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Top 2020 Marketing Strategies That Will Put You on the Map | RD Summit 2019

That’s how I feel an entrepreneur is you’re, always ready for another fire. Whether it’s two o’clock in the morning or nine fifteen. You have to be ready! And I don’t struggle with that, because I’ve been practicing It my whole life, which is why I fear when people try to become entrepreneurs. Because it’s cool Now… I worried about that, because it’s very hard. Every single day I lose And unless you’re good at What you will not like. You have to have passion!

You got your perspective, happy, Don’t You want to be happy? Let’s be happy! First of all, I’m just Very flattered to be here, Thank you for check out what I am going to say!

Who I am

That don’t know who I am I was born in the Soviet union came to America when I was A three year old child, a very tough upbringing. We were very poor when we first came to America, I lived in a one studio apartment with seven of my family members, my parents, my dad, worked all the time, and so it was a very rough upbringing. Not a lot of entitlement. Didn’T have a lot of stuff. My natural state was To be an entrepreneur, Even at six, seven, years old. I was already shoveling snow, washing people’s cars, selling juice and lemonade for a buck or two.

It was always to do a hustle somewhere along the way. In New Jersey, sports cards became very big thing in America and that is how I started collecting them and by the time I was 13-14 years old, I was making $1 to $15 a weekend. As which you can imagine, feels like you’re a millionaire Eventually, my dad worked very hard and saved all his money and he bought a small dagger store in New Jersey, I was forced to work in that store. And that is really where I started my real career.

I fell in love with the idea of knowing that a lot of people in America collected daggers, and that was what kind of connected me to my family business. The part of the story that Gets interesting for this room is what happens next. Knowing that there’s A lot of entrepreneurs in here knowing there’s a bunch of small businesses a lot of small business agencies. What really enables me, the great flattering, nature of being in this world. In fact that my entire career was based on.

How do I build something with not a lot of money? You know we live in a world right now, where a lot of people. So if we can keep the lights on, that’d be amazing. I love that So for me. What’s interesting. I’m 43 about to be 44 next week and when I grew up the idea of raising capital. Was extremely foreign, one of the most interesting things being an American businessman when I travel nationally, internationally and other places in the world. Is everybody is so caught up with raising Money for their startup. This has become an entire Generation of hands in the air that think about raising capital and appeasing venture. Capitalists and investors not actually building a business and not having the focus there. And to me this is very interesting because it’s led to a lot Of very different behavior, For me, everything was always About how do you make money and that’s what you invest? Back into your business, not how do you raise capital When I started my deal, which is An advertising agency, I started it in a room.

Patience is a must!

Room of another company, because I had no money and I Wasn’T going to raise money for the business. I was just going to find my first client. Use those dollars and Just keep reinvesting It took longer, but longer was it strength. I think one of the most important words for me to communicate in this post today by far is patience. I promise you no matter what you’re doing. You must have drive!

First of all, everyone’s uncomfortably attractive, number two and more importantly. I think the reality is the thing that I spend most of my time on is trying to get people to understand that patience. It is a very important valuable of success! I believe the far majority of people in this world do not have a Great relationship with time, I am fascinated by people, who are stressed at the ages of 18 and 22 and 25 and 29, like they’re, running out of time.

The way that modern medicine and technology is going to be for another 80 years is unknown. It really gets me excited slash concerned when people want their Business to be huge next year. The quicker you want it. The more vulnerable you are. My style of communication is fast, but my business Actions are extremely slow and so what business actions that lead to slowness lead? To is a couple things One, the far majority of My career, I had no money, so I had to always look for places where you could get a lot more for less.

What I look for in the digital world. This world is organic reach! When I think about organic reach and when I think about organic attention. I day trade attention for me every day. I look at the data both in the analytics and in the culture conversations to try to figure out where should I market. I promise you one thing, my friends, no matter what You do in this audience, no matter what your ambition is.

The one thing that combines all of us, whether we’re starting tomorrow, whether we’re an employee, whether we have a huge company or haven’t even started. The one requirement for all of us is to have somebody’s attention. Before you can sell anything, you need somebody’s attention, Then what you say in the written word in audio or in article becomes the variable if you are successful.

The reason I follow attention – Is if there was nobody in here right now and I was giving this talk, I would have no potential To achieve what I want. At the same token, with All of you. What I talk about for the next and is my success. There are many of you here. That don’t know who I am. You’ll leave with an opinion. There’S many people who do know who I am and you’re either going to Like me, more or like me less. COMPLETELY predicated on the content that I put out. I spend my life in a very basic mind frame and if you look at the Politics of your country, my country, if you look at the businesses, it’s all one very simple game.

Do you understand where the People are and what they’re consuming and do you understand how To do the written words? The audio or the article to Put in those platforms? This is how it’s always been. Television, radio print Outdoor billboards, It’s always been the same game. Where is the attention? the eyes and the ears, and what is our capability? To put content in it.

Now: here’s where it gets different.

This thing is fucking crazy. This thing is unbelievably underestimated. We in this workd take this for granted. The power of a phone in Today’s world is remarkable: The fact that every one Of us are sitting here with the internet in our hands. Right now is actually remarkable For somebody like me, at 43 years old. When I was 28, I could not leave the office or my home and have the internet in my hand, when I was 30, you have to understand how big of a deal that is.

You have to understand how Quickly, this is all happening, whether it’s WhatsApp Or YouTube or Instagram, or tick-tock or Twitter. The fact that these platforms Sit on top of this device and they’re accessible right now. The fact that there are Tons of people right now with a phone reading this and then have the ability to post it. My friends from Brazil to New York to London to Shanghai, the human race has not quantified how substantial this shift.

Blame Game

Of the internet has become – And I tell you this and I start here today with this cause: Here’s the real honest truth about how the game of life and Definitely, businesses played The quickest way to be happy in life. Let alone business is To be 100 % accountable, The quickest way to be Unhappy is to blame, If you really understood what I am saying. The fact that how many people have a cell phone. Every single person fundamentally is not allowed to have an excuse, because the power of what’s in your hand, Of course, there’s family dynamics, Of course, there’s tragedies. Of course, there’s government involvements. Of course there’s a million reasons, but the reality is. We have never lived through a time where people at scale have so much opportunity. When I do the homework On the Brazilian market – and I see the cost for a Youtube. When I see an Instagram ad, and I see how low it is. When I see how much still unbelievable untapped potential on LinkedIn, Tic Tock and other platforms are for organic reach. Where you have to spend no money, none and you can get awareness.

The fact that podcasting is exploding in this country and the cost to start a Podcast is to just record it on your phone and upload it. The thing that I’ve become unbelievably fascinated by is, I know in this world, the single reason: whatever is not happening: For you is your ability to say no before you’ve tried. That to me is unbelievable. What’s unbelievable to me, Is it’s as simple as this? If you are capable of writing words, recording articles on your phone or recording your thoughts, In audio on your phone, your business can grow.

Your idea can be flourished. Your personal brand is an influencer. Your advertising shop, Trying to get more customers whatever you want to be. You want to be a YouTube celebrity. The reality is, the cost is zero. The mindset is the tricky part. 90% of this audience does not post as often as they should on these platforms because they worry about The judgment of their family or strangers – This is a very, very very fascinating dilemma: in our society there are people who are not posting.

I mean look how many people here follow my content. I’m very consistent: You can, I’m sure you’re in your head knowing every word I’m about to say, As I start a sentence, I’m incapable of talking about Something, I don’t believe that nuances are different. Obviously, Twitter doesn’t play in brazil the same way it does in the: U S right, Tic-Tock, moving quicker in Asia then the U S. LinkedIn’s acting a Little bit different in Brazil: What’s up Apps has higher growth in Brazil than it does in the U S: There’s nuance differences, but my friends: this is not about America or Brazil.

This is about human beings In America. In Brazil, in China, people worry about their parents’ opinion. In America, in Brazil, in China, people care about strangers. Making fun of them In the comments in America? In Brazil in China, the opportunity to build your business or your personal brand has never been easier,l. People see more people doing it and they think they’re too late. The real answer should are never too late.

Of the people in here do not have the patients and stomach to actually achieve it? They want it so fast. My friends, I did dagger library TV on Youtube in 2006 excuse me, 2007 to 2010 for 35 minutes A day five days a week, I would stay up and Work on Twitter for four or five hours, looking for People who were talking about wine and for three years every day very little happened for me Very little. People now start An Instagram account post for six weeks and give up because they’re not Getting enough followers We’ve become remarkably impatient, We’ve become remarkably Entitled, and so the reality is, is the following: tactically tactically, how many people Here are B2B companies, They have an agency servicing Clients or some of them major You’re in a B2B business, Raise your hands for everybody.

That raised your hand, You must You must do one of two things consistently starting tomorrow. Number one start a Podcast in your industry, You must start a podcast. Go on LinkedIn, go into your inbox and email 25 50 people and ask them to be guests on your show And number two. You must Attack LinkedIn more, I think people very much underestimate how much is happening. There in this market, I did the homework.

It’S there. It people don’t see it, because not that many people are doing it, which is the reason it’s most interesting. It’S so funny when I Speak at these events, people always fall into two groups Number one. They don’t want. To do it cause it’s new and they want to see other People do it before they do it Or number two other people are doing it, so they think they’re too late. So they didn’t want to do it.

People are split up in Two places of not doing We live in a world a world where everybody has a reason for no. I can’t do it because of this. I don’t have the money, I don’t have the team. My industry doesn’t want to do it. I can’t I can’t I can’t The fundamental difference. In the game, today is the people that say yes blindly versus the people that say no blindly, The only unique leverage You have in this room, is you yourself, There’s so much information? Now, you’re not coming up with any new idea, There’s nothing.

I say that is a new idea. People have been around too long, I’m not the first person To talk about kindness or gratitude or empathy, Or hard work or context, I’m really not I’m just doing it. My way in the way, my perspective, my words on my platform and for me is the real Conversation today to me is today going to be. The conference Is today going to be the time That you finally understand that it is time to put it out.

It is time to tell your Story at scale contextually across all platforms, recognizing that a lot of People did not raise their hand, and this may be the first time that a lot of you are seeing me, I’m just going to take one more step back. I believe that what the internet is doing is eliminating the middle. It’S eliminating the middle, the distribution. When you look at Uber or Amazon Or if you look at Netflix, what it’s really doing is Separating out the middle and it’s leaping it to one of two places: The product, the story, the service and your ability to tell that story.

I believe this is very important, because this is not even for The youngsters in this room – This is not the world we Necessarily grew up with A world where the entire Middle of distribution has been commoditized because the internet has become the middle and the focus on not just The quality of the product but, more importantly, the deep focus on the Ability to communicate has never become greater.

The ability to be a communicator in 2020 has now become Disproportionally more powerful than even the quality of your product, And that may be confusing and it’s a very interesting debate. But the reality is a product. Is a subjective product, One more time, B2B who does services raise it high? I just want to get a sense higher. All of you that just raised your hands. You know what I know. Sometimes you Think the product’s great, but your client thinks that shit Other times you kind of know.

That the product is shitty, but the client thinks it’s great. The work is subjective based on the queen or the King. On the other side who gets to this side your ability to be a Phenomenal communicator, How many people see it where And how is less subjective The content in it is subjective, but the results are There, through the leads, through the results that come through it. I believe today that, if You’Re in the business world that the ability to be a communicator, a content producer at The height of the scale for your product has become more important than any other variable.

I would rather be great at YouTube and podcasting and LinkedIn and Instagram Then be great at balancing my checkbook that I can hire an for. This skill is emerging. And accelerating at scale so here’s how this game Breaks down for me One, I think everybody here Has to take a step back and figure out what Kind of communicator are they individually, Even if you sit here today and do not believe it is your job within the organization to Communicate up eventually, especially at the age level, That everybody here is Eventually this skill set.

Will become important to you, whether it’s now later in your career, within your family dynamics and definitely over the next 2030 40 years as communication rises in Importance not declines. Thus, my great ask my great Ambition to fly down here, three flights to get here – And flying right back home, The reason for me to be here: Is very focused on the notion of. Can I get five people There’s a lot of people here? Can I get five people in here? To start tomorrow or Monday, If you want to take the weekend, Off to start making content, The world is very simple: The world is breaking Into a very simple game, ideas and making, do you have ideas? Can you make them, But it requires an incredible Sense of self awareness, I’m very passionate for Many people in this room who are introverted and who would be scared, To give this speech or who feel uncomfortable, In front of a camera to understand that, if you Are a remarkable writer there, an incredible world for you For those who are scared to Be in front of the camera, because they’re scared of how they look or they’re just uncomfortable That recording your ideas or what you’re about in Audio is an incredible time to be alive and there’s an Incredible world to you, It’s a matter of fact, even more interesting.

To me, if you’re somebody that likes to doodle to draw some of the most exciting things that I’m seeing in my content is when we’re doing cartoons On LinkedIn and Instagram, That might be the way that you communicate when you figure out how you communicate Written word, audio article. The next part, is definitely The most challenging, If you ask me why, over the last 10 years I have been given the Great fortune to be here, It’s very simple.

I spend almost all of my time and all of my content. Trying to bring value with no expectation in return. If you look at the Content that most people and companies and organizations put out if you look at it carefully, And you dissect it, it is wildly selfish, It is either a commercial in itself or its main objective is to Get you to fill out your email, your phone number, your information, so that I can sell to you.

Instead of bring you Value to build a brand, I wrote a book several years. Ago called jab, jab, jab right hook and the reason I wrote it was because I was reading People on social media really struggle with the Idea of bringing value – and I wanted to give them A scenario of understanding that, if you’re trying to Sell and throw a right hook all the time eventually The other person knows how to duck everybody.

How many people here Have done email marketing in their life Raise your hands Great, So for everybody, Who just raised your hands? I was doing email marketing in 1997 1998 and I had 90 % open Rates on my email today, If you’re in the 30s you’re a hero, means you have a tremendous list. And you’re doing a great job, The reason those lists Have gone from 90 to 30 is because I’m sure everybody Here knows where I’m going: We’ve ruined email because we’re spamming and selling on it at all times.

That’S what happens to every platform. That’S exactly what we’re Doing on social media Now the reason social Media is subtly declining and the reason the algorithms Always have to change. Is people do not have the Disciplined to not self promote People do not have the discipline to not try to sell on every post. The other problem is when People try to make pretend they’re giving value In disguise, underneath they’re actually trying To sell my friends, What’s scary, about the Way I go about business and what I believe I see what the businesses That are most winning in the world.

Is It’s super basic? Just nobody wants to do it. It almost be like if I was standing up here talking about health and wellness, my friends, if you want to get into better shape, here’s how you do it, Stop eating shit and workout every day. Thank you very much See you later, Brazil. That would be the whole talk. That is no different than How I see business today, Obviously you have to have A product and service, but the reality is very simply the formula is as basic as it is in fitness If you are not producing content and when I say content just to put this into Context for everybody next week is my birthday.

I’Ve had my team work for the last month, We’ve made a deck a couple hundred pages deck, We’re going to give it away for free. It shows you how to make 60 Something pieces of content in a day. The reality is the requirement. Of how much content that I’m? Looking for you To produce to achieve You know about numbers that look like 30, 40, 50. 60 Pieces of content a day Most of the businesses and people in here are putting out one piece of Content a day on a good day, maybe three a week, We, if you’re a personal brand, you’re killing it and Posting four things a day: There is nobody that is Achieving the volume, If you want to write down one word and stick it in your mirror, From this whole talk, the word is volume.

This is a volume warfare. When people hear volume, They hear quantity When they hear quantity. They don’t think that You could make quality, They think it’s a friction. Between quantity and quality, I believe that the world has grossly overvalued production quality and made that quality, not the story or the Context of the message, And so as we have spent The last 30 to 50 years putting production value On a pedestal as quality, we have put ourselves in a Position to not value context and the actual story: And in that is the rub and the opportunity, the sheer size of this country, the sheer amount of spend, even in the separation of wealth, The uncanny amount of attention on YouTube and Instagram in this Country leads this to be one of the most interesting Places in the world to be a marketer to be a marketer to be an influencer to be a startup.

However, when I spent because I gave a speech in st Pelo a couple of weeks ago so about three months ago, I started really doing homework. On what’s the sentiment, What are people saying in the comments? What’S the vibe, What’s remarkable in such a progressive and incredible country, is how Much similarities there are Believe it or not. What the US, which is With all that in place, there is still so much cynicism and pessimism to actually achieve it.

That is not a government Issue with your new president or ours, That is not a problem that You don’t have Silicon Valley, That is a problem that People would rather complain than put in the fucking work. That is a human problem That Is a global human problem If this was 1957 and it was my grandfather and all of your grandparents, I would have some empathy because it real money to Actually do what I’m saying, but in 2019 with this, I Struggle to deploy empathy for you not doing, which is What led me to not making this a game about your wallet? Many people think business Is a game of this business is not a game of this.

This is Right now is a game of this. This has come down to the simple Deep warfare in one’s head: What What is stopping people From actually making content – and I believe that it comes down to one simple word judgment – I believe that judgment Is crippling our society? I am fascinated and grateful Grateful like you would not Imagine for my mother building self esteem in me without Creating entitlement My self esteem allows when I leave here in a couple of hours, and I read the comments and I control copy it and Translate it from Portuguese to English, where one of you Say that I’m an asshole, I’m okay, I want to give the next talk.

I want to make the next piece of content My ability to deal with losing pushback Negativity. No Is my strength, my entire Model of content production, My entire thesis for this Talk only has one major flaw in that people are insecure. I spend my life putting Out content, 50 70 80 pieces a day with the great hope to Eliminate that insecurity to challenge you and Ask you what judgment why? Why are you willing to live? A life that ultimately ends with regret and resentment Because everybody who’s 90, at a hundred years old talks about the things they wish.

They did not the things they did And so for me, Brazil, very simply, I’m trying to challenge This room to understand the simplicity of the framework and the massive difficulty in the head and really lead to a couple tactics, For example, tactic number One one of the biggest things that I have seen work in People starting the process to produce content is To make a single article and tell the world their secret that they’ve been holding onto, If you really think about What stopping people it’s the darkness and Shadows, inside of them, by putting it out and taking Control of your secret, your dyslexia, your Terrible issue as a child, your relationship with X, your drinking problem, whatever it might be by You taking control of it by putting it out no longer.

Does anybody else, Have leveraged to expose it, It is a freedom play and I highly and listen if you really want to know forget about the five People that post tomorrow, If I can get one person one person in here to leave This conference tonight and make a article and tell the world the truth: That they’ve been holding onto this will be mission fucking accomplished. Thank you. Dad [ Crowd Clapping ].

I want to go into questions. In about five or 10 minutes, so let me speak. Let me See where the mikes are, but I’m going to line them up here and we’ll figure that out. But before I do, I want to spend a few More minutes on audio For a lot of people here they missed YouTube. They missed Instagram, I believe, there’s two places where you have a chance over The next couple of years to not miss it Number one you have to read: Ticktock very carefully: If tick top takes off Seriously in this market there will be an enormous Amount of opportunity, because the global penetration in Asia – the? U S, Europe – is exploding, What’s so amazing to live.

In a country of this size and this much opportunity, And you guys know this: is you can see these platforms? Exploding somewhere else and you can get a head start – And play it here outside of orchid, which became the player here, Every other platform Eventually makes its way here and became the dominant player, Please please do not underestimate what is happening on ticktock globally and where the potential Sits in this market, You should absolutely, If you’re at this conference, if you’re smart enough To be at this conference, you should be smart enough to go home and execute around the thesis.

Around the opportunities around the knowledge, One is tick-tock number two is voice. We are becoming much more of An audio consumption world by show of hands How many people here Now, listen to a podcast, Raise your hands, raise it high. I want everybody to look around. Look at this, Put it down for a second Those same people. How many of you were listening? To a podcast five years ago, Raise your hand, Look around Look at that growth.

Look at that growth! How many people here now when They read YouTube articles, sometimes just put the phone down and listen to it and don’t Even read the article Raise your hands. Look at us. Look at us D rock spends all this time. Making it look pretty new Fuckers, Just listened to it, Audio is becoming the growing Usage because we’re busy – and we want to do two things at once – Three things at once: four things at once, One of the biggest Opportunities in this room is understanding how big audio is and producing audio content.

Everybody wants to be a marketer, but most people in this Room are salespeople, It’s why they like Google, Google’s easy. It’S intent, Somebody types something In you know they want it, So you buy the ads and you convert That’s sales. I’M here to talk about. Branding and marketing The way real things are built, the way the biggest companies In the world are built, The biggest personalities Celebrities brands they’re built for branding And marketing, not sales Audio is no question The fastest growing Opportunity to build a brand that most people are not doing.

Please be the person in This room that goes back and actually starts a podcast. Please be the person here. Who actually starts recording their thoughts and just posting the article I mean you could Literally, take your phone hit memo record, put the phone down, it’s just a black screen and You can post a black screen with your words You can most of you won’t because you don’t think that’s quality, This subjective point.

Of view around quality is stopping the world from making. We must flip that on its head, Please be the person in This room that leaves here and starts making Thank you. [ Crowd, Clapping ]. I left a lot of time for Q and a because I really the theory is very simple. The details and the questions matter. So who’s got the mics. You’Ve got the mics, So you’ve got to run around Who’s. Got a question. Raise your hands! Yup! I’M going to translate to you: Okay, Hi Hi! I love you! Actually, my Family whole family loves you Thank you.

I just came from Canada, So I am an immigrant in Canada. I Zillow and my son listened To your podcast every day, He’s nine years old, Sorry about him! My daughter is 11 years old, So I ask him “: what do you Want to say to your GaryVee?”, He said eh say to him that I love him, Then he’s awesome And I’m sorry and you are so fun. I read it off you Thank you for that and bye I’m shaking because as an immigrant, as you know, I’m leaving Canada for 13 years now – and I suffer a lot – It was terrible Even for my children that was born there and if you’re there, just To eat Brazilian food at the school was very scary, And my daughter was Bullied because of that, So my question is: what can I, as a mum, do for my kids Sure? Thank you You’re welcome.

Thank you. Can I have a photo? Please? Yes, you can have a photo, So I think business and parenting have a lot of similarities. So when I hear those kinds of stories and I’m sure how many People here are parents, raise your hands So for all the hands that just went up. You know how challenging it is Like you can have common Sense everywhere else, but when it’s your kids it’s hard to maintain it, But I believe that self Esteem is the ultimate cure to everything And I think most parents go On defense, when their kids are hurting instead of off Bence, So when their kids are bullied, they want to go fight the school.

They want to go fight. The parent of the kid It’s defense for me as Somebody who was bullied because I was a Soviet Immigrant in America and my childhood, when the Soviet union was the enemy, there was plenty of shit. I mean. If you can. Zoom in I’ve got goosebumps. It was a very challenging time, but what my mom did was she went insular. It was authentic. It was me and her in my own Head hearing nothing else By the time I was in high school, I couldn’t hear anybody else.

It didn’t matter by the way, both pro and con. So for me, I think the thing you can Do is beat into their head about them, not about the People in Montreal or Toronto or Canada – It’s not about them. It’S about yourself inside your own head, your own self worth and And you have to pound it A lot of parents who are like, Oh so easy to say, but when their kids are making you’re right, but it’s no different than working out and eating healthy.

It’S no different than may content and put on all the platforms. The answer is simple: pounded into your kid’s head, their own self worth not the opinions of others, There’ll be a happy person or whole life. The problem is most parents, Aren’T acting that way, so it’s hard for them to give advice that they don’t even feel themselves, But that is the answer. You’Re welcome Questions. Yup. Thank you.

How are you Find you Very good Been following you for many years, So I am so happy to be Face to face with you. Thank you, I’m kind of nervous. Don’T worry, Okay, So I came all the way. From extremely little town in San Quan in Argentina called San Juan, So I mean I’ve been for a couple months or maybe years praying to figure out. If I have to leave my small town or I’m just a stay. Around there be patients, I wait for my business to be like big.

What kind of businesses that are A digital agency That so my question is, would you imagine Yourself as a business man as a size, as you are right now Stay in New Jersey for Example or in a small town I understand So the question for you and Everybody here is what’s big right, Because because this is Where people get caught, It’s so simple, Being in a small town in Argentina thinking, you have to go to San Paolo or you have to go to Benesede or you have to go to New York city.

It’S easy! It’S easy! You’Re, like that’s a Much bigger place to go The question: is it comes down to what makes you happy For me? What makes me Happy is to play the game, Not the money, not how big or small I just want to play. I’Ve always wanted to play I’ve readed, so many people Have a $ 1 million business in a small town in America or in the world, move to a bigger place, do 5 million and be very unhappy.

They were very happy at 1. Million in their small town, They went to a bigger town, They do 10 million and They’Re very unhappy, My friend, Brazil. It is time that we in the start making Happiness what we go after, Not more money! Thank you We have to. We have to right For me. When I hear bigger, I want you to have a bigger fucking smile on your pretty face, Not make 280,000 more in fucking net revenue.

You understand You have to decide that for yourself I don’t know You have to decide that for yourself, [ Crowd, Clapping, ], Hey Gary! How are you I’m good, I’m so good, I’m following you for almost three years, and I just want to see thank You for all of your content, You really change it by life. And would mean the world to have a picture with you. Can I Yes, you can. Thank you Right now. Right now.

I know. Oh, thank you Give the mic back. Oh, are you sure Thank you. You’Re welcome, [ Crowd, clapping ], all right get out of here. Let’S go Who’s next Hi Hi. First of all, I’m a huge fan. Thank you. You have taught me a lot about Perspective and gratitude and happiness, I’m so nervous, Don’t be So me and my sister we Are starting a B to B company and we are trying to sell A training and consulting for HR teams and litter teams – Okay – And I know we are not putting As many content as we should, The other, Why Why do you think Talk To me real We’re here, Why Well she lives in another town.

So it’s a little difficult for us to-! Well, you don’t both Have to be in the content: Yeah yeah, no, and but she Needs a lot of help for me because I know how to Do things and how to how to film articles and I’m teaching her Okay And she’s a little? She Doesn’T have a lot of confidence, She’s really good. She knows her craft Yeah. So what about writing Or what about audio? I feel like so many people.

That don’t have confidence are very scared of the camera, but can do much much better. Writing or recording audio Yeah. This is why I spent so Much time on it, in my talk, I don’t want people to Be like me, not listen, Not everybody is ridiculously Handsome and charismatic, you know what I mean, though I don’t want people to be like me, I want people to be like me, Where they found their voice in their medium, But for a lot of you in This room: that’s writing! If you’re, more introverted or insecure, a lot of writers are Come from that framework – or I really like audio so keep that in mind, but keep going And she’s doing cold calls.

And trying to reach companies in her region, But I’m just guessing what else can we do? Besides content that I Know who should be doing content get our first clients just to Do it for free Yeah, The biggest mistake small companies make? Is they don’t work for free And then now that I said This on the internet, so many people are going to leave comments and say that I’m an idiot and they hate me and nobody should work for free and blah blah blah.

That’S fine, But those are set by people that have never started a Company with no customers, That’s right, And so I mean I did it and I had already built a big business. But I went into a new World, where people thought what I did for the liquor, Store was not going to work, So I worked for free. I still do it if I think It’S the right strategy, So I think the biggest thing You should do is work for free because it gives you the referral base And by the way, when nobody’s hiring you.

That means your work is worth free. Can I have a selfie? You can yeah Okay Who’s next on 5 mins? Okay, How are you Go ahead? I can listen: Okay, Gary [, Foreign Language, ]. Thank you, [ Foreign Language, ], Sorry, my fucking life, [, Foreign language, ]. Don’T try to convince anybody. The number one mistake when You’Re selling something new that most people don’t understand is people spend too much Time trying to convince them instead of finding the person That already understands people make it a noble Mission instead of a business, My friend, I’ve been right and early for The last 20 years of my life, I have spent almost no time Trying to convince anybody, I sometimes have a one hour: Meeting with a company fly from New York to Chicago walk in sit down Start the presentation.

And ended after 10 minutes cause. I already know it’s over Every minute that you spend Trying to convince somebody who’s already know, is a minute That you’re not spending Trying to find somebody that will say yes, [ Foreign Language, ], Of course, because you’re not when you’re selling something new, they can’t see it or they don’t have reports in Their company to justify it Got it So if they don’t have the Report to justify your work, they’re scared.

They might agree with you, but The machine that they work in won’t allow them to say yes, So you just move on. Thank you, You’re welcome, Sign it Got it. Okay! Next, Hey Gary Hello. How are you First of all you’re awesome? My name is Luca and I read Our content since on 19 now I’m 22, so thank you. For being part of that, Thank you. I want you to ask you something that I believe is really important.

You are the first guy to Talk about making content, making really quality content, But I’m afraid that the internet is a place with very anxiety. I mean Instagram causes a lot of anxiety. Instagram doesn’t cause anything. People are anxious, Yes, But this is important Instagram there is no Instagram. There is a platform We post pictures and humans decide to see somebody having a nice time and they decide to be upset.

It’S important, though, Keep going Yeah. My question is: how can we we all here at these event, Can help these platforms are part of platforms being mindful Peep better By not putting out by Putting out real shit If everybody here didn’t Only put out photos when they’re, most dressed up, going to the most fancy place and showing everybody how Fucking amazing, their life is the world would be in a better place.

[ Crowd, Clapping ]. Thank you Not super complicated Dirac and I are going to end this talk, I’m about to do in five minutes. The fireside chat We’re Going to do a book signing We’re going to run to the airport, We’re going to take a private plane cause I have to get to San Palo cause. I want to get home for Family early tomorrow morning There will be no picture. Of me at a private plane, I’m not going to show that I’m fancy.

That’S not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about gratitude and kindness and empathy We’re in control. There’S no fucking Instagram monster. There’S no YouTube monster, We’re the monster. [ Crowd! Clapping ], I don’t know who got the mic: Okay, Yeah You’ll, be when producing Content, language matters: Yes, We are in a country that Doesn’T speak English? Yes, So said that, How can we break the language Barrier here to go global Well, you’re not going to Get Portuguese to go global? Yes, I mean, what’s the better best way to go in an English And Portuguese bilingual Do it both in I mean, but just in one one profile, but two profiles or You can do two profiles, I’m a big fan of sometimes doing article.

That is both in Portuguese And the English – I also want to remind you that this is a humongous, fucking country and winning here is just fine too. You know I mean if you want to win globally and you’re, so desperate To then you’re more than welcome to make English Yeah Because current Smathers I mean Rio, it’s like one and dollars like four. So it’s a big opportunity. I understand that I think it all comes back to The gentleman from Argentina You have to decide what’s right for you, If you want global, if you’re chasing more dollars, Than make English content? Okay, So, But it’s very important I say this: I think this is Every country outside of China and the? U S has an inferior complex because there’s more money elsewhere.

This is a huge fucking country, Okay And like huge So folks in Brazil. If that’s what you want to, but if you know I can promise you just focusing in Brazil what just Portuguese content Can make you plenty of money and happiness if you personally want to be on a bigger stage? English is something you have to consider. Okay. Thank you. You’Re welcome! Hey Gary good evening, Good evening. First of all, you Have to keep you at CBI, Lulu, You have to be Well you in love, you and Russia Yeah, So I’ll.

Just give You a very quick contest because I want to respect everyone’s time When I was four years old. My mom stabbed me for Ethan All the cucumbers we had for dad Stubbed you Yes, My hand. Yes, when I was six, she smashed My face against the wall until it bled from my nose and teeth Just was just because I was late one hour. Then she threw me at the graveyard that when it was late at night And honestly, all my life was Fear and sadness and sorrow, And so when I was 20 years old I said either I keep myself awake go So I decided I go and I left my mom and a few years later I Became an entrepreneur and I’m not the most successful one, but I’ve done pretty good for myself Quite happy Good And [ Crowd, clapping ].

Ah, but No that’s a story! That resonates with me It’s something I share very infrequently, but my grandmother who Passed away this year, and maybe that’s why I’m a Little bit more comfortable sharing it. She was very difficult to my father too in the Soviet Russia. So I have a lot of empathy for that story And I also know – and I know you know this cause – I see you made some Doll with my face on it So obviously you’re following.

I believe that adversity In youth is a very powerful advantage if you’re able to get out of it If you’re lucky enough to Be born with natural mindset or consume something that Helps you get out of it? Well, a hundred percent So I came along the way, but I did become an Entrepreneur out of vengeance and wanted to get even with My mom, my dad my everyone and I knew how unhealthy It was and then came along this American Russian Who speaks way too much and curses even more and Somehow I don’t know how I really don’t know, but But you changed me today.

I work for happiness. I work for hail, peanut, other people rather than closing the most deals, And I came here to Practice what you preach, which is jab, jab, jab right hook, So let’s start with the jabs. Please Then we go to the right hook. Please Thank you. First of all, Gary Vaynerchuk I’d like you to meet Gary Vaynerchuk. Also I’d like you to Meet Sasha Vaynerchuk, Very nice And to make it devastating Tamara, Vaynerchuk Very nice.

My two favorite people on earth. Yes, Now I know you’re a private man, so I’ll make it in Russia. If you want I’ll, do it for free I’ll, do [ Foreign language ], 100 % Splunk? Now we just heavily a You. Send me an email, To Gary at VaynerMedia and we’ll get hooked up, Thank you You’re welcome. So Thank you. Now. Here’S my right code And regardless of what [ Crowd, clapping ], say yes or no. What I said earlier I’ll a believer.

I desperately need 20 Minutes FaceTime with you whenever you want Wherever you want, please, Okay, Two things: One jab jab jab right hook When you give give give and then ask It’s unbelievably important. To me that people understand that when you give with Something behind it: it’s not giving So the execution of That for the 20 minutes is not how I see the world. However, I just want To make sure everybody understands that, However, even with that said, and usually it’s not my favorite move When somebody gives me Something I didn’t ask for and then need something from me, which is the most valuable thing from me.

My actual time, even Though I don’t love that I just love you Thank you, I love. I will give you the 20 minutes. Thank you. Your welcome Email me we’ll get connected. I will I’m going to get one more in and then I’m going to call up the CEO and we’re going to have this far check Last one, please You got it. I love you. I love you back. Okay, Thank you. We own a canabiss growing Side, flora, 70 years We are rather than contact jab Jab jab jab all the time and the now the market is Opening for the big companies coming from United States, As you know, we can’t have Sponsored ads on Facebook, I’m aware or Instagram, So I’m asking you any advice Influencers because that’s The most scalable thing So giving the dollars to the influencer they post and sometimes it stays up.

Sometimes it doesn’t. But my number one thing I do a lot in the US with cannabis. With my Greenstreet company, You have to start a podcast. You have to control the media podcast and even text messaging, starting to ask people for Their cell phone numbers and putting out content directly to them And we work very hard and chat bot, also 100 %, but even the chat bot. If it’s in within the If it’s in WhatsApp you’re going to be vulnerable, You want to go direct phone numbers and you want to start a podcast company because there’s no platform in the middle, that’s in control of you Great! Thank you.

Your Welcome All right! Let’S do the fireside chat. Thank you. Everyone Gary! This is very good shit. So do a couple more, It’s all about them, so I Can grab my intervention Be right here, Who’s got the mics, No problem, I just don’t know where the mikes are Who’s got the mics Go ahead. Yep she’s got it Yup, that’s fine And then let’s and then let’s go into The way fucking back, I want to get some of those those peeps [, Tiago, ], Hello, Gary.

My name is Tiago me and my girlfriend We drove 380 miles just To see you and meet you, Thank you. I just want to thank you. For everything you did, I brought pro-Russian with me. Thank you. This book changed my life, I’m I work as a doctor, but I happened to be Passionate about technology, So I started my YouTube. Blog following our advice, my last year one half year ago, and it started to grow exponentially.

You told me about voice. I Made Alexa contacted blew up. My girlfriend was unhappy at her job and I said, read this book And then Steve captain Complaining about her job and I said quit You’re not Gary, says quit And she quit her job. And now she started her Own slow fashion, business, She’s happy as she ever been, and we want to thank you so much and ask if you could sign my book and take a picture with us, please, 100 %.

Thank you. 100 % bye Who’s got the mic right over there. Go ahead, Get her attention. She’S got the mic, Go ahead. Yeah I came from there because no one is looking For the people on the sides and not just eh, I Think is really important to talk about a business that Is really neat in Brazil, That is it’s schools, teaching, of course – and I am the first people, but the first person here That actually didn’t know you before.

Are this summit No problem? I wasn’t people didn’t Yeah. I wasn’t a big fan of you. I am now You’re a really smart person. I just wanted your Opinion on how you think that teaching is going to Grow in these platforms like YouTube internet in general, Do you think that actually We’Re going to have a boom, let’s say teaching is going To explode on the internet, Do you think that’s a Market in the future, I do and I think it’s already happened.

I think you and I have grown Up in the last hundred years of modern teaching, where education is being done through, Schools and leveling up until final university and Then go into the world. I believe that education, Is already happening If you just think about what that doctor was just saying literally the question before he readed my content. In education form, it educated him to the possibilities and then he went and executed it.

I think to your point and you can you can add, we can talk back and forth. I think people that are Educators in the current system are going to have to be very thoughtful that are they passionate About being a teacher in the current system, or they passionate about educating in the macro Yeah, that’s actually the Point I was trying to get yeah. I know there’s a lot of people already teaching other People on the internet, My the thing I was thinking is that my idea of future, though the thing I want to do in my future – is teaching people online Specific languages, You could do that now, But yeah I know, But do you my question is: do you think teaching is going to go? Entirely to the internet, do you think I think society is Going to go predominantly to the internet will still live in real life, but there’s a very significant Chance in 30, 40 50 years that all of us are Living in virtual reality and are spending a lot Of time in that world, No different than the 11 hours we spend inside our VAR phone now, Yes, I do Like ready player one The movie Yeah I listened to.

I think people in this room, including me, are very Naive of where technology is going already, We can see blockchain VR AR there’s so many more inventions. That will be invented before we die Technology. Always moves Technology always moves. So yes, I think so. Thank you. Okay, Who’s got the next question. I need the mic. Wait. We got you: Okay, [ Foreign language, ] Gary. How are you [ Foreign language, ] You’re, going to die? Yeah, I mean brother, My biggest hope for everybody.

Is to not have regret, besides health health, which you need. I want people to have happiness and as much happiness. And as little regret – And you know, you’re such a young man – We have so much time We have so much time. I just wished that people Had a better relationship with time, There’s so much more time, and so I’m glad that that hit You, because it’s very real Everything I do everything is knowing that it’s almost Impossible to be a human being 400 trillion to one That is the math, The odds of being a the Odds of being somebody in here right now is 400 trillion to one It’s impossible to be a human being, and yet everybody here is one, and I don’t want you to waste it.

Why [ Foreign language ]? Thank you. Thank you. God lets us go Yep. We can do the last one Yeah Hi All right Earlier. You gave us advice. For producing content – and I as them to they for Hobart to Prado for Microsoft, What re twirls do you have Every day that changes your life and I want what What brother, What What rituals re re is. Yes, that do do every day And it changes your life Every day, Yeah every day.

At some point I imagine my children or my parents or my siblings, somebody in My family dying every day, And that makes me happy, And I know that that might be confusing, but every day I practice reminding myself what is actually important to me And if today I went to Brazil And gave a great speech and many people found out about me and when I got back to My phone in an hour, one of my clients, gave us $ 5 Million more for Vayner media And one of my articles, Went viral on Instagram and got 5 million views And maybe even this Sunday, the jets win a fucking football game Right.

If all that happened, If all that happened, if God forbid one of the 20 People that I love the most got sick or died. I would not give a shit My only ritual every day. Is to make pretend somebody that I loved died, which makes the rest of my day very easy Amazing. Thank you. You’Re welcome, [ Crowd, clapping ] Do them in a very tough spot here. I’M cutting this great conversation, short Yeah, I’m also between you and your flight and between them and party with free beer.

So Free beer is fun. So unfortunately, you guys this conference is coming to an end. Did you like it? [ Crowd, cheering ]. So my only mission here is try To wrap up this conversation with some of the important Things that we discussed here, I think we all agreed that We had an amazing three days, the last three days. Those are my questions to you, I’m a big fan since the wine library days. I actually met you.

I’D, probably don’t remember that Mad at you at web 2.0 expo 2009. So that was a long time ago. In Portugal Yeah in San Francisco, So my first question is You want to buy the jets. Yes Most people here, Probably don’t know why, So what I want to know is: what’s the power of stating Out publicly a goal like that, And please explain why You went about it yet When I was five years. Old six years old, I moved to New Jersey.

I wasn’t speaking English. I had a very tough time in When I first came to America. I went outside and some boys were throwing in American football. I went over started playing and they said to me: what team do you like? I didn’t know They said you’re in New York. Jets fan, I okay, That was 1982 Every single Sunday, Since that day I have readed Every single play of the jets During that summer or a year later, all my friends had jets.

Jerseys We were poor, So asked my mom to buy a Jet shirt and she said no, but at night she knitted And made me a jet sweater That is my prize possession. I have it in a safety deposit box. When I buy the football team, I’m going to hang it As soon as you walk in, For me, the jets means America means happiness means the beginning of my life. When I started when I was in fifth grade, they asked us who do you Want to be when you grow up And everybody wrote: police man, astronaut all sorts of different stuff, and I wrote the owner of the New York jets and that was the first Time I said it publicly and I’ve said it basically To everybody, I’ve met since and then obviously over the Last 10 years as more people got to know me, it’s a part of my story.

It’S very important. It’S actually very similar To the nice gentleman from Argentina, It you have to be self aware. For me, entrepreneurship and building businesses has Always been my happiness Lemonade when I was five to Being right here with you today at 43, so for me wanting To buy the New York jets is very important because it’s a goal that allows me to play for a very long time and that Is what brings me happiness the process? As a matter of fact, I’ve already made a article Maybe five or six years ago that I have saved and it’s the article that I’m Going to share with the world The day I buy the New York jets and in the article I tell everybody, That today is a sad day, Not a happy day, because something that I’ve been chasing for a very long time has Come to a conclusion, And then I make a joke: About winning a Superbowl and something like that, But nonetheless it’s important for me not Because you shoot for the moon and you land in the mountains, It’s important to me because It represents a process.

I want everybody here to love. What they do in the process, not necessarily the stuff That comes along money, fame vacations clothes. I want them to love the Game, not the stuff For me having a big Goal lets me play longer, Got it Got it? Thank you. Thank you Last couple of questions So another thing that we Talked a lot about year. Is this tragal, especially For entrepreneurs, Now we have to deal with that.

You always talk about hustling. What keeps you up at night today Like cause you’re a successful guy still, but you still have some right Yeah, But but that’s What I signed up for, Like I, don’t understand When People are trying to aspire to be unbelievably happy. And unbelievably wealthy, it should be hard Like every day is hard. I landed here from these Three flights to get here and immediately I get wifi and there’s four texts from clients, Problem problem problem problem: It should be hard.

My struggles today are 100 % outside the framework of my business. For me, that’s my safe place and I accept that. There’S Going to be tough things As a matter of fact, this is funny. I didn’t do it on this trip, but sometimes when I fly and I have to fill out custom forms when it says occupation, I write for fire fighter. That’S how I feel an entrepreneur is you’re, always ready for another fire, whether it’s two o’clock in the morning or nine 30.

You have to be ready and I don’t struggle with that, because I’ve been Practicing it my whole life, which is why I fear, when people Try to become entrepreneurs, because it’s cool Now I worried about that, because it’s very hard and if you’re not used to losing, I lose every day Every single day I lose And unless you’re good at that you will not like entrepreneurship, And how do you know what’s Interesting There’s something interesting there.

You know where my mind Just when I apologize Well, my mind just went is it’s funny where I just Went as we’ve just finished that you were about to clap, I said I said to myself. I said it’s hard to lose. When you already lost I’m already pop committed to the game, I know what I signed up for. You can’t lose when you Already think you’re losing Everybody thinks entrepreneurship, I’m going to start the next fucking Uber and be a billionaire, No you’re, not And the second, you understand, That is when it gets good, And now we run multiple companies.

Most of them are very successful How to prioritize her life, how to balance stuff and only don’t allow Them the word balance, but juggling And being okay. The reason most people aren’t doing. What I do is I’m okay juggling and letting something Fall because I don’t If I was juggling right now, eggs and you were all impressed. And I dropped an egg and you all said I wouldn’t care It’s part of the game.

So for me it’s easy to do. The wine and the business and the sneakers and All the stuff I’m doing, because if something fails, People will tweet about it. People will write about It, but I won’t hear it What’s so important and the one Thing I wish for all of you and it was earlier to The parenting question, as you can imagine, especially if you don’t know me, and you just discovered me and you see how people Are talking about me, you could imagine how Easy it is to get high when people say that You’Re changing their life and all this unbelievable But it’s very funny for me.

I don’t when I hear the beautiful things that are said to me. I think about Sasha, I think about my parents. I think man they did a good job, I’m the product of them, I’m the product of Immigrants and struggling and good parents So When I hear nice things, I don’t get high, But That’S a very good thing because when people say The reverse, in my comments or negative things, I don’t get low When you become detached detached from either positive Or negative comments, you win The reason, so many of you struggle is you, like the compliments When people say you’re, pretty You, like the compliments When people say you’re smart, you like the compliments When you’re dressed good, he came up with a good idea.

You scored a goal. You made a couple of you like that So when, but now you get Used to the feedback, So then, when somebody says your shit, you believe that too, I don’t believe either I hear nothing. It’S super quiet appear. It’S super fucking quiet up here.

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