I was trying to be too robotic with some of these shits. You don’t, but then some of my warning I was like you know. Those are the ones that are working. You know like the SoundCloud one I should, but it’s really tons of ways you can make money off SoundCloud you can. You can promote other people’s music. Like people get, you know, people will be sending niggas PayPal money to repost their song on soundcloud.

That’s crazy! You know like there’s tons away so between be tapes, instrumental releases be tapes, instrumental leases. You are, if you’re artists put out a full project or put out an EP monetize it monetize it. A SoundCloud is really not that much and a lot of them are free. You can find a free program for it. Um promote outside external projects like make a drunk it, make a sound pack make a article like this.

You know promote outside things that that people will pay for in sin that I think back to SoundCloud. That goes to like marketing shit. Let me let me know if you are down to like give more like music marketing articles instead of like. I know I’ve kind of been touching on it here and there, but if you want more, like social media marketing how to actually get it to larger a larger amount of people in a quick amount of time, let me know let me feel, like anything, any questions.

Any articles don’t want me to cover hill, that’s how I can make articles quickly if somebody’s in the comments like you’ll, make a article about this I’ll go ahead and not get out. You know and just keep it like that among I’m going to also start doing. My live stream shit like that and um. That’s pretty much it! I’r rambling at this point they just treated professionally, have some sort of schedule on Soundcloud.

You know because once you start getting a following, people will expect something from you. So if they followed you because you’re putting on a song every week every other week, you got to keep doing that. You can’t disappear for two three months. That’s what happens with a lot of people. They they lose their momentum. You know that’s not what you wan na, be, thankfully sound clouds through here I don’t know chance of pulling strings or what, but I think is going nowhere.

It’s too much money behind there’s too much people making money behind it, much more money to climb. So that’s pretty much that I can’t I feel like as soon as I stop the article I’m going to think of another way like. Oh, I make money this way, so yeah do all that stuff. You just hit me up my comment, sections open. My inbox is okay, make it right now,


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