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Advice For New Salespeople | Young Female Closers Must Watch

Remember to close that first fight with yourself, have you ever dream about closing your first 5g gazelle in just one single day as the young saleswoman? I know some of the customers within you as someone with less experience, some sales manager may not even treat you seriously. The beautiful ladies closing, your first five figure sale is not a dream because I myself have also been through the South before, but I was fortunate to be guided by my mentor to realize that sales, it’s something that can be trained, especially in a very charming way, And once I master the sales charm now, every time I close is easily at least five to six figures in one single day.

That’s why today, I’m here to share it with my ultimate advice for every young sales, women to close their first fight, give yourself a vice number one dress professionally. In order for your clients to take you seriously, you have to take yourself seriously in the first place and the first thing that you need to work on. It’s your appearance always make sure you’re dressed professionally in front of the clients.

When I say professional, it doesn’t mean that you have to dressed like a lawyer with white flowers, black skirt and a black jacket. I personally don’t really like this kind of style, because I don’t differentiate myself from other sales people out there. Instead, I advise you to dress in a smart casual way and, at the same time bring out your charm and your confidence remember never ever dress in a revealing way.

Unless you don’t mind attracting the wrong type of clients who are more interested in you, sexually than professionally advice, number two always behave in a calm manner. Many a sales women tend to lose their calm when the clients has some difficult questions that they are not prepared. For to hide their nervousness, they can’t giggle feature of mumble. That will immediately decrease your credibility and that’s why you end up losing a sale.

If you don’t have the answer right away, it’s okay, to tell clients, you can say something like. Let me get back to you tomorrow, because I’ve had to choke my team. The whole point is giving yourself and time to think and reflect on how you should answer the question effectively, because with better preparation, you will know how to tackle the client’s objection and then eventually close the sale.

Advice number three truly understand the true value of your product or service a lot of times when you are unable to convince your client survive. They really boils down to one simple reason: the kind don’t understand the true value of what you are offering, because you are not convinced yourself in the first place, but once you understand the true value of what we are offering, you are invincible.

I actually made a article to talk about how you can find out the true value, also of how you can implement it to close a sale check out the article right here. If you also want to become a much charming and an effective closer, I’m intending to conda of three master cars for you, where I’ll be revealing my charm system, step by step, the system has enabled me to become one of the top female closers, as well as Helping me to generate at least five to six figure revenue every single time.

I only have 20 spots left, so all you need to do is to subscribe to my exclusive telegram blog, who help you really willing to you how you can join the master class for free if you find today’s article helpful also give a thumbs up echo as Share with your friends or family members, who can truly benefit from it? With that, I wish you a charming day ahead, see you next article bye, bye,

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Effective Sales Communication and Sales Skills with Catherine Molloy

My name is John golden from sails pop online sales magazine and pipeliner CRM here in a lovely sunny San Diego afternoon and I’m delighted to be joined by Catherine Malloy, who was on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Tomorrow, I’m here Thursday afternoon, Catherine’s there, Friday morning, bright and early. So I really appreciate you getting up early to talk with us today: Catherine’s international speaker and communication expert, 25 years of experience in business training and facilitation, and especially in especially in communication and neuro-linguistic programming.

I think you have your degree in as well as obviously all your business experience and what we wanted to talk today is how to optimize communication when it comes to sales, but not just in the traditional sense of face-to-face, but in all the ways that challenge salespeople Nowadays, in virtual communication, even in I mean people says, people in are communicating with prospects through text. We’re going to say excel mean what about what challenges are facing people today in figuring out how to be effective in their communication, when people are communicating in so many different ways.

Catherine, I always like to ask a big question and then just sit back. You know it’s really important. We all need to upgrade the number one skill on the planet and that’s communication, and so many businesses closed down because they don’t really know how to communicate to the customer. Now. The interesting thing is, technology has changed the way we grow food eat food, buy food, our furniture for our offices, all these wonderful things, but guess what the raw behavior styles of people haven’t changed, and I think this is the key to the way that we build Sales now I actually wrote a book called the million dollar handshake.

It’s just been published in three languages. It only was really. Last year, it’s in the northern and southern hemisphere. We’ve just picked up some books from England, they’ve released them under Seven Dials. We’ve got hash. Ed we’ve got two other companies releasing them around the world as well, and it really is about the way that we can make ourselves feel a million dollars. The way that we can make our customers feel great and create that win-win situation.

So when you say interesting thing is when, when you say, rob raw behavior style, what do you mean? Okay, so I’ve got a quote here that I wrote. What you believe doesn’t make you a better person mm-hmm. The way you behave does sure, because what we believe isn’t always right now we have natural behavior styles. I can connect and communicate with anyone anywhere. I went to China and within two days how to contract I’ve been back there every year to speak for the translators Association in the foreign ministers.

Now everyone says it’s very, very hard to get a deal in China takes a long time. I’ve worked in Saudi Arabia, UAE lots of countries that you know it’s. It’s got a lot of different culture, ruler aspects that we need to know about, so it really is about being intelligent when it comes to communication, so we do need to you know. What are you doing to upgrade your number-one skills in communication and I’m a body language expert, and I truly believe this is why I get better results with what I do so we need to study.

We need to learn. We need to immerse ourselves in communication and when we understand behavior styles, whether that person is dominant, are they breathing fast? Are they commanding whether they’re influential and they want you to be their best friend? They want you to like them. They want to tell you everything. That’s happening or whether perhaps are a little bit more steady and they need to build that relationship with you, so hopeful they’re going to give you anything.

So how can I go on last but not least, they might be the person that really wants all the facts and figures before anything is going to happen. Now you have a natural way that you want to do business yeah, but that might not suit the other. 75 % of people mm-hmm, so once you start to understand how you can connect and communicate, we can also do this through our emails, our social media, etc, but we’ll get into that in a little bit.

Sorry, what was the first question was, so how does a salesperson or anyone else? How did they establish there very quickly or early on the type of person they’re dealing with and the Preferences that that person has for how they want to be communicated with fabulous? It’s about being conscious. The first thing you need to do, though, is understand your behavior style. You need to understand your domino effect in every communication that you have, and you know it’s interesting because body language is in every communication experience you’ll ever have even when you’re typing that email you’re going to have a certain body language coming through, even when you’re speaking Even right now, when we’re speaking to each other or when we meet someone face to face, so we’ve got to start to understand who we are and even in in my book here I have a PDF, you can download, you can fill in or you can fill It in straight from the book and start to understand who you are, how you connecting communicates, what is going to be the best way for you, because, let’s face it, if you have a business, everyone in your business, you want them to be a salesperson for your Team mm-hmm people hate the word sales and we need to get over that.

If you don’t sell, you don’t have a business yeah. Well, what I always say what I would say to people when they have a problem with the whole sales moniker is, I say you can call yourself whatever you want, but guess what the person you’re selling to they know you’re a salesperson. We have to remember that as well, and you know I always think to sell is to serve because if someone comes to you or you go to someone and you don’t provide that service for them, then you haven’t really served them.

Have you know and a lot of people you’ll go and buy something, and then you go home and someone will say: oh, you should have got this or this or you could add that to it. They didn’t even tell you about it. Now you’ve got to waste. Your time going back to fine that what you need and perhaps you’ll go somewhere somewhere else because they didn’t satisfy your needs. So what are what are some of the simple body? Language cues? That you can pick up on the either about yourself or about the person that you’re communicating with okay.

So the first thing I’ll talk about is yourself mm-hmm, okay, very important to understand the cultures you’re going into because body language is different around the world. You know if you did this here in Australia that would be okay or on Facebook. You might like it in India, maybe you’re going to get a 7-up if you’re a scuba, diving – and you said yeah, I’m okay, they’d shoot you to the top. You’d have to do that if you did that in some countries, they’d be very rude and you might get you know put in jail.

So it’s really important number one to understand that, but there’s a few things that we can do that will make a difference anywhere with anyone. So a lot of salespeople you’ll ask them a question or a customer service and they might go like this. Oh yes, do this now straightaway we know they’ve got a pain in the neck and they’re, not really sure, and when somebody does that I go, would you please you know find out for me it’s very very important because I know straightaway they don’t really know mm-hmm.

Now body language is very subjective. If I touch my nose now, it’s probably because it’s freezing, cold and and it wants to drip right – or perhaps I want to sneeze or maybe ever smelt – something really bad. But what’s interesting is most time when salespeople are speaking. They touch their nose because they’re a little frustrated and uncomfortable right now so you’ll see people online, telling you how fantastic their product is it’s true and when they do that, I know at that time: they’re not comfortable with it.

Now I can train people not to touch their face to make great eye contact, not to blink a hundred times, but you know what I rather coach them to understand: why they have a frustration they’re. What makes them uncomfortable mm-hmm and if it’s not great for the customer, what can you do to make it great for the customer, because those frustrations and movements will go away once you have great product knowledge and – and you believe in the benefit to that customer yeah? No, I totally agree with you.

I think it’s an interesting it’s an interesting concept that you brought up there, because I do think that how you present yourself, how you go into a room, how you go online, whatever, how you’re feeling and how you approach it is going to translate in one way Or the other yeah, obviously through nonverbal communications and through and through how you sound and – and so you kind of have to make up your mind before you start about.

How do you want to show up right correct? Absolutely we react in 125th of a second before we speak, and that’s why husbands and wives can fight for two days without saying a word because of the raise of an eyebrow at the wrong time. And this happens in your offices as well, and you might even see a client, you know, and you think, oh here they come again. What am I going to do and straightaway you’ve told them that even before you’ve opened your mouth and that’s why we have so much miscommunication? And you know it’s interesting because when we’re talking about behavior styles, before even in your emails, you can start to tell who the person is.

Are they dot pointing do they want you to do this this and this? Are they, after your facts and figures, do they put Smiley’s everywhere because they want you to be happy with them, you know, or are they going to tell you all about everything and you don’t even really understand what is that question they want right, but it starts To tell you who they are yeah, and I guess then the worst thing you can do right if, for instance, right if you email me with very concise bullet points – and this is what you want and I email you back a novel right, I’m we’re pretty misaligned Right, correct, correct, so it really is about, like I believe, to sell, is to serve and when you do find out who that customer is because they’ll, let you know you’ll hear it in their voice.

You’ll see it online, you might meet them face-to-face or you’ll. Get it through that email, you start to find out who they are and you need to respond, so you need to match them because guess what there’ll be something about you that they like, but they won’t know what it is right. That’s actually the fact that you will like them, people like like: don’t they yeah they do. I was telling someone. I was interviewing somebody of the day and they tell me this this interesting story.

I think they were. They would right, along with the salesperson right and the salesperson, got a text from their prospect and immediately they picked up the phone and started calling them calling the prospect and the prospect was like. Well. Can you just text me back and the coach turned round and said: why did you call him when he texted you clearly that’s how he wanted you to communicate so you’ve got a match: people’s communication style.

You do, and I do believe, though, that someone might email you in asking for information and you, if you just email that back guess what you might lose that deal, because you haven’t been able to speak or add value. So in that text that you send back. You could say: look I’d, love to have a quick chat just to do a discovery and make sure what would be the best time for you so text them, email them back in their format, but think in that time that you can actually do a real discovery.

In that value, no absolutely I no 100 % agree, but don’t presume that you can just switch their mode just like that without any. I remember somebody wanted me and they sent me a message, a message, err and then they sent me something on LinkedIn and then they sent me an email and by the time we were supposed to meet. I had no idea where I had to go to get the information so surprised they didn’t turn up outside your window.

The placard [ Laughter ] in those situations. You know you’re responding, I’m messenger been LinkedIn there. You know it’s like. Oh, let’s agree to to have which is the best form of communication for you, but don’t think just to come back to, because I think it’s it’s a really really fundamental and an important point and not just for sales. But I think in the world that we live in today, because communication has gotten so messed up is that we all have to start with ourselves right.

The onus is on us to to to be conscious of how we communicate and how we show up, and rather than put the rather than as it seems, the trend in the world today is to push everything off on everybody else and say: well, it’s all about Everybody else’s fault, but it’s you got to start with yourself right, absolutely and look the reason that after all these years, we are still such bad communicators, no matter how many forms of communication we create is, I believe, there’s a couple things with human nature and we Understand it once we understand the behavior styles, each one will have their own little basements that we have to work through.

Ah, but there’s a thing called ego, hmm and also laziness, and I believe, when you’re a salesperson, you really want to eradicate those two things – and you know, laziness is just sending out spraying information to everybody. If you’re a salesperson which we all are, we need to have that communication, we need to pick up the phone, we need to ask questions and not just read someone create a story for that person.

Oh, I don’t want to disturb them or they’re too busy. You know one of my biggest clients, I got them as a contact first of all and I get a lot of business through LinkedIn, so it is great out there and I contacted them and they said, Oh fantastic. Can you send, through some information, sent that through months later, did my follow-up are yeah we’re not ready yet you know please get back in contact with us, so I’d I read for six months following up and contact them and then I said because we’ve start to Build a bit of a relationship, I said, I’m so sorry, I’m feeling like a stalker.

Do you still want me to communicate with you? Yes, yes, but that’s that was that person’s behavior style there was Ned eNOS, it’s going to take them a little longer. Thirteen months later, we sealed the deal mm-hmm five hundred thousand dollars worth of training that was ongoing over the next 18 months. So the interesting thing is that we feel we should give up or we could make stories or they don’t really want want this.

But you don’t know unless you ask the question: no make up story that just leaves us. Oh, what can we do? Yeah? No exactly, but it’s a great point, because it’s it’s because people do have a tendency to you know either to give up, and I think the point that you came up about did you meant laziness is a good one. It’s because, unfortunately, again coming back to technology, we’ve spoiled we’re spoiled with all these spray-and-pray spam tools out there.

So I could sit here all day and I can fire out stuff all over the place and if nobody comes back to me or I can just put them into nurture Kanban – and I don’t have to do anything right – I can sit down then I can go Well, I’m trying I’m really trying I’m doing follow-up but nobody’s contacting me. So it’s not my fault again. I’ve got this great little thing that I’d love to share with your listeners yeah, and I call it digger and I believe, if you are a sales person getting paid for Commission, we’re not always the best with admin and paperwork.

So I truly believe setting up the night before so that when you come in the next morning, you can just now those first three things you know, we’ve all heard you know swallow the frog eat the spider, doing the things you don’t really want to do. First up but digger in Australia were the men that went to war and they they had a person with them that helped them get through everything. And you know that was like the word mate and in Australia, and you don’t call anyone a digger even if they they’re your mate, because that was war and, like I lost my grand-grandfather there as well.

But digger for me is daily income generating activity, say that again daily income generating activity, and so that’s my best mate in business. So I write down three things: each day, whether it’s doing the blog, whether it’s doing the article, whether it’s making a hot call, a cold call, maybe getting some of those warm leads. But every day you should be doing something that really will bring in money.

For the business yeah yeah, I think that’s a fantastic piece of advice because I think we’re all very good, sometimes at busy work or finding things to occupy our day and sometimes avoiding the tea. As you say, the digger the daily income generating activities first time because they maybe are the harder things to do yeah yep, and we get that out the way. Then the the day’s amazing plus it starts to unfold.

You know – and it really is, if we want to be successful in business, we need to upgrade that number one skill of communication. Well, that’s fantastic, perfect way to bookend the conversation here, Catherine, we’re bumping up against the end of our time, but before we go I’d like you to tell people a little bit more about yourself what you do and how they can learn, learn more about you! Oh okay, fabulous so obviously Catherine Malloy and I am an international speaker.

I work all around the world and I speak in communication and body language because I really believe in business growth. I wrote the book, the million dollar handshake, because what happened was ten years ago. My husband felt very ill. We had to sell our business, we lost over a million dollars that was tied up in the belly business. We had three children still at a private school and we were then left with a big mortgage on the house.

That also left us with no jobs, so there was a big decision time and I was sort of that person that I thought wow. This is almost a chance to to open the door to what’s possible in life. What do I really really wanted to and back when I was 21, I started studying body language by the age of 22. I was topping sales in Westpac, one of our biggest banks here in Australia, and I really understood how that product knowledge equalled customer service and from customer service sales cloud.

But when you could understand people and not just read body language and make up stories for them. But understand what your body language was communing communicating to others. Then I really started to Nollan and I went into training. I wasn’t having children, my husband said he couldn’t have kids and we had three and four years so that kind of changed everything sounds like you learned plenty, but anyway it was interesting.

So I started this business as pack business advantage and it was really dealing with soft skills. We also had government funding to deliver diploma of leadership management, so I wrote units for that. I won awards in management and leadership of won awards in America with our Stevie. For our sales and leadership training and I also wrote the conscious connection framework, which won a pacific award back in 2017.

So what we’re doing was making a big difference for four people, and so now, we’ve also with our million dollar handshake book, because in my first year of business by myself, I signed over a million dollars in training deals face to face. So that’s how that began. It’s got body language, the handshakes, behaviors mindsets and how to connect and communicate with anyone anywhere taste other’s stories and there’s online training at the end of each chapter.

So if you want to go a bit deeper in any of those you can you can download PDFs for your team for your family. I just really want to get this message out to as many people as possible and now a third of that book goes to our charity that I started in 2010. When I started my business, I said to my husband, ten percents going to charity and he’s like you can’t we’ve lost all this money. I said I need that because for me I need to be doing more than just just for us and now a third of it goes to our charities in Uganda and this year.

We’re writing a book of life worth leading and we’re also working with doctors in Mumbai for cancer patients, children that would actually die because they don’t have money for to treat cancer and now they’re getting 12 months in this amazing hospital being looked after with their families. Coming in so that they can go on with their lives as well, so I think that once we use our skills to the best that we can yeah, we can make a difference anyway.

That’s fantastic! Well there. So it sounds like you’re. You know you’ve got a lot of spare time on your hands, Katherine well, yeah, that’s really! Quite a fantastic, obviously scatter malloy calm, a you. We will have your profile on sales pop, so people can learn more about you and I and the book will be up there too, and congratulations on all your Awards and the fantastic were charity work that you’re doing it’s been a great conversation.

My name is John golden sales. Pop online says magazine, pipeliner CRM, CEO friend, our expert interview really soon. Thank you. Thank you.

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Best Sales Advice I Ever Received

So I got a real estate when I was 20 years old. It was 2002 and I was just very, very young. I just gotten out of doing roofing with my father. Actually I was still roofing with my father, because when I got my real estate license, I thought I’m done with that. I’m done roofing.

Now I’m just going to do real estate, so I quit roofing. I did real estate for 30 days, didn’t sell anything of course, and had to go back to roofing and do real estate part-time. So it took me eight months, eight long months to make my first sale and as a 20 year old you know. Eight months is a really long time, especially when you really want something I mean think about it: eight months as a 20 year old wanting to not be roofing and and instead to sell real estate for a living, it was a dream at that point, it was Something that I really there was not a plan B.

There was not a second option. I was going to make it work, but at the same time the pace that I was moving towards that goal at was so slow that almost seemed impossible. They really did. I knew that it was going to happen, but it still seemed so far away during that eight months I just was like. When is this going to happen? When is this going to breakthrough, but I knew that I wasn’t going to stop.

I knew that it was going to be a lot of hard work and I knew that I was going to continue to push through until I made it happen. So that’s what I did. I continue to push through, so my first broker in Gulf Shores Alabama. You know I was the kind of guy I was trying to be a sponge. I was just trying to learn from anyone that would tell me anything. I talked to all the agents at the office asking questions.

You know, how do you do this? How do you do that? What to say here what to do here? How did you do that? You know some of the agents will come in with really big listings to me back then, you know, 350,000 was a big listing and agents would come in with four and five hundred thousand dollar listings, and I would ask them you know: how did you get how In the world, did you do that? You know it just seems so crazy to me at the time, because I was just pounding away and just nothing was happening for me, so I had to just keep on going keep on trying to figure it out.

So at some point I realized that I could look up people’s phone numbers and start calling people okay, I started I turned into a phone call making machine. We actually called it phone call: festivals, yeah. I actually made the name phone call fest, where me, and maybe two or three other agents in the office that were also newer. We would get together in this room like a boiler room kind of situation, and we would just make calls all day call it a phone call fest, you know it made it sound fun.

We’d get in. There would make the calls we laugh. I remember the first time I used the line whenever a seller told me that they would never sell that they were just going to just keep it forever. They were going to die there. I forget what they said, but I responded and – and I said, okay you’re just going to keep it till the building crumbles, and I remember that everybody in that room laughed and laughed and laughed and left.

We had a lot of good times back then just laughs and cutting up having fun and that’s what it’s supposed to be like. It’s supposed to be fun when we do this, but the best advice that ever got was from my broker, because he saw that I was putting in all this work and he saw that. I was really trying and I went through these periods of time that I just became very just not. I was just you know frustrated, I guess you could say I just wasn’t you know.

Was it all the way in it? You know I was just kind of not depressed, but I was just feeling down. You know just just wondering why I can’t you know: do all these cells that all these other agents are doing in the office and my broker saw that I was a very hard worker and that I was moving in the right direction and he came to me And he gave me the best advice that I’ve ever gotten and I still think about it to this day, and so he sat me down.

We had a long conversation and he was asking me about you know what I was doing where I think I was having trouble and you know what what he could do to help me and at some point the conversation. I told him that you know just everybody’s telling me no everybody’s telling me no, no, no, no, no and I’ll tell you why. I think everyone was telling me no here in a minute, but that’s when he looked at me square in the eye, and he said you know what Ricky and here’s the advice he said, no doesn’t mean.

No, it means not right now, no doesn’t mean no, it means not right now and it was like a light bulb went off in my head and I was like wait a minute. You know all these people that are telling me no aren’t necessarily telling me no they’re just saying that they’re not interested right now in doing anything, and so, as I started to think back through all my conversations with prospects and how they said.

No and all this, and all that I started to also realize that the reason that they were telling me no, they tried to get off the phone really quickly or or what-have-you wasn’t because they may not been interested in doing a deal huh. They might have been interested in doing a deal right. Then it was the fact that my inexperience, in my lack of communication skills up to that point, didn’t put me in a position where I could make them feel comfortable with me and connect with them and communicate that I’m here to help you you know what can I do to help you, and so that was the very first step for me towards the relationships over transactions mentality that I have now that’s got me where I am that was.

That was the first moment the when I realized you know something about relationships now, as the story goes on. Of course, you know my rise and fall happened and the fall was because I was focused more on the deal, so I wasn’t 100 sent all in with the people the relationships. What can I do to help you? It was more about you know. Do you want to buy or sell, and during that time in the market it was so easy.

You just say: hey do you want to sell because your property is worth a hundred more thousand than it was last year, and so it was very easy. Everybody wanted to sell so the scripts back, then we’re totally different and you could get away with it because everybody stood to make fifty a hundred one hundred fifty two hundred thousand four hundred thousand you know. So there was so much equity that that that was built up so fast during that period of time that you didn’t really have to twist anybody’s arm.

You know to sell the property to make so much money, so that’s kind of how I got caught into that. You know transactions closings, you know, let’s just do the deal, do you want to buy? Do you want to sell and that ended up being the downfall for me, because I was so caught up in the deals, and I wasn’t even paying attention to the fact that there was a real human on the other side that that I could create a relationship With that would turn into repeat business referrals and referrals or referrals.

So when I lost everything he came back, you guys know the story. I came back and built my business on people not deals, and now I’m to the point where I am now where I can continuously consistently do those hundred deals a year as a single agent. Now, when I came back after working on the oil rig and roofing houses, losing everything came back in the business in 2008. That’s really when I started to realize what, when Berger, was telling me about that when a prospect tells you know, it doesn’t mean: no, it just means not right now and if you have that mentality when you’re talking to your prospects – and you realize you know that, There’s a possibility that this person could do business with you in the future.

They may want to do business with you in the future. They may love you. They may really like you. They may really want to get to know you more to see if there’s even a fit to do business in the future they’re, just not ready right now to do anything when you look at it like that, then so many doors open up when you’re making your Calls your going through your business and you’re following up and you just you’re thinking more about the people and what you could do to help them and and how everything’s going to play out long-term.

Now I did get a comment on the Facebook group. There was a post actually of a young lady who said you know, I’m making all these calls I’m spending money on on the dialer and all this, and you know I have people that tell me that they want to do something in a couple years. But how does that pay my bills right now, and so I’m going to link a article below that? I did about closed deals now. Okay, so you can go there and read that, but the moral of the story is: is that number one? I don’t think this agent has made enough calls to even collect enough data to judge the situation number one, but number two.

You have to understand what I’m saying in terms of okay, there’s going to be people that want to do deals later, two years down the road next month, six months, that’s going to be a paycheck later on; okay. That doesn’t help us right now. However, when we’re doing we’re supposed to do when we have faith in the process and when no closings happen every day and we’re talking to enough people we’re going to find the people that want to do deals today, don’t just think that making the calls is only Going to get you future business, it’s going to get you right now, business as well, and now you’re building your business for now to pay your bills and the future to build your wealth all at the same time.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what my philosophies and my coaching program is all about. If you’re new to my blog and you’re, not part of the zero diamond real estate coaching program, it’s completely free, it’s the first completely free real estate, coaching program on the face of the planet, there’s over 20,000 agents enrolled, and so many of them are crushing it And they’re doing this free of charge and all I’m doing is just advising you on how I built my business over the last 17 years.

I’m sharing that with you for nothing and then you guys can take it and go do what you want with it and so many agents so many agents. I have an agent in Texas who found me in November and he’s closed a million a month closed a million a month this year, every month, okay, amazing, I have another in Mississippi first year, real estate, for he just finished his first year in real estate closed A hundred and six deals following my program, so there’s definitely a lot of success stories.

Thank you guys. So much for continuing to grind continue to push continuing to message me right and tell me how it’s working for you and questions. I answer. Every single deal, mine, Instagram, so definitely hit me up there. Let me know what in the world I can do for you guys, comment below. Let me know what articles you want me to make and we’ll see you guys on the next one: let’s go

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