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Prince Legal | Daniel Prince

Allshouse Designs just completed a new website for Prince Legal. The website is using WIX as it’s CMS. The design is a simple, making it easy to navigate on desktop and mobile devices. We even added a little animation in the title for the desktop version. It was a lot of fun working with Daniel Prince to complete his project. Thanks Dan! I hope to continue to apply our services to build a strong online presence for your business.

Dan is a business attorney out of Seattle and has been practicing law for the last six years. He has a ton of knowledge and legal know how for small business. He has helped Allshouse Designs with legal questions and I highly recommend him. If you have a business and have legal questions or a need for the business legal services. Take look at what Daniel R. Prince can do for you.

Seattle Holistic Doula

Seattle Holistic Doula is a new client of ours and they offer support to expecting people and their partners throughout pregnancy, birth, the newborn period and beyond in a holistic way.  Doulas are an important to the birthing process and in the nut shell can improve your plan for a natural birth with a midwife.

Anyways, Back to where Allshouse Designs comes in. I have just started working on the Seattle Holistic Doula’s website. The cool thing about our website management service is that we work with your current website. There is no need to change servers or URL ownership. Now every website is different and there may be a need to have the website live on our servers, but really we try to avoid it. Even if our servers are superfast. Once we have control over your web site we will make decisions to improve the site on a monthly basis. It is important that a website provides fresh content and is constantly being adjusted for new technology. With that said, we work with you on a monthly basis to improve your website’s ranking and feel. As far has Seattle Holistic Doula goes, we have just started to work with Jenne Alderks this month. I am very excited to improve her website and keep it updated as much as possible. Jenne has been a Doula for the past 5 years and has experienced more then 70 births. I highly recommend a Doula for your birthing experience.