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YouTube Marketing – Drive Traffic To Your Channel

My name is Lloyd. Dobson, I’m coming to you from my branch office on the beach and beautiful treasure. Island florida YouTube is one of the best platforms. If you want to brand yourself or promote your business, article marketing plus smart marketing, equals huge profits with the number of youtube article publishers, increasing the competition to get your articles.

Seen is getting tougher and tougher. Currently, there are two plus billion uploads each and every day, and there are two plus billion page views every hour. Article marketing is an open game and a huge opportunity to market guys. It takes a lot of effort and patience to make your articles successful on YouTube and I’m going to share with you a few tips on how to get more friends and subscribers on YouTube and how to rank higher on the site.

This first bulb imagine putting long hours into creating online articles that get you on the front. Page of Google you’ve got a nice, steady stream of free, targeted web traffic on a daily basis coming to you, and maybe you’ve even paid big bucks for online article training, and you followed the advice of the pros. The leads are coming in, and life is good. Now imagine trying to log in and finding out your account has been permanently disabled and guess what there is no way to get it back and now all of your hard work is down the tubes, no pun intended there guys.

You are now or whether I should say you’re no longer on the front page of google or any other page for that matter, and the free daily leads. You guessed, it gone. Nada, yeah, zilch! Well guys that happened to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have this product tube, blaster probe, but suppose you had an automated system that controlled that from happening to you. Well now you can use tube blaster Pro and keep it from happening.

What is too blaster pro? How can you use it? Where can you find it, you can find it at HTTP colon forward, slash forward, slash, vit, ILY, /youtube chips to blaster pro is software which can be used to automate the process of adding friends and subscribers to your youtube blog. The software has a built-in browser which is used to navigate the YouTube website and using the system when you get to a list of members on YouTube that you would like to add.

You click the gather, friends button and then the program automatically goes page by page gathering all those friends in the list and that list can comprise of you could actually program it to say MLM companies or work at home or any category that you wish, and it Would go out and gather that list for you now at this point you can begin sending friend requests. You click the friend request button.

The software again will automatically go down the list of the friends IDs one by one sending requests and then just sit back and wait for your list to grow. Using this social network youtube the market, your articles, products, services or bands is an extremely powerful new method of advertising. The process is very easy to use the same trim request the very targeted market you send messages directly to them about your product, information, upcoming events.

So on and so work marketing with two blaster pro is the cutting edge way to advertise to a large audience and it’s cost effective as well again that site is HTTP colon forward, slash /b, I tol why /youtube tips, here’s a recap of the features gather friend, Ids from browsing the blogs article pages friend, list groups or any other area of YouTube, auto messenger that allows you to send out messages to all of your friends and other people, auto commenter feature that allows you to send out comments or articles and blogs.

There’s blogs subscriptions feature that allows you to send out subscriptions to all of your friends and to other people. You can send out messages along with friend, request feature that allows you to send both a message and a friend request to the same person and new is a multiple registered accounts that you can now be chained together with several YouTube accounts and there’s a new set To blaster pro to autostart each day, there’s a feature on it that allows you to set a time delay and there’s much much more.

You can download your free demo now by going to the following website: HTTP colon forward, slash forward, slash vit, ly, /youtube tips again. This is Lloyd, Dobson, coming to you from the beach and Treasure Island, Florida and i’ll, see you on youtube.

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