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YouTube SEO by Mobile Bangla Tutorial | search engine optimization | How to seo Youtube

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How to Rank #1 On YouTube FAST – YouTube SEO Ranking HACK (Step By Step)

What’s going on guys Eric Ellis jr. Here with Eric tellers, jr., calm and, as stated, we’re going to go ahead and cover the exact, step-by-step process on how I actually rank my YouTube articles and, more importantly, how I rank multiple articles number one for various amount of Keywords and, more importantly, how I leverage that article ranking to drive more traffic to my YouTube articles and how you can do the same thing, which is not only helping grow.

My YouTube blog but number two. It has helped me generate an income by ranking my articles and leveraging that traffic to drive traffic to my website. Now with that being said, guys, if you have any questions, comments, concerns drop below make sure you hit that subscribe button to join the family and, more importantly, hit that notification bill to join the notification squad and follow me on instagram.

So that way I can help you live a life of time, location and financial freedom. Now, let’s dive in we’re going to go ahead and jump behind the computer and get into the good stuff, alright guys. So, let’s get right into the business. Basically, I want to show you guys how I ranked number one within 24 hours, with two different keywords for my YouTube: article right and the importance of this. And if you stay till the end of this article right, I’m going to go ahead and give you access to my little secret hack that can literally make this process so much quicker.

Now, first and foremost, let’s take a look at the articles right and just to make sure that that this is real right: how to get free money on PayPal. Out of nine hundred and thirty seven thousand results. I’m number one number two: how to get free money? Look look at this how to get free money. Sixteen seventy million results and I’m ranked number one right and you wonder why within two weeks – and I only have four thousand subscribers, I me wonder why I have eighty two thousand views right and then just to show you that this isn’t just like a one-hit wonder For a long tail keyword how to create a Facebook ad for affiliate marketing right out of four hundred and eighty nine thousand results, I’m ranked number one here: Ariella jr, I’m also ranked number two here, I’m ranked number four and I’m ranked number five right for this.

One keyword I have would be one two three out four articles ranked so what that means said guys what I’m about to teach you works right so, and why is this even important because number one you want to build your subscribers and number two is going to Enjoy a drive, a whole bunch of traffic to your YouTube, blog and number three. If you learn the skill set up how to monetize it, it’s like what I do.

I do it for the up marketing. You notice here at the end of my article four minutes into my article. I have a call to action telling people to claim my ebook within a two-week period. Right I gain 6,000 or excuse me, 8,000 views. Imagine how many visitors I got to my website. So if you’re trying to do website traffic or if you’re, trying to do sales funnel traffic, it is crucial to learn how to do this.

Article ranking so the first step to ranking your articles is finding out a related keywords. So you want to figure out where you want to go ahead and create our excuse me where you want to go ahead and actually find or rank your article for what words. Because the thing is the reason where why people don’t rank their articles is because they just decide to create content and then distribute it, but they really don’t put any thought process behind the title, their ranking or anything of that nature.

So that way, when people actually search they’re not going to get access to your content right so example, when people search this out of 70 million, I’m number one, and when people search this out of nine hundred thirty seven thousand results. I’m number one. So when people search for ma – for that word those words that keyword you’re going to go ahead and get ranked right now, the tool I like to use for keyword research is called Google Keyword.

Planner you can go to google set up a Google AdWords account. It’s going to tell you to start a campaign. You can literally go ahead and cancel the campaign. If you notice it says new form of payment required. Your current payment methods can’t be charged yeah because I cancelled it right. I’m simply just trying to use this so that way I can use this tool for free right and you can do the same thing.

Google Keyword planner and what it does is it allows you to see search volumes right, so just to kind of give you guys an example for it. I’m going to give you guys an example for this exact article right. The article title is youtube article SEO ranking hack step-by-step. Now, if you notice it says YouTube article SEO right. So the first thing is in that title add article SEO right. So article SEO has 1k to 10k articles per month.

Right now, when you’re, just starting out with article ranking and you don’t you’re, not a large authority on YouTube, meaning you don’t have a hundred thousand subscribers. Fifty thousand subscribers right you’re not going to get that natural traction right away. So you want to compete for less competitive keywords. Now an example in this. I have YouTube article right, that’s in my title, but I wouldn’t try to compete for that because right now it’s at a hundred thousand to 1 million right the competition it says low here, but that’s a lie.

There’s a ridiculous amount of articles on YouTube for this title right, so what I did was just pretty tricky is I literally compressed a whole bunch of keywords within one title, so that way it increases my chance of ranking at three separate keywords. The first keyword is YouTube article. The second keyword is article SEO right article SEO and then the third keyword is SEO ranking right. So I literally have, I literally, have increased my chances of ranking for this article that you’re reading right now when people actually come up search.

These three keywords right: I’m trying to rank my my article for that actual ranking. Now that’s the first step right once you go ahead and create the actual YouTube article. The excuse me once you go ahead and create the keyword, the keywords that you’re going to be searching or the article title. The next step is actually creating the article right. That’s what I’m doing as we speak now what you, when you’re, actually creating the article content.

You want to go ahead and say the keywords a couple of times. That’s why I said YouTube article SEO ranking. I said article SEO, I said ranking you want to say it multiple times, because what happens is YouTube actually picks that up, so it picks up that your your content is congruent with your actual keywords. Number three: is you want to make sure that um you’re increasing the read time how you can actually increase the read time on your actual YouTube articles is by hooking people in the beginning of your actual article, which is what I did earlier right.

You simply go ahead and build people’s curiosity by the first few seconds. You have to hook them and if you hook them on the first few seconds of your article and that’s why I told you you’re going to go ahead and get access to a hack. If you read this full article, then, what’s going to happen, is literally they’re going to read till the end and it’s going to increase your read time. What YouTube shows is the larger your read time for a specific article, it’s going to show that it’s quality content because they can’t read the articles in the self, so they go based off of data, so they stop the data.

It shows that you have a large read time. That means that it’s a great article, so they’re going to go in and increase the article ranking meaning somebody goes to this. Let’s just say this article right here and only two minutes are readed, but over here five minutes are read over here. That’s why this one is ranking higher this one’s a five minute article as well, this one literally. You might only get the reason why mine might be ranked higher is because this one might only get two minutes read.

Mine’s might get five minutes read, so it’s showing that mine’s is more of a quality article and YouTube’s main objective is to literally keep people on their platform right. All these social media platforms understand that their objective is to get you addicted right now. Number two or excuse me, number four. I don’t even know stuff on one number. Five, maybe, let’s just say number five right. The step is the key tip ranking.

Your articles is within the first sentence, having your keyword right so how to get free money right. This is crucial, so many people like to put their link, I’m sorry what so many people like to put their link as the first thing at the top. No, you want to go the easiest way guys to put your keywords, is literally just by reposting the title in your description right. So if you notice here, if I go to edit article, that’s right there in this article you’ll learn how to get free money on PayPal 2018, how to get free money on PayPal 2018.

So it shows right literally when you’re searching for the keyword. I don’t know we’re just happen with YouTube, but when you’re searching for the keyword right, it’s going to show look how to get free money on PayPal, how to get free money on PayPal. So it shows you guys the keyword. It is crucial to have it within your first sentence. You can have your link within the first sentence, but you also want to make sure that in the first few lines, first, three words: you have your keyword right, that’s crucial.

Then next step is to actually have great quality content right now. A lot of these articles pertaining to free money on PayPal it’ll be bull. Crap right. If you notice they’ll, have a whole bunch of crappy engagement. I actually made sure that I really gave people 3 methods that they can get access to, so whatever your content is deliver the best content possible an example. This article that you’re reading right now I’m going to be giving you guys the best content possible, I’m showing you guys actionable steps so we’re not going to increase my read time.

It’s going to increase the actual quality of the content, which increases read time like you want to make sure that you’re producing quality content and not just throwing anything together and make sure you use. If you’re selling the YouTube article SEO ranking. You want to make sure that you’re using you’re, constantly saying those keywords right now, after you’ve done all that and you actually edit your article and everything that nature right.

The next step is the off the off of article stuff right. So when I go ahead and actually press this in our press edit article right, how would you guys to see this? So? The first thing is your actual description right. If you notice here in this article, you’ll, learn how to get free money on PayPal 2018. So I’m again I’m how to get free money and also how to get free money on PayPal. So, in my dish, my article description, I’m naming my keywords right and that’s that’s another thing.

If you notice right here how to get free money, how to get free money on PayPal, so look at how many times I had this or search for related keywords. I’ll put this at the bottom right search for related keywords: I have how to get free money. How to get free money on PayPal, and you wonder why you see: look how to get free money on PayPal, how to get free money, how to get free money on PayPal! We’re! Yet in this article, you’ll learn how to get free money, how to get free money on PayPal and then right here how to get free money, how to get free money on PayPal, how to get free money, how to get free money on PayPal and then free Paypal right, your thumbnail now.

The next step that I wanted to tell you guys is that your thumbnail should be like click Beatty as hell and what I mean by quick baby they’ll just have three thousand dollars and a free PayPal, and then I have money in my head right now to Capture people’s attention, if you look here you’re you see if it’s going to allow you or if it’s going to execute it again how to get free money on PayPal, see if you notice guys, I said my keyword: how to get free money on PayPal, but free Money PayPal now, if you notice guys, I literally said my keyword within the first few seconds of my actual articles, so the easiest way to capture people’s attention.

It’s just simply go ahead, and literally repeat your actual. Your keywords right so in this article learn how to get free money on PayPal. They say that and then you transition to my intro and then you transition to the content, and then I say it constantly within my article. So that’s how you do a YouTube article SEO ranking guys. You guys got to go ahead and follow these steps right now. The next step that I stated is that you want to make sure that your, if you look it’s click, maybe right out of all of these.

This is a very quick baby. This is very quickly and if you notice, he has eight hundred and fifty two thousand views, and only ten months. This is a very quick baby like the red arrow, the money you want yours to capture like this is a very click baby, all right, but yet it has a lot. This is very quick baby. This is very quick. Baby I’ll show you like. That’s another click. Maybe one so you want something: that’s going to capture people’s attention.

That’s going to stand out beyond your competition. So that’s the next step to ranking your articles now, the next step, and basically the final step is the article tags right. So we’re going to go ahead and go to article edit right and the long way and then again, as stated before, for youtube article ranking, I’m going to go in and give you guys a secret hack to rank your YouTube articles extremely fast in a second.

But I’m going to go ahead and show you guys the normal way of doing this right. So what you’re going to do is in your tags. Where are we so in your tags right here? If you notice guys here’s my tags, these are the tags, the article tags that I’m trying to rank my article for right how to make quick money, how to make money, how to get free money on PayPal, blah blah, blah blah blah right. The best way to find tags is by once you search for example, SEO ranking.

Then you find what else is related right, so I’ll do like, for example, for this article I would do YouTube ranking and I would get results and here’s a keyword, youtube article ranking or SEO ranking so YouTube ranking. Then I’m going to go out and find other tags related right. So an example I can do ranked YouTube, but these are extremely low. If you just starting out this would be great to start right, 10 to 100 or actually the best, if you’re, just starting as a hundred to a thousand, because you want a good search value volume.

So you might do s you might do like SEO ranking there. Might be better options so SEO ranking Google ranking? Basically you you search for ones that are congruent with your actual content and then the magic number is 100 to 1k right now. Let’s just say you have 10,000. 20,000. 30,000. 30,000. I’m just you want my batteries at 7 % futsal and reps up pretty quickly. So, let’s just say you have 30,000 subscribers.

Then you were an authority you’re going to get instant traction. You can go for like 1 to 10 K. I mean, if you have a large freaking following you, can go to 10 K to 100 km, + right. The big freaking keywords right, because you’re going to get immediate traction, then you’re going to rank pretty fast. So what you want to do is literally copy these copy and paste into your tags, and then once you go ahead and paste them, the next step is literally just going going ahead.

It and saving the article now make sure what I’ll recommend is, try to put the keyword in your thumbnail as well and just make sure it’s clicked baby. So what happens is just kind of show you from the psychology perspective somebody’s going to come across my article they’re, going to go ahead and see the actual thumbnails quick, vide they’re, going to click it once they click it. They’re going to notice that my content is congruent with the actual title, and once they read they’re, going to notice that its quality conscious living and a read to the end.

And then, what I’m looking to accomplish from this actual article is for them to actually read till the end. So that way I can market whatever I’m trying to sell. On the back of my youtube article and again this article right here, eight thousand six hundred and seventy nine views within a two-week period. I I posted it April 12th, it’s the 28th right now. So 14 is a little early two weeks ago, so literally averaging about 7,000 views a week.

So that’s about a thousand views per day. What would that do for your business if you were to be able to generate a thousand views per day on all of your YouTube articles? Right now, again, it’s not going to happen on every article, but it increases the chances of you ranking your YouTube articles. Using these SEO or these article SEO hacks, but let me go ahead and show you guys, the hack that I was talking about to rank your YouTube articles even faster.

So what I use right, which is even freaking quicker. It’s called to buddy right now, basically down below I’ll, go ahead and give you access to it. You literally click the link with to buddy. It just makes my job so much easier right now. If you look here, I’m literally logged in but buddy already and one thing that it does is it shows me if my if my articles are being ranked right, so it shows they’re ranked number one.

I didn’t know they were ranked number one until I actually be locked in to log in to the back office and then you can actually see which words are number one or which keywords are number one. And then I searched them, and I showed oh by golly. Gee, it is actually number one number two is at the bottom here. It shows you 491 out of 500, so, instead of just randomly guessing how many tags right or getting that annoying, you have too many tags.

You can literally track how much space you have left as far as tags that you need to go ahead and put in your actual, your actual articles right number two is: I want to show you guys something so in two buddy right. There’s this feature where you can literally go ahead based off of your title that you put in you, can literally go ahead and click the button look cells for most ages. I’ve you how to build a sales funnel.

Let me just click the plus button marketing funnel stuff on the training, and it literally has the best marketing sales funnel. What does the sales funnel has the best tags for your article website funnels online marketing online marketing funnel right literally instead of you taking the time aside, tactic search through all these freaking tags, it literally makes cuz guys when it comes to online business.

It’s crucial to save I’m effort in energy right. You don’t want to spend hours upon hours. Doing this research and stuff talk a literally find a keyword that I want to rank my article for hop on to buddy, create the article content around and make sure I follow all the steps that I said in this article and then just add the tags. Really. Quick with two buddy and on the back end like I said you can actually monitor how many tags you have and you can go ahead and there’s a whole bunch of other features that I’m not going to go over.

You can once you go ahead and actually get access to it. You can kind of dive in right but lodge pad health report. You can literally look at all this stuff keyword ranked track and you can track track. Your actual, as as your article starts to climb the ranking you can actually track it right, there’s a whole bunch of stuff. In the software I mean it is extremely low price for the amount of time and money that I saved, and it was pretty cool.

If you don’t know – and you don’t have the skills of article ranking or you don’t think right, it does all the freaking work for you right so just makes it so much easier for you to wear literally. If you look here guys it does all it did. All this for me right, so it ranked two things for me and I get I literally this article right here has paid for the software for over a year, because literally yesterday, I made $ 1,300 in my affiliate marketing business, and it’s because I Drive free traffic To my sales funnels with articles like this and I generate sells right, I generate sales on freakin autopilot, so that’s the power guys um.

You can go ahead and get access to that below and try it out see if you like that, but that’s literally the step by step process of YouTube article SEO ranking, and that is that little hat guys the little hack is to buddy. Save you guys. Some time grab access to it, link below give you guys a specific special discount. I don’t know how long they’re offering that discount for I’m giving guys a specific discount.

Yes, I’m going to fill a it, so I do get compensated for it. But forgive me you guys value, I’m pretty sure you guys will not mine right so go ahead and get access to to buddy. It has saved my life and it has made me so much freakin money in life to the it marketing business but yeah. That’s how you guys do YouTube SEO now um. I hope you liked that article I literally uncovered some of my best stuff and literally people pay for this stuff I’ll give it to you for free.

Why I’m here, to help you level up in your life in your business now as a free bonus gift actually do have an e-book for you to where I do something called affiliate marketing and the reason why I create youtube articles is not only to give value To people like yourself, but I use it as a form of traffic to drive traffic to my websites to generate an income with my affiliate marketing business, simply referring products and getting paid a commission to do so.

So imagine if you’re going to build your YouTube blog or rank your articles, why not learn how to drive traffic to offers and get paid to do so right? So in the description, not only can you get access to the tube buddy right, the discount with that but number two you’re going to be able to get access to affiliates, playbook, there’s literally a 13 Bay treat, which will literally blow your freakin mind of the amount Of value within that book that you’re going to get for absolutely free of my token of appreciation for you reading, my article content now make sure you subscribe punch that, like button in the face, join a notification squad and once again my friend, I appreciate you so Freaking much for reading my article on youtube article ranking the SEO article ranking strategies that are going to help you crush it into your business.

Eric Ellis jr. Checking out