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Smart Artists Do This – How To Grow A Fanbase

Now, who is TJ Chapman he’s Bo, be his manager truck pickles manager guy super experienced. You got ta, listen to this guy in his wisdom or in this article right here. It’s something that is really a lot deeper than a lot of artists realized, and I swear if you reprogram this about how you think about your marketing as an artist.

You will find far more success, because this one thing honestly has the power to in an artist career before they ever have a real shine, and it’s funny it’s funny to me how many artists feel like advertising is cheating. They want to be organic and advertising isn’t organic. What you crazy on man, you think Apple says there when they drop new, damn iPhone all every brand. You think you think of Atlantic says that with cardi B know they put millions of dollars into the marketing to make sure they put it in front of everybody yep.

You know, but you have to put in front of people, so they can see it in the first place to make that decision, whether or not they want to listen yep, and they it just trips me out how they they feel like is cheating or or it’s Not right and man that is business 101. At the end of the day, you have to figure out which of music, how you going first off, you got to find a place for it to live number two.

You got to figure out how you going to give it like, and I can’t tell you none of that for sure. I’m going to shoot at all these methods to try to find the right one and if all of them work or whatever that’s the more the merrier, but I’m not limiting my odds. You know in breaking this record, I’m going to try to expose it every way possible, I’m going to use all the methods that I told you to make sure I expose it to people till I find something to catch, and this record actually gets life.

It’s weird that in the marketplace today is there’s this big pushback or desire to be organic, as if it makes you look right and I don’t and organic and marketing don’t necessarily go in and it has to be artificial. I don’t care if you didn’t pay any money, but I axed you. The fact I asked you to listen to my song personally is me putting in some artificial effort to get you to listen, but you want to you want to start or spark some organic.

That’s what you want your artificial marketing to do, but you got ta, get like that ball rolling and, like you, have there’s so many people that are like I’ll do a article about an artist on blog, for example, and someone might be like, oh man, this is Fake or their industry plan, or they paid already had money, and it’s like you’re talking about them for the methods they use, but they’re hauling their where you want to get like so try to use those methods as opposed to understand, but they did killing themselves up For sure alright, so you might have heard the point you might get the point, but I have to expand on this conversation because, honestly, I don’t think artists understand the gravity of what this is rooted in.

First and foremost, you have to consider that it’s been marketed to artists for years. This whole idea of the starving artists that used to be a real thing that signify purity artists actually took pride in being a starving artist. But do you know why artists were starving because the record labels were taking their money? Somebody was making money off of the artist and then the other artist which is being sold the dream.

So you have to struggle and hustle to even get in a position to get your money taken. That’s been pushed and pushed on artists for a long time now, and there’s still some remnants of that stuff left over to the point where you have this weird classism and artistry, where artists tried to downgrade and discredit people who aren’t moving with a starving artist. Mentality of this just happens. For me it was super organic.

I didn’t use a is mine and infrastructure and way of going about things to boost my career. So, even though you might not have that in all aspects, there might be small subjects where you’re thinking about it. That way, because at the end of the day, when you’re complaining about these other people, it does nothing but make you sound like a loser. And why do I say it like that? Because I think that’s the only way to drive through the point that y’all are playing the same game so to speak, really you’re playing your own game, but everybody is playing this music game in the artist space right.

Well, if that’s true, just like any article game, there’s people who have strengths and weaknesses right, you might have a hundred on power but 50 on speed and something notes on the agility that you might have certain weapons. It’s the same thing. Everybody has different advantages. You might have more time to spend or waste there’s certain things that people have and some people is there certain things.

Other people don’t at the end of the day, there’s the things you have and the things that you don’t have. But when you work through those certain levels of the game, you’re, either losing or you’re winning and various parts of the game you get to the big boss and hey, they have all these different powers that you will have and you either beat them or you lose. You have to make the most out of what you have, because you wouldn’t be complaining if you had the money, if you had a Rich Dad or if you had a big investor, if you had some of these other situations, you’re not going to be saying: hey Yeah, I got a million dollars in the bank, but I’m not going to use it, so I can keep it real.

That’s stupid. First of all, like money does not guarantee success in the game. Connections, do not even guarantee success in the game, so you really playing yourself if you allow yourself to get continue having that narrative out there you’re just allowing that to exist because it makes you feel better. Since I don’t have that, then I can get this. That’s the only reason they have that, and I don’t but again the truth is that’s not the only differentiator it isn’t, because there’s so many rich parents, or so many successful artists that have kids that are nowhere near as big as some of these other artists right.

How many artists are as big as Chris Brown are as big as Drake or as big as chance to rapper are as big-ass Taylor Swift, Beyonce, not to say that these people didn’t have certain connections at certain points of their career, but for the most part, most Of these people started outside of the industry and worked their way up, but there’s so many people with kids that are legends in the game that are not doing it.

Big. No one wants to listen to their music, they have connections, but nobody cares about their money. They’re still not going to the shows, a girls are telling me the other day out. She just went to this show of a girl who has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and the person inside to a legend in the game, and I’m not even talking about old school old school legend. I’m talking about the legend still has high cultural impact today, but the girl didn’t have like 50 people at her show, stop looking at people and say: oh of course they made it because they got a lot of money.

The money does not guarantee the success which brings me back to the fact this whole organic thing as well. It’s something that you guys have to get your mind off of this whole idea. If you’re going to market, if you’re working on marketing right now, then it’s not organic. If you pay for one post to be posted by the influencer you’re already doing something, that’s not organic! By that type of definition, your whole marketing initiative is to do as many artificial things as possible that will bring attention to your product and hope that your product is quality enough, that it sparks and creates organic traffic.

Anybody else who just having to blow up and they didn’t know what was happening. Yeah those people are out there. They did just go viral, but that’s a look at a car. That’s to draw the cars it’s not because they were better than somebody else. That’s just good timing, there’s a lot of people who can sing well right. Well, all these things, but they didn’t post it on the platform and didn’t get seen by certain people, and it didn’t go viral and keep in mind whenever a new platform ages.

It will be harder and harder to be organic if you’re, five six seven years into Instagram and posting there’s not going to be that much organic growth and help because the platform’s build their technology against it they’re different now, and that goes for any other platform. If you get on there early, yes, you might find some good organic growth, but the chances of that go down and down and down every single month of platform ages.

That’s just how it goes, I’m not going to get into all the particular reasons. I just need. You guys to realize is: there is no dishonor in building an audience from paid traffic. If this is a fan base, you have fans, that’s all that matters. It’s not smart, just to be spending money and then people don’t come in to fans. That’s why we talk about strategy and how to do things right, but if you get the end result then great, because there’s a lot of people out there spending the money way more money than you can even imagine and still not getting the result.

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