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Black Excellist: 12 Ultimate Side Hustles & Work at Home Gigs

You may be one of millions of eager entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, enterprising fathers or struggling college students who are seeking ways to supplement your income or you are ambitiously working towards a short term financial goal, such as paying off a credit card. You may be in need of some extra cash and would like to add a second stream of income, but you also desire the freedom and flexibility to work from home or remotely.

We believe that, since you are here, you are aware that there is a virtual world of opportunities that have opened up with the advent of laptops tablets, smart mobile devices and high-speed Internet, and so here’s your question. How do I leverage this fascinating technology so that I myself can capitalize on this online economy, but also maintain a work-life balance? As I pursue my financial goals, we hope that this article contains the answer.

We have scoured the internet and performed thorough research on those diamond in the rough side, hustles that will empower you to increase your cash flow, while working part-time or at night again. Remember that these are supplementary business opportunities, not full-time jobs. We don’t want to give you the impression that these side hustles will replace your full-time income or offer employee benefits.

We must emphasize these are temporary short-term gigs, but they will empower you to leverage your skills and expertise while working for yourself as an independent contractor or freelancer, and we are talking about simple tasks that can be done on an extremely flexible work schedule. We should also highlight the fact that these jobs require you to do your best and always put forth your best effort.

Each opportunity has its own set of requirements and area of expertise and assume that the base requirements include being a u.S. Resident being 18 years and older, having a phone and, last but not least, having access to a PC or a Mac with high-speed internet also keep In mind that as an depending contractor, you will be responsible for your own taxes, but let us leave you with this side. Hustles are part of a short-term strategy to increasing your earning potential and should serve only as a bridge to get you where you want to be long term.

Nonetheless, we hope that we can put you on a positive path to satisfying your desire to make more money, live, a better life and do something cool in this original black Excellus article. We will be featuring the 12 best side hustles and we will provide links in the description box below but without further ado. Let’s get started one side hustle app steady. There are well over 1 million apps to pick from from your iPhone Android or smartphone, and if your home screen looks anything like ours, you have 8, 9, or maybe even 10 screens of must-have apps, at least that’s what you’ve got at the time of download.

However, do you have an innovative app that will help? You supplement your income with a variety of part-time, one-time or temporary jobs? Look no further, as we recommend you try. Steady steady is a new app for people looking to find flexible work opportunities that align with their own interests and abilities. Steady makes it easy for site hustlers to find the best work opportunities out there to help build their careers, supplement income or find a passion.

The app not only shows you site hustle opportunities nearby and online, but it also shows you how to get the most income out of those opportunities. How the app works is by recommending personalized work opportunities for you and then the app helps track the income from those opportunities by using the app you can learn where there are gaps in your income and help you find gigs to fill in those gaps and increase.

Your monthly income here is a fun fact. The steady app copy attention of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, who invested in the company and now serves as advisor and advocate to teaching online VIP kid as an online instructor. You can teach English as a second language to children and international countries like China, a secondary stream of income. Most of the students will range in age from 4 to 12. Don’t worry! If you have anxiety about teaching large groups.

The classes are taught online in a one-on-one environment. If you’re interested in teaching online, we recommend you sign up for VIP kid teachers VIP kit. Teachers is one of several companies whose focus is on teaching ESL to Chinese students. The curriculum is very structured as each VIP kid lesson is based on their pre-made slides all classes are one-on-one and conducted online through the VIP kid portal, which is essentially their version of Skype or FaceTime.

According to the VIP kid website, the curriculum is based on the US Common Core State Standards and uses a flipped classroom approach to foster creativity and critical thinking, skills for VIP kids. You will need a bachelor’s degree and at least one year of any formal or informal teaching experience such as mentoring, tutoring, coaching or alternative education experience you’ll have an online interview with a VIP kit executive to discuss your professional background.

The average pay is up to $ 22 per hour. You will get paid twice a month via direct deposit to your bank, account 3 transcribing and captioning 3-play media. A transcriptionist is a skilled typist who converts audio files into text. Transcription jobs could range from creating a transcription of a recorded interview to transcribing captions for YouTube articles. If you’re interested in transcribing, we recommend you sign up for 3-play media 3-play media caters to industries such as education, entertainment, government and faith.

Their services include closed captioning, translation and audio descriptions. The transcription service is geared toward making audio and article content searchable, engaging and easier to understand, rather than just reading or listening to content as a freelance, transcriptionist or editor for 3-play media, you would decide which projects to accept how much you work and when and where You perform your work to be a good candidate.

You need to be able to provide expert, transcribing services independently and be able to provide a quick turnaround on a finished work product, as each project will have its own requirements. You are required to take and pass a series of proficiency tests to demonstrate your transcription skills prior to being engaged as a contract transcriptionist. The average pay is in the range of ten to thirty dollars per hour.

You will get paid monthly via direct deposit to your bank, account for medication reminders Cleo. There is a growing need in the healthcare industry for customer service agents to help patients improve their medication routine. Basically, these are agents who call patients that have been given prescriptions to help them remember to take them if you’re interested in medication reminders, we recommend you sign up for plea.

Oh plea: oh good start the company that hires freelancers, who work at home as what they term a good starter. A good starter is a person who makes a non sales call to patients, reminding them to take their pills and medication. Good starters also answer questions to help individuals get on a schedule. You read from a script, that’s given to you and while having a conversation with the patient, you will review the side-effects as well.

You are required to listen to the patient and report any harmful effects. If the patient mentions any being a good starter is a serious job. Not only are you contributing to the patient’s life, but you are providing patients with emotional support and encouragement. Leah will perform a background, screening and credit check at your expense. They are huge on helping people. Therefore, you must be personable cheerful and have a pleasant voice.

The average pay is in the range of ten to fifteen dollars per hour. You will get paid twice a month via direct deposit to your bank, account five data entry sig Trek data entry jobs are relatively easy, repetitive jobs where you enter information from paper documents into digital form, data entry jobs are easy to do, but are often monotonous. Uneventful. However, these jobs have proven to be a legitimate side, hustle opportunity if you’re interested in data entry, we recommend you sign up for cig track.

Zig track is a data processing company that primarily handles information connected to various campaigns. They provide a variety of information that gets passed on to candidates. This is a very legitimate home based data entry job where data entry clerks are responsible for processing signatures. These signatures appear on affidavits, petition signatures and voter registration cards. No previous experience is required, but the work is seasonal.

Like all data entry, jobs, your ability to balance accuracy and speed is the key to maximizing your hourly wage. It’s critical that you have dual monitors as the basis for this gig is to view raw data on one monitor and enter data on the other. The average pay is in the range of seven to thirty dollars per hour. Depending on your accuracy, you will get paid weekly via your Pay Pal account. We would love to hear your opinion on this article.

Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below 6 user testing user lytx. The great thing about user testing is that it’s simple and in most cases, doesn’t require any specific qualifications. There are a handful of innovative companies that provide a user testing platform that allows freelancers to provide insight to clients based on their customer experiences. If you’re interested in user testing, we recommend you sign up for user lytx user lytx gives you the ability to get paid while checking out the usability of apps or a website.

As you test from home or anywhere. You, like you, will participate in user testing and provide your feedback and suggestions. Your work will consist of completing a series of tasks and instruction while interacting with prototype or production websites or mobile apps. You may also end up viewing article commercials or other digital user interfaces. In any event, you will be able to speak out loud about your thoughts, emotions, criticisms and suggestions.

While answering questions, you will need a PC or Mac with the microphone and for some tests a webcam may be necessary. You will need to install the user lytx recorder software on your desktop or a laptop for mobile tests. You can use either your iPhone or Android. Again. You will need to use your microphone and front camera after downloading the user lytx app from either the App Store or Google Play.

You will be good to go. The average pay is in the range of 5 to 20 dollars per test. You will get paid weekly via your PayPal. Account 7 customer service agent live ops. There are several companies that hire call center agents to provide a variety of services to customers via telephone some jobs focus on customer services, whereas others focus on telemarketing health services and more with so many remote call.

Center jobs to choose from the choices are abundant. If you’re interested in customer service, we recommend you sign up for live. Ops live ops, jobs. Give you the flexibility to work on your own schedule as a virtual telemarketing agent you’ll be able to choose an industry that fits your unique combination of skills and work availability. Many of the jobs revolve around outbound sales, bilingual customer service and financial services.

Call center agents are paid a rate that is based on minutes of talk time, plus sales incentives in some cases as an independent contractor. You are given the freedom to work as many or as few hours as your schedule permits once accepted as an independent agent. You are required to have a quiet place to work online. You will need a dedicated landline, headset and connection to the Internet. The average pay is in the range of 14 to $ 30 per hour.

You will get paid twice a month via direct deposit to your bank, account 8 tutoring varsity tutors. There’s no doubt that many online tutoring gigs are available online to earn extra money. These online tutoring platforms connect students with home-based teachers inside of a virtual classroom. If you’re interested in tutoring, we recommend you sign up for varsity tutors varsity tutors is a very well-known option for personally tailored lessons in a one-on-one setting.

The company is designed to offer students of all ages convenient online tutoring services. Students can pick their tutors based on tutor profiles. Sessions are available via text chat, article chat, whiteboard and many other options they offer either face-to-face tutoring or instant online tutoring for homework. Study questions, exam, prep and other direct tutoring sessions. You will be connecting with students when they need you the most.

As an independent contractor. You will be able to tutor with your own teaching styles methods and materials. Their main requirement is that you must hold or currently pursue a bachelor’s degree. The average pay is twenty dollars an hour. You will get paid weekly via your PayPal, account nine customer service working solutions. There are a number of at-home customer service providers who employ virtual agents, who are skilled, motivated and educated.

Their jobs include responding to emails or posting to taking notes. Other tests include acting as online chat representatives to handle, sells service or technical issues and speaking directly via telephone to customers. If you’re interested in customer service, we recommend you sign up for working solutions. Working solutions offers a variety of customer service projects, as well as editing and data entry jobs.

They hire independent contractors to work as home agents, providing sales, technical support and customer service for their clients. Sales and service projects deal with retail sales reservations, account issues or enrollments. Being a home agent means taking calls placing calls chatting online typing emails and doing data entry. Every project is different in terms of responsibilities as well as pay.

You have to fill out an application online and then follow that up with an online test after you’ve tested someone will manually look over your results and decide if you will be granted an interview. The average pay is in the range of seven to twenty dollars. You will get paid bi-weekly via direct deposit to your bank. Account tin, test scoring Pearson test. Prep and scoring jobs are other avenues for education professionals to put their experience and education to work from home, scoring professionals evaluate written short answers or essays spoken responses and portfolios.

Most of the time, the test your grade are from high school or college students. Although some companies offer testing for K through 8 students as well, if you’re interested in test scoring, we recommend you sign up for Pearson assessments. Pearson is a leading name in the education industry, offering online education programs in various testing services for educational institutions all over the US Pearson was selected by the College Board to provide scoring for the writing test of the SAT.

Their assignments include part-time test scores, writers and reviewers in language, arts, math, science and social studies. Work schedules vary throughout the year and may take place online or scoring sites at Pearson. You will be hired as a temporary employee rather than a contractor. Thus, you may be eligible for a health insurance plan. Scores must have a bachelor’s degree or higher and be able to score essays.

You must work at least 20 hours a week. The average pay is $ 10 an hour. You will get paid bi-weekly via direct deposit to your bank, account 11. I team micro tests. I soft stone. There are technology companies out there that hire talent, pools for many different types of online jobs for big companies such as Microsoft, Instagram and other popular online companies. That require different types of support.

If you’re interested in IT micro tasks, we recommend you sign up for AI soft stone. I soft stone is a crowdsourcing company that hires different types of information technology, qualified candidates who can work from home this IT service management company, offers their services to clients throughout the world. They focus on helping them keep up with digital trends, to improve customer experiences.

One of the most common job that they feel are for search engine evaluators I’ve, soft stone offers small IT tasks that only take a few minutes to complete and usually involves collecting data and insight for businesses. No phone calls or direct client contact is required. The job qualifications are very easy to meet. The average pay is $ 13 per hour. You will get paid monthly via PayPal or direct deposit to your bank.

Account 12 social media evaluation happen. Many companies specialize in data collection and using the information gathered from human interaction to make machine learning programs act more human-like. They do this through independent contractors who perform tasks online, like speaking phrases into a microphone or evaluating social media and search engines. If you’re interested in social media, we recommend you sign up for a pin, a pin is seeking candidates in different countries and languages for work from home opportunities that include tasks such as data collection, transcription data, annotation, social media evaluation and search engine evaluation.

Many tasks are less than one hour and would include providing feedback on ads news feeds and search results. The assignments can be quick one-time tasks, short term tasks for a week or two or ongoing projects that last four months or longer, Appin is looking for a variety of skill sets from those who use social media regularly. Two candidates who have college degrees in linguistics appen allows you to work when you want, the tasks are simple and the hours are very manageable.

The requirements are minimal. The average pay is in the range of 12 to 14 dollars per hour. You will get paid monthly via your PayPal accounts. We appreciate the fact that you stayed with us until the end. Thank you for spending time with us and don’t forget to like this. Article also make sure you subscribe so that you never miss a article bye for now. We will see you tomorrow.

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Sister Circle | Building multiple streams of income with money expert Dr. Lynn Richardson | TVONE

Please welcome back down and circle. Dr. Lynn, riches, yes, absolutely so! The dr. Lynn, you have a new book coming out called Parsippany and I’m going to read it exactly.

It says it’s a guide to creating and balancing multiple streams of income. Would you tell us a little bit about this, but I love the title by the way you think. Well, I wrote this book because when I was in my early 20s I had a whole lot of jobs. Like you can come to my house on a Saturday. I could write you an insurance policy of resume teach you how to get a job, how to get a man how to quit a man all over the place.

It was like. My name is Lenny and I got plenty okay. This is way too much, I’m moving, but I’m not going anywhere. So I decided to create a book, so people could actually learn how to use all of their gifts all of their talents and to have them operate like a symphony and the orchestra and their many different instruments. Yeah. If you play the instruments, you know the piano and then the organ and the cello it makes one beautiful sound.

I was going to put you in my pocket. Take you home with me: okay, but you you talk about having only one stream of income is hazardous to your wealth yeah. Can you explain that to us? Please yeah I mean, if you have one income stream and the job lays you lays you off or the boss doesn’t like you or the industry completely just goes upside down. Yeah then what happens to your wealth, and so I say that everybody is an entrepreneur.

That’s not just reserved for jay-z and Diddy and Oprah. He and Russell said: oh yeah everybody’s an entrepreneur. So if you want to be a doctor, you should still have multiple streams of income. If you want to be a teacher, you should have multiple streams of income. You can tutor, you can teach, you can do things on the side, so we should teach everybody not to go to school, get a good education going to get a good job, but go to school, get a good education and create jobs.

Yes, yes, okay, we talked about my chemistry’s of income, but how do you avoid being the jack of all trades and master? You have to find your purpose. I think that’s easy. That’s the key yeah message: key yeah! You have to find your purpose and if you do what you love, the money will follow. Yes, but you have to be consistent. You have to run your business like a business. You have to stay consistent.

Having your own business doesn’t mean you just wake up whenever you want really having your own business means you’re like working at it all the time and so trying to get to the place where you know what to do and how to do it. It comes from looking at what you’re good at what do people tell you you’re good at what do you do so easily that you think it’s nothing yeah, that’s probably an income stream and then what about all the side hustles that you can get so when you’re Trying to get to the next level financially and create streams of income, you want five active streams of income and then for passive streams.

That’s money that you don’t have to work for. It just comes in to you. So we talked about all of that and the boats almost like a residual residual income. Yes, you’re, investing from businesses that you get paid because of the work of others, multiple ways like that. One thing: I love what you said when you were like you know when you have your own busines on your own business, you just don’t wake up when you want to.

You know, like sometimes the the store may say it opens at 7:00, but I roll up at 7:00 yeah and it’s still not open, and then you kind of hang around seven-30 yeah yeah. I talk about that see. We don’t want to run janky business come on. Jinke businesses run jingle badging with bad people funk-defied in Japan, it’s all kind of together, but we want to be professional. We want to put our best image forward.

We want to make sure that we people can reach us, have social media. So not only do I talk about how to start a business and how to have multiple businesses, but why having multiple businesses makes good financial sense, because this system, the economy, operates on giving people who have businesses over 460 tax deductions. So if you are an employee, you only have about seven or eight, but if you have businesses, you have multiple tax deductions, including, for example, hiring your kids to work in your business.

You get twelve thousand dollars in deductions per child, but money that you pay them. You can now pay for their tuition. The children have to be what the maximum age is 18. The minute you shall hire them if they’re over 18. They just have to pay taxes on the money. If they’re under 18, they don’t have to pay taxes, and it’s not a sweatshop you. Your children can work in your home-based business. They can do chores and then people say well what about toddlers and infants an infant can model, so your child has to be able to do any job that any other child can do.

So if I had an infant because formula and diapers is about three, it’s like you’ll be poor trying to buy that stuff. But if you hire your infant or your toddler and then three and four-year-olds they can use iPads. So they can actually help you with social media. They can do research. My youngest daughter Kennedy has been working for me since she was four. She wanted a desk, but she’s been working for me since she was four all of my kids work in the home-based business.

Any other nieces and nephews and guide children who ask for money, they get a job too. Everybody gets a job. Everybody gets a job because I give you the money. You can’t pay me back, but if I pay you a salary, I get to write it off and you get to learn some financial skills. Let’s talk about the many people who want to start businesses and they pour their money in their time. Their effort into these businesses, but they still can’t seem to save money yeah.

So how can how can they keep money in their business? Well, the Bible says that plans fell for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed. So anybody who wants to start a business you should get a team. You should have a consultation. You should do a think-tank. You should think about all the ways you can make money without spending money. So the key in the beginning is to have low overhead extremely low overhead high profit and then move forward from there and from your profits.

Then you reinvest in your business and expand. Let’s talk a little bit about your nationally syndicated radio. Show the millionaires table so tell us a little bit about that. I’m sure you’re, probably giving information like you’re, giving here right now. What makes you say, listen! This needs to be something that everyone knows. What did you see and what inspired you to go ahead and move forward with that syndicated show? Well, I have to be honest.

This is one of those things that somebody else saw in me that I didn’t want to do myself. So the president of wvo in radio, melody, Spann in Chicago, said Lynn. I want you to do this new show called the millionaire’s round table and I’m thinking – oh my god, I don’t want to do radio blah blah, but I’m great at radio all right now. The information I was a radio show years ago, so it’s about creating millionaires, one family.

At a time you don’t have to be a millionaire, we’re going to teach you how to become $ 10,000 $ 10,000 to a first-time homebuyer. Go to Linda millionaire comm get all the details. Well, she said so. Thank you so much for all the amazing information. If you want to know more about generating multiple streams of income, be sure to pick up her book, the symphony, a guide to creating and balancing multiple streams of income everywhere, five books are sold.

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Real Life Throwing Knife

It’s pretty hard to find a hatchet, so anyways yeah, i’m just going to be using little whittling knives. Actually, no, this one’s broke it. How can be using that one, but I have two more this one, this one.

Please do not try what you’re about to see at home, I’m not a trained professional. No, Oh awesome! Oh you see that. Do you see them? Okay, still I got it see that right there see that it is possible. People said it could be done it is. It can be done. Look that oh yeah, if you like that subscribe, if you didn’t like that still subscribe, if you don’t want your parents to know that about that porn, your read subscribe thanks.

What are you eating? Check out the video below to find out about a healthy snack.


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Only in their 20’s and own a Healthcare Business… You can too!

They are the owners get these dozen lucky females are the owners of, and so they only witness they specialize in particular disease. I’m going to. Let them talk to you about that. You can just get a little bit of information from them. So tell me: is your healthcare background? My name is Ashley.

I’m registered nurse to talk to my background, started on working at a nursing home as a nurse’s name and, and my background is so I and I worked the seniors – that’s kind of how I got nice to guys always to start a business. I think we all just do we wanted to start a business yeah I think waters, and can you tell us a little bit? My house is a residential care facility. I really like to compare it to an assisted living, but in it’s a small and we provide personalized care, so we do everything for them as far as like launch a meal on anything that requires their care partnered up with our local Islamic Association.

So we provide education as a component of the work we like to educate, have members who might be affected by the disease. So why all-stars? Why did you guys choose all fibers are partnered with their and Association about websites. So me personally, like I said I worked in the nursing home and I realized that people with ah summers or dementia tend to be the ones that are left out. They can’t speak to themselves, they need an advocate.

So at that point I was drawn to them. We’ve also been affected by the disease personally in our lives has had family members that have been diagnosed or were showing signs. So what is the one thing? Maybe we are passionate about making sure that the care that we provide is personalized to the individual? It’s not you know institutionalize setting where everyone’s getting the statement during these hours.

We really love to learn about what the person’s life was before they got dementia, and then we tried to create that atmosphere for the you know battling the disease we try to use as many from their past. Oh, so what will you say to like a young person that may be reading, that is thinking of owning their own business? I would say: educate yourself on whatever business that you’re going into educate yourself.

Oh pastor, Osteen! Thank you guys as family member learn from these beautiful young. Ladies over there, you


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Lets Explore The Deep Web Together (Drugs, Hiring a Hitman, Fake IDs, Porn, Aliens and More!)

But if you do the right thing, the deep web is nothing more than just another browser that allows you to have full access to the Internet. Now, if you don’t know what the Deep Web is or the dark web, I will be explaining that before I hop into this just so, you guys are perfectly clear on just the the situation that we are at right here.

So, first of all, the Deep Web is not as bad as people claimed it to be. Yes, there is a lot of things on there and yes, the dark web is on the Deep Web, it’s a part of it and it can be a little sketchy at time. So I will go ahead and say: if you are running Windows, I think I would take additional security precautions, but if you’re on Mac or Linux, I think you might be fine, there’s also other operating systems out there and really, if you haven’t heard of it, and Maybe you’ve: ok, if you are the only person that really knows about it, that you know of you might be good unless it’s some ranky thig that someone just made it just handed to you, but usually those types of operating systems are very secure too, because not A lot of people know about them and they’re safe.

So let’s get into this article we’re going on the Deep Web. I hope I don’t go on the dark web, so I’m going to be using tor browser. That seems to be one of the most popular accesses to the Deep Web, and this is nothing more than just a web browser. It’S Firefox based and basically what this does is allows you to have pretty much a non traceable IP, although there is really no such thing on the Internet.

I think it’s kind of funny how, even if you have so many different security precautions, there is someone out there always better than you and can definitely track you back know where you live know what’s happening, so there’s no very secure way. There’S no such thing as complete security when you are accessing the Internet, the only way that you’re really secure is to buy a computer and never connect it to the internet.

Just have a computer that is internet free, that is the most secure and then physical security becomes a problem. So just know that even if you’re running all these different IP switchers you’ve got, you got all these different programs running you’re, never completely secure. So I don’t fall for a false sense of security, but let’s get into the Deep Web, so we’re going to be seeing things that are real, there’s, there’s real drugs, hitmen prostitution.

You can buy your bride from Russia here and I think the best place to go whenever you get to our browser is hidden wiki, so we’re just going to go to a hidden, wiki uh, what I’ll always hit enter. I always hit enter on this. This laptop sometime, I’m not answer but equals on this laptop, sometimes instead of instead of backspace, the backspace button is a little bit too small, I’m on a MacBook Pro – and I know you guys are going to going to going to torch me for that one.

But let’s take a look at this: you know what we’re going to go full screen, so you can get that good, full screen action so where’s this is hidden wiki and I think actually there are the. This might not be the correct, hidden, wiki we’re going to look again. I think, there’s tons of them, but we are the. When did we kita onion dot onion? I love that a lot of these websites are going to be dot onion that we see today.

This is the hidden wicket or see how many different hidden wikis. There are there’s one that I’m looking for in particular, so saw. Oh, this is just a wake up. Eat is just going to the hidden. Wiki org BAM this one’s that right here and, as you can see yeah, this is what I’m looking for. It is type of kind of slow because there actually are security options that I have installed on this. I have my security up like I said it is a false sense of security, so don’t fall for it, but he going to be checking this out.

So here’s just this website is really popular because it just has a ton of links to different places on the Deep Web and some on the dark web. So let’s take a look at these DuckDuckGo search engine. This is just a search engine that does not trace you, so that’s that’s pretty good and also for if you’re wondering, if you have a laptop, you can take it to school and maybe YouTube’s blocked or Netflix’s Brahe blocked, and you know maybe you’ve tried some proxies And then your school blocks them again.

The hidden wiki is actually a very good way to get around that or not the hidden wiki tor browser is a very good way to get around that. I think this right here is going to this kind of shows you your settings. I hope I’m that show and get a valuable information. I’Ll look I’ll, look again just to see whenever I record this article. So, let’s, let’s go down this list here we have uncensored, hidden wiki, that’s interesting! We’Re going to be opening up some of these, some of the sketchy or one so like I said, there’s a disclaimer and make sure you I you’re of age, or you think that you are of age marketplace: financial, Bitcoin, laundry, bitcoins and I you know bitcoins there They’Re good they used to be better and then the big boom came and then they don’t cost as much anymore.

You can’t mine them as well anymore, so bitcoins buy them, but buyer! Beware: it actually is a pretty good way of stock. It’S a little bit of a gamble. Whenever you buy project evil, we got ta go to the hair. I’Ve never seen anything like this before project evil. What is it 1 million dollars we’re going to let this load for a little bit and we’re going to go back down like it said it’s going to be slow, because I have this security up, we’re changing that IP out we’re doing.

I have some other stuff running in the background to tour girls. They don’t go to this website, guys, don’t do it UK guns and ammo. Let’S, let’s look at some UK guns and ammo we’re going to have these things loading up here. I guess I’ve just got these up and we’ll go back through them whenever um, whenever we get to a good stopping place and we’ll look at them, Hitman Network, you know we’re going there hackintosh pretty sure, that’s just a cantata.

I don’t think, there’s anything also if you’re on here and you you’re thinking about downloading something, don’t do it don’t do it guys, don’t don’t download it, and I know I’m like it’s not as bad in the place as you claim it to be. It’S just another browser. It really is it’s just another browser that has unindexed items on it and there’s some sketchy, let’s ooh us fake ID store. So a lot of people have the misconception that it is illegal to be on this, that I’m doing something bad right here.

You I’m not guys trust me. It is okay to look, but you can’t touch and really you can’t buy. I think that’s the biggest thing. If you’re caught buying, then that’s pretty bad, but because this is so immense and it’s just it’s it’s it’s here, you’re not likely to get caught, but I’m not telling you to do it. But if you’re going to do it like this is the place to do it because it’s the Internet, I’m just full of bad advice.

Let’S keep looking through these and we’re going to go through those. I see some of these probably won’t load that that that means. Okay, I know people are going to want to see some trucks these are going to. Would you see some drugs so will be that we had German wheat and hash shop? Bitcoin cocaine, I’m laughing, but this is serious guy. This is serious. Oh black market. We’Re definitely going to want to go there.

My laptop it’s overheating, it’s overheating. I got it on my bed right now and it’s it’s probably that got ta Eddie, breathing room and also, if you’re still here, and how long have I been recording. I don’t know I don’t know, I don’t have to figure that out if you’re still here one. Let me know I always do this um. Let me know, and also, if there’s anything that you know of on the deep web that you would like to see.

But you are a little bit scared to do. Let me know down below and I’ll make another article for this dark, like my soul, okay, okay well, will will visit that will visit that one. Let’S see here, Twitter, clone hacking and cracking form. Let’S take a look at that file: sharing ye do that anonymous, email service. I think this one is actually pretty legit. I think that’s if that is the one I’m thinking of that’s that’s actually pretty legit, but we’re going to keep going New York strongbox.

The Intel exchange forum, information discussion on various topics, ranging from illegal activities, alternative energy all like illegal activities and alternative energy to good spirit. I, like it good conspiracy, theory, hacking, the Dow well we’ll take a look I’ll. Take a look, doesn’t hurt anything salt, you salty bro Renta hacker wow. What a way to make money, Pirate Bay and you’re going to access that from the surface web, I’m not interested music.

Don’T do it guys, I’m telling you don’t, do it ebooks, I’m going to take a look, I’m good to take a look see if I could find some school books. Won’T there don’t do it. They don’t download that girl’s released. Girls released. This kind of concerns me here: let’s go 3d touch. This word, no, oh search! That’S you sure what that is. I don’t. I don’t want to click on something: onion girl, love, bored, private, but boy, vids, girls and boys.

It’S the pedo Empire. Oh all, net. Speak all natural spank spank you like it. Let’S Casey articles, okay, I’m deep web Deutschland. Oh we got some Russian sub. Please track the French diva web. Okay, I think we’re good here. So, let’s just go down the list that doesn’t work: ooh, fake ID, scannable, hog, who’s, scannable, guys, scannable scannable is good these days. So let’s see for North Carolina what it’s going to cost me South Carolina.

I guess it’s a fake ID! You can live anywhere. You want right, it’s $ 200, pretty much all this site. Let’S look at the frequently asked questions. What we need from your date of birth, uh-huh – oh it’s! So they can get to your age, but isn’t the like purpose is to have a different age like, or maybe you tell them that you tell him what you want? What is your name? What are you? What do you want your name to be? How tall do you want to be? I mean everything’s fake.

I might be 4 foot 3, but today I’m filling seven-foot weight. Hey this. This is the gutter I uh yep. I weigh a 103 pounds. Yep mm-hmm license number. I color, no, I think pink, you don’t provide interest. I make one up for you a picture. You got a center of your picture, scan passport picture. No webcam pictures will be accepted, yep what okay? This has to be here. For a reason, not some guys, like.

Oh man, I really want a fake ID saying: go to the liquor store, just oh I’ll, just open up a webcam take picture. It’S just getting like he’s like what a license to do with this. I guarantee you. He took that guys. Yeah did not send it back and it shouldn’t be talking bad about these people’s sight. People’S drugstore, Oh hero, comes direct from the importer with no middleman. We do not cut our product whatsoever.

This is good. What’S the difference between number three and four heroin? What ten US dollars? Are you? Okay? That’S four syringes! Oh my gosh! This is like you know. I laugh, but I guarantee this. This store has definitely gotten some business and I don’t know if that’s woods your to ship uh, let’s see here, a poet, keep walk about the shop and her five percent every purchase. They will make okay, guys, I’m telling you all about this site.

I want to earn my five percent, don’t do it all of these obviously do not work in Tel exchange. Let’S see what they have here: energy harvesting, organized corruption, all the life. Let’S look at this one, let’s like can I click the conspiracy. Let’S see, let’s find a good one approaching evil. Oh, did the puppet master he cut. Oh, they know what they’re doing. Let’S look for a good one, rare earth, minerals, China, I don’t! I want to start a secret society.

Let’S, let’s take a look at this one. I really do what. Where does this begin? Oh good, okay! Well, that was boring egg. I skimmed over it. Before I read it. I don’t want to read anything out loud and I kind of don’t want to laugh like these people are here and I, like I know these websites. These are the type of people that like, or maybe I don’t know, I’m just guessing like. Oh, oh UFO, UFO, an extra literally.

This is what I want to define. This is this. Is I found ie accident? All I see here is Internet Explorer. Let’S see, let’s see, okay, we’re going to go down to the bottom. We okay, many believe, is real and showing either the grave for 47 or another one for projects SERP II. Oh, this is a documentary about the articles authentic. What I want to hear like these people talk about when they were abducted.

Well, these people are, I guess, they’re very serious. I want to know when they I wanted. I wan na hear some stories. You know what I mean like this is not really I get area 51 guys. I fully admit this has no evidence. This is my own belief on the matter, as all of you are okay, I’ll read this one there’s only if you aware area 51 is the designation for a facility Nevada according to its conspiracy, that is where the United States government works on developing technology obtained, but Extraterrestrials and – and he capitalized the II – that’s a proper now guy.

What I believe is the government does not in fact carry out any testing of that sort. Come on. This is supposed to be fun. Okay, I’ll keep reading in fact carry out any testing of sort at Groom Lake. We just remember the government is not filled with stupid people. Why would they test alien technology where people can see it but deny it? They know people are not stupid, so why do instead? It is what they want us to see what okay wait.

Instead, it is what they want us to see. If we expect to see something – and it’s there when I look closer area 51 – is just a show – pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. If you will is in my belief that area 51, regardless of its original intent, is now nothing more than a tourist attraction, the real testing, the real testing goes on somewhere else. Where I’m not sure, let’s see you, let’s see um, let’s see what else dreamland is pretty well known for people to like.

I want to see some aliens like. I want to see someone in their backyard. Like I kill the green dude. I don’t want to read about it. You know like hmm, interesting, oh, why am I going back? I shan’t? Oh, I should have went back. Okay, okay, Harry Potter, okay, this is that was a bad okay. Here we go guys here. We go UK guns and ammo store. Let’S see what we can get our hands on today. This Is It. This is it.

What is this? We need to uh. Let’S, let’s go back out to the top. I saw something uncensored head and vici. Let’S see what we have here: oh, oh, okay, editors, picks the matrix, are very nice, read a short, simple, how-to guide and honest great tips. I want to see some like some good things: um Rosella, blahblah source target markets and more we’re not seeing anything here: honey for female carting form, counterfeit coin, wallet, fishing, paypal, man, it’s it’s a bomber that some of those websites did not work, especially the physical credit Cards: okay, we, let’s, let’s take a look at this, can you you can buy credit cards online like this is definitely just just some bank.

What do you want? So it’s like. What do you want? Visa prices? Listen, let’s take a look at a price. We have the best to get our price list. Please contact us. Let’S look at their products, I guess credit card balances from this. Is Sam man. You call this a website, I’m disappointed, I’m disappointed and you know you know. You’Re, low-priced Apple products, uh-oh might have found way, I’m going to make a purchase on the head and always said ahead, vici, okay, let’s shop, I guess I’ll see what they got.

Okay. This is something that I’m I’m actually looking for an iMac iMac. Let’S take a look at iMac, see what they got prices for ooh. This actually is a pretty good foot. You know. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I make twenty seven inch. This is still a pretty high price. I mean gosh. Look at all. I don’t! I don’t understand, let’s see what we have here, I want to see if this is the 5k iMac? No, it’s not.

We have this sham. What a sham website what’s factory unlocked iPhones fixed football games info okay. This is a big thing that I’ve heard of before. Like apparently like football is so like American football is so fixed, it’s it’s just not even funny. We have information on fixed football games every week inside information, I’ve able to sell. They are not a tip, they are 100 percent accurate. This just sounds like a sketch.

They are a hundred percent, accurate, huge profits to be made online for betting government. Like here’s the thing if this was 100 sent a curate, this guy would not need a website trying to make money. You would have all the money you just keep betting on games. He would win frequently asked questions. I can recommend good ones where the that blah blah blah blah. Look. This that’s boring – and this is this – is soccer money we’re talking about American football, camouflage, passports, hacking, DDoS, social engineering, espionage, malware development, I’m going to stay off website.

I think we’re coming to an end here, yeah. This is just kind of like version one. I guess um of the article like I said: if there’s anything that you guys know of that, you want me to go. Please leave links down below or I’m trying to look through here. America is a joke, a site that distributes cat facts: okay, um, I’m I’m thinking this is this is uh actually we’re about half with drugs. We call list the drugs is the way you guys go.

If you, oh, here’s the adult section, you guys come back to this erotica. Oh my god, annum. That’S uh we’re just going to we’re going to skip through this. This is different languages. Here, hidden services, peer-to-peer, that’s sketchy! You! Don’T you this chats, some IR, C’s yeah! It’S it’s looking like. We are we’re at dead, dead, hidden services, so we’re at rock bottom here hope you guys enjoyed this article.

I know there wasn’t a ton of good information here. Actually there was there was some pretty good information. You guys, you guys got to got to see some stuff but hope you guys enjoyed this article like I said, if there’s anything that you want me to look up on the deep web, let me know down below and I’ll try to make a part 2. Article of this, and if not tell me not to do it again and I will comply hope you guys enjoyed it.


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