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Is I mean this is automation and it’s at its finest? This is what marketing is literally all about man bottom line when you’re bringing people to a landing page like like I mean any any landing page, there’s only so many objectives.

You can possibly have your that you’re either bringing someone to a landing page to get them to just simply maybe register for a webinar. So you come to a landing page. You opt-in, because there’s something you want to learn, there’s a article on the other side. There’s a webinar there’s some type of presentation, you’re opting in to get more information or you’re opting in to be given to be downloading something for free, maybe someone’s giving away a free download a free article.

A free, PDF you’re, often in a free pdf, can come in many many different shapes and sizes. It could be a coupon for 35 percent off your next mill at freaking jack-in-a-box. It could be 25 % off of these pair of shoes. It could be a discount code for a gym. It could be a seven-day pass. I can literally bring traffic to any page. I can put whatever title I want and get people to opt-in to whatever my offer may be right, they kind of the page and they enter their information.

The real magic happens after they do that. So what happens after they opt-in? That’s what is so important, like everybody wants to talk about a talk about a landing page, but what what they? What they fell to talk about is what happens after and that’s where your entire email automation kicks in okay, that person opsin they go to a. Thank you page and, depending on what they even opted in for you have to be.

There has to be some type of value here right. There has to be some type of giveaway, something there they’re a random. Stranger is not just coming to you to give you their name and email just because, like your there’s, some type of promise right, there’s some type of promise, there’s some type of bribe, there’s some type of ethical bribe. You know that that you’re, that you’re offering right and so once that email comes in you guys what I’m going to show you is the automation behind it, all, okay and and in real life.

You know in in the trenches of what what I’m currently doing so, for example, I have – I have a page that I’m driving traffic to right when a person opts in they’re going to the next page, where there’s a presentation and that’s a webinar right. I’r driving people to my course that’s what I’m scaling in twenty twenty. So, if you’re coming across my blog subscribe man subscribe, smash the Bell for notifications, I’m dropping weekly content on day in the life of what I’m doing, to build an online business, whether that’s a social media agency, whether that’s making sells online, whether that’s capturing, sells online Email automation is a huge huge part of it, and so that’s one huge reason why I use cartridge because it’s all-in-one, like I literally, have it all in one from my landing pages to my article, hosting which this is this article is all about to my email, Automation, it’s all in this one software.

Okay, so I provided a 14-day trial profit with carte rIDOT online. That link is in the description, but here’s what I’m going to show you from a from a simple landing page: a person comes in they opt-in and what I’m promoting is an actual webinar, a presentation right. They go to that presentation page, which is literally on the next page. They enter their name email. They click the blue button right on the next page.

There’s that presentation now, based on the amount of time that person reades, that presentation that’s going to trigger my email, automation, okay, so I’m going to walk you through it articles. I have a ton of articles on different pages that are that are hosted on YouTube because I’m trying to build my YouTube blog – and I have a ton of articles that I that I put on pages but they’re an actual YouTube article.

Some of my articles, some of my pages I should say I take that article and I hosted on Karcher and the reason for it is because I can one one huge reason is: I can track the analytics and the tagging I could tag meaning I can. I can track a person based on how much time they readed it. I can set a tag. So if it’s a ten minute article like this one right here, it’s a nine minute article – I can put a tag for whoever reaches the 8 minute mark.

Send them this email, whoever doesn’t reach the 8 minute mark, send them that email, so that automation, you guys, is so so important. If someone bought this product send them that email, if they didn’t buy this product, send them that email that simple behind-the-scenes automation is where it’s all at and and and again that’s why Karcher makes this stuff so simple man without karch, I’m going to keep it real.

I probably would still be confused trying to build something online because there’s so many men there’s there’s so many moving components. All you hear anyone teaching is landing page landing, page landing page. That’s all Russell Brunson and clickfunnels. Brainwashed us, with over these last few years, is landing page sales funnel landing page sales funnel. But what I want to also know is about the is it’s about the back end.

What happens after they go to the landing page? That’s what’s so important and so a lot of you that are using you know leadpages or click funnels you’re having to use a second software for your email, automation and then a lot of you are probably putting articles on YouTube and just hosting them there. I have other articles why I don’t want my YouTube article on every every. You know everything that I’m marketing there’s certain you know places for for hosting a article here, for example, versus it being a YouTube article and then putting it on a landing page.

But that’s a whole nother article, but my point is: is that I use I use this one software for everything man. So what I’m going to show you real quick, is simply what I have going on with a specific sales funnel a email sequence, which is my communications. That’s my email, autoresponder and articles, my articles. So again they come to the page. They opt-in and I have this article right now being tested.

Ok, the same two cells article. This is just it’s just a test until I really put until I plug that cells, article in which will be, you know, obviously soon. That’s the last piece to my funnel that I need oh, that didn’t that I need to complete it, but I’ve been testing it with this one and just and just simply making sure that it works. So what I did is I upload that article not to youtube. I hope uploaded it to Carter, okay and then I come in here.

First of all that green button to the right. That’s what you click on to upload the article, but I’m past that so now I uploaded the article okay, I uploaded the article and over here I can change the settings I can. I can play around with all of that, but it’s really and I can show the controls or not show the controls. I could put a different thumbnail if I wanted to, but what I keep it on is I keep it on mute on start.

I hide the the controls, the skin, doesn’t matter and then autoplay on unload. That’s how I set it up and then it’s this part right here. You guys that’s what this article is all about. It’s all about tagging, the people who read X amount of time – and I can edit this. I can choose, however, much time you know, based on the the length of the article. That’s obviously you know what you want to base it on.

What I’m going to be doing is put in a 60 minute presentation on this on this page, so it’ll be a 60 minute article and then I’ll probably tag it and let’s say maybe the 50 minute mark right. So for those who reach 50 minutes they’re going to get a handful of emails and and those that do not reach 50 minutes, they get another another handful of emails. So that’s what I wanted to show you guys on how this system works and and and and the flow of all of that.

Okay. So that’s where I applied the tag I published article and then now the article is on Carter and the article is tagged. Okay, so, and and the way I tagged it is you hit my communications: let’s go back to, let’s, let’s click on my communications and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to come over here and click on tags and that’s where you can create the Tag: okay: we can create that tag and put it on that article, and so this is super important man, because again based if this is this is mainly for people.

So this this strategy could apply for anything anything you’re selling online, but really article article article article article article, if you’re trying to track the activity or the engagement of a article and – and you have some type of follow-up process after that article has been – has been Readed or not that’s what this is all about man and that’s why again cartridge it super simple to track all this stuff, so I have my um my my tag in place.

Let me, in fact I don’t need this one, I’m glad I’m here, so I can delete this delete that one for sure and then finished registered. I can delete those ones as well. Let’s delete that’s just that’s just some other stuff. You guys that I had going on, but I it caught my eye, so I might as well delete it real quick while I’m on here with you, okay, perfect. So this tag right here finished web class.

Okay, that’s what it’s all about! So I created a tag. I can I hit the green one. I created a tag, that’s what it’s all about is is did they finish the article or did they not that’s what everything is about? That’s what the entire email sequence is going to be all based on. So again they come to the page. They opt-in. They go to the second page where the presentation is being is being held. Okay, if they read it, if they read it, here’s what here’s, what I’m telling the system so the way I get here is we come over here now: communications, click on sequences.

Remember remember! You have two different lists, so to speak. It’s really one list, but it’s tied to two different ass. So when a person comes to a landing page, any landing page right, they opt-in right when they click on the blue button. They enter their name. Email teach me teach me Facebook Ads right when they opt-in, they’re on a specific quote-unquote list, but that list what you want to do is you also want to set up a sequence tied to that list? Okay, so over here, what I’m able to do is this is sequences on me, but I’m able to hit the green one and create a sequence, or I can obviously edit anything that I have going on.

So I’m going to this is the sequence right here. I click on edit and it’s going to bring me over here. This is where it all happens. Okay, this is the magic. This is the flow of the email, autoresponder. Okay, so all I was doing right now. This is just day-in-the-life. You guys I’m just documenting what I’m doing I’m going to go in here. The system is already set up. That’s why I love Karcher man, because this email see a sequence.

The tags everything was set up. All I had to do was go in there and edit when you setup your 14 eight-day trial. You can come over here and you click on my campaigns and there’s a bunch of funnels there’s a bunch of landing pages already done for you. If you come over here and click on available campaigns, these are all campaigns that you can deploy and you can import in your Karcher account right away.

They’re already done for you, based on your business, based on what you’re trying to do a three-step application for high ticket for high take a consulting super popular funnel 15 assets. This is super super things done for you, man, all you had to do is go in there and edit the text, edit images and it colors edit the tag name like edit little random things, but the formula and the template is already there daily deal campaign digital Daily deal campaign Kohi cohesion campaign.

I can’t even say that word sales letter campaign via cell campaign, the one that I deployed – is this one right here. Master class campaign, so in here came funnels, came the email list, the email sequence, all I’m doing like I’m telling you I deployed this one. I clicked on the three lot dot three dots and I clicked on boy that imported the entire funnel cartridge. They’ve already done. All this stuff, for you man, it imported the entire funnel.

Now I’m working off of that funnel that one it’s 14 assets, one asset in it was this email sequence, okay, so all I did is I had to go in there and edit edit. The tags right make sure that that went make sure I set it up correctly, because all I had to do is going there and edit. So now the starting rules. I made sure that anyone who fills out this form – okay, this is the form that’s on my landing page.

Anyone who fills out that form make sure that they start to receive these emails. Okay, so you got your email lists in them and then, on the other hand, you have your email sequence. Okay, this is your email autoresponder. So anyone who opts into the page one hour later the system is going to check. If that person has the tag finished web class, okay and remember, I set the tag for eight minutes of the nine minute article okay.

So whoever reaches the 8 minute mark on that article they’re going to get that tag. So if they have that tag okay, then what happens? Is they end up going to the true side? These are the EEMA. This email will come out an hour later so after they read the presentation, one hour later, they’re going to automatically get this email right here. Okay and this email is going to go out to people who have the tag finished web class.

Okay, then, a day later, and I can set up the time the days you know hours, I can have it go out every hour. If I want you can have it go out every two days you can set the date the days whenever you want I set, or actually the system had already set it at one day. Look this one goes out Amelie after one hour, this next one’s going to go out, you’re your gift for attending and then one day later, this second email set now set out.

Now again, I can set it to whenever I wanted to go out, but one day later is perfect because again for this specific funnel, if you’re driving traffic to a webinar and you’re selling, you know, with some type of you know virtual presentation, then a daily follow Up is what you want in place. That’s your email autoresponder! So all I was going to do here. You guys is go into it. I have the template.

All I did is I I deployed that I imported that that that funnel and now I have the template of the sequence, all I’m going to do is come in here and spend I’ll, probably spend literally the next mmm the next two hours knocking out both sides Of this sequence, so again everyone who reaches everyone who gets that tag. Okay, anyone who has the tag of finished web class is going to go to the true if they did not finish right.

If they do not have that tag, then they go to the false. Okay, then they go to the false. Now, I’m telling you guys man when you’re selling stuff, just in general, I don’t care if it’s online or offline. Your follow up series is, what’s so important. Offline old-school sells old-school marketing. It’s that follow-up call right. How many of you guys are in a call center? How many of you guys are telemarketers? How many of you guys close over the telephone and how many of you guys have some type of list or CRM or database that you’re calling everyday telephone right? Old-School freaking telephone.

I come from that man. I’ve been on the phone for 20 frickin years, man, I’ve sold countless stuff over the phone and and when you’re in that type of, let’s just say, pre-social, media, pre, social media marketing and damn near even pre internet. Most sells organizations is based on that follow-up series, phone call, email, phone call, email phone call email, but as far as the automation, as far as now we’re driving traffic, that’s a different beast.

That’s a completely different beast! You can’t just be calling people every day, especially when you’re, when you’re dealing with tons of people coming through your funnel, because you’re running a freaking ad, that’s a different type of marketing right, that’s online marketing! That’s that’s! Where we’re at now. As far as the amount of traffic that you could drive to a freaking webpage and when you’re driving X amount of people to this webpage, you need some type of automation.

Man, you’re not going to be physically trying to micromanage everything right, and so these tags, this email sequence is what is, is the magic. This is the Silver Bullet man. This is going to allow you to have the right email showing to the right person. The true people they saw all eight minutes, they saw eight minutes of a nine minute article and and again I could I could. I could edit that time I could put whatever time.

I want the people who don’t have that tag. Look. This is people who missed it. So so again this split it’s going to determine: do they read it or do they not and if they did not, then they come over here, okay and then once say, and then this is immediately after so one hour later, they’re going to get you missed it. Okay, one day later, look at this there’s an automation in place. One day later, the system is going to check if that person actually readed it okay.

So this the system is going to read if they reach this step then, and they have this tag. Okay, if they reach this step – and they have this tag – then send them to step two and pause the current flow. Okay, what that means is, if they end up, there’s going to be a link for them to read it so right here where it says you missed it. That’s where I put a link to the replay right and then once they click on that link and they go read that replay.

Let’s say they read it. You know a few hours later, one day later, the automation is going to take place and see if they finally have that eight-minute tag. If they have that tag then boom, they come over here to step two now they’re on the true side, and now they start receiving these emails until they actually purchase okay and then down here on this automation. This automation is going to check if they have a tag or if they do not.

Now, let me let me show you this right here, okay and and then also here’s what happens if they do not so here’s the automation if they reach this step lead reaches this step, then subscribe them to this list. Right here didn’t buy because again on the true side, they readed it, but if they got this far in the email series in the email sequence right we’re talking down the true line, they got email number one.

They got email number two. They got email number three. They still haven’t purchased, they got that email. They got that email and by then, if they still haven’t purchased, then subscribe, I’m on a different list right I’ll get back to them later and and and so the same thing applies we’ll be here on the right side. You guys, as we get down toward towards the bottom, this last automation before we give up on them this last automation.

These are the the the false side. Again, that’s the people. I don’t have the tag, so they did not read eight minutes of the nine minute article, and so, if we get down this far on the false side of things, lead reaches a step then subscribe them to didn’t finish web class. So, at the end of the of the email series I’m going to have to list I’m going to have one list of people who didn’t finish and then I’m going to have one list over here on the false side of people who actually finished.

But did it by ok and – and so that’s not a long time, I’m talking a few days – that’s the emails! So look they reached this step then boom. They go on to that that that list of did it by web class. But if you look at the emails and and and if and when you really think about it and we’re driving traffic, we’re running Facebook, Ads we’re running Instagram, ads, we’re running YouTube ads and we’re driving traffic to the landing page, I’m telling you you’re going to have A ton of people that are going through this campaign that are receiving emails on your behalf, while you’re sleeping or on vacation or log down in your house, depending on when you’re reading this right so shout out to every single one of you guys man this.

These two emails at the very very top those trigger right away. It triggers one hour later so after they walk after they opt-in one hour later, because I know how long the article is right, depending on that article, if that article was two hours, then right here how to put three hours. You know the split happens. Three hours later right, if it’s so it’s all, based on how long that article is and then once it’s split, then these two emails, one of them, is going out immediately.

So right at that hour, marker right out that two-hour mark or whatever one of these are going to be going out right away and again based on what happens based on what they do determines how far down on the false or true side they go. But this right here you guys see, and so these emails on the true side. Now they read the presentation, but they still haven’t bought in these emails. I got one two three, four, five, five, five emails.

So in these five emails, my whole objective is to build more value, more value, more value and also create. What’s that damn word, I’m looking for a create urgency to get them to buy and guess what in those emails will be a clamp, a countdown clock and that’s why I love with the cart rest, so I can come in here. Let me just show you and in these emails again the template is already there you’re you’re literally catching me importing this funnel right right now like this is the last part I need it was the email sequence.

Everything else is done, except for my presentation article, but it’s the sequence that I need it. So all I’m going to do today is I’m going to spend the next couple hours I’m going to come into each one and I’m going to write the copy. I’r going to write the copy these five emails, it’s it’s. My whole objective is to create value and create urgency to get that person to buy they readed my whole entire article, or else they wouldn’t have that have that tag right.

They read the whole damn thing. So now I got to just bring value, bring value, bring value and create urgency to get them to buy, and so in here what I can do is I can. I can also create like if I, if I take this out and I hit cut and I go to advanced what I can do is I can use a template. My templates or I can create one right I can create. I can create a headline text. All I do is just click on it and I can drag it over like super basic and super simple, and I can change a color I can that link to wherever I want to link it to, but in this case I already have a basic template.

So I go to my templates and I’m going to use this one click it drag it over and then what I can do is I can paste what I just cut so copy or control V and this so so. This is a template. This isn’t this: isn’t my my ad copy or my copyright? This is the template. My job is to come here and and and just edit right and that’s what I’m going to do today, you guys so in here, for example, what I can do is I was going to show you.

Let me show you your gift for attending, so this right here you guys, I’m telling you a lot of this stuff already the copy, it’s it’s it’s already there, and so what I can do is I can. I can link this image like I’m, going to obviously change all this stuff out, but I can I can link this image and it can go to whatever I want it to go. Okay, and so again, my job is just to create value and get them back to read or not know.

These are people who readed it. So my whole job here is to create urgency and provide a link that takes them back to the order page. So they can check out. So that’s what’s going to be going on on this side of everything, let me see what else was I going to show you guys um, actually, the countdown clock, let me let me show you the countdown clock, because once I have my template and in this countdown Clock yeah, let me show you let me go back to that real quick! It’s like I come in here and I just come down and email content and I click on the edit.

This countdown clock is going to be the same countdown clock that is on the entire campaign. That’s on every sales funnel! That’s that’s! In the checkout on the checkout page, the Add to Cart page, it’s going to be in every email. So this right here you guys is super super, powerful and, and I’m telling you man, if you weren’t you, if you weren’t using Karcher or if you’re, not using Karcher, even for the countdown clock, you would have a separate monthly service that right there, I’m telling you Man I just got done with with an expensive online course like it was worth every penny.

I learned so much after investing a ton and I’m talking about ton of money like it wasn’t a cheap low ticket course. I just got done investing in a high ticket course. I just damn near gone through most of it, and I learned so much and what was so crazy to me was all the random services that my mentor in this case has to use to create all this. When I’m looking back and I’m like damn dude, I do all that in one like I’m telling man he has a whole separate software for the caught the countdown clock.

He has a whole separate software for the article hosting he has a whole separate software for his email autoresponder. He has a whole separate software for the for the tagging ability to be able to tag people. I went on on how long they read your articles like so many different. He has a separate software to host his membership course, a separate software to build his landing pages like I’m kidding, I’m not kidding MIT like.

Obviously the course that I took was was all educational and it was all worth every penny and and if and if I didn’t understand, Karcher the way I do, I would have also been you know on every service that he was recommending because that’s how he built It right, but he built his business. I think a little before Karcher and in and I’m telling you man this this once this once system alone, you guys can freaking run your entire business dude.

It really can’t because I’m like looking at his edit I’m going through this course right. I’r learning I’m going through a article training and I’m freaking implementing it’s all on Facebook, ads and and building a course right, and I’m just sitting back and I’m like dang dude. That that’s crazy, like I can just simply come over here to my email, autoresponder. That is all in the same software and I can grab a countdown clock that happens to be in the same software, and I don’t need to pay extra for that.

Like that’s. What’s you know, super super crazy, and so this damn, I bet you so this right here is what will be literally running congruently with every other countdown clock that is going to be inside of this funnel inside of this entire campaign. So what I’m going to do is I can. I can change the color and all that stuff, but let me just drag over there’s a few different ones. I’d take I’ll just take this one, so I’d ring it.

I drag it. I can drop an A or I could rock up drop it at the top. I could drop it down here, I’ll, put it right there, okay and then in here I can simply hit the edit, and I can I can I can. I can literally tie it to every other countdown clock in every other email within this funnel and also have that same time, ticking based on the countdown clocks on the actual pages right. So this stuff is super super powerful.

You guys and super basic man once you really learn it so in here I can again I can change the colors of the of the of the clock. I can change. Let’s see I can change, I I can have an end at a certain date. I can have an end at a certain time or I can have it based on a tag so that and that’s that’s what I’m actually going to do. I’r going to create a tag so tags right here and it’s going to be tags, subs dynamic, and so I won’t this article won’t be on showing you how to set up tags, but that’s: what’s going to be based on is, is I’ll, create a tag inside Of a certain category and it’ll be it’ll, be let’s just say this category over here and then it’s going to be a tag that I create, which I haven’t created just yet.

In fact, you know what I could I could base it around finished web class. I could base it around finished web class and then I can. I can have the countdown clock timer so so so now, every time I add a countdown clock to an email or to a landing page I can. I can change the settings to all reflect this and all reflect five days from the moment that person opsin so from the moment they come to the page and enter their name and email.

That’s when I can trigger that five day, tag: okay and in the countdown clock we’ll be counting down five days, okay and so the way my sister. The way I set up the entire funnel is where, when that person opts in they’re, taken to the next page, to read the article again: if they read it, they go to the true sequence: if they do not read it, they go to the false sequence. My emails that I have set up: okay, let’s go back my emails, let’s just edit this.

My emails that I have set up are all based around a certain there’s, a certain amount of emails which equate to a certain amount of time right. So in this case, let me show you so we close that out and in this case as I was mentioning, they, what they opt in, that’s the starting rule and then one hour later they’re going to go true or false. Okay and then it’s one day later, that they’ll get the next email.

Okay, so that’s day, number two day: number three they’re, either going to be over here to the left or to the right day, number four they’re going to be the left or to the right. They’re day number five, okay and then last one. This is day number five, so I can literally set that countdown clock. I can set the countdown clock to timeout five days later, so that tag that I set up expires five days later.

I could easily set that up and that’s what the whole entire countdown clock it’ll be counting down five days from the moment they opted in and so that right there you guys. Not only are they going to see that on on pages cuz as I email them, I’m going to email them links to get back to the replay page. So not only can I put a countdown clock on that replay page, but I could put a countdown clock in every single email and again, every single one of them will match congruently, because it’s all, based on the same tag that I set up and that’s the Five day, countdown, okay, so this right here you guys is super super powerful.

This is the back end. This is where the magic happens. It’s in your email, automation, so, depending on what you’re selling, depending on what you’re promoting you need some type of back-end man. Getting the lead is one thing, but keeping the lead that’s another and converting that lead into a cell or to an appointment or to whatever you’re trying to get them to do. That’s all the back end, so you got ta.

Have you got ta have some good systems behind you, man, and so I use Carter for all of this. You guys I’m going to spend the next couple hours and just go through true and false, and just edit these emails and make sure everything is hyper link to the right pages that I need them to go to, and this right here man is what I’m skelling In 2020, this is the back end of my webinar, of my actual training course that I plan on taking to the moon in 2020.

Alright guys so, hopefully that made sense. Man there’s a 14-day trial in the description profit with Karcher dot online set up your forward. Today, trial and what I’ll do is I’ll give you my time we’ll set up a free strategy. Call where I can jump on on screen share like this and literally take you from zero to hero on starting your first funnel with Karcher. We have live support every Tuesday and Thursday, where we jump on screen, share cartridge, support, jumps on for an hour and it’s a Q & A so any random question.

You have you, don’t even have to be on cartridge. You do have to register for it. In fact, I’ll put that link in the description as well register for it I mean you, don’t have to be a customer just yet you can jump on and just and just start learning this system before you even take your fortune, a trial, but make sure you Click on on the link in the description to to set up the 14-day trial whenever you do profit with Karcher dot online and then register for our Tuesday and Thursday cause.

That’s all I do. A lot of people ask me damn David, how do you know Carter? So well, when you don’t know shit about website or our development and I’m like dude, I just been on the training. It’s like I’ve been on the trainings, and I truly believe this is super. Super basic like this is so simple. My twelve year old can can do this stuff man, but obviously there’s a learning curve. You have to learn it and that’s what those training calls our format.

So we have. We have Carter Q. A live webinar screen share just like this, every Tuesday and Thursday at 4 p.M. Eastern and then we have a Facebook group with over 15,000 people, where you can just jump on, ask a question and a million people will respond to you right away. So the support is amazing. You guys step your game up man if you’re still paying multiple services to try to run an online business.

I’r telling you you’re, beating yourself up and you’re spending more money than you need to profit with cart. Red Dot. Online link is in the description step, your game up I’ll, see you in the next article


Online Marketing


Just people forget about the word guru forget about that term.

I mean, I think it’s stupid or title or whatever the hell. You want to call it, I mean people are just teaching stuff. That’s all. It is man now, if you’re teaching, unethical stuff or if you’re teaching stuff, that is not right at all. You’re charging a lot of money if I dude you’re a freaking crook, but whatever you’re teaching, we all have something to teach man. You don’t have to be the smartest person to teach something like at all like you could put together any simple tutorial: teaching someone how to yarn and sell it for $ 19.

99, like people will buy it 20 bucks for articles teaching people a yawn are not freaking Yarn, I’m talking about yarn, you know the freaking yarn, like you net. Are you not you freaking knit? You know blankets and stuff like that yarn right people could teach anything man, people could teach anything, and I just truly believe that there is opportunity – and I just truly believe I found my niche in the basics in teaching people the basics, like that’s what I do With my social media agency, I teach people the basics and then it grows in gross gross from there right the the value ladder you have to have that value ladder in place man, and so when it comes to Facebook’s Facebook ads.

I totally believe a lot of people gurus whatever you want to call it a lot of people out of people. You know teaching leave out the basics and I’m like dude like this right here. That’s why I shot to my boy Joshua, because this is such a basic basic question and it’s such a powerful question. It’s such an important question. It’s such a question that tons of people have on their mind because they’re just beginning they haven’t, you know, ran a facebook ad.

Although you’ve been reading 15 million articles on how to run a Facebook ad, other people haven’t right, they’re just getting into it. Just like you have shot to Josh looks like a younger. You know younger kid. It’s like dude, he’s, probably just getting started, and I just and that super cool you’re definitely asking the right person man so shout out to Josh. I love teaching the basics. This right here is basic and this is super powerful man trying to run a regular Facebook ad.

I’m a beginner, don’t know anything, you know about landing pages or pixels. So, let’s start, let’s start regular Facebook ad. Let’s start there. First, all right, I’m going to take you guys through it, I’m going to break this down into three to four parts. Okay, this is the page right here you want it. You want a bookmark, and the way you get here is just come to your Facebook page. Let’s go to your Facebook page and all you’re going to do is up here at the top click on create and then you’re going to hit the drop down and you’re going to hit you’re going to click on add if you guys are on Instagram man.

Follow me on Instagram inspired digital or you can follow me here too, but Instagram and then also subscribe here, because this is where I’m dropping all my content. All my value, all my articles, everything I’m doing goes on to YouTube. Facebook Ads is just our Facebook is just for Facebook ads and then, if anything, sometimes I’ll share article over here I’ll share article. To my to my my I’ll share my youtube article to my Facebook, page I’ll share my youtube article to my LinkedIn page I’ll share.

My YouTube article to my Twitter page I’ll, share my YouTube article to my Pinterest page I’ll, share my YouTube article through an email broadcast or through an email sequence as well right. But all these platforms are locked and loaded, but over here all you’re going to do is click on create and click on. Add right there. Okay, that’s going to bring you to this this! This back end ads manager bookmark.

This part of this page right here for sure – and this word starts man. This is the basics. This is frickin FB ads for beginners. That’s the link that you see in my description, literally just starting a little training, a little train squad. You know squad of a bunch of protégées that I can really just you know, as I advanced and as I keep learning I’m investing thousands of dollars in education in facebook advertising as far as learning from the best of the best right, I’m actually investing in training And courses and coaching at this very moment you know March 2020, and so that’s why there’s I’m way far from my mentors and then there’s people that are also a few steps behind me.

So that’s what I’m saying man you don’t have to be the Harvard professor! You could be a teacher at the at the local community college and still provide a tremendous amount of value to an individual from what you could. What you could teach right like knowledge, comes in all shapes and forms man, whatever the heck. You want to teach other people want to learn and that’s why, when it comes to building it online and now turning it into an actual business, you just want to make sure that there’s a demand for that.

You want to make sure that okay, yeah people want to learn it, but is there a shitload of people that want to learn it and and in learning it? What does it mean to them to them? What does it mean for them to learn it like a business owner? What does it mean for him and learn Facebook Ads dude? It means the world for a husband and wife going through a divorce. What does it mean to invest in therapy or coaching or counseling? What would that investment be right like? What’s it worth? That’s how you want to kind of break stuff down dude? What’s it worth, you know to invest and and and start learning this stuff right, because I’m telling you man, this is basic stuff.

This is something you guys all need to be all need to be learning, and it’s like Facebook Ads is one thing: if your new FB ads for beginners, let me take you under my wing that link is in the description, but whether you’re learning this for yourself And your and you’re investing in yourself or you’re, investing in yourself to bring value to others, I’m both I’m investing in myself and I constantly keep learning so I can bring value to my clients, and so I can bring value to myself right cuz.

I have products I’m trying to get the clients. I got to get them first right, so it starts with me right. It starts with me. It starts with you right. You got a better yourself, you have to invest in yourself, you have to make it happen. That’s how you’re going to find that client. That’s how you’re going to be able to use your experience and be like hey. It worked for me, I’m going to do the same thing for you right and that’s that’s a lot of that.

A lot of that! You know comes down to how I even present to clients I’m like dude. Look at this page. Does it look a little better than yours? Look at my page. Does it look a little better than yours? I mean just these little basics, you guys, I’m telling you man. This is where it starts so bookmark this page, okay, depending on what industry you’re in this special ad category. This was at. This was added at the end of 2019.

If you’re not complying with this, then your ads will be disapproved, but if you’re in any of these three categories – housing, employment, credit, obviously comply and just check that box. But to answer his question: let’s go back to to my boy Josh, I’m just trying to run regular Facebook ads okay. So what is a regular Facebook ad? Let’s start there man? What is a regular Facebook ad man at the end of the day? I truly believe that, no matter what type of business you have and that’s why I shot to shout out to Debra, I was on a strategy call with her yesterday and I’m like dude.

Every business is the same when it comes to marketing we’re all looking for attention. You either need a lead. You name it. You need to take me somewhere and you need to. You need to get me to click on something. Let me go back, you got it. You got it, you you’re, trying to get me to click on something to opt-in, right, you’re, looking to capture that lead right or you’re. Looking to have me, do that and schedule an appointment right.

This could be. This could be an appointment page where you’re driving traffic to a page, to schedule an appointment same thing, man, how many of us take appointments? All of us do that’s what I’m saying every business is the same chiropractor. They need appointments dentists, they need appointments, yoga gym. They need they need appointments, they need people coming into the class real estate agent.

You need appointments loan originator, you need appointments, you work at the bank, you need appointments, like everything consist of a lead grabbing, a lead or getting that person to schedule an appointment or making a sell, bottom-line. Dude, it’s very black and white. That’s kind of all. There is to it now, if you’re talking brand awareness and and in personal branding and going out there and putting 50 hosts up a day on 50 different platforms.

Okay, you better have a ton of content, because that’s going to take a lot and your your glue to your phone all damn day right, because you’re posting all damn day on 50 different platforms, all damn day who got time for that Jerry be right. It’s like dude, if, if you’re not doing that, then for sure you’re simply you’re simply doing this you’re you’re driving traffic and it’s going to be for one of those things capturing a lead, making a sell or or even capturing a lead, aka scheduling, an appointment.

Okay, anything outside of that dude to run a Facebook ad would be would be some type of brand awareness, you’re they’re, going to you’re, either going to promote your brand organically 50 times a day 50 different platforms or you’re going to run Facebook ads for maybe brand Awareness, reach or or or or or or you can even you can even do an engagement, but at the same time you guys that’s, like you better, have some money like you.

This is for a business. That’s coming into Facebook ads that actually have you know a few bucks to spend, because not many even focus on Brian awareness or reach, or even engagement, because, again nine out of ten of us, no matter what type of business you’re building is looking for, that lead. You’re looking for that cell you’re, looking for that scheduled appointment, so if that’s the case, that’s either traffic conversions or lead generation, so it just comes down to what is a regular Facebook ad Josh.

You know I mean what are you trying to do? That’s the objective! This is where it starts. That’s why this this is what I call it three pillars campaign ad set ad okay, and so this is where it all begins: men bookmark this page. I truly believe that this this part right here, I probably spent an out – I probably spent a year and a half going with the wrong objectives on different campaigns and ads, because most people that I was learning from weren’t, even teaching these basics, it’s like dude.

Here’s the deal Josh most likely you’re trying to do one of those one of those three things. What was it get a lead, get an appointment or make a sell right. Are you trying to do? Are you trying to do one of those three things? If you are here is a regular Facebook ad to me, okay, a regular Facebook ad to me would be either traffic or conversions bottom line. Okay, I’m running traffic to a landing page right, so my facebook pixel, because he also had that question.

So what we’ll address that? But I’m running traffic ads, I’m running traffic like it says right here, send more people to a destination such as a website. Okay! So that’s what I’m trying to do! That’s what I’m telling Facebook? Hey man, here’s 10 bucks a day! Here’s five bucks a day: here’s 20 bucks a day, drive traffic to my page and when you’re driving this traffic to the page make sure your Facebook pixel is embedded and make sure that Facebook pixel is tracking everything.

Okay. Now what what? What? What is there to track on this people who landed here? So what what I want Facebook to do is I want Facebook to create a custom audience of people who viewed the page, and so that’s a that’s a custom audience so make sure you have a custom audience set up in fact, stay to the end of this Article and you’ll see you’ll see a article come up. That’s I’m walking you through how to set up a custom audience and if you’re new to Facebook, man, Facebook Ads make sure you’re on my VIP list right, I’m going to have a ton of training coming in.

Coming out of that, coming out of that list, FB ads for beginners dot-com, that link is pinned at the bottom, but stay to the end. You’re going to see custom audiences because that’s what’s super important – is that yeah, I’m going to run a traffic ad to this page. It’s one page: it’s not a website. Okay, so we’re not running it to a website and that’s another thing that Josh brought up was landing pages.

If you’re looking to capture lead schedule an appointment or make a sell nine out of ten times, it’s going to a landing page, okay, one page one page – and this doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter what business you’re in one page, all right, I’m driving traffic, I’m capturing The data of people who now not named a number there’s privacy law right Facebook’s: it’s not Ali dad Facebook’s not going to give you freaking.

You know it was John Smith. Here’s his phone number heard his address. No, but what they’re doing is Facebook is going to categorize all this data and put all this data into what they call a custom audience, but you have to set it up. So read that article at the end of this one, that’s setting up your Facebook custom audience. That’s number one. Okay, number one is installing the pixel and the number two is making sure that you have a custom audience set up because here’s what’s going to happen as people, let’s go to a let’s go.

Let’s go look at some random ads as people scroll through the newsfeed and they come across a sponsored ad. Okay, here’s what’s going to happen! There’s your learn more button! There’s your image! There, your text, there’s a link to the business page. I click on learn more! Okay, this person could be running Samsung. They could be running for what I’m thinking it could be brand aware, see. That’s what I’m saying if you’re a little guy like me, then you’re not really running brand awareness or reach Samsung being a freakin multi-billion dollar company right Samsung they could easily that ad could easily be a brand awareness or a reach.

Now why would they even spend money on that? Because they have the money bottom line because they have the money that that’s why they would be running a brand awareness or a reach just to get the brand out just to get the name out whether people click? Whether they buy it doesn’t even matter, that’s not what we’re optimizing for we’re telling Facebook came in just get people aware of our name and and and that could be a brand awareness.

But us little guys were not focused on that, because we are more of the direct marketer and the direct response type of marketer, where what I’m doing is I’m putting an offer in someone’s face right now and I want them to click now, like there’s no awareness. There’s no freaking! Let me you know butter. You up, unbutton, you up through other content that you’re seeing me from that you’re following me from right: I’m I’m creating content in these other places, which is creating that whole authority figure for me right.

But as far as my ad, as far as what that person seen and again, that person could be seen my fourth fifth sixth, seventh ad by this time right because I’ve been creating custom, audiences and retargeting them. So there’s a lot that goes into it. Man there’s a lot that goes into a, but let’s just keep it on this one. These guys could be doing a brand awareness or reach, but here’s where they they take me when I kind of they’re, when I click on, learn more and I come to their full-blown website.

It’s not really a landing page, a web site. It has multiple buttons of a website. Has all this going on? That’s a website, so any of you guys reading this, you guys got this. That’s your website right, but your landing page, your landing page to us little guys we’re not driving traffic to a page like this at all. We’re not driving traffic to Adel to a website like this at all, because we got the budget to mess around we’re running paid ads directly to a page like this, where there’s only one button, only one call-to-action and that’s to opt-in.

That’s it not to come to my site and browse like ain’t. Nobody, ain’t got! No, no! I ain’t got money to have you just come to my site and browse like. I need to take you directly to what I’m what I’m trying to try to share with you right, but these guys they’re taking me to a Webster taking me to a website now, here’s the thing at least their Facebook picks on me now, if they’re smart, which I would think they’re smart.

I mean Samsung right if they’re smart, they’re, putting me in a custom audience right, because now they have my IP now Facebook, the pixels tracking me right. So what these guys done is if they’re smart, which I know they are they’re now, I’m now in a custom audience I’m in a custom audience of people who clicked I’m on I’m in a custom audience of people who viewed the page. Now what these guys can do next next week, what they can do tomorrow, what they can do right away what they can do, the following ad is they can retarget that custom audience with traffic or they can now retarget that custom audience with conversions and rather than Taking that person to maybe this website, maybe they take me when I see the next ad look, because I click devices and their Facebook pixel in my every move.

Look at this up here in the top right there, Facebook pixel in my every move. Here’s what’s going to happen next because I’m clicking through – and this is for you – ecommerce people, man, so those of you that have Shopify stores any type of online physical product store this. What you need to be doing you need to be putting that Facebook pixel on every single page, because here’s here’s here’s a power, here’s how how powerful this could be.

Let me let me close this out real quick. They know exactly where I’m going right, I’m coming over here, I’m clicking on this galaxy s20. They know exactly what I’m doing so. What these smart, smart folks would do at Samsung is now I’m in a custom audience. Now I’m going to actually look actually here we go okay. Now now it lit up. Look so they’re pixel is tracking the view if these, if these dudes were smart, what I’m going to see next in my newsfeed is a link where it says buy now.

Instead of learn more, the damn thing is going to say buy now, and it’s going to take me straight here: that’s retargeting at its finest that’s retargeting, and that would be conversions. Okay, so that would be conversions now. Let’s say they ran brand awareness. They ran reach. They ran traffic, let’s say they ran a few weeks or, let’s, let’s say they ran a few hundred under those ones right to get people to click, come to the site browse around and then create a custom audience of all those people who landed on a specific Product and then again, the following ad would be conversions, retargeting all those people now getting them to buy that right.

There is what it’s all about: Josh, that’s what it that’s, what it’s all about man, every single business owner, wants to run a Facebook ad now and get a lead today like sometimes it works out ways. Sometimes it doesn’t like Facebook. What they want you to do is they they meet, what it’s not that they want you they need to. They need to warm up the pixel you’re coming over here and saying: okay, Facebook, here’s my audience: here’s my demographics! Here’s the targeting here’s my message who’s to say: that’s even a good message: it’s you on a cell phone article right like or you’re saying here’s my image and you’re, bringing all this to the table and you’re saying: okay, Facebook! Do your thing or you’re, saying Google or you’re saying TV, commercial or your scene rate or you’re, saying radio, ad or you’re saying freakin newspaper freakin ad, like dude? What are you guys doing for marketing, like whatever you could be doing? It’s like? Okay, in this case online in front of people audience but at the same time who’s to say that that audience, just because you know that demographic who’s to say, they’re, going to they’re going to resonate with you like, and and how are you going to base that Judgement in two hours of turning on an ad like how like like hell, unless, unless you have a crazy, crazy budget and you’re, putting let’s just say a hundred bucks a day, then you’ll get a ton of let’s say twenty bucks a day.

Twenty twenty-five bucks a day and you get a ton of data fast. You can do that, but there’s so many people that Mickey Mouse sit and they’ll start at super small budgets. Three bucks a day, one chick said she was spending one one dollar a day and and I’m like dude like really like and then she’s wondering why she’s not capturing leads, I’m like really like so everyone’s different man, but at the same time we all have the Same well, not at nine out of ten of us, have the same objective man and again as to capture lead, get a scheduled appointment or make a cell and and and to warm warm up the pixel to start gathering data to start letting Facebook gather gather data Of who is landing where that’s what you want to invest a little money up front in doing is is running, is running some traffic ads, not brand awareness or reach, so forget about that.

It’s not going to be brand awareness or reach it’s going to be traffic. You can run traffic and and again, if it’s for any of those three reasons, you’re taking them to a landing page, okay, you’re, not taking them to a website. I guess you can based on what I just told you right: if you’re taking them to a website, make sure your pixel is tracking everything and just create custom audiences around everyone, who’s clicking on anything right on that website, because there’s fifty million pages and it’s a Full-Blown website your pixel has to be tracking everything, and then you just create custom audiences of the most popular product and then in then, and then and then that’s all from traffic and then after you you’ve gathered a decent custom audience you go conversions! Okay, you go conversions, that’s where the money is at you guys, that’s where the money’s at okay, it’s not it’s, not an engagement when, when you run an engagement ad, those are the posts that you see the ads that you see.

Let’s see if we can find one, those are the ads that you see that have a ton of engagement. I mean it has. You know freaking 100 shares look. This is this perfect example: perfect example secure the bag, here’s a sponsored ad, here’s the image right and here, if here are the numbers – absolutely ridiculous numbers that right there is an engagement ad; okay, that’s an engagement ad and again for those of you that have the Money for those of you that want to spend – and you just want you know – to spend more than really you need to up front.

Then engagement go with an engagement and get these get these sexy ass numbers over two thousand likes a hundred and six comments. 457 shares that’s crazy, right, that’s absolute social proof and, and those numbers like that people like to see people like to see those types of numbers and and and and if I had the extra hundred bucks or extra couple hundred to make that happen. And and – and I just had – let’s just say you know whatever to spend per month – I would do that – I would do that.

I’d. Go engagement, run that for a couple weeks, because this right here two thousand likes again. It’s all about your budget. If you’re spending 100 bucks a day three days, there’s 300 boom you’d have those types of numbers, but if you’re spending five bucks a day, dude and you’re, trying to run it for four days come on, I speak to people. Do that spend $ 30.00 on an ad they’re selling a $ 3,000 product, but they’re spending, or they make 3,000 per deal, but they’re spending 300, but but but but but they’re spending 30 bucks but they’re spending 30 bucks and in trying to assess you know data From from a return they’re trying to justify not seen a return on investment, I’m like do you spent 20 bucks like what the hell, those small numbers aren’t going to make.

These big numbers happen you got to spend. You got to spend a couple hundred to make these big numbers happen, but again, there’s there’s benefits in doing that too number one you you have that big number, which is social proof all these shares. I look at this atom like damn dude. These people are really crushing it and then what these people can also do is create custom audiences around everyone, who’s engaging.

So all these people, who actually click to actually comment it, who actually shared they’re, also all in a custom audience that these guys can then turn around and run conversion ads for why conversion ads, because damn well, they got something to sell or they’re looking to schedule. An appointment or they’re looking to capture a lead bottom line. Okay, so you could go engagement. If you had the extra you know dollars.

If not go straight. Traffic man go straight. Traffic go straight conversions, test test, one one go traffic and then run conversions at the same time. Go ten bucks a day traffic, ten bucks a day, conversions run that for a few days and then assess it from there. If anything, traffic for the for the first couple weeks would probably be good because that’s driving traffic to the landing page. That’s that again, Facebook needs to know, as I was trying to mention earlier, just because you have all this stuff and you’re bringing it to the table.

Facebook still has to find your audience. They still have to find the people who actually like you right. So it’s like how how does Facebook even know who likes you yet right, you’re, putting out selfie article, which is the best, and you have your own audience out there. Let give Facebook a few days to freaking find it. You know what I mean so a lot of times. Even Facebook will tell you to start with traffic start with traffic, just so you can get the pixel warmed up and just so facebook can start seeing.

Okay, these are the type of people that are viewing it. Facebook system dude operates like a it’s a machine. As you know, it’s a freaking robot, it’s AI, it’s a freaking machine. They operate. It operates fast man, it operates fast and once Facebook, after, if once facebook, once that pixel starts picking up a certain type of person that is, is landing here. Facebook ends up finding you millions of millions more of them, and so that happens that happens in the beginning, with traffic driving traffic and then once you have that audience, then, and once that pixel has been used a few times its conversions, okay.

But here’s the thing with conversions with conversions: you you have to have your custom audiences set up and you also have to have a custom conversion set up. Okay, so go into my playlist there’s, there’s a FB ads for beginners playlist subscribe to my email list. It’s right in the description and it’s also pinned FB ads for beginners, calm I’ll, send you I’ll send you a article on on the conversions okay, because that’s super important for conversions.

If you’re looking to capture lead schedule, an appointment or make a cell, that is conversions. Okay, that is, conversions, drive valuable actions on your website. That’s a valuable action, an opt-in right. So that’s that’s conversions, but to do that, you need to set up a custom conversion and that custom conversion is set up around the Thank You page. So, for example, whether I’m opting into something okay, whether I’m opting into something or whether I’m buying something I’m coming over here, I’m hitting this blue button to opt in, I could be coming here and buying the Samsung, adding to cart entering my check.

My entering my credit card number and then hitting buy, and then I go to a confirmation page when you’re running conversion adds everything everything is about that confirmation, page, okay. So here’s what you have to do this, what you have to do? Okay, so again, whether you’re, opting in or buying something or whether they’re doing that on your on your page right, here’s, here’s what it’s all about this person option and they’re and they’re brought to a thank you page.

This is my confirmation page right, so I created all this. I did all this through through through frickin, through cartridge, a simple thank-you page man, it’s great to connect with you check your emails and stay in touch. I have a ton of valuable. I have a ton of value coming your way and three basic steps, and then this right here is a link to Carter. Okay. So when you opt in to mine, I’m simply and so shout out to Joshua man, I’m walking you through it this through this basic step right here, man, this page Facebook, ad traffic, is sent to a page like this, and this is my affiliate link, which takes People to Carter and allows them to set up a 14-day trial, and it takes them straight to the to the landing page article that Karcher has up on their site, which is powerful man powerful.

So what you got to do, man is for sure for sure back over here revisit your objective. What is your objective? Is it one of those three or is it not one of those three, and rather than going brand awareness or reach, I would put out a article and just go article views, because, with article views, you can create custom audiences around people who viewed a certain percentage Of it, people who readed three percent of it, people who readed the first 20 seconds of it, people who readed 50 percent of your article.

You can start creating custom audiences around all these people who viewed your article and that’s powerful. You create custom audiences and then you retarget them. You run multiple ads in the future and you retarget those viewers with conversions, okay, so that’s kind of what you want to do, man is is is, is have have a landing page software for sure, and if you don’t have a landing pages offer, if you have A Shopify store or something like that.

Okay. Well, then start it’s! It comes down to the content. Obviously, what type of what type of content do you plan on putting out? Are you putting out images with images? What I would do, if I are you man, anyone putting out images? I would brand yourself with the image like, even though even though it could I mean it’s, that’s why ecommerce is a little different man, because you’re dealing with physical products – and sometimes I mean it’s just a physical product right like a mug, I guess it’s just a Mug like how can I brand that right like, but but at the same time so just depends on what you’re selling also men, because that’s going to your content, what you put out and how you’re able to put it out is going to make the difference.

That’s that’s what that’s the top of the funnel your content is the top of the funnel. So my content over here, my top of the funnel over here, is YouTube. What am I doing? Long-Form tutorial articles teaching you some right, teaching you and trying to stay on topic of social media, marketing, Facebook, advertising and and making money online right, and so that’s my content, and so I’m putting it here.

So it just comes out of your content. Man, your content and what you’re trying to sell and what you’re trying to sell is going to really come down and what a regular Facebook ad is to you. I would do article for sure, like I would do article man if your if your personal branding yourself in any kind of way its article, it’s article views and so article Facebook ad. This word would go okay, article, Facebook ad any other, and in also that same article I would also Park it over here on YouTube and, if you’re doing article on your cell phone for Facebook and for YouTube always hold the phone, horizontal, alright always hold the phone Horizontal not vertical this for Instagram but hold the phone horizontal for YouTube and for Facebook article, but that’s a great way to that, could be your regular ad right there, man that could be your regular ad, is article views and you’re literally creating custom audiences around every Single article and around different viewers of those articles and then just retargeting with conversions, conversions, conversions, conversions, okay, so lead generation is, if you don’t have a landing page.

So if you don’t have a landing page, you can use lead generation. Facebook provides a forum, and you can capture leads that way. Only reason why I don’t do it. That way is because then I have to export that lead off of Facebook, and then I have to import it into my into my email autoresponder, which I don’t want to do, or you can connect it to a third party email out, responder, which I don’t want To do everything I do is all in one it’s in Carter, so I just stick with I just stick with with traffic conversions and article views.

Man, that’s what I do. I don’t do I don’t do I don’t do I don’t do anything else? I don’t click on any of these other ones: traffic, conversions, article views and, and and that’s and that’s that’s kind of that gets the job done man. So when you set up the ad it’s in this third section over here, Joshua in step three in the ad, when you set up that ad and I’ll end it here, when you set up that ad, the link to your landing page.

Okay, the link to your landing page is what goes in the call-to-action. So it’s this link right here. I’m looking at drive traffic right, I’m running a traffic ad, I’m looking at drive traffic to this page right here. So, as I come over here – and I add my image, what I do is I put that ad post, whatever you want to call it, I put that on the business page, first, okay, whether it’s an image or article I’ll put it on the business page first And then, when I get over here I’ll come over here and rather than um, where did it go? Normally, I would say, use existing and you would just click on use existing post and you could just use use the existing one.

But here down here is what I wanted to show you. This is the call to action button. So you’ll see this. This is the third step right sign up, get quote, get off or download. Learn more subscribe book now apply. Now these are all the kata actions. The most the most clicked-on – and this is a facebook stat – is learn more that’s the most clicked on. But again you know based on your business, what are you trying to do? You know? What are you selling and what are you trying to get them to do? Learn more is always the best, and so, when you put that learn more button, this is where the link is going to go you you can actually put it right here as well.

This is this is the display link. This is the display link, which is not now where you want to put like the you like the long URL like you want to customize get like what I would do right here is I’d, put inspired digital dot-com. That’s the actual domain that forwards to this one. Okay, that’s what you want to put right there: okay, so and remember the whole objective over here: let’s go back that was lead generation! That’s why it wasn’t giving me the link form, let’s go back under traffic, so now we’re under traffic and, let’s click on links over here so over here.

This is where you could put the long URL, the ugly one. You could totally put that one right over here. That’s why I wasn’t showing you the existing cells in her lead generation. Welcome. You guys didn’t tell me that man, okay, so this works out so I’ll post that article that image that adds all of it goes on the business page first and then I’ll come over here and use existing post and just make sure you’re in the right page.

Right make sure you’re writing the right account. Is there come over here, select post and you can select that post on the page, but down here? Actually let me just select one okay so down here. Okay, so right here, you’ll see the call-to-action button right here. So if I change that this is where my URL would go, that long, ugly, one, it’s okay, because it’s not going to it’s not going to show. So it’s not going to it’s not going to show yeah, there’s already a learn more button on that.

So I can’t change that and I don’t even have access to that account and because the Instagram and the Facebook pages mix matching, so I’m just showing you this as an example, but that’s where it would go. That’s where your URL would go. Okay. So that’s a traffic ad taking them to that landing page, creating a custom audience retargeting them retargeting them with conversions. And that’s what I was going to show you that’s.

I was going to show you. Let me end it here, as someone comes over here and they opt-in, your custom conversion is all around this page and I might have, I might have mentioned that, but if in case I that’s what I meant to mention, this URL is what you’re going to come In and just again go to my playlist to to find that article custom conversions, how to set up a custom conversion, but all you’re going to do is you’re going to come over.

Here. Click all tools and click on custom, conversions, okay and you’re – going to create a custom conversion around the Thank You page. Facebook doesn’t want to know your goal. They want to know your ultimate goal. Your goal is to get people traffic to the landing page. Your ultimate goal is to get people here, that’s the ultimate goal, and how do they get here? Fill out the damn form? That’s it.

Facebook wants to know when it comes to conversions. They want to know the confirmation page they want to know the Thank You page, create a custom conversion around this URL okay and run conversion ads. Okay, that’s it! You guys so read that article it’s coming up here! That’s custom audiences! Go to that! Playlist and you’ll see custom conversions, that’s where I’m taking you in this bad boy right here and setting up that custom conversion.

Are you guys I’ll see you on the next article subscribe smash? The balfour notifications drop me. A comment below see ya.

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