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Email Marketing Automation for Beginners – In-Depth Tutorial

After reading this article and the number one tool that you can use when you’re doing email marketing Stick around you don’t wan na Miss what’s coming next ( light music, ) ( dog barking, ) Yo check it out before we get started.

My name is Zachary Babcock With underdogempowerment.Com And look dude, if you’re just Getting into email, marketing or if you’re, just starting out you wan na, avoid a lot Of mistakes that I made and a lot of countless other entrepreneurs have made in the process, So I’ve compiled 24 costly Email, marketing mistakes into a complete, comprehensive guide that you can get to get More clicks subscribers and open rates in your Email subscriber list – and it comes with a completely free access to my email marketing course, which I will literally Take you step by step on all the beginner phases of Everything you need to know about email, marketing, so You can get up and running and get your first hundred Subscribers right out the gate Check that out I’ll link.

It up in the comments or in the description below All right. The first thing: That you’re going to need to know about email marketing is That you’re going to need a good email service provider. Now what that is, it allows You to do a ton of things really and if you don’t have one, if you’re doing email Marketing you’re legit crazy, But it allows you to do a Lot of things on automation like send out bulk emails like broadcast to all of your list.

It allows you to send Out a series of emails, which is what we call an autoresponder, that you emails, that you Pre-Write in a series – and it goes out automatically to people as they subscribe to your list – It allows you to segment Your list by tagging, people and a whole bunch of other cool things that you’ll learn about, especially if you get my 24 costly email, marketing mistakes guide and access to the free course.

But for the purposes of this Article, let’s stay focused, You need an email service provider, The one that I recommend is ConvertKit. You can check’em out In the description below or the link in the description below The reason why I chose ConvertKit,’cause I’ve tried other email Service providers in the past, like Click Funnels, for example, that were very limited. And very frustrating, and it didn’t allow me to do all the things that I need to do in order to serve the people.

That are joining my list So check out ConvertKit. All my future articles will be based around if you have ConvertKit. Although a lot of this stuff will work with other ( voice, muffled ) Service providers as well, so if you already have one cool And you’ll, also get access. To more of my advanced articles, where we’re going to talk specifically About using ConvertKit Once again, that’s up in the the link is up in the description below.

So let me tell you a story, though, of how I under-utilize Using automation in my when I first started off, With email marketing, I, like many others, just was Concerned on growing my list – And I didn’t really focus On the nurturing aspect, And that’s exactly what an Autoresponder allows you to do When people are joining your list, especially if you got from on YouTube and they’re coming into contact.

With you for the first time or you’re, running Advertisements through them, They don’t really know you that well yet, And so an autoresponder series is a series that you could Walk people from their journey from when they first come. Into contact with you to getting them excited to Take the next step with you, whether that’s buying an Affiliate product from you buying one of your own products or just setting them up for Something in the future, but helping them get some Quick wins in the process.

I was under-utilizing This’Cause, I was just focused on growing it and I would just blow through and maybe like write one followup In an autoresponder Series you should have for real legit. You Should shoot to aim from 10 to 20 email, followups That you’re literally walking people through a process You’re getting them to get to know you You’re entertaining them at the same time and you’re educatin’ them in a really really rock solid way.

Write this down a really rock solid way to build that relationship. To nurture them to get people to become A raving fan of yours, or at least to keep them comin’ back to opening up your emails, is to actually help them get a specific Result that they want a desired result that they want Help them get a quick win. If you do that, people Are going to love you for it All right now that you know that you’re going to help your subscribers get quick wins in the Emails that you send them that you follow up with some other ways that you can get them engaged and excited and actually opening your emails is to actually provide an open loop or create some type of curiosity or a desire to scratch.

The Itch in your subject line The subject line is that Little thing that you can read whenever you get an email, And you read the headline: it’s called a subject line, It’s usually really short and it’s what you wan na use that for you wan na use that small Piece of real estate is to not give a summary of Exactly what your email’s about, but to kinda, be click baity in a sense, There’s nothing wrong with click bait.

As long as you deliver on the bait, So get people excited About where they read it, and it’s like oh, I have to Open this email right now And if you do that, if you get really good at creating a desire to scratch, The itch with your people and the itch is obviously To open up your emails and read what you’re talking about, then they will actually open it. So you’re opening loops. That’s how our human brain works.

If you open a loop, we have a strong desire to close that loop. That’s why a lot of soap operas shows they always leave on a cliffhanger and they keep people waitin’ around’til, the commercial’s Over to keep comin’ back Or at the end of it, they always Leave it at the cliffhanger, That’s exactly what you’re Tryin’ to go for here in your subject line All right: cool man, you’re helpin’ people, gettin’ quick, wins as soon As they join your list and your email, followups and you’re, also creating Engaging subject lines that gets people to actually open up the email in the first place.

So, let’s head to the computer, I’m going to show you what This looks like in person, and I’m also going to give You another strategy: that’s pretty legit! It’s going to help. You put some Moola in your bank account when you use it right All right here we are in ConvertKit. Now what I love most about ConvertKit is it’s really simple to use. The interface is really simplistic. You don’t have to be a tech.

Guru to understand this like infusion software example, If you’re a guy like me, that’s not really technically advanced, you can hop right in and do your thing Now, let’s dive into a sequence, This is a sequence I already built out. You literally write this One time each email Now anytime anybody opts into the list. They get all these emails in sequence And, if you wan na, add new Emails, just click add email.

If you wan na drag it around Boom, you could drag it around Super simple to use Now. First thing’s First, one of your emails that we talked about subject line so you got ta draw’em in You, got ta create that desire. For them to scratch the itch Right here: three rules: For email marketing, you should never break If you are into email. Marketing and you read that more than likely you’re going to read that and you’re going to wan na click, the email and actually see what’s inside Because it’s open in a loop on something, that’s interesting to you and you wan na know what the answer is Now the key here, man, five strategies to build your email list for quality subscribers you’re, definitely going to Click on that email, if you’re into email marketing.

The key here, though, is Where most people get wrong is that they don’t deliver on the hook on the actual subject line, And then they tell some story hit on the pain pressure points and then they link to a Product to get the solution, They don’t actually help you in the email And that’s where most people Are droppin’ the ball If you wan na win and stand out, In front of everybody else actually help your people Inside your emails, Help’em walk’em through step by step on how to achieve a process how to achieve the goals? That they already have You got people that Value their money more, which are the do-it-selfers, And if you do that, they’ll Just do it themselves cool And then you also have people That value their time more, You show’em it and they’re still going to wan na hire yo to do it And guess what even the do-it-selfers, if you help them get results.

They’re going to sing your praises to everybody else, which brings you more people in the long run So play the long game, Actually deliver on your subject lines and help people get Quick wins in your emails and you’ll build a highly engaged audience with email marketing. Finally, part of that Step-By-Step process, it could be, one of the steps might be like in this. One, for example, might be an affiliate Product that you use Like I use ConvertKit and I’r recommending ConvertKit just like I am on this Article to my audience, after I’m helping them Inside of this course get a specific result: They don’t have to get ConvertKit, It’s just the one I recommend Boom.

They click on that. I earn a commission at no Additional cost to them, Maybe you help them through A step-by-step process, and now they have a new Goal and that new goal has a problem that they Need to get through and you had the solution for that and you can link up directly To your sales page there And that’s ways that you Can monetize as well There’s literally a ton of ways Make sure you get the lead, magnet the 24 costly email marketing mistakes to get this whole entire course.

So we can go through this Step by step by step, Yo, real quick, if this Article helped you at all give it a thumbs up if you thought it was crappy. Give it a thumbs down make sure you hit subscribe to the blog, so you continue to get The number one resource that’s going to help you level up in your passive income business And if you want a more advanced guide on how to generate more leads. And sales online very quickly, you definitely got ta check.

Out this article right there I give a complete tutorial. That’s going to show you three phases of what you need to do to make exactly that happen. Go check it out right now and I’m going to see you on the next article Peace


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