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Email Marketing Automation for Beginners – In-Depth Tutorial

After reading this article and the number one tool that you can use when you’re doing email marketing Stick around you don’t wan na Miss what’s coming next ( light music, ) ( dog barking, ) Yo check it out before we get started.

My name is Zachary Babcock With underdogempowerment.Com And look dude, if you’re just Getting into email, marketing or if you’re, just starting out you wan na, avoid a lot Of mistakes that I made and a lot of countless other entrepreneurs have made in the process, So I’ve compiled 24 costly Email, marketing mistakes into a complete, comprehensive guide that you can get to get More clicks subscribers and open rates in your Email subscriber list – and it comes with a completely free access to my email marketing course, which I will literally Take you step by step on all the beginner phases of Everything you need to know about email, marketing, so You can get up and running and get your first hundred Subscribers right out the gate Check that out I’ll link.

It up in the comments or in the description below All right. The first thing: That you’re going to need to know about email marketing is That you’re going to need a good email service provider. Now what that is, it allows You to do a ton of things really and if you don’t have one, if you’re doing email Marketing you’re legit crazy, But it allows you to do a Lot of things on automation like send out bulk emails like broadcast to all of your list.

It allows you to send Out a series of emails, which is what we call an autoresponder, that you emails, that you Pre-Write in a series – and it goes out automatically to people as they subscribe to your list – It allows you to segment Your list by tagging, people and a whole bunch of other cool things that you’ll learn about, especially if you get my 24 costly email, marketing mistakes guide and access to the free course.

But for the purposes of this Article, let’s stay focused, You need an email service provider, The one that I recommend is ConvertKit. You can check’em out In the description below or the link in the description below The reason why I chose ConvertKit,’cause I’ve tried other email Service providers in the past, like Click Funnels, for example, that were very limited. And very frustrating, and it didn’t allow me to do all the things that I need to do in order to serve the people.

That are joining my list So check out ConvertKit. All my future articles will be based around if you have ConvertKit. Although a lot of this stuff will work with other ( voice, muffled ) Service providers as well, so if you already have one cool And you’ll, also get access. To more of my advanced articles, where we’re going to talk specifically About using ConvertKit Once again, that’s up in the the link is up in the description below.

So let me tell you a story, though, of how I under-utilize Using automation in my when I first started off, With email marketing, I, like many others, just was Concerned on growing my list – And I didn’t really focus On the nurturing aspect, And that’s exactly what an Autoresponder allows you to do When people are joining your list, especially if you got from on YouTube and they’re coming into contact.

With you for the first time or you’re, running Advertisements through them, They don’t really know you that well yet, And so an autoresponder series is a series that you could Walk people from their journey from when they first come. Into contact with you to getting them excited to Take the next step with you, whether that’s buying an Affiliate product from you buying one of your own products or just setting them up for Something in the future, but helping them get some Quick wins in the process.

I was under-utilizing This’Cause, I was just focused on growing it and I would just blow through and maybe like write one followup In an autoresponder Series you should have for real legit. You Should shoot to aim from 10 to 20 email, followups That you’re literally walking people through a process You’re getting them to get to know you You’re entertaining them at the same time and you’re educatin’ them in a really really rock solid way.

Write this down a really rock solid way to build that relationship. To nurture them to get people to become A raving fan of yours, or at least to keep them comin’ back to opening up your emails, is to actually help them get a specific Result that they want a desired result that they want Help them get a quick win. If you do that, people Are going to love you for it All right now that you know that you’re going to help your subscribers get quick wins in the Emails that you send them that you follow up with some other ways that you can get them engaged and excited and actually opening your emails is to actually provide an open loop or create some type of curiosity or a desire to scratch.

The Itch in your subject line The subject line is that Little thing that you can read whenever you get an email, And you read the headline: it’s called a subject line, It’s usually really short and it’s what you wan na use that for you wan na use that small Piece of real estate is to not give a summary of Exactly what your email’s about, but to kinda, be click baity in a sense, There’s nothing wrong with click bait.

As long as you deliver on the bait, So get people excited About where they read it, and it’s like oh, I have to Open this email right now And if you do that, if you get really good at creating a desire to scratch, The itch with your people and the itch is obviously To open up your emails and read what you’re talking about, then they will actually open it. So you’re opening loops. That’s how our human brain works.

If you open a loop, we have a strong desire to close that loop. That’s why a lot of soap operas shows they always leave on a cliffhanger and they keep people waitin’ around’til, the commercial’s Over to keep comin’ back Or at the end of it, they always Leave it at the cliffhanger, That’s exactly what you’re Tryin’ to go for here in your subject line All right: cool man, you’re helpin’ people, gettin’ quick, wins as soon As they join your list and your email, followups and you’re, also creating Engaging subject lines that gets people to actually open up the email in the first place.

So, let’s head to the computer, I’m going to show you what This looks like in person, and I’m also going to give You another strategy: that’s pretty legit! It’s going to help. You put some Moola in your bank account when you use it right All right here we are in ConvertKit. Now what I love most about ConvertKit is it’s really simple to use. The interface is really simplistic. You don’t have to be a tech.

Guru to understand this like infusion software example, If you’re a guy like me, that’s not really technically advanced, you can hop right in and do your thing Now, let’s dive into a sequence, This is a sequence I already built out. You literally write this One time each email Now anytime anybody opts into the list. They get all these emails in sequence And, if you wan na, add new Emails, just click add email.

If you wan na drag it around Boom, you could drag it around Super simple to use Now. First thing’s First, one of your emails that we talked about subject line so you got ta draw’em in You, got ta create that desire. For them to scratch the itch Right here: three rules: For email marketing, you should never break If you are into email. Marketing and you read that more than likely you’re going to read that and you’re going to wan na click, the email and actually see what’s inside Because it’s open in a loop on something, that’s interesting to you and you wan na know what the answer is Now the key here, man, five strategies to build your email list for quality subscribers you’re, definitely going to Click on that email, if you’re into email marketing.

The key here, though, is Where most people get wrong is that they don’t deliver on the hook on the actual subject line, And then they tell some story hit on the pain pressure points and then they link to a Product to get the solution, They don’t actually help you in the email And that’s where most people Are droppin’ the ball If you wan na win and stand out, In front of everybody else actually help your people Inside your emails, Help’em walk’em through step by step on how to achieve a process how to achieve the goals? That they already have You got people that Value their money more, which are the do-it-selfers, And if you do that, they’ll Just do it themselves cool And then you also have people That value their time more, You show’em it and they’re still going to wan na hire yo to do it And guess what even the do-it-selfers, if you help them get results.

They’re going to sing your praises to everybody else, which brings you more people in the long run So play the long game, Actually deliver on your subject lines and help people get Quick wins in your emails and you’ll build a highly engaged audience with email marketing. Finally, part of that Step-By-Step process, it could be, one of the steps might be like in this. One, for example, might be an affiliate Product that you use Like I use ConvertKit and I’r recommending ConvertKit just like I am on this Article to my audience, after I’m helping them Inside of this course get a specific result: They don’t have to get ConvertKit, It’s just the one I recommend Boom.

They click on that. I earn a commission at no Additional cost to them, Maybe you help them through A step-by-step process, and now they have a new Goal and that new goal has a problem that they Need to get through and you had the solution for that and you can link up directly To your sales page there And that’s ways that you Can monetize as well There’s literally a ton of ways Make sure you get the lead, magnet the 24 costly email marketing mistakes to get this whole entire course.

So we can go through this Step by step by step, Yo, real quick, if this Article helped you at all give it a thumbs up if you thought it was crappy. Give it a thumbs down make sure you hit subscribe to the blog, so you continue to get The number one resource that’s going to help you level up in your passive income business And if you want a more advanced guide on how to generate more leads. And sales online very quickly, you definitely got ta check.

Out this article right there I give a complete tutorial. That’s going to show you three phases of what you need to do to make exactly that happen. Go check it out right now and I’m going to see you on the next article Peace


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Email Marketing System (Automate)

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, but it’s the most important system that you can put into place for your business. I remember when I first started and I heard about email marketing I kept thinking. I don’t want to write letters to people and I don’t want to take time to do that and I don’t want to blog and all this stuff and in as I went on my journey in in creating my company and building it.

I realized that that is the most important aspect. Actually, that’s where all the sales take place, because in that email sequence that you have sent out to your customers, you have built a relationship and they have grown to like you know you and trust you, and that is why it’s more effective. Did you know that 34 percent of people worldwide have used email and that’s like 2.5 billion people? Think about it? Do you know anybody that doesn’t have an email account? There aren’t very many people, while the the rate of using email is going up in the business industry as its declining for personal use.

People are still using it for business, so people are still looking for those sales that they get from different stores or for content and information on different companies that they’ve subscribed to. So they expect to see those types of emails in their inbox and they’re looking for them. They have the option to unsubscribe. So if you’re providing something that they’re not interested in, then they can unsubscribe.

So that’s what makes it pretty cool you don’t have to harass or spam people, and I’m going to give you seven reasons why you need to get an email account setup. First of all, you own it, you own, the customers that are on your email list. Now what I mean by this, let’s use an example of Facebook groups versus an email marketing system – that’s put into place in your email or Facebook group. You could have 10,000 20,000 30,000 followers, which is phenomenal, and maybe your have built your business to the point where you can just offer something and talk about it, maybe you’re doing affiliate marketing and right away.

You make $ 25,000 in sales. I’ve seen people do that and that that’s why Facebook groups are so awesome, but Facebook can also come along and take that group away from you. They can shut you down for any reason they want. You can try to fight it, but you have no power. You have no control and getting that back. You have no list of names when you do an email list, you have collected emails from all of your potential customers and, you might say yeah there with an autoresponder like activecampaign or Aweber, or something like that.

How am I supposed to own it? Well, you can export that list of names and then have a backup system where you put them on a Google Drive or something like that. So if that company, that software company, the autoresponder shuts down, you still have those names and you can go off and start using a different autoresponder and import those same names right into the list. I also recommend, if you understand what email marketing is to keep a list of your sequence, the emails that you’ve created, don’t only put them in the autoresponder, but keep a keep a copy of everything.

Just in case something happens and you’ve got it all that work. You don’t want to lose it all right, so you own that list. You can take it with you now you might be in multi-level marketing and you have a business built up with your company. That company can shut down for various reasons, maybe things that are beyond their control. You who have built an email Act was at lists on the side. Can once that company shuts down, you can go back to your customers and share your story and tell them that this multi-level marketing company has shut down.

You know, but we have other options and I’ve done some research, and this is something I found instead, maybe you’re in the health care industry and you everybody loves the shakes that that company provided – and you found another company that is equal or better and hey guys, Follow me here and they will, because they they’ve learned to know you like you and trust you, so you can bring that those people with you wherever you go or maybe you just decide to get into a different business.

It’s amazing how that list is yours and will stay with you now number two, it’s more effective than social media for customer acquisition, people who use emails and build that relationship with people through that email sequence are more likely to build that person into a customer than If they only use a Facebook group – and I’m not saying Facebook groups are bad at all, I know people are very very successful.

They’ve got lucrative businesses there, but think about this. Facebook again has control with all the posts that you make not every single one of your twenty thousand followers are going to see what you’re posting, when you send an email out to twenty thousand people, that the percentage of people are actually going to read it or Higher because you have a little bit more control, you’re, sending it directly to their email account and hopefully most of them go into the inbox, and there are different strategies you can use, which is another training on trying to make sure that they go into the inbox.

Where they’re supposed to go all right number three is economic and cost effective. It is very cost effective to use email. Think of the other strategies you can use to acquire customers. You can use snail mail, you can send out bulk mail in you know you at the United States Post Office the old-fashioned way you can run ads and magazines. You can run ads on Facebook. You can put something in a newspaper.

You could have telemarketing. All of those other ways are going to cost you more money than if you just hit a button and send it to your entire list. It’s so much more cost effective. So much more, it’s easier and it’s actually automated and once you put somebody into a sequence, they just keep getting the emails that you have built. That system that you have put into place. They just keep getting them and you sit back and let the system do the work.

So it’s actually a lot easier as well number, four, its personable personable, personal and customizable, and what I mean by personal. You have the ability to actually put a person’s name on that letter. I know that in the email world email marketing world, we call a newsletter, but you don’t really want it to be like a newsletter, the old way that you would think of it like a little newspaper ad.

You want it to be more of a letter to that person, and so you can be more personal in that letter. You can tell stories about yourself and why. You know how you came to the conclusion that what you’re offering them works and why it’s better than such-and-such you may offer to embed articles that you have made so that they can get more information. You can also tag them according to their interest or according to a purchases they’ve made.

So here I have a sequence that I’ve started. Everybody goes in it once adorned throughout this same sequence, but then I can tag them. Let’s say somebody purchases a course that I made well, I’m not going to keep telling them about my course. So they’re going to go off onto another sequence and I’ll start talking about something else. Okay, they’ve got the course that I’ve offered now they can start building their business and looking at such-and-such.

Instead, maybe I have I know about different interests that my different customers in my list have. Some of them want to are interested in affiliate marketing. Some of them are only listed interested in email marketing. Well, I’m not going to talk about affiliate marketing with people that aren’t interested in it. If that makes sense, even though the affiliate marketers need the email marketing, it doesn’t work the same the other way.

So I can really customize my list and my message to my clients and you just get better at it. You start out with just general lists, but then the more you grow your list and the more you take the time to get to know them. The more you can be customized that list to their interest and to what they’ve purchased number five its action-oriented you can trigger your list, like. I just said that if somebody purchases something you can trigger that person to go off onto another list that you’ve made, you can go in later and do special campaigns.

Let’s say: you’ve got everybody running through your sequence and you’ve got all your tags in there and things like that, but maybe down the road. Maybe a year after you’ve started your email sequencing system. Maybe you created a course on Facebook Ads. Maybe you started really researching something like that and you’ve grown in your skills, and maybe you created a course that you’re selling you could do a campaign and only talk about that course and then only send it to people that you think would benefit from it.

A brand new person who’s, just getting their feet wet, probably doesn’t have to need to hear a lot about Facebook ads and and everything that goes into it because it can get overwhelming. So you have the ability to do that. It’s proven that action-oriented emails are much more effective than a simple newsletter, so you always ask them to do something, and it could be as simple as like. Hey comment below you know which one of these three different autoresponders do you like best or you could do a polling or you could do a little survey and things like that within your emails, which is kind of cool number, six, I’m losing my track.

There number six, it’s measurable. If you sent out emails or mail in bulk mail, like US Postal Service, you don’t have any way to measure what happened to that those letters or even if you do a Facebook ad there’s you have some analytics, but not like you. Do in an email sequence you can run analytics. You can get statistics on how many people opened your email. You can get statistics on how many people actually clicked the link inside and did the action that you asked them to do, and you can also find out how many people unsubscribe.

If you have a high rate of unsubscribers from one particular email, you might go back and look at that and say whoa did. I say something in that email that offended people – or maybe I didn’t give enough content or something like that or maybe you’re noticing. Halfway down a lot of people stopped clicking, there’s just different things that you can see. You can measure your business and measure what’s happening in the emails and last but not least, you can do a B splitting you could send the exact same email out with two different subject lines and see which one works better.

Sometimes it’s not the content. It’s the fact that they didn’t click in and read it because the subject line wasn’t catchy enough and didn’t pique their curiosity where they wanted to go in. But you have the ability to do that and see which one works better. So those are seven reasons, or that was six and there’s seven. That was seven reasons I want to give you one more actually a little bonus, one most people when they look at their emails are sitting on a mobile device.

This is just a big huge benefit. Think of yourself, when you’re sitting in the doctor’s office or you’re sitting waiting for your kids game or something like that, most people go right to their device that they’re holding right in their hand their phone and those emails are popping in on that device. So you’re you’ve got that benefit as well. If you did all those other things that I talked about, they’re not going to be right there in right in front of them all the time like emails are so that’s another benefit of using email.

Marketing is the device of the way that we can send it to people all right. So that’s seven different reasons, plus a bonus of why email marketing is important and why you need it for your business and I’m my personal opinion is number one was the most important reason you own your customers. I can’t stress that enough because, like I said I just readed a couple that had been making six figures a month in their business, their Facebook account got shut down.

Now that this particular couple had different revenues of income set up, they didn’t rely on just one. So it didn’t shut their business down, but they definitely lost a huge avenue of income by that Facebook group being shut down, so you own it and that’s what’s important about it. I have a free course that I put together e-mail marketing one on one. If you’ve never done email marketing before and you’re curious about how it works, it’s free doesn’t cost you a dime, go ahead and click the link below and you’re more than welcome to go through it.

If you see things as you go through the course that may be questions, I didn’t answer or different areas that you would like more information them. Definitely contact me and let me know – and I can I will keep going back in there and tweaking it and making it better, so click the link and get in there and dig in and get your email system put into place. It does take some time, but I promise you. It will be well worth it.


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How to Start Email Marketing

I know I’ve talked about it before, but I can’t stress enough how important this one puzzle pieces to your business, I’m going to explain what it is and then I’m going to give you a resource of where you can go to get the specifics and really dig In and go step by step and start your email marketing part of your business email marketing is, let’s say, for example, you went online and you’re googling vitamins and one of the places that you goes they they give you all the details about how good their vitamins Are and then they offer you a guide of why vitamins are important and you’re like well.

I really want that and it’s free, so you give them your email and you get that free ebook or that free checklist or that free guide you just bought in to their email marketing list. You just subscribe to their list. Now, anytime, you get an email from that company. They’ll continue to give you more information, continue to try to sell you more products, but, most importantly, they will also give you the opportunity to unsubscribe to the list so you’re.

Never on those lists against your will. You always have an opportunity to get off of them, but the important thing is: why do you need an email marketing list? Let’s say: you’re building your business on Facebook and you have built this huge following 30,000 people, we’re just going to say it’s huge, really successful and you’re like I, you know I don’t need to go out and get on other platforms. This is for me.

What happens if Facebook shuts down they own that platform? You do not own those customers, but if you had been collecting their emails and keeping them off to the side on an email list for email marketing, then you still have that list of 30,000 customers and it’s okay. Facebook shuts down, you can just start continue to communicate with that list of customers through email and that’s why it is so so important because you don’t own the social media platforms you’re just using them.

So I can’t stress that enough of how important that is – and if you don’t really want to sell things through your list, you don’t have to you – can give provide your your met, your people with information and continue to educate them and continue to build a good Relationship but typically they expect you to offer them things, because you have become the expert in your field and they want you to go, find those things that are going to help them in that area.

Just like vitamins, if you find another company that has better vitamins, maybe in a certain area you’re going to share that information and they’re going to trust you because they’ve been on your email list and they know you they like you and they trust you. So therefore they will buy from you alright. In a nutshell, what is email marketing or how do you collect emails whenever you are posting? Let me get my pointer here whenever you’re posting on your social media platform.

This is where you’re driving traffic into a landing page, which it’s typically on a funnel. I’ve talked about that before I can put a link below for you. Four click funnels. They have one of the best funnel programs around. You can drive them to your website if you want, but you have to drive them someplace to your storefront per se or to a landing page, and it’s on that page that you ask them for their name.

And then you ask them for their email address and then you tell them. Thank you. You send them that free thing that you promised them and you say thank you. It’s that simple two steps and you can drive people in from Facebook. Instagram YouTube Twitter Pinterest. Wherever you want now people that have been around for a while, you will see them on several different platforms, because they’ve had time to build up one platform at a time.

If you are brand new pick one platform and stick to it, and I know it’s so tempting to go out there and say well wait a minute. I want to build up my numbers that credibility and those numbers will come with time. Just hang in there keep building up that one platform and then once you’re solidified on that platform, you can start another one, alright. Now what happens now that you have this email list so here I have all these names on my email list.

Let’s say I have 2,000 names. What do I do with them? Well, I can start out by giving them an email sequence of maybe five different emails. You know every day in a row and and just help them to get to know me and that’s called kind of like the honeymoon period. If that makes sense, and then from there I might do broadcast, I personally do broadcast twice a week. I do them on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I just sit down – and I write out maybe two to four at a time and I schedule them and then they’re ready to go out to my email list.

In the beginning, my email people they are on a sequence. I think I have it at 17 days in a row and then, after that, every you know two times a week. Now, how do you learn? We know what to write or you. How do you even know how to begin in the beginning? I totally did not want to do this. I didn’t want to write emails. I didn’t really understand what it was for, or the importance of having the people’s email addresses.

As my customers, it wasn’t until I got this book. It’s called dot-com secrets by Russell Brunson, and this book has become like a Bible to my business. I it’s separated into four different sections and there’s a whole section. So 25 % of the book is about email marketing and how you can begin your sequences and write them and one of the tips Russell Brunson goes into it and he tells you how he gives you an example of what his first five are.

You know that honeymoon period I took at first I was like I don’t want to keep opening up these emails and I have to write them and then I could close them out. I wrote mine on a Word document. I just sat down and wrote them out. One after another on a Word document now the cool thing about that is, when you’re new, obviously you’re, going to write what you know three months down the road, you might think.

Oh you know I might want to change these a little bit. Well, the cool thing about having my word document is: I can see them all in one place. I can go in and update them and then copy and paste them and put them into the sequence. Now you’re saying what sequence? What are you talking about? Well, you need to have an auto responder, it kind of like the mailman. Where am I going to put my letters, who’s going to deliver them and I have a link below of an autoresponder for you.

There are tons of them out there, but just go in and look at the one below. I think I put activecampaign down there. I just picked one um going. I think they have like a 30-day free trial and you can go in and look at it and start using it see how it works. There’s all kinds of and tutorials on there and one of the neat things about active campaign is you can even redirect your email respondents? So let’s say you go to sell something in your twenty third email and somebody buys it well.

You can kick them off into a different group that these are people who are serious about wanting to do business and they buy things, and they really want to. You know learn the skills they need for their business, so I’m going to send them more detailed emails than these people over here, where I don’t even know, if they’re really interested or not so you can start putting rules in there and flowing them off into different Directions it can get complicated but start out simple.

Just keep it simple. Just like anything else when you learn it just give yourself grace to learn and keep it simple. Do what you know to do what’s going to help you get through and then, as you understand it, then you start adding more steps and getting you know crazy with it all right so below. Don’t forget, there’s a the.Com secrets book. There’s a link down there. You can get this book for free and there is algae pie as the shipping.

That’s it Russell Brunson wrote the book and he gives it away for free. You pay the shipping and then you have it, and I promise you. It is a book that you will use, it is relevant in your business and it doesn’t matter what business you’re in if you’re interested in collecting emails, email marketing, then you definitely want to read that section of this book. He lays it out, for you really well.

I’ve also put a link down there for the autoresponder active campaign, and then I put a link down there for click. Funnels click funnels also has a two-week period as well. So you can check out all three things for free, see that and see if they’re right for you, if they’re not then go google and find other things and find out what the right tools are for you not everybody’s the same. Thank you for coming today.

Give me a thumbs up if this was helpful. If you have any questions, ask them below and subscribe to my blog, I put a article out every single day to help you build your business and in different ways, and I concentrate on affiliate marketing, but some of the tips like today can be for any business. Alright, thanks for coming and I’ll in the next article,


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Is I mean this is automation and it’s at its finest? This is what marketing is literally all about man bottom line when you’re bringing people to a landing page like like I mean any any landing page, there’s only so many objectives.

You can possibly have your that you’re either bringing someone to a landing page to get them to just simply maybe register for a webinar. So you come to a landing page. You opt-in, because there’s something you want to learn, there’s a article on the other side. There’s a webinar there’s some type of presentation, you’re opting in to get more information or you’re opting in to be given to be downloading something for free, maybe someone’s giving away a free download a free article.

A free, PDF you’re, often in a free pdf, can come in many many different shapes and sizes. It could be a coupon for 35 percent off your next mill at freaking jack-in-a-box. It could be 25 % off of these pair of shoes. It could be a discount code for a gym. It could be a seven-day pass. I can literally bring traffic to any page. I can put whatever title I want and get people to opt-in to whatever my offer may be right, they kind of the page and they enter their information.

The real magic happens after they do that. So what happens after they opt-in? That’s what is so important, like everybody wants to talk about a talk about a landing page, but what what they? What they fell to talk about is what happens after and that’s where your entire email automation kicks in okay, that person opsin they go to a. Thank you page and, depending on what they even opted in for you have to be.

There has to be some type of value here right. There has to be some type of giveaway, something there they’re a random. Stranger is not just coming to you to give you their name and email just because, like your there’s, some type of promise right, there’s some type of promise, there’s some type of bribe, there’s some type of ethical bribe. You know that that you’re, that you’re offering right and so once that email comes in you guys what I’m going to show you is the automation behind it, all, okay and and in real life.

You know in in the trenches of what what I’m currently doing so, for example, I have – I have a page that I’m driving traffic to right when a person opts in they’re going to the next page, where there’s a presentation and that’s a webinar right. I’r driving people to my course that’s what I’m scaling in twenty twenty. So, if you’re coming across my blog subscribe man subscribe, smash the Bell for notifications, I’m dropping weekly content on day in the life of what I’m doing, to build an online business, whether that’s a social media agency, whether that’s making sells online, whether that’s capturing, sells online Email automation is a huge huge part of it, and so that’s one huge reason why I use cartridge because it’s all-in-one, like I literally, have it all in one from my landing pages to my article, hosting which this is this article is all about to my email, Automation, it’s all in this one software.

Okay, so I provided a 14-day trial profit with carte rIDOT online. That link is in the description, but here’s what I’m going to show you from a from a simple landing page: a person comes in they opt-in and what I’m promoting is an actual webinar, a presentation right. They go to that presentation page, which is literally on the next page. They enter their name email. They click the blue button right on the next page.

There’s that presentation now, based on the amount of time that person reades, that presentation that’s going to trigger my email, automation, okay, so I’m going to walk you through it articles. I have a ton of articles on different pages that are that are hosted on YouTube because I’m trying to build my YouTube blog – and I have a ton of articles that I that I put on pages but they’re an actual YouTube article.

Some of my articles, some of my pages I should say I take that article and I hosted on Karcher and the reason for it is because I can one one huge reason is: I can track the analytics and the tagging I could tag meaning I can. I can track a person based on how much time they readed it. I can set a tag. So if it’s a ten minute article like this one right here, it’s a nine minute article – I can put a tag for whoever reaches the 8 minute mark.

Send them this email, whoever doesn’t reach the 8 minute mark, send them that email, so that automation, you guys, is so so important. If someone bought this product send them that email, if they didn’t buy this product, send them that email that simple behind-the-scenes automation is where it’s all at and and and again that’s why Karcher makes this stuff so simple man without karch, I’m going to keep it real.

I probably would still be confused trying to build something online because there’s so many men there’s there’s so many moving components. All you hear anyone teaching is landing page landing, page landing page. That’s all Russell Brunson and clickfunnels. Brainwashed us, with over these last few years, is landing page sales funnel landing page sales funnel. But what I want to also know is about the is it’s about the back end.

What happens after they go to the landing page? That’s what’s so important and so a lot of you that are using you know leadpages or click funnels you’re having to use a second software for your email, automation and then a lot of you are probably putting articles on YouTube and just hosting them there. I have other articles why I don’t want my YouTube article on every every. You know everything that I’m marketing there’s certain you know places for for hosting a article here, for example, versus it being a YouTube article and then putting it on a landing page.

But that’s a whole nother article, but my point is: is that I use I use this one software for everything man. So what I’m going to show you real quick, is simply what I have going on with a specific sales funnel a email sequence, which is my communications. That’s my email, autoresponder and articles, my articles. So again they come to the page. They opt-in and I have this article right now being tested.

Ok, the same two cells article. This is just it’s just a test until I really put until I plug that cells, article in which will be, you know, obviously soon. That’s the last piece to my funnel that I need oh, that didn’t that I need to complete it, but I’ve been testing it with this one and just and just simply making sure that it works. So what I did is I upload that article not to youtube. I hope uploaded it to Carter, okay and then I come in here.

First of all that green button to the right. That’s what you click on to upload the article, but I’m past that so now I uploaded the article okay, I uploaded the article and over here I can change the settings I can. I can play around with all of that, but it’s really and I can show the controls or not show the controls. I could put a different thumbnail if I wanted to, but what I keep it on is I keep it on mute on start.

I hide the the controls, the skin, doesn’t matter and then autoplay on unload. That’s how I set it up and then it’s this part right here. You guys that’s what this article is all about. It’s all about tagging, the people who read X amount of time – and I can edit this. I can choose, however, much time you know, based on the the length of the article. That’s obviously you know what you want to base it on.

What I’m going to be doing is put in a 60 minute presentation on this on this page, so it’ll be a 60 minute article and then I’ll probably tag it and let’s say maybe the 50 minute mark right. So for those who reach 50 minutes they’re going to get a handful of emails and and those that do not reach 50 minutes, they get another another handful of emails. So that’s what I wanted to show you guys on how this system works and and and and the flow of all of that.

Okay. So that’s where I applied the tag I published article and then now the article is on Carter and the article is tagged. Okay, so, and and the way I tagged it is you hit my communications: let’s go back to, let’s, let’s click on my communications and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to come over here and click on tags and that’s where you can create the Tag: okay: we can create that tag and put it on that article, and so this is super important man, because again based if this is this is mainly for people.

So this this strategy could apply for anything anything you’re selling online, but really article article article article article article, if you’re trying to track the activity or the engagement of a article and – and you have some type of follow-up process after that article has been – has been Readed or not that’s what this is all about man and that’s why again cartridge it super simple to track all this stuff, so I have my um my my tag in place.

Let me, in fact I don’t need this one, I’m glad I’m here, so I can delete this delete that one for sure and then finished registered. I can delete those ones as well. Let’s delete that’s just that’s just some other stuff. You guys that I had going on, but I it caught my eye, so I might as well delete it real quick while I’m on here with you, okay, perfect. So this tag right here finished web class.

Okay, that’s what it’s all about! So I created a tag. I can I hit the green one. I created a tag, that’s what it’s all about is is did they finish the article or did they not that’s what everything is about? That’s what the entire email sequence is going to be all based on. So again they come to the page. They opt-in. They go to the second page where the presentation is being is being held. Okay, if they read it, if they read it, here’s what here’s, what I’m telling the system so the way I get here is we come over here now: communications, click on sequences.

Remember remember! You have two different lists, so to speak. It’s really one list, but it’s tied to two different ass. So when a person comes to a landing page, any landing page right, they opt-in right when they click on the blue button. They enter their name. Email teach me teach me Facebook Ads right when they opt-in, they’re on a specific quote-unquote list, but that list what you want to do is you also want to set up a sequence tied to that list? Okay, so over here, what I’m able to do is this is sequences on me, but I’m able to hit the green one and create a sequence, or I can obviously edit anything that I have going on.

So I’m going to this is the sequence right here. I click on edit and it’s going to bring me over here. This is where it all happens. Okay, this is the magic. This is the flow of the email, autoresponder. Okay, so all I was doing right now. This is just day-in-the-life. You guys I’m just documenting what I’m doing I’m going to go in here. The system is already set up. That’s why I love Karcher man, because this email see a sequence.

The tags everything was set up. All I had to do was go in there and edit when you setup your 14 eight-day trial. You can come over here and you click on my campaigns and there’s a bunch of funnels there’s a bunch of landing pages already done for you. If you come over here and click on available campaigns, these are all campaigns that you can deploy and you can import in your Karcher account right away.

They’re already done for you, based on your business, based on what you’re trying to do a three-step application for high ticket for high take a consulting super popular funnel 15 assets. This is super super things done for you, man, all you had to do is go in there and edit the text, edit images and it colors edit the tag name like edit little random things, but the formula and the template is already there daily deal campaign digital Daily deal campaign Kohi cohesion campaign.

I can’t even say that word sales letter campaign via cell campaign, the one that I deployed – is this one right here. Master class campaign, so in here came funnels, came the email list, the email sequence, all I’m doing like I’m telling you I deployed this one. I clicked on the three lot dot three dots and I clicked on boy that imported the entire funnel cartridge. They’ve already done. All this stuff, for you man, it imported the entire funnel.

Now I’m working off of that funnel that one it’s 14 assets, one asset in it was this email sequence, okay, so all I did is I had to go in there and edit edit. The tags right make sure that that went make sure I set it up correctly, because all I had to do is going there and edit. So now the starting rules. I made sure that anyone who fills out this form – okay, this is the form that’s on my landing page.

Anyone who fills out that form make sure that they start to receive these emails. Okay, so you got your email lists in them and then, on the other hand, you have your email sequence. Okay, this is your email autoresponder. So anyone who opts into the page one hour later the system is going to check. If that person has the tag finished web class, okay and remember, I set the tag for eight minutes of the nine minute article okay.

So whoever reaches the 8 minute mark on that article they’re going to get that tag. So if they have that tag okay, then what happens? Is they end up going to the true side? These are the EEMA. This email will come out an hour later so after they read the presentation, one hour later, they’re going to automatically get this email right here. Okay and this email is going to go out to people who have the tag finished web class.

Okay, then, a day later, and I can set up the time the days you know hours, I can have it go out every hour. If I want you can have it go out every two days you can set the date the days whenever you want I set, or actually the system had already set it at one day. Look this one goes out Amelie after one hour, this next one’s going to go out, you’re your gift for attending and then one day later, this second email set now set out.

Now again, I can set it to whenever I wanted to go out, but one day later is perfect because again for this specific funnel, if you’re driving traffic to a webinar and you’re selling, you know, with some type of you know virtual presentation, then a daily follow Up is what you want in place. That’s your email autoresponder! So all I was going to do here. You guys is go into it. I have the template.

All I did is I I deployed that I imported that that that funnel and now I have the template of the sequence, all I’m going to do is come in here and spend I’ll, probably spend literally the next mmm the next two hours knocking out both sides Of this sequence, so again everyone who reaches everyone who gets that tag. Okay, anyone who has the tag of finished web class is going to go to the true if they did not finish right.

If they do not have that tag, then they go to the false. Okay, then they go to the false. Now, I’m telling you guys man when you’re selling stuff, just in general, I don’t care if it’s online or offline. Your follow up series is, what’s so important. Offline old-school sells old-school marketing. It’s that follow-up call right. How many of you guys are in a call center? How many of you guys are telemarketers? How many of you guys close over the telephone and how many of you guys have some type of list or CRM or database that you’re calling everyday telephone right? Old-School freaking telephone.

I come from that man. I’ve been on the phone for 20 frickin years, man, I’ve sold countless stuff over the phone and and when you’re in that type of, let’s just say, pre-social, media, pre, social media marketing and damn near even pre internet. Most sells organizations is based on that follow-up series, phone call, email, phone call, email phone call email, but as far as the automation, as far as now we’re driving traffic, that’s a different beast.

That’s a completely different beast! You can’t just be calling people every day, especially when you’re, when you’re dealing with tons of people coming through your funnel, because you’re running a freaking ad, that’s a different type of marketing right, that’s online marketing! That’s that’s! Where we’re at now. As far as the amount of traffic that you could drive to a freaking webpage and when you’re driving X amount of people to this webpage, you need some type of automation.

Man, you’re not going to be physically trying to micromanage everything right, and so these tags, this email sequence is what is, is the magic. This is the Silver Bullet man. This is going to allow you to have the right email showing to the right person. The true people they saw all eight minutes, they saw eight minutes of a nine minute article and and again I could I could. I could edit that time I could put whatever time.

I want the people who don’t have that tag. Look. This is people who missed it. So so again this split it’s going to determine: do they read it or do they not and if they did not, then they come over here, okay and then once say, and then this is immediately after so one hour later, they’re going to get you missed it. Okay, one day later, look at this there’s an automation in place. One day later, the system is going to check if that person actually readed it okay.

So this the system is going to read if they reach this step then, and they have this tag. Okay, if they reach this step – and they have this tag – then send them to step two and pause the current flow. Okay, what that means is, if they end up, there’s going to be a link for them to read it so right here where it says you missed it. That’s where I put a link to the replay right and then once they click on that link and they go read that replay.

Let’s say they read it. You know a few hours later, one day later, the automation is going to take place and see if they finally have that eight-minute tag. If they have that tag then boom, they come over here to step two now they’re on the true side, and now they start receiving these emails until they actually purchase okay and then down here on this automation. This automation is going to check if they have a tag or if they do not.

Now, let me let me show you this right here, okay and and then also here’s what happens if they do not so here’s the automation if they reach this step lead reaches this step, then subscribe them to this list. Right here didn’t buy because again on the true side, they readed it, but if they got this far in the email series in the email sequence right we’re talking down the true line, they got email number one.

They got email number two. They got email number three. They still haven’t purchased, they got that email. They got that email and by then, if they still haven’t purchased, then subscribe, I’m on a different list right I’ll get back to them later and and and so the same thing applies we’ll be here on the right side. You guys, as we get down toward towards the bottom, this last automation before we give up on them this last automation.

These are the the the false side. Again, that’s the people. I don’t have the tag, so they did not read eight minutes of the nine minute article, and so, if we get down this far on the false side of things, lead reaches a step then subscribe them to didn’t finish web class. So, at the end of the of the email series I’m going to have to list I’m going to have one list of people who didn’t finish and then I’m going to have one list over here on the false side of people who actually finished.

But did it by ok and – and so that’s not a long time, I’m talking a few days – that’s the emails! So look they reached this step then boom. They go on to that that that list of did it by web class. But if you look at the emails and and and if and when you really think about it and we’re driving traffic, we’re running Facebook, Ads we’re running Instagram, ads, we’re running YouTube ads and we’re driving traffic to the landing page, I’m telling you you’re going to have A ton of people that are going through this campaign that are receiving emails on your behalf, while you’re sleeping or on vacation or log down in your house, depending on when you’re reading this right so shout out to every single one of you guys man this.

These two emails at the very very top those trigger right away. It triggers one hour later so after they walk after they opt-in one hour later, because I know how long the article is right, depending on that article, if that article was two hours, then right here how to put three hours. You know the split happens. Three hours later right, if it’s so it’s all, based on how long that article is and then once it’s split, then these two emails, one of them, is going out immediately.

So right at that hour, marker right out that two-hour mark or whatever one of these are going to be going out right away and again based on what happens based on what they do determines how far down on the false or true side they go. But this right here you guys see, and so these emails on the true side. Now they read the presentation, but they still haven’t bought in these emails. I got one two three, four, five, five, five emails.

So in these five emails, my whole objective is to build more value, more value, more value and also create. What’s that damn word, I’m looking for a create urgency to get them to buy and guess what in those emails will be a clamp, a countdown clock and that’s why I love with the cart rest, so I can come in here. Let me just show you and in these emails again the template is already there you’re you’re literally catching me importing this funnel right right now like this is the last part I need it was the email sequence.

Everything else is done, except for my presentation article, but it’s the sequence that I need it. So all I’m going to do today is I’m going to spend the next couple hours I’m going to come into each one and I’m going to write the copy. I’r going to write the copy these five emails, it’s it’s. My whole objective is to create value and create urgency to get that person to buy they readed my whole entire article, or else they wouldn’t have that have that tag right.

They read the whole damn thing. So now I got to just bring value, bring value, bring value and create urgency to get them to buy, and so in here what I can do is I can. I can also create like if I, if I take this out and I hit cut and I go to advanced what I can do is I can use a template. My templates or I can create one right I can create. I can create a headline text. All I do is just click on it and I can drag it over like super basic and super simple, and I can change a color I can that link to wherever I want to link it to, but in this case I already have a basic template.

So I go to my templates and I’m going to use this one click it drag it over and then what I can do is I can paste what I just cut so copy or control V and this so so. This is a template. This isn’t this: isn’t my my ad copy or my copyright? This is the template. My job is to come here and and and just edit right and that’s what I’m going to do today, you guys so in here, for example, what I can do is I was going to show you.

Let me show you your gift for attending, so this right here you guys, I’m telling you a lot of this stuff already the copy, it’s it’s it’s already there, and so what I can do is I can. I can link this image like I’m, going to obviously change all this stuff out, but I can I can link this image and it can go to whatever I want it to go. Okay, and so again, my job is just to create value and get them back to read or not know.

These are people who readed it. So my whole job here is to create urgency and provide a link that takes them back to the order page. So they can check out. So that’s what’s going to be going on on this side of everything, let me see what else was I going to show you guys um, actually, the countdown clock, let me let me show you the countdown clock, because once I have my template and in this countdown Clock yeah, let me show you let me go back to that real quick! It’s like I come in here and I just come down and email content and I click on the edit.

This countdown clock is going to be the same countdown clock that is on the entire campaign. That’s on every sales funnel! That’s that’s! In the checkout on the checkout page, the Add to Cart page, it’s going to be in every email. So this right here you guys is super super, powerful and, and I’m telling you man, if you weren’t you, if you weren’t using Karcher or if you’re, not using Karcher, even for the countdown clock, you would have a separate monthly service that right there, I’m telling you Man I just got done with with an expensive online course like it was worth every penny.

I learned so much after investing a ton and I’m talking about ton of money like it wasn’t a cheap low ticket course. I just got done investing in a high ticket course. I just damn near gone through most of it, and I learned so much and what was so crazy to me was all the random services that my mentor in this case has to use to create all this. When I’m looking back and I’m like damn dude, I do all that in one like I’m telling man he has a whole separate software for the caught the countdown clock.

He has a whole separate software for the article hosting he has a whole separate software for his email autoresponder. He has a whole separate software for the for the tagging ability to be able to tag people. I went on on how long they read your articles like so many different. He has a separate software to host his membership course, a separate software to build his landing pages like I’m kidding, I’m not kidding MIT like.

Obviously the course that I took was was all educational and it was all worth every penny and and if and if I didn’t understand, Karcher the way I do, I would have also been you know on every service that he was recommending because that’s how he built It right, but he built his business. I think a little before Karcher and in and I’m telling you man this this once this once system alone, you guys can freaking run your entire business dude.

It really can’t because I’m like looking at his edit I’m going through this course right. I’r learning I’m going through a article training and I’m freaking implementing it’s all on Facebook, ads and and building a course right, and I’m just sitting back and I’m like dang dude. That that’s crazy, like I can just simply come over here to my email, autoresponder. That is all in the same software and I can grab a countdown clock that happens to be in the same software, and I don’t need to pay extra for that.

Like that’s. What’s you know, super super crazy, and so this damn, I bet you so this right here is what will be literally running congruently with every other countdown clock that is going to be inside of this funnel inside of this entire campaign. So what I’m going to do is I can. I can change the color and all that stuff, but let me just drag over there’s a few different ones. I’d take I’ll just take this one, so I’d ring it.

I drag it. I can drop an A or I could rock up drop it at the top. I could drop it down here, I’ll, put it right there, okay and then in here I can simply hit the edit, and I can I can I can. I can literally tie it to every other countdown clock in every other email within this funnel and also have that same time, ticking based on the countdown clocks on the actual pages right. So this stuff is super super powerful.

You guys and super basic man once you really learn it so in here I can again I can change the colors of the of the of the clock. I can change. Let’s see I can change, I I can have an end at a certain date. I can have an end at a certain time or I can have it based on a tag so that and that’s that’s what I’m actually going to do. I’r going to create a tag so tags right here and it’s going to be tags, subs dynamic, and so I won’t this article won’t be on showing you how to set up tags, but that’s: what’s going to be based on is, is I’ll, create a tag inside Of a certain category and it’ll be it’ll, be let’s just say this category over here and then it’s going to be a tag that I create, which I haven’t created just yet.

In fact, you know what I could I could base it around finished web class. I could base it around finished web class and then I can. I can have the countdown clock timer so so so now, every time I add a countdown clock to an email or to a landing page I can. I can change the settings to all reflect this and all reflect five days from the moment that person opsin so from the moment they come to the page and enter their name and email.

That’s when I can trigger that five day, tag: okay and in the countdown clock we’ll be counting down five days, okay and so the way my sister. The way I set up the entire funnel is where, when that person opts in they’re, taken to the next page, to read the article again: if they read it, they go to the true sequence: if they do not read it, they go to the false sequence. My emails that I have set up: okay, let’s go back my emails, let’s just edit this.

My emails that I have set up are all based around a certain there’s, a certain amount of emails which equate to a certain amount of time right. So in this case, let me show you so we close that out and in this case as I was mentioning, they, what they opt in, that’s the starting rule and then one hour later they’re going to go true or false. Okay and then it’s one day later, that they’ll get the next email.

Okay, so that’s day, number two day: number three they’re, either going to be over here to the left or to the right day, number four they’re going to be the left or to the right. They’re day number five, okay and then last one. This is day number five, so I can literally set that countdown clock. I can set the countdown clock to timeout five days later, so that tag that I set up expires five days later.

I could easily set that up and that’s what the whole entire countdown clock it’ll be counting down five days from the moment they opted in and so that right there you guys. Not only are they going to see that on on pages cuz as I email them, I’m going to email them links to get back to the replay page. So not only can I put a countdown clock on that replay page, but I could put a countdown clock in every single email and again, every single one of them will match congruently, because it’s all, based on the same tag that I set up and that’s the Five day, countdown, okay, so this right here you guys is super super powerful.

This is the back end. This is where the magic happens. It’s in your email, automation, so, depending on what you’re selling, depending on what you’re promoting you need some type of back-end man. Getting the lead is one thing, but keeping the lead that’s another and converting that lead into a cell or to an appointment or to whatever you’re trying to get them to do. That’s all the back end, so you got ta.

Have you got ta have some good systems behind you, man, and so I use Carter for all of this. You guys I’m going to spend the next couple hours and just go through true and false, and just edit these emails and make sure everything is hyper link to the right pages that I need them to go to, and this right here man is what I’m skelling In 2020, this is the back end of my webinar, of my actual training course that I plan on taking to the moon in 2020.

Alright guys so, hopefully that made sense. Man there’s a 14-day trial in the description profit with Karcher dot online set up your forward. Today, trial and what I’ll do is I’ll give you my time we’ll set up a free strategy. Call where I can jump on on screen share like this and literally take you from zero to hero on starting your first funnel with Karcher. We have live support every Tuesday and Thursday, where we jump on screen, share cartridge, support, jumps on for an hour and it’s a Q & A so any random question.

You have you, don’t even have to be on cartridge. You do have to register for it. In fact, I’ll put that link in the description as well register for it I mean you, don’t have to be a customer just yet you can jump on and just and just start learning this system before you even take your fortune, a trial, but make sure you Click on on the link in the description to to set up the 14-day trial whenever you do profit with Karcher dot online and then register for our Tuesday and Thursday cause.

That’s all I do. A lot of people ask me damn David, how do you know Carter? So well, when you don’t know shit about website or our development and I’m like dude, I just been on the training. It’s like I’ve been on the trainings, and I truly believe this is super. Super basic like this is so simple. My twelve year old can can do this stuff man, but obviously there’s a learning curve. You have to learn it and that’s what those training calls our format.

So we have. We have Carter Q. A live webinar screen share just like this, every Tuesday and Thursday at 4 p.M. Eastern and then we have a Facebook group with over 15,000 people, where you can just jump on, ask a question and a million people will respond to you right away. So the support is amazing. You guys step your game up man if you’re still paying multiple services to try to run an online business.

I’r telling you you’re, beating yourself up and you’re spending more money than you need to profit with cart. Red Dot. Online link is in the description step, your game up I’ll, see you in the next article