Social Signals & Google


Well, I guess i will continue to post on my WordPress blog. I think I’ll be able to handle it….Maybe. Today I am talking about Social Media, particularly social signals. Now when Google ranks your website. It take social signals in account. What is a social signal you may ask? Well read more about social signal on Allshouse Designs Update section.

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About Alec Allshouse

I have a passion for the inner workings of the Internet. I have been creating websites for the Internet for more then a decade now. The last four years I have been working on creating a product that will help make people's dream of owning their own business a reality. The product ended up turning into a business that I basically run on a part time basis. Allshouse Designs is an a #digitalmarketing agency that builds an online presence for small business to gain more exposure on the internet. Watch me in videos @ Reach me @

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