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Indexing your PWA (Discoverability & SEO) – Progressive Web App Training

Every search engine has a different way of ranking pages, but they all depend on a web crawler to gather information, and when you build a JavaScript driven site, the crawler might not be able to find everything you might need to give it a little help.

While every search engine has its own way of crawling, there are two fairly obvious rules. First, if the crawler can’t see it, it’s not going to be indexed and everything needs its own URL. There may be a trivial solution for your site if customers always search for a landing page or other static content, but those pages be static content. This won’t index client rendered content, but that may be exactly what you want.

This does raise an interesting distinction. A PWA does not have to be a single page app, you could add a serviceworker do every page in a website or a multi page app. As long as these pages have the same origin and path, they will share a serviceworker. Another option is to serve a render the dynamic content and then let the client take over rendering this lets any crawler see and index. All of your content.

You can use these solutions with any crawler since there’s no JavaScript involved, and if you want your app to be indexed everywhere, you’ll have to render it on the server. You can write code that renders on the client or as server-side JavaScript, it’s called isomorphic JavaScript, but that assumes you’re using node or another JavaScript server. And if you want an easy test, you can run lighthouse.

It includes some basic SEO. Discoverability tests lighthouse runs some basic SEO tests as if you have an HTML only crawler each test has instructions for fixing or improving shortcomings. Okay, so the universal answer is not to depend on JavaScript, but Google’s crawler can run JavaScript. So you can index client rendered sites. As long as you follow some rules, there are about a dozen rules, but the top five will take you most of the way we’ve already covered.

The first rule make your content crawlable. That means rendering it so the crawler can find it. If you’re writing a single page app, the top five rules become these top five tips. Many developers provide navigation links with a hash for the URL and use a click listener. Instead, these should point to actual paths in your app to trigger changes. You also need to avoid URL fragments the part that begins with a hash sign these break many tools and libraries and are now deprecated.

We used to recommend hash-bang prefixes for crawling a jet-powered sites as a way to change URLs without reloading the page. But now you should use the history API. Instead, the next rule is to use canonical URLs for duplicate content. For example, amp pages normally have a server rendered page and the client rendered amp page. The client rendered page has a link back to the server rendered page using the rel equals canonical attribute.

The crawler will index the canonical server rendered page some developers, even shadow, their client rendered pages, with server rendered pages and use the canonical link to point back to the server. This makes more of the app discoverable tip. Number 4 also gives you great accessibility, use the native HTML elements whenever possible. Crawlers know what to do with an actual button, but won’t recognize a div of class button in the same way, finally use progressive enhancement, use polyfills, where it makes sense to support older browsers.

You never know which version of a browser is used in a particular crawler, so play it safe. Some simple changes can improve your data quality and give users much better results. One is to use the schema.Org annotations for structured data there, a predefined schema for common areas, such as e-commerce, scheduling and job postings search engines, can use the schema annotations to parse your data accurately.

The same logic applies to the Open Graph protocol, which allows any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. Finally, the Twitter cards provide a rich media card that displays, when anyone links to your site from Twitter, it’s important to test your work and work iteratively. So the you can see the effects of each change. Testing on multiple browsers is not only a best practice for everyday development.

It ensures your site renders correctly on multiple crawlers testing with the Google webmasters search console will crawl your site and show the result, and you should always pay attention to loading performance. Use tools such as PageSpeed insights or webpage tests to measure the loading performance of your site remember about 40 % of consumers will leave a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Of course, the most important rule is to treat client-side rendering as a progressive enhancement. If you test on a range of browsers, you’re, probably fine. If you want to be certain, you can use the fetch as Google tool on the site. If that went by a little fast see the Google Webmaster central blog for the details on how to make your PWA search ready. Then come back here and I’ll. Tell you how to measure user engagement in your PW A’s thanks for reading

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Online Marketing

SEO Mythbusting 101

I don’t know about people say a lot of things out there about how to make your website it stand in the top result, but I don’t really know how to achieve that. You know right, fair enough. That’S a that’s a really good question: how to achieve that and I think that’s a perfect introduction into what we’re trying to do here we’re trying to like bust these myths.

What can I help you with? What are the questions that come to your mind? Okay? So, let’s start with something simple: what it’s a search engine all right, so a search engine is a platform of service or program whatever you want to call it that basically goes through the internet content and tries to catalog it. It works a little bit like in the library right, so you probably go to a library and ask the librarian.

Where can I find a book on topic X right, that’s what you do and then normally it doesn’t take you to basically go through all the books. In the library you just ya, get the right books and that’s what search engines do for you. We find the right content for your purpose, all right, but I went when he’s heard of search engines. I also heard this word called crawling. Is that a thing? That’S a thing so the way that we are doing this or search engines do this is by first going through the entire internet and we have links from one page to the other yeah.

So we are using that we start somewhere some URLs and then basically follow links from there on. So we are basically crawling our way through the Internet, one page by page, more or less, and then once we have, these pages have found them have grabbed the content. From the Internet, we need to understand it. We need to figure out what is this content about and what purpose does it serve? So then that’s the second stage which is indexing.

So then we figure out. So this page is about ice cream. This page is about ice cream in Miami. This page is about marmalade and stuff like that, and then the last step is, if you type something in you don’t type in. I want this particular thing here. You just go like. I need ice cream ice cream online. Midian right, yes, you got it, so we then basically look into our index and find the ones that are serving this purpose.

And then we try to figure out, which is the one that serves these purposes perfectly or best, and then we rank these higher than the others and show you the example, the examples that we found from the index. So how do you know which one is which results are more relevant to a given user? That’S a really good question. We have over 200 signals to do so. So we look at things like the title: the Meta Description, the actual content that you’ve got on your page images links all sorts of things.

Well right, it’s a very complicated question to answer what ranks you best but yeah. We look at the bunch of signals now, if you could give me like. You know, like top three things, that I should consider. What would that be right, so us being developers originally, you probably want me to say. Oh, I use this framework or use that framework. Yeah, that’s not how it works. You have to have really good content, and that means you have content have to have content that serves a purpose for the user.

It’S something that users need and or one optimally they need it and want it. Okay, like ice cream, so if you’re, if your content says where you are, what you do, how you? How you help me with what I’m trying to accomplish? That’S fantastic! If you just have a page that says like we are a fantastic company and we have plenty of products, that’s not serving a purpose, so you want to make sure to serve the purpose of the people who you want to attract and get who you want to Interact with your content, and you want to make sure that you’re using words that I would be using if you use a very specific term for your ice cream, let’s say like smooth cream 5000 or something like that.

I’M not I’m not going to search for that because I don’t know about I’m just going to go like I need ice cream, it’s good to mention it somewhere, so that I know. If I look for that trademark, I find it as well okay, but if I, if I’m exploring ice cream around me, I don’t know what particular ice cream there is, if there’s like a specific brand fantastic, but that’s not what I’m looking for so speak the language That I’m using so you’re you’re saying more.

Like a page, it’s like an exactly you wouldn’t when when we to meet and you have a fantastic product or I have a fantastic four, I wouldn’t go like yeah blurp master 5000. It’S fantastic and you’re like yeah. It doesn’t say it does that do all right, so do that, do an elevator pitch and help us. Okay, put you in contact with the right people, so content is number one priority. Oh, could you mention another two things that are important for this yeah you’re going to love them because they are technical, so the second biggest thing is make sure that you have meta tags that describe your content.

So I have a Meta Description. Okay, because that gives you the possibility to have a little snippet in the search results that let people find out, which of the many results might be the ones that help them the best and have page titles that are specific to the page that you are serving. So don’t have a title for everything. The same title is bad. If you have titles that change with the content you’re showing that is fantastic and frameworks, have ways of doing that so consult the documentation, but there’s definitely something something that helps with the content and the last bit is performance.

Herot right, yeah performance is fantastic. We’Re talking about it constantly, but we’re probably missing out on the fact that this is also good for being discovered online. Our so performance is not just making my website faster, but it’s also making my website more visible to others, correct okay, because we want to make sure that the people clicking on your search was like clicking on your page yeah, getting this content quickly.

So that’s one thing that we want to make sure as well, so we’re it’s one of the many signals that we are looking at, but also it just helps you use this right. They get happier. If I want ice cream really badly, then I get the page quicker, that’s fantastic yeah! So if you want to look at performance, I highly recommend looking into hybrid rendering or server-side rendering again, because that gets the content quicker to the users.

Usually right also, you might have BOTS that don’t run JavaScript so Googlebot. Does that, but not everyone else. Does it necessarily? So you want to make sure to probably figure out something like dynamic rendering, if you don’t want to make code changes, because I understand we’re all pressed for time. We have lots of bugs and and features too to fulfill and work through. So if you can’t change the code dynamic, rendering might be something that gets you there.

Okay, if there’s rendering shoes with your content. But besides that, I would say definitely look into performance. Optimization get the content quicker, get the first content full paint in there quicker optimize. Your servers optimize your caching strategies make sure that your script doesn’t have to run for, like 60 seconds, to fetch everything that you need. I know yeah, so those are things that you should definitely look into, and I guess performance is something that pretty much everyone in the developer community is looking at.

Certainly yes or they should at least they should. I hope that they do okay, so we already discussed, like all these basics around SEO and search engines and how to position my my website in the top search results. Now the question is: why is it so important for companies to rank like like in the top results right, so you’re you’re a web developer right? Yes, your build stuff on the internet. Yeah.

Do you want people to use it? Certainly, yes, certainly right, so in order to make sure that people can use that they have to know about it, and unless you are probably one of the really big players might not, and even for the big players, if they launch something new, you might not know About it and you’re not looking specifically for products you’re looking for something that serves a purpose for you, okay, I want to know how I built this thing with a framework I want to know where to find the best ice cream and the place I am in.

I want to find the cutest dogs and poppers online so, like I have a purpose, I don’t know who serves this purpose necessarily. So if you build the best ice cream, PWA ever in, let’s say Medellin. Is that how you profess? So if you build the best PWA to order ice cream online in midian, then I don’t. I don’t know about that, especially if I come as a tourist. But if I type that into a search engine like order ice cream in medicine, and then it goes like hey this, this PWA does this trick yeah you want to be the the first or the first couple of because I’m not going to go to page 99 And go like oh yeah.

This might be the perfect thing, because Google and other search engines are trying to like figure out what is the best for this purpose and then show me those up front and then I might pick from those because normally they’re pretty good. I think that covers have all the questions I have fantastic, so you feel like ready to build that, certainly excellent. That is so cool. Thank you. So much for being here.

Thank you, my guests, and I hope that this this helps other developers as well and developers and se owes can be friends. I think I think so yeah I think so. Thank you. Oh, are we still on please stay tuned for another episode of SEO: myth busting. Next time with soos Hinton we’ll talk about what is Googlebot so come back again and read what happens?

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