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Keith Dorsey: Managing Over 20 Social Media Influencers And Artists | Brand Or Die Ep #1

What’s up Matt man appreciate it appreciate everything good, a man like you have you have managed, but at this point he said about 20. Influencers connected with you know, 40-plus influencers. Of course the Rabi whirls lit twins and now you’ve even moved into management. You have in a very social world right, a very social media landscape. You have one of those unique perspectives where we hear so much on the front end from I want to be an influencer, I’m going to be an artist but you’re one of those guys behind the scenes that have been able to help get an impact from not Just the views but make money right and obviously you’re needed, because so many people don’t know how to make that connection.

So I’m interested to hear first and foremost what what made you get into it. Knowing that I Robbie world was a friend of yours, but what made you truly pursue it and say I see this as a true business. Well, I guess the budgets got, the promos got bigger and more starts to come and it was a guy. It came, it started to be more just like a little. Oh can you shot me out type of thing, like Brian started, to reach out okay and what really shifted like everybody knows.

My story see my other articles of how, like Robbie world is my best friend and how he began to blow up on vine and the rest is history, but like it really started to hit. When I got my first budget from Atlantic Records the biggest bucket from a budget from Atlantic Records, so we actually met Jordan and Justin overhead. We met them at rolling loud in Miami. That’s why I will forever go to every rolling out in Miami for the rest of my life because we met them there, and then we got a big budget for Sherlock mafia and I was like wow and they say how much is it going to cost for The main ones – and I sent them this this budget – that was at this time, a big budget and they approved it, and I was like wow.

This is for real. No, this is for real, say y’all. We need to tighten up and we need to really start doing more of this and start and and and then it’s like. That’s it’s a business now yeah! You know if you promos that come to the DM for, like smaller music artists, that just wanted to put the song in the skip, but that really hate all that once I was like. I can continue to do this all over and over again, and I was just just what I thought for myself, but they actually needed it.

I had one email, one of my influences. You know they creators artists. Did they don’t like to do certain things? I don’t like to check the email, so I just went email. So, let’s go through this email see we get. It was a contact from journey’s journey’s yeah, one of my influences that work with Brandon got fans and I responded to the lady and they say yeah. We want to give him out, I think it’s, they flew him out to Philadelphia, really nice check with other Creators, and he was in the winter 2017.

I believe campaign for journeys. He was on all the banners in all the stores, all the magazines that they sent out all over the United States, and that was a big deal and I was like man. We have to go higher. We have to go bigger when it comes to this. Okay, before I get tonight’s, the next question I want to say is not me, I’m it’s not you as me. Okay, can you project a little bit just for the mics? Okay? Absolutely! No! No! I want to make sure they good, okay production, I’m sure you’re.

Alright, you mentioned something that was extremely important to me. You said this isn’t just like posting paying for promo there’s a real business. How do you know that it’s that transition, or can anybody who’s already getting a certain amount of hey? Can you pay for my arm for a shoutout type thing and those people just transition into the business? How do you make that transition happen? Well, I truly believe that anybody can do it.

It’s how you go about it, but you can get a promo and it’s like. Oh, I just draw it up, but let’s really sitting and think about how I could make this promo very creative and how I can get put my thought into it and how you handle like oh yeah. Let’s just do just send me any money, I’ll cash out know y’all. Send you an invoice, you know. So it’s just how you handle the situation, yeah, how you carry yourself, because you can always just throw something up and then, when you don’t live that way, and you look at it as a real business, even like just not with the promo, just overall being a Creator is a business because there’s so many opportunities that can come if your portfolio, like your Instagram, like your social media platforms, those are portfolios.

You know, if you look at it that way, you’ll start to attract the bigger the bigger things. Okay, so you have to take the quality in mind: you have to start building the portfolio and then handle those back hand, systems like invoice, and things like that right. So you can can look legit exactly look that other side of this right. Let’s see that, okay, even for myself tuna, add this in I like to look for a while and it worked.

You know I was using a Gmail, but now I got a business, that’s in like it’s influencers at Keith, Dorsey calm and I realized like Wally’s. Bigger agencies won’t even accept emails from a gmail account over spine. And now, since I have my business, email, everything’s, look like okay, these people running a business and it makes me as a manager. So what I’m trying to negotiate things for them. It makes me look professional like we know what we’re doing.

So. That’s that small stuff is very strong important. It could be a deck, a media kit, all that it just it changes everything it’s important here, because at that right, people who already have a certain level of business things like that like getting your own email. It’s not that expensive right, but when you’re we’re coming from mentality, I’m just trying to make money and I’m trying to save money at the same time.

You really want to know. Is that really worth it? Cuz they’ll get an email, but that stuff like that? Yeah! Okay, I mean – I even makes me think about some of the emails that I use on cyber parties yeah. So what for you, especially alright? What well actually can kind of touched on this, but it brings me back to the idea of the brand for the fans. All right and look at summer side of things and the brand in terms of dealing with business, the professional brand right, how different are each of those things now? What’s the polished? Look like it on each side, um? Well, it’s! It is a it’s a big difference.

Now always learned by trial and error. When I first started to submit to labels like I used to like just send the links, copy and paste, but then they will come back. These people didn’t know a shout-out to max at 380. When I first actually started to do this, they would respond and say: could you put it together in like a PDF for me, so I had to polish it up and say actually create a deck that had all their pictures.

I spend like hours on this thing on publisher on my Mac and put their analytics together, put this together and put their best in and not just that, but not doing pictures they took on the phone with professional photos hit shots, you know, taking the Getty image Photos that they’ve gotten over the over the past year and putting those things in there and polishing it up it changed it. Just it makes the presentation like everything’s about presentation.

You know, even when we come into a when I bring them to certain places like the presentation of how you walk into the room, how you guys work together, even if, when it comes on the phone going on a plane, because people realize that what I mean, What does that look like look, I like the fact that I mean shows that you, actually you know you do this right, because you have such small details that you think about.

I notice. What does that mean how we well, I make them. Look like the stars that they are so when we come in we’re just not doing anything. It looks like okay they’re on a mission there, so they’re they’re booked to be here. You know they’re already famous people know them, but it’s how we move about like I make sure that we’re all together and we’re there’s different activations in the room I’ll make sure that they’re doing the activations they’re taking the pictures I’ll see who the photographers are.

Even when it comes to music, see who the DJ’s are and get the people who just read different things and how I know, because I get feedback even when it comes to as small as it became like some subliminal now, because on the plane we travel together. Like we always travel together – and I had this – it was kind of weird, but there is this girl that sat next to me on the plane in like the Dayton next day, I got a DM for her.

I was like who is this she’s like? Oh, she sent just long messages. I don’t know who you guys are, but I saw how you work with with your with your group and how much how you took care of them, how you made sure that they had their seats first? How do you make sure that it was just a small sounds like wow? It was creepy at first, but I was like how does she found my butt that happens all the time and people see they see me not necessarily demanding them to do things, but how I’m working with them like pulling them to this back up I’ll.

Do this all the time like this is what we’re going to do. I prepped them before we. This is what we’re going to do. You’re going to walk into the room, there’s going to be interviews, there’s a red carpet. This is how you do your red car, because a lot of the first time doing this stuff is new for them. Like I had two girls that I worked with their mom famous ocean and kongfu, they have a hit song called savage out.

Car active get active and we were able to get activated through fresh Empire for the BT Hip, Hop Awards in Atlanta. They booked them to come there and then walk through a cup. They had never done anything anything before on that scale, so I say hey. This is what I want to do when you’re doing interviews. You need to make sure that you’re listening. So it’s like a development in a way you know, and people really kind of know this debt.

So I want to switch gears a little bit because obviously there’s all that that goes into management. But when we get into the things that people see on the front end that people get so curious about influences from and that’s these platforms from an artist standpoint from an influencer standpoint, we’re how do you look at Instagram, first and foremost, because we hear everybody knows That most people are on there, but then you hear people like Gary Vee saying if the graph is going down and then we start talking about other platforms, how do you look at Instagram and what’s the actual impact you’ve seen it had have on your business and Moves well, Instagram is definitely how sold name and just like wake up in the morning.

Is it’s just automatically in that thing like you want to go brush your teeth, you’re, going to check your Instagram, your Instagram lose to be take your tech messages, Facebook and Instagram. You know, but the thing is it’s been big for us: oh it’s, it has its own ups and downs like the algorithm. You know, but if you study it and you create make it a business and you make it a lifestyle and you keep up with it, then you’ll you’ll go with the flow.

Just like one of things. Oh, we were moving views and likes everybody else going crazy. My team we’re studying it when we look at it was like well, it’s going to be like story. I was going to hurt our brain. No, it won’t because guess what you still get story, promos and all the company’s going to do is see the analytics. Now you know it’s nothing’s going to change, so we’re really had to be. On top of you have to study it.

You got to be ahead of the curve because it’s in it for me for business like I, I can make sure it also helps me connect with other Creators too, like I usually can connect so easily, like I have so many DMS, especially from artists now, who Want to work with me, I have our build relationship with other micro influencers in I saw artists who small, but they have really good potential, so I don’t necessarily work with them like IQ the relationship I’ll give them some tips and ideas.

This is what you need to do, I’m looking at your page. You know so I’ll. Do some free consult, you know, but it helps me to connect to help me to actually stay relevant okay as well and for me knowing, what’s going on like it’s my business, to go down the timeline and see what’s going on, see what’s going viral, so I Can filter that back to my group into my life as well? It also helps me with business, because I don’t when other companies hit me up say: hey wan na do this campaign.

Alright, this thing is going viral. So, let’s use this when, when it’s time to create to help blow whatever product or brand that they have do you think there will be any point where it starts to fall in terms of almost like a bubble right. We know if launchers become more and more expensive on a platform like Instagram over time as they start to learn the game. They were super under price, and now they learn you know, then it start to charge more as they get bigger more money comes in, but then, when Instagram starts to mess with its algorithm and of course, if you’re like you write, y’all are learning it, which anybody Should be doing that artist or whoever, if you’re serious about it, you should take that approach, but just a general macro perspective of it is: let’s go to other platforms.

So do you think the price that y’all or a lot of influencers will have to charge will go down? I think it’s very competitive now, because, especially with a lot of labels like they, some of them are like tight budgets, but my group. Well, I tell them to adjust to who it is like. We like Warner, contacted us through TIG. Now you think it’s a game through Lucchese label and for our artists name poster, and they told me that we only have a thousand like we have more, of course, but we want to start with a thousand, because I want to test it out.

So I said usually roughly a lot of the bigger ones. They only got like maybe three hundred dollars for the post and uses a no less than 700 750 to 1000 and 2500. But I said you know just work with me: they’re going to test it out. They’re going to come back with more, they did and guess what they did. They came back with more so my group knows how to adjust and not just oh, if it’s not 5,000 for the post, I’m not doing it.

You know depend on who it is. You know now, if it’s somebody, that’s like small and like didn’t, of course, take it hard to just kind of wait, but they even if they are small, they still work with lemonade. Sometimes they they’ll just do it because they like the song, you know or they like the product, but it’s just like. I hate it because there are some influences who are just like a hose and they just won’t do anything if it’s not like you don’t have to do that.

You never know. What’s going to happen, you never know this person can blow up in their name artists and then now you like, damn I missed out on opportunity. I could’ve just posted it for him, like you’re, going to make content anyway. So just take the money you know. I know you’re not going to undermined yourself like Oh $ 50, for it now you know, but sometimes you just have to kind of work with people, because it is, it is super competitive, there’s, a lot of influences that are there are getting paid and there are Figuring it out so my group, why we create long term, like we’ve, been working with these labels in these brands for years, because they know how to just when it comes to price.

So that makes a huge difference, I’m here, because I definitely like doing influencer marketing and things like that. I’ve definitely ran into people with or been working on, something for an artist and seen them hit a certain number or or the people say hey. You got this and if you don’t have that for that budget they don’t even respond or I or now this is it this is it and you know some people will do like test campaigns and things like that.

But what you said made me really think about is the fact that that long-term relationship over time yeah, of course, oh, you can’t do it with everybody, because even when people reach out to me for certain um for certain things, you can’t do with everybody. You know diem get flooded, you got to still take care of yourself and what’s going on, but you never know what’s going to happen with somebody you know and where they’re going to be, and also you never know which you’re going to need.

Sometimes you’ll have a tighter budget, sometimes you’ll have a greater budget for you as a manager. Is that kind of one of your did? You feel like you ever had to Train influencers to think that way? Yes, okay, because they don’t know like a lot of them. Just blow up out of nowhere, they had no business skill, they will not respond to stuff they’ll. Just do things very sloppy, like a lot of my time, I’m like really are cuz they’re, especially younger ones.

They don’t know, but I mean well and they know that and I’m you be going at it consistently, but is the ending we’ll get to this later, but like a lot of them, they’re like my brothers and sisters. So it’s like, we have a relationship, so I can do that, like I like what y’all doing like I had so few craters over here. They release a song, but they say here dance until another song said what the heck are ya doing: y’all released a song y’all you’ve made not one trill on your own song, you what’s this dog, it’s all I get to it like.

So it’s just like. I stay on them and I did this jacket available. You have artist development, that’s influenced your development and that’s something that we focus on too, because exactly even when it comes to creating the content like make sure that you created like cuz, it’s like they’ll do a lot of things and they’ll just put it up, and Then the people will come back and they’re like sometimes three or four times, and they didn’t like it.

I’m sorry we’ll put effort into it, don’t just just because, even if it’s I don’t care, if it’s, even if it’s three hundred, if you’re 300, our project should look just the same as your your your ten thousand dollar project always give quality, no matter what it Is and because people it’s about your image, you know they can’t even decipher keep it consistent like one who answer he poses something, and I said he they always saw some of them.

They had to send for approval. I say you know you know you didn’t want to do that, whose are you right you right, I’m going to redo it. I’m like come on just do it right the first time I get it out of the way yeah cuz. They they a lot of them. They so spoiled that they say, oh even when it comes to YouTube articles like oh, it’s just like a job time like what you don’t do, nothing you get up from your room.

Now I would say it is work, but you rather go work at Taco Bell or you will. Wake up out of your bed, create a dope article and post it and get paid to your PayPal, cash shop or whatever or a wire transfer. And you move on about your day: you’d make a decision, oh god, so as you found success personally, how how? How have you changed right and your approach to the game and how you see the industry, as you start, to work more and more with them? Music, as you way before this, I was, I started as a like network marketer.

Okay, like I sold like all the super juices, all the weight loss stuff. Yes, I had that skill, so there that’s the basis of my last interview. I did that that’s the basis of my life. I did that since I was 18 for like 10 years, so all the personal development, like I mean I so well, I got BMWs from companies like I built and I was able to qualify several people on my team. So that’s where the the personal development came to be able to work with people and be a to cross-cultural communication, because the companies were so big we would go like if so many different international law different nationalities.

A part of the company like I had to learn like all these people from Japan, these people from here, so I had to learn very to communicate. So that’s where the communication – it’s straight-up – transferable they’re, not yet. I can see that already then yeah. How have you adjusted as just a business person in general? Have you thought, hey there’s this greater level that you want to do with the music like? Is there still or entertainment? Is there a higher ceiling that you have there, or are you trying to immediately start to flip into outside other industries um? Well, I have other things going on which helps me focus on what I really love like.

I have never been B business like being different. Real estate things so I have other stuff, that’s operational and I still receive residuals from companies that I’ve done network marketing, but when it comes to influencers and the music, like my goal, like I’m shifting into the next level things I’m learning like at a 3 C, I was really learning like I’m learning from these. I have several mentors in the industry that I look up to like you know, QC, like Coach, K and P.

I really look up to them to have several other ones that I am super close to like footy over. He owns any a, never eat alone studios. They have artists, 24 heavy cash, talk and Mari, so lil. They know that mentor me because they hey. I listen when I talking I’m really listening and that’s the thing is, I don’t know nothing about music, I’m really listening. Even boo, a country like he works with the girls that I work with as well, and I’m really learning I’m literally listening.

Like I’m quiet like I’m nothing about music, nothing that I like, I do so they’re actually mentor me. They don’t really know it. So it helps me to go to the next level and I ask questions even though even working with Jason over at stream cut like I’m literally learning and I like women. Maybe they don’t know that when I asked a question, I’m listening, you know and I’m going to apply that. So it helps polish me because I’m going higher like my goal for 2020 is to get at least three of them.

Sign to a deal are three of the artist influences. A lot of everyone that I work with are influences. They just started you you music, now in it. Yes, some of your music in it really talented, yeah, really dreams of going like eat. Clams ocean come cool, like their song. Savage has over a million streams on Apple music in like a 900k on Spotify. They released this stuff and they wanted articles. Has four million views on these articles for music views on YouTube, so they release stuff, it’s good and they put the same quality of work in as like these bigger artists in and how the industry is a lot of the artists.

Big artists are trying to do the social media trying to get the social media, but they already got it. So a lot of labels are signing them just because of that and they’re getting bigger deals and the best deals that makes sense they bring value. Yes. So for me, what changed me like, I’m shifting from just all just doing this, to trading a solid management company in a solid label, so we’re the ones who are managing I’ll, be able to shift them to the label and hidden.

You know how all those different layers of things work, however, that works, I’m still learning it’s going to happen. Trust me because a lot of them are already being contacted by the law and I’m facilitating a lot of a lot of the label stuff when it comes today. Philosophy because it sounds like it’s what you’re doing or how you think. Primarily you work within the influencer market with translating that into music right and it sounds like that’s the business that takes most of your day-to-day attention.

Yes and but then you mentioned other things that you’re doing Airbnb business, the residual income from network marketing, and maybe any other thing it sounds like you have put energy into other things, but the other thing where you put your money elsewhere, it doesn’t require your attention. Is that correct right? So it’s like you always want to have unlimited, like streams, income, multiple streams of income, so I for the first part of my life, I focus on one thing and then is what it begins: typical my base and every now and then I’ll.

Just kind of like go in and do small things to kind of keep it going. They’re going to be businesslike is just automatic for me, like it’s really easy to do long, as I make sure that I’m managing it. But this is like my main focus because things go up and down. Excuse me, even when it comes to the influencers, there’s different phases of different markets that sometimes it’s high market, like like first of the year spring summer summer, like movement and then like right, now, is kind of like it’s like it’s not super slow.

It’s like not as much because they’re who reached out to me, you got any promos, no I’m working on them nobody’s, especially when how the music industry flows like when it comes to the end of the year, nobody’s really kind of dropping campaigns. Could I want to wait to the first of the year to do that run so I’ll. Make sure that, like my businesses are because once one business here, the other business skin here and keep it going, you know and then in a best world all I’m doing! Well, with the you’ll be all over the place, but do you have to put people in place to kind of run different things, so I put my every business.

I have cleaners that I can hire to come in here and do all these things. You know so. Yeah, it is, it’s super important to make sure you have all that, but that helps me focus on cuz. I’m super passionate about the management, business and the social media, influence and management artists, because, like everyone, I work with this. I’ve been knowing them for like five years, it’s four or five years, and because what Robbie has I’ve been knowing the longest, but I’m it’s a passion when it comes to it like, I really want to see them win because they’re connecting me.

That’s like somebody who I just met not like some people. Some people actually go out to find people to manage my oh. Let me go here, I’m with our managers person. No, they all came to me or or we all knew each other and we figure this thing out. Let’s, how do we make this work? You know and because there’s a different approach, a different passion and it hits different way. Your family with who you work with yeah, so you it’s almost like building from a lifestyle, stand yeah a philosophy.

It’s like I’ve built my life, so I can focus on the area, I’m most passionate about yep and unfortunately, they area that you’re passionate about it’s. Also, a good business yep good, all right. So what do you we’ve talked about these these platforms and obviously you know tik-tok and trailer. We had that conversation which one do you have a favorite one o the other and then, if so, why? In terms of just your personal use, not necessarily saying that other platform is bad um when it comes to like, I just started to really use.

I like tik-tok, because you can really get kind of creative Triller. I like, because it’s for the it’s like more like for the culture like a lot of the artists or using Triller and not just to be biased, but like the trailer fam messes with us, like they work together. So, like I kind of like truly really took us to the office there, and we, you know, told us about you know and it’s simple a lot cuz the platform is very simple and anybody can use it even like an older person can use it.

I think that’s why all the artists, even though the the veteran artists are jumping on and they can just use it or click this you get the song boom, unlike tik-tok, is like all these different things you got. Ta put all these. It’s just it’s crazy that you really have to learn it, but once you learn it you’ll do it. So I mean I would go with trilha first, because it’s it’s a lot simple and it’s like more for the culture and more really what we do.

You know. I work with a lot of the dancers. You know when it comes to social media, and this is a way to go, but they’re, jumping on shoe tick-tock now and they’re, getting a million for holism my mom and going it one of them create as soon as she created. She was at 10,000 followers in an hour. She just started. Posting announced a once on her story and boom. It just started to explode yeah, but tick tock is, is the next wave I like it, because it really can take you to that next level of content, but results.

Oh yeah, each one is just different. It’s going to do something different, I believe, definitely YouTube. You, like YouTube, will change your life and its total is like 9 day, though, because, like ideal is 90 day cuz, I deal with a lot of these real life youtubers in real life instagramers, and sometimes the youtubers looked down on creators like instagram creators like because It’s one of my bros just shake frost and like Robbie that we’re all frenzy to shake shout out to the shake hill.

Why are you doing this like you? Just they don’t they don’t like there’s too much work on Instagram. They believe for a little of nothing because they see it differently but like if you are creator, you were created a lot of the Instagram. I must look at the youtubers, like oh they’re, little douchebags, who do nothing and have no creativity. You know so it’s like night and day like and they battle each other.

Then it’s like clicks like. Oh, this is a youtube click Instagram Cleo. We don’t click together. Like it’s so we’re, like you see this blog, I can go to LA you’ll notice it but they’re all still friends, but it’s like there’s a like dial. We had the YouTube exactly so it’s like it’s it’s night day, but YouTube. Would I’ve seen it bro instagram has changed lines, but I’ve seen a lot of the creator’s get on YouTube and I mean they’re, making twenty thirty thousand a month like we’ve died, read the shade like.

I saw all this do this, but I read the shade, like literally go for nothing to jump on buying a new g-wagen moving his family from one part of the LA to it in the best part of LA and we’re all the parties, because we like we’re Seeing this and I’m like bro, I’m so proud of you just out of nowhere just start to blow up even lana the –, i’m running a lot of the the two girls famous ocean and kungfu.

The two sisters like they have literally they did nothing like – went that they had like almost 300,000 subscribers on youtube and they didn’t even create, but they just started to create these dope articles and like one hit, and we did a prank actually, if this our last Week came from a prank, she did like this prank on her boyfriend. He got really mad. He was like he’s like. I tried to get him down, and this happened, but that article is about to hit a million yeah about the hit of million views.

Is that six hundred, maybe several hundred K now in like a few days and that one article has made, is making like thousands of dollars and I’m like y’all, you see if you create creating, can’t keep pumping and she pumped the next article. It went like a hundred thousand like two hours like if using I keep pumping I’ll keep pumping, keep pumping cuz, that’s money in time. We all have these goals yeah, I want to buy g-wagen.

I want to move your family here. Y’All want to live in these condos, it’s so easy to do because YouTube and came to become like that residual base of your life, where you know you’re going to get 5,000 to 10,000 a month, and then you can go and create yeah just off that article. In doing those articles, that’s going to make you go viral they’re already going viral just to copy. You know it’s so easy to do it.

You sit here and put a ring light up and do whatever it is, and just pranks challenges vlogs like because people wanted their fans can see another perspective of their life. They see the inside. They really want to read that you know and that’s why YouTube is it’s hard though it doesn’t convert, don’t think you’re going to go on Instagram and didn’t blow up your YouTube. No, it’s a whole other different algorithm.

It’s a whole nother different way of doing things and once you’ve figured it out, you can master. You could really do some big things with exactly yep, because they just did one for the first time famous ocean kung-fu, and they had to do what’s called lash BAE with these lashes and they want it like this 30-second 10-second clip in the front, and it was Like honey, that’s like well, it goes in the front, it’s like it was like.

How do I say it? How do I do it, so they got paid a couple thousand to do that. There’s a lot of artists right that have a perspective against doing what your influences are actually right. There’s this conversation where a lot of artists feel like you can’t translate over from an influencer to an artist. It’s my true! I don’t understand he still give themselves to believe that the proof is going to put him that hat.

But what do you? I don’t know? What do you say to this statement like? Well? It’s not true, like I know for a fact, because a lot of the because you could take in like you didn’t notice like a lot of the influences, there were artists they blow it like look. Narthex technically was an influencer troll. That’s why he does the things he does, because it is, you know, and you master and you put things out on certain platforms.

It’s going to blow up and they’re really take talents. It there’s. No, I mean, even if you are not talented, you can get a writer and you can go into the development phase and get a dope beat and it can go. You know it’s just because anything can be created nowadays, but then a lot of them were really passionate about music. So if you’re passionate about it, it’s nothing you can. They can do it, you know, and they got some good stuff in the streams in there I mean I have an influencer that I work with Lovato like he was waiting and freaking Philippines doing.

He was on a YouTube stage exposed to event in a in Asia. Like from a song like, it’s crazy, got verified and blowing up as an artist and with no label. None of that just management. Do you think so, obviously he’s moving a lot of people might not know him right, but do you think that maybe they might kill a lot of artists before they even get started by trying to see that type of popularity and for approval that you don’t really Have to have like, oh this art with the guy you talked about, but oh he’s, killing it and what he’s doing and he and there’s more growth to happen.

But another artist might say: oh well, this isn’t a little baby, alright and I’m trying to be a little baby, and I hear – and I want to have this – this traditional type of record label proper popularity that I’ve seen growing up well, it’s a world is so Big and if you leave that concept alone, you’ll make you’ll do well, you look at artists like Russ. Like live, people don’t even know who he is, but he has stadiums that are packed out and he’s making money and without being like this mainstream name, he has a mainstream name was like mainstreaming in certain niches like us.

We don’t. I never was like it’s weird, because the world is so big like a lot of artists who power like when it come from. They have a million followers and they do a show, and people show up like your fan base. As long as you focus on catering to your fan base and everything else will take off – and it’s good to be like that little baby name or like like that arm, whatever the big names, are it’s good to be that? But you know sometimes if you set your own goal and you said you get what you want like you may just your goal may just perform in front of 30,000 and make you know enough money to live like a superstar and you happy and it didn’t do That somehow, I don’t think some people want to be like, like super super stars, but if you tell us it, you really we’re at some point it’s going to come to that point.

You know whose talent will really take you to the next level. I think that’s important this whole idea that people are still in prison by their own, like local geography were in a world where you don’t have to do that. Yeah right and if you have the time when you said you got ta, find your family. And now you can monetize it without even going and overseas, if you don’t really want to, but of course then going overseas get touring checks or yeah.

Whatever kind of show you can do, give you’re just an influencer, but that’s it’s interesting that people are still confined to those ideas where the door is opening. You look in the other direction, yeah. Okay. My last question that I would like to get to it do: is I brand? What does that word mean to you and how do you protect it? Okay, so brand is super important. So it’s uh, it’s like a speaker spotlight that amplifies the perception of what you’re doing not necessary so a product but like how it’s perceived overall to people in this also like a culture in a way like the experience.

So the brand is like a culture experience. This is like a speaker, that’s speaking, that’s amplifying everything about you, what you’re doing or what you have to offer with a spotlight on it. Yes, because you’re kind of choosing that amplification area versus the other aspects of you myself, all right, just like Apple in a way Apple Bryn is not the iPhone or the iPod is the brand, is the coolness of the product.

The way it’s perceived like? Oh I’m going to getting the Apple, because this is the best for creativeness. It goes beyond the products, even the boxing. Oh, this phone looks cool or the camera like it goes beyond just what it is. How do you protect the brain? Well, you protect your brand by knowing well first doing what’s right in serving the way you should serve and providing a product or service to people the right way and things happen, handle it because all brands go through phase with this bad press, but you just handled It respond, you know or fix a lot of people take like different reviews and different things that they’re saying that’s wrong offensive.

No, it helps you to become a greater greater product, a greater brand, a greater person. So, like I mean you protect it by responding the right way in and adjusting and also being putting yourself in a position to where you could stay relevant. There’s a lot of these brands like go obsolete because they don’t adjust to what’s going on just like Blockbuster and Netflix. You know so you have to be ahead of the curve you have to understand, keep reading it, keep studying, what’s happening in the world and shift what your brand to roll with the flow.

Everybody is keep Dorsey once again, really dope social-media, influencer manager, but obviously an artist manager now, and I think he’s going to be somebody that is just going to be one read over the years and obviously the people connected with them because he’s already killing it already With your IG is young, young buzz doesn’t see you. I know I was going to forget a part of it, so I’m going to put all that.

You know I’m on the bottom of the screen, make sure y’all follow them, reach out to them. Hope they don’t flood you too hard. You know, look it’s all of that. Just do what you need. I can handle it. I can handle it, but this is the first of a series brand or a die again. We’ve talked to meaningful and individuals. Who’ve been a part of building, I’m a great brand or have great insights on branding themselves.

Thank you once again appreciate it. Everybody say too

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