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The ONE Internet Business Idea That Pays the Most

I want to talk to you about the one thing, the absolute one thing this is going to help propel your online business to the next level and we’re going to do it like a total boss. Now, if you’re not familiar with my articles, you know I like to talk about the total boss. Lifestyle, and all that is, is just allowing you to become really the boss of your life being able to do the fun things that you want in life and just being able to have fun with your family and friends.

Go travel, do whatever you want and being able to do that with your own online business, to where you you can bring in passive income, and you can bring in you know, a lifestyle that you really want, and I’m going to show you one simple strategy right Here on this article, that’s going to help you propel your business now before we get started with that hit the subscribe button that and hit that Bell option right there on the subscribe button.

That way, you get notified of all of the new articles that I come out with to you on a daily basis. So if you’re, if you’re online and you’re looking to create a passive income for yourself, you can do that online. You can do it with affiliate marketing, you can do it with you know. You can deal with e-commerce, there’s all kinds of things that you could do online and in fact all of them are going to work.

I mean you got Amazon FBA. You got affiliate marketing, you got network marketing, you got Shopify, there’s ecommerce, there’s all of these great amazing things that you can do and all there’s a ton of people there that are really successful at them, but there’s the funny it’s not really funny, but the one. I guess the one crazy thing is is that when you see a lot of the articles or see people coming online, you see the success they’re having it’s a very small percentage of people that are there having success with that.

There’s really one thing that they’re doing and you can and you can see it in their marketing. You can see in their business. You can see what they do online now. One thing is going to be consistency: okay, it’s what you do on a daily basis and I know you’ve probably heard of consistency before and you or maybe having before. But consistency is just doing small little things over and over again every day, no matter what and that’s what separates people that are going to have success and people that aren’t going to have success.

And if you’re wanting to have success online, you want to have a business going and you want to get it up and running. Consistency on a daily basis is going to be you’re single, most thing: it’s going to help you propel to the next level. You know how many times did we’re on Facebook, and you see somebody there promoting something and then, like two weeks later, they got something new they’re promoting and then you know a month later, they’re promoting something else and there’s just there’s no consistency with it and it Shows up, and it just looks, doesn’t look right and that’s what happens.

Is a lot of people do that and they bounce around from bounce around something a thing and they never really get anything going and I’m not even talking about consistency and one thing to your marketing: I’ve talking about consistency in your marketing in general. So, every day, there’s certain things that you you have to do and everything you have to do online. It’s going to be number one, creating value for other people.

You have to get out there and you have to create value for the people in order to people to attract to your business online, whatever it is, and your business online has a certain. You know it has a certain solution to somebody’s problem. This and this could be an affiliate marketing if you go to you know if you’re going to get into Clickbank, and you find an offer that you like that’s, going to be in the fitness niche right, that has high gravity and people are making money with it.

You want to promote that you’re solving a problem, you’re solving a problem that somebody has somebody, that’s overweight, something! That’s that’s not happy with themselves. Somebody wants to lose weight. Somebody wants to look, look better and feel better. You take that clickbank offer and you put that in front of them. That is a solution to their problem, but you have to get people to you know: you’d have to get out there and create value first in order to people to really understand what it is that your solution is that you’re trying to solve the way you can Do that is you can do it with youtube articles like this? You can do with blog posts.

You can do it with reaching out to people on Facebook. You can find people on Facebook that are that. That would be interested in your products or services reach out to them on a daily basis, but the consistency comes like this is every day you have to do things so, for me, I’d do a article every day. I’ve been doing this for the last eight months. I haven’t missed a day and I’d. Do it all the time, and you know my I was I used to not really have the discipline to do that.

I started my youtube blog way back in 2011 and I remember at that time I was going to be consistent with my articles and I there was a few times along that path. Where I jumped into YouTube articles – and I would do some and then a couple weeks later – I would be going on to the next thing and I’d used to do this for a long time. The thing about creating consistency within something that you do. It opens up a lot of other disciplines in your online business and in order to really get it going and succeed like with these articles, you have to have a lot of value out there on the internet, because there’s so many people out there that are creating Value and you have to stand out and you got to really push to the next level and get your your value out there I mean with you know: if you have an Instagram page, you got a post every day.

Maybe you post two or three times a day. It’s got to be consistent now the thing is, with consistency also comes this mindset of your mind. That starts playing tricks on you. It starts to tell you that what you’re doing is not it’s not good or it’s. You know go, try something else and you get sidetracked and you start working on different things that aren’t going to really help you succeed. So, if you’re, if you’re creating articles every day for the first three or four months, if you created articles, nobody’s going to read your articles, there’s going to be likely one or two people are going to read your articles.

So you have to come out the next day, knowing that nobody’s going to read your articles, but the great thing about YouTube is that your articles stay inside of YouTube forever. So people could come back and read your articles that you created two years ago. So consistency is going to help you stand out. I remember you know Casey nice dad he’s a huge YouTube or online and he was. He was telling a story that the first five years, I guess on his YouTube blog.

He acquired five hundred thousand subscribers, which is huge. Then he said, and he was he was posting a YouTube article, maybe once a week, maybe maybe once every two weeks, okay and he required 500,000 subscribers. He said that he started posting every day. You know a article. Every day, and then that next year after the fifth year so was six year, he acquired 500,000 more subscribers to his YouTube blog.

What did he do? He just became consistent. He came became more consistent in his articles. You can do the same thing if you’re doing a blog, it has to be consistent over and over and over again, you look at John Chow John Chow calm. His consistency with blogging was, you know, he’s making millions of dollars now, but he talks about his first. Eight months of blogging, nobody came to his blog. Nobody was there, nobody bought his.

You know nobody clicked on his affiliate links. Nobody was even there, but after eight months he started to start seeing some money coming in and now he’s. You know he’s like eight years into blogging and he makes a million dollars a year because of all those blogs that he’s created in the past and he was consistent every day and he still does it every day. So daily consistency is going to be your key to success.

Doesn’t matter what platform you’re Adam you could be on Facebook, but it has to be something that you create value to. You know if you go and – and you you know – are commenting on people’s. You know. If you’re not really creating value on certain social media platforms, then you’re, not that’s, not consistency so like liking. People’s posts on Facebook is not being consistent. That’s not creating value, but if you create a post that helps somebody in a certain way, if they’ve they want to learn about marketing and you create a article on how to create marketing and you put it up there, you create value for somebody.

Now people are going to be interested in what it is that you have to offer so consistency every day. So what I want you to do is sit down with yourself and I want you to say: okay, I’m going to do something every day. One thing: just one thing: I’m going to do every day it can be make a article, it could be create a blog post. It could be. You know, reach out to ten people on Facebook, new new people on Facebook.

Anything like that. Every day you have to do it and it has to be done. You know three months into it when nobody responded to you nobody’s reading your articles nobody’s looking at your blog nobody’s getting back to you. You have to step up the next day and continue to do it because, eventually, what’s going to happen, is just it’s going to start the snowball it’s going to start to eventually pick up, I used to grow up in Ohio and when we used to make snowman You have to you know you snowman, have the the big big giant you know base, but in order to get that base going, you had to pack really tight snow and then you had to you had to work it right.

You had to work it in the snow and eventually it started to roll and roll and roll and become easier and easier. But at the beginning of packing that little tiny snowball you had to pack it tight and you had to really push into that snowball and then eventually it started to go, and then you have this giant. You know this giant snowball that you’ve all you can do you just you can just like roll it and it’ll just cumulate, bigger and bigger and bigger, but to get it started, you had to really work it.

You had to work at heart. That’s what you’re going to do on a consistent daily basis, alright, so find one thing and just stick with it: just do it every day. If you want to do other things, and you want to you know, you know start one thing and stop with it. Another thing: that’s fine, but just one thing you’re going to do every day you have to be consistent with and you have to you know I used to get over and over and over again show up and you will be successful.

So that’s going to be the one thing: that’s going to help you propel your business. If you like this article click on the like button also share with your friends comment below. Let me know how I can help your business. This is Tyler Pratt. Hope you enjoyed that and we will see you on the next one.

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6 Ways to make income without physical products – digital products and passive income ideas!

And so I know, a lot of people are looking for ways to add digital products to their lineup if they have physical goods, so I’ve got six different ways to add income without selling physical products, and these are really great career paths.

There are a lot of people who dive headlong into one of these niches and really go for it and make full-on careers out of it. So, let’s talk about it now, alright, so, first and foremost, if you are an illustrator or a designer or a letterer freelance, this is probably a no-brainer. But if you’re someone like me, I used to freelance a long time ago, and I didn’t really like it, but out of necessity, a lot of people are coming back to it and a lot of people make their entire careers.

They have booming careers just from freelancing. Like that’s, that’s just what they do and it’s amazing, and so, if you’re looking for resources for that, you can firstly, email your friends and contacts. Just let them know hey, you know, I’m looking for freelance work, here’s my portfolio and you know, do you have any leads for me. Do you have any connections that might be good, always reach out to your friends first, because they might have a bead on something that you don’t even know about.

So it’s good to just put it out there and let people know that you are freelancing because people won’t know otherwise put yourself out there. Another way you can kind of find work and get resources is through your local AIGA and there are used to be meetups. Oh not so much anymore, but they have lots of really great digital resources and community there. So look up AIGA in your area and they will definitely have something for you.

Ok number two is patreon, so patreon is something that I have been thinking about. Getting for a long time and haven’t pulled the trigger and I think I might get into it now – I don’t know it – then I’m going to list of things to do, but patreon is really great for pin club sticker clubs, post car clubs, print clubs. You can do physical products and send things out monthly to subscribers at different tiers, but you can also do things like you can have exclusive podcasts or Q & A or draw with me sessions.

What else I wrote something else down: oh yeah, exclusive, newsletters exclusive lives, stuff like that that you can give to people wallpapers downloads, think of them all the time and things like that can be rewards for people pledging and supporting you on patreon, so some resources for That you can patreon has a lot of really great resources on their blog anyway, a skill share class by someone from patreon you can do.

I have a link for two months free on Skillshare down below, so you can check that out, and I know I love Fran Fran, nerd and I’ll put a link to her article too about how kind of she runs her own patreon, which is really interesting. It’s nice to see behind the scenes of someone who is so successful and kind of how they manage their time, and things like that. So I think patreon is a really great way, and I know she has been really brands been really grateful for having that income during this time.

So her supporters, even if it’s just you know a couple bucks a month. You know if you have enough, that’s huge and you’re able to you, know, make your art and do your stuff and still create, and I think patreon is a great thing. Okay, the third thing you can do is add downloads to your shop. So this can be everything from downloadable, coloring sheets you can have. Let me check my list because I have a whole list that I made for you guys.

We’ve got printable prints, actual prints, someone can print out postcards stickers, just tell people to print it out on sticker paper, and then they can cut them out. This is cutting out. Apparently, banners Photo Booth props. How fun with Photo Booth props be right now, when you’re stuck it home, you can make your own kind of photo booths and take silly pictures to pose things like that. You could do wrapping paper into greeting cards photographs that people can print out and then you can get into the pattern so, like embroidery patterns cross stitch patterns, if you crochet and knit at all, you could sell those.

There are marketplaces places like Ravelry, where you can sell patterns, and things like that. So there are lots of different things you can do to add. Downloadables for a couple of bucks into your shop. Etsy also allows downloads, which is really great, so I actually have a list. I made a little checklist for you, so you can download that below so check that out that way, you don’t have to remember, and I mean I’m checking my notes too, because there’s so many different things to do so.

I’ve put them all in a checklist for you so download that below alright. The fourth option is a virtual workshop. So if you have a skill or something that you can teach you can do this pretty easily. I mean I have my courses that I teach and I use a specific platform and have websites and all that stuff. But you don’t have to go that far with it. You can just open a Facebook group and just have a pop-up Facebook group go and teach something live or go put up a article that you’ve already made and chat with people, and then people can pay you for access to that.

So you could have a workshop that you charge like 25 to 100 bucks floor depending on what the subject is. So you can use a Facebook group for that. You could even like have a special email list and send out like unlisted YouTube articles, so they have access to it. You could do a YouTube or an Instagram live, and then people can pay for access to that article after you do it, and but I do think probably the Facebook is probably the easiest and cheapest probably quickest way to get that out there and get that done.

So start brainstorming on things that you can teach other people, because there is definitely room for that right now: okay, the fifth one is kind of a big one and a little bit more difficult, but it is a way to go. You can license your artwork, so there are people who make their entire careers out of licensing artwork. I actually purchased a course called art licensing for letterers, and I reached out to the creators of the course Katy from Katy made that and she has a friend that she did it with, and I asked her like: is this just for letterers, or can this be For illustrators in general – and she said it was great for really everybody – they were speaking to letterers because that’s what they do and but I’m not really a literary.

But I wanted to make sure before I purchase the question she shot it when she said she said it would work for anyone so and that’s something to think about too. If you want to look into art licensing that way, it’s that’s when larger corporations or other businesses purchase the rights to use your work on their stuff, and that way you don’t have to do any of the product production they’re, really just paying you for permission to Use your artwork, so that is definitely another way to go and it kind of goes into my sixth thing, which is print-on-demand, so you can use things like red bubble.

Society6 spoon flower printful places like that who you kind of have your own sort of storefront and you put your designs up and people can pick whatever they want to put your work on or you can have kind of presets things that you have chosen and then They handle all the production of it. You get a much smaller percentage of the actual sale because they are handling all of the printing, all of the production all of the shipping everything.

But there are a lot of people who make a ton of money from those shops. All of this comes with a caveat that you need to have an audience and you need to be promoting yourself. I don’t want you to feel bad about promoting yourself even right. Now the way things are in the world, while I’m filming this – and you check out my article about not feeling salesy when you go to sell, because that will kind of help flip your mindset a little bit around selling and make you feel a little bit better Because you have something to offer, you have something fun.

You have something that can put a smile on people’s faces right now and that’s really really important. Okay and in terms of building your audience, I do have a free webinar all about building your Instagram audience specifically. So you can check that out below and it’s got lots of really practical tips. Lots of high level stuff tips on how to photograph even tips on engaging captions and I’ve got a little bit about your email list in there as well.

Because I think that’s super important right now so definitely check that out, because you do need to any of these options that you choose. You still need to be promoting them to your audience, because you can’t just expect to like put a spoon flower shop up and then just have it go. Gangbusters, like you, still need to put the work in, but if you put the work in and whenever you feel like focusing on, you know kind of go all in and figure it out and do it for yourself.

And then you can have digital products to sell. On top of physical stuff – and I think I can really help so yeah so give me a like and a subscribe, our secret emoji for the article is pizza because we’ve been eating a lot of pizza during our quarantine. Yeah. So give me a pizza if you made it this far. If you found this useful, let me know below which one of these you think you would want to get into or if you’ve already done this kind of thing and let me know which ones are working for you and we can talk about it in the comments.

I would love to have a good discussion about ways that we can all add digital products to our pin of physical products shops and and how to make that work. So yeah and I have the check list down below of the different kind of downloads. You can add to your shop so check that out too just check out the links below I’ve got a lot of links below you guys. So I’m give me a like and subscribe and thank you so much for reading.

I truly appreciate it stay safe, wash your hands and I will see you next week why

Website design packages are a great way to improve your digital marketing image.