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Weekly Planner Spreads | September 2019

Through of all of my planning spreads. I haven’t really been doing like playing with Me’s anymore, just because I get home from work, and I actually filled this in daily. That just really helps me. However, I did do a plan with me on this spread. This is kind of more filled and now but um if you’re interested in this spread and how I kind of just set my weeks up I’ll put it.

I think it goes there um in a card up for you guys, but anyway this is August 26th through the 1st of September. So this is my first week. This was kind of a fair themed week. However, it didn’t end up going to the State Fair, as some of you know that I’ve been following along on Instagram and Facebook, I post on Instagram and then it kind of just goes to Facebook I’ll put the link below. If you guys wan na, follow me there, but I have been having some stomach issues and problems with that kind of thing.

So you know I talked to about it with my mom cuz. That’s who’s going to go with and she’s like you know what, let’s just forego the State Fair this year, cuz basically go to the State Fair and you just like eat all the fried food, because it’s like epic and delicious, but she’s like I don’t want you Getting sick there and you know all that stuff, like sounds good and as you can see, I got sick there, which was great.

I actually stayed at home. That day I mean I worked from home, but I don’t want to work from home. I want to go into the office, but there are some times where I cannot, unfortunately, so anyway, I got a stitch fix this week, which was awesome. I actually have a stitch fix like literally downstairs right now, and I think I’m going to film that tomorrow, when I get home, I haven’t even opened up the box.

Yet it was my co-workers birthday this day or actually this day, and then it was also my one-year anniversary at work. So we celebrated. We went to noodles and company, so yeah, but that’s kinda. What happened? Oh and then I visited my grandparents and my brother came over for lunch with my mom all that good stuff lots of happy mail. I got lots of happy mail from the wild collab sale, which should be up by the time.

This is up so I’ll leave a card for you guys if you want to check that out, and then this is the next week. So this is typically in my area, I’m in Minnesota, so like all of our public schools for the most part start the day after Labor Day. So that’s kind of how I grew up, and so I did this one as kind of a school themed so Labor Day I had off so did a bunch of things. As you can see, I’ve got fun, migraines and all that fun stuff in here.

I’ve also been you guys, will notice over here, I’m tracking some stuff. I am tracking tons of how many I take per night and, let’s just say the medicine that they’re giving me currently isn’t working, so I have to supplement it with tums, which also isn’t working kind of it’s just a whole. It’s like a literal pain in the stomach yeah head with migraine two days in a row, so I had my green this day, which means I didn’t really do much and then another migraine here at work which really stunk I had a doctor’s appointment.

I had to contact some stuff for my vehicle. I went to Walgreens, I swear. I go to Walgreens like all the time yeah. I also got my auto glass repair and I had like a little chip in it. So I got that repaired. I had to schedule a surgery that I’ve already had so that’ll be up here in just a moment and then planned. Let’s see did some other fun things over here. Oh, I started reading mind hunter by the way, I’m done with mind hunter um, because I already readed both seasons.

I just like can’t stop. It was so good, so so fun. If you guys have any suggestions on Netflix. Let me know, but mine hunter was amazing and I loved it. So yeah I’ve got a bunch of happy mail. Over this weekend. Did some filming I set up my new planner from work. I clean my garage I feel like I’m, like always in flux of cleaning. My garage does anybody else have that I just feel like it’s never clean enough or picked up enough.

I don’t know whatever, and then I went out to a brunch with Jodi and Ryan. Jodi is from life’s organized chaos and Ryan is from the man with the plans. I will leave their article or their blog links down below go check them out. After that I did a little retail therapy shopping. I went HomeGoods. I went to the diner location, Eden, Prairie and no load mall. I just really needed some art, so I was looking for some wall art and I did find a bunch of things.

So I know I’ve been talking about for a long time at doing an updated house tour and I’m going to do that someday. I just don’t know when anyway and then yeah I did my meal prep and, like I usually do on Sundays, and then I also made my grocery list as well, and then we get into the 9th through the 15th and as you can see, I can just Notice right up ahead, migraines yeah, I worked from home this day.

I had chest pain. My chest pain is attributed to some results that I’ll talk about in just a moment. So I did work from home. That day I did go out with some friends. We just went and grabbed some dinner got a bunch of happy mail went to dinner at my parents, house hung a bunch of art and then I cleaned the garage again like. I can’t stop cleaning the garage apparently targets. I ordered my costume for Halloween.

I know that’s like way far away, but I I’m going to be one of my co-workers for Halloween, so I was approving stuff with her to be like okay, would you buy this she’s like heck yeah like okay, perfect, just so anyways I’ll, probably end up posting A picture of it like on the 31st because we’re going to be working on the 31st and we’re going to be doing some fun things in the office that day so I’ll have somebody take a picture of me in the outfit and then Saturday, Sunday didn’t really Do too much organized some of my paperwork, which was nice to do purged, a bunch of paperwork which was awesome? I ordered a quilt online.

I actually just got the shipping notification today so to take awhile, there was a citywide garage sale so like the whole. Neighborhood was just like a flutter with things and then I just paid a bunch of bills and then we get to with a sixteenth through the 22nd. So this is where the first, I don’t know, they call it a surgery, but just cuz. They like put you under, but it’s more of like a procedure.

I had an endoscopy which basically means that they put you to sleep and they put a tube down your throat as well as a camera and see what the hell’s go going on. So what happened? Was it took a bunch of biopsies? Everything came back pretty normal or as they expected it to come back, but I also have a hiatal hernia, which that just means that there is part of my stomach. That’s creeping up into like places.

It shouldn’t. Be and pressing on my like chest, cavity wall kind of, and that’s why I feel that chest pressure and that chest pain quite frequently so, like my stomach, is going places it shouldn’t go basically, so I am in the midst of getting that fixed. I don’t have any updates of when that’s going to happen, but that is what they found out. So this was pretty whatever about normal a week. I guess and then in the morning I did work from home.

I didn’t have to go in until noon that day. So then, I just kind of wrote out on here all the things that I could do before I went in so I could have oatmeal at 6:00 a.M. Or by 6:00 a.M. I had to stop all clear liquids by 10:00 a.M. And then at 10:00 a.M. They wanted me to drink 12 to 20 ounces of Gatorade and then be done with it by 10:00, so yeah and then a hiatal hernia, that’s what they found out.

So my mom stayed over that night and then she left about noon the next day. Um you know cuz. I had to have a responsible adult with me um. I did work from home this day because I couldn’t drive for 24 hours after being put under, but we did a ticket giveaway at work and it was also national pepperoni pizza day, so they had pizza over there. So I just worked from home and then I was so tired. I took a nap so yeah and then Saturday you took another nap, but I was so tired, like the next day.

It wasn’t too bad in the morning, but man at like 24 hours afterwards. It’s just like like hit me, I don’t know um yeah and then I had a frog came in my house. That was exciting. It was really really stormy and rainy the whole weekend or likely it’s that morning and a frog decided to come and seek refuge inside of my house. So I was like oh nope you’re, going to go back outside little friends. Izumo anyway, move some boxes out to the garage for my brother.

I had another migraine. Yeah I feel like this is just like Emily’s medical history, yay, so yeah and then um you know, did a bunch of things. Added articles and brother came up to pick up. All of his stuff and then went out to dinner with my parents and brother that evening, and then we are into this week, which today is the 29th. So this week was me I mean I don’t know, there’s just so much going on, which is weird because I normally have like a very simple life, but I’ve got a lot of medical crap going on so Monday.

I actually stayed till 7 o’clock, which is why I have my nice little peanut butter, taco sticker. That says it so I was just trying to get this order out and it just took so long. I was just a pain and I but um I had to stop at Walgreens, because I had a medication change that I had to deal with and then the next day. Okay, so my brother drove to Iowa, like he actually lives in Iowa, so moved all of his stuff and then went to Iowa ID email.

My doctor, I got a flu shot and had to go to Walgreens again because they did more think it’s the whole thing. This medication wasn’t right so then they gave me a new medication. I had a migraine, unfortunately, and read this as us: oh so good you guys so that was fun and then regular work went to a meeting with some friends and my mom came over and walked the dog cuz. She was just over here and, let’s see, oh, my friend Kristin her birthday was on the 26th.

I worked from home. Actually, both of these days, I was planning on working from home this day, anyways, because I had a doctor’s appointment at 4:00 and it was just a pre-op, but we needed to talk about my hernia results and all of that stuff, so they said like hey. Can we give you a call if anything opens up in the day, and I said yeah – that’s not a problem, so I was going to plan on working from home here.

Unfortunately, again chest pain, same thing went to the grocery store later on that night, and I was reading some Netflix more migraine migraine good times, uh-huh Walgreens again and on that evening I did some laundry posted. My budget did some name tags for my upcoming high school reunion. That’s coming up, which is exciting. I did some cleaning yesterday, so I cleaned my entryway closet. My brother has had stuff in there for a year now so now that he’s moved he’s going to heat.

One to Iowa, I was able to revamp that a little bit, so I was able to clean it out declutter everything I actually decluttered a little bit in my closet too. So I have to UM like garbage bags full of stuff that I’m going to be taking a donation. Probably sometime this week I was planning on going to the grilled cheese, a festival in Minneapolis with Ryan from him with the plans. However, his plans changed and then earlier in the week we were texting and I’m like you know what I’m having so many issues with my stomach and digestion.

I just don’t think that’s a good thing and I can’t really be drinking alcohol with, like all the weird medications I’m on so and like the tickets, we hadn’t even purchased the tickets yeah, but the tickets came with like the booze and then like a tasting thing From the vendors and I was like yeah, it’s probably a better idea, just I cancel it and so he’s like. Okay, sorry, I just didn’t want to like leave you hanging, I’m like no, I think it’s best for everybody, so he actually ended up going out of town, which was great so anyway.

Today is Sunday. I paid a bunch of bills. I have oh, I still kind of have a migraine, but it’s better. Now Doyle has had diarrhea all day, which has been a very interesting. Thankfully he hasn’t messed in the house, but I don’t know what he got into, but I made him some rice and he’s on the mend, but yeah I’ve been trying to lay down and it’s just like, not working, and so I’m filming right now. But I’m going to be doing a little bit of meal prep later on and maybe about an hour or so so anyway.

That is my look at September. 4. 2019. All my spreads. I will be back next month to share October my most commonly used sticker shops. I will leave down in the links below. I hope you guys go check some of those shops out. I absolutely love all of them and if you have any questions about any specific sticker or set up or anything else like that, feel free to put those in the comments down below and I’ll try to answer.

As many of you guys as I can oh – and I should answer one more question: as for the hernia, I don’t have any answers yet so that’ll probably be more in October that I’ll have to talk about that so trying to get the surgeon and my medical Regular doctor to talk and they’re going to be doing that next week because we talked on Friday, so I’ll know more next week, so anyway, I am going to jet. Thank you guys so much for hanging out today.

I really appreciate it. If you liked the article make sure to give it a thumbs up, feel free to subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next article Bagas well folks, it’s time to kick it old school


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Horizontal MOCK Plan With Me | InkWell Press Planner

I have not prepared anything about this, but I recently posted a article showing you guys my first impressions of an inkwell press planner, but this is in a really different orientation.

This is in a horizontal orientation and I’ve. Never in my life worked with a horizontal planner. My mind works this way and not this way one of you guys said hey. I challenge you to do a mock plan with me in this planner. So I’m going to say to you challenge accepted girl, alright, so I am NOT going to choose to do it in August which this so this is my normal planner, I’m like all over the board here you guys.

This is what I normally use for my planner. It is an Erin Condren, on-the-go life planner and the hourly layout in the colorful version, with a platinum coil, and I’m going to use this spread as inspiration and I’m going to try to mimic this as much as possible. I should have almost all of the same stickers available, I’m going to see if I can recreate this in a way that makes sense to my brain in here.

I don’t know this is going to be like really challenging you guys, like. I feel like it’s going to be a real challenge for me to even do this. We shall see so this little guy is going to be kind of over off to the side, or maybe you just put it in the front here. I don’t know my tripods kind in the way yeah it’s like it’s too much in the way. Okay, I’ll put it off to the side over here for reference and we’re just going to go for it.

So some of the colors might be a little bit different in there, but I’m going to still use the same washi from my shop. I’m hoping I have enough washi, because I have an idea of how I would lay washi in here. If I were to use this, this might be totally weird, but we’re going to we’re going to try it okay Square this up, because the last time I did a little washi rip, it didn’t go well, and this is going to be like extra fuzzy.

I’m just going to let you guys know now, because this is going to take me a really frickin long time. Oh goodness, so we will see. Should I go all the way to the end yeah? Why? The hell? Not you know? Oh I’m, almost out of washi. Hmm: okay: let’s: let’s do it like this? Let’s go all the way to the edge, because I have an idea. Okay, so I would put washi up at the top here, but then I would cut off the excess and repurpose this on another page.

Oh well that still looks kind of cute okay and then I would take it over on this side. I don’t does this look dumb, it might look a little dumb, just kind of kind of winging it cuz. This whole page orientation is a little a little much for for the fde over here all right and I still have got a little bit kind of sticking out at the top. I don’t care that much so I’m just going to fold it over because I’m not going to use the next page.

So if I was really using this, I would cut it off at the top okay. So there is that so we’ve got a little bit of color going on now um, maybe just maybe I could use the rest of this somewhere. I don’t know. I only have like a little tiny bit on my washi sample here, but we’ll save that we’ll save that for just a moment. Okay, I’m going to grab out my Christian designs binder, because usually the first thing I put in is the articles that I upload.

So, let’s go to the icon event: stickers. Alright, I’ve got so many things going on over right all right, so I’m not too worried about like the colors that match over in this, just because I am just going to use whatever, because clearly these are just fine. Using whatever works, so, let’s see – let’s put these in okay, so now they’re all written in hmmm. What I do okay, so I think I would put these like in my little sidebar thing over here, since it’s just something that uploads and I don’t really need to like work on it throughout the day.

If that makes sense. So, let’s put this in here: okay and I did donation tracking on Tuesday. Oh my gosh, this like stresses me out you guys. I don’t know how people can plan this way. I’m sure look at my plan with me. Article isn’t go! Oh my gosh, like that’s too much like I can’t. I can’t plan that way either. So you guys are really getting me out of my comfort zone right now and it’s just. I have a lot of anxiety doing that, even though I know it’s not like real, but that’s alright, but you know what gives me like.

A lot of satisfaction in my life is finishing up a sticker sheet. This is so satisfying. I know some people like really hate this and get really kind of stressed out that they, you know like. Oh, my gosh, I’m down a sticker sheet. I look really enjoy it. I really really do okay. So then, my home project tracker and then my manicure tutorial was up on Sunday, okay, so that is it for my OTT. Alright, I feel like there’s going to be a lot of editing in this article, because, oh my and since I already have my Christian designs binder out, I’m going to put in my dinner thing on Tuesday.

Alright, I’m going to put a time in here too, because it like stresses me out to not have a time in here, so I don’t these things. How do you guys do this? If you guys do plan with me, is or you’re on Instagram or something? Let me know in the comments and like put your blog or your Instagram down below. I want to see your spreads, because this is really stresses me out: okay, mmm, alright! So maybe I’ll put this like right here I don’t know, I don’t know where.

To put. I know I’m going to like instantly regret that when I go to actually using other stickers in just a few minutes, yikes alright. So next up, I am going to be using my coffee break planner stickers and I have a bunch of them here we go. I need a bunch of these ones, so let’s just pull this sucker out. Alright, let me put in all the things I need to do. Alright, I need three of these okay, so now that I have all these in here, all right, so Monday, ooh – hmm we’re going to do this.

This is like so stressful okay, so I think I’m going to put this right here. Oh, I know I’m going to regret all of these things and then I think the same thing I’m going to put this also right here on Tuesday, oh I’m so unsure of myself. This is such a weird thing to be filming right now, all right and then the Thursday okay, I’m just going to put it in the same spot because, whatever okay, okay, so let me pull all the other coffee break, planner stickers, I’m going to be using.

So I used some hatbox, goodness, okay, so they were like kind of these watercolor e half boxes and then what else? Okay, then I grabbed a good event sticker as well all right cool all right, so I’m just taking something! Oh, my gosh, I’m all over the place today. Um put this up like the bottom, so I kind of did it at the end of the day, and Saturday was my filming day up at the top here. Oh my gosh was this Thursday, oh wow, okay, yeah! This is stressing me out, I am just a stress case right now.

Oh wow, I feel like, even though I have all the stickers that I normally use. Clearly, you know when you’re planning and a different orientation, you probably wouldn’t use the same stickers, but I wanted to like really challenge myself to use the same type or style of sticker just to see if it would work with this. But this dresses me out. Okay, so let’s get back to doing the bulk of this because now I’m finally done, I think I have all of the coffee-break planner stickers in here.

I don’t have all of my Christian design stickers in here, but that’s okay, I’ll just kind of like do it as I go all right. So let me pull the stickers that I need to use in here. All right, I’m going to use my little notebook stickers and write exactly what I wrote on my other thing and we’ll see how it goes. Okay, so I wrote all the things down alright, so this one goes on Tuesday and I kind of thought this would be good like right on the side here, because it’s kind of more, I don’t know it to me.

It would be more like a to-do list. If you will um all right and then this was a Wednesday one, so this would go like right about here like that, and then this one was what Friday, okay, cool and again used up a sticker sheet. This makes me so excited to use up a sticker sheet, but it does not make me excited to plan in this orientation. Let me tell you guys: yall are challenging me today, alright, so on texts and emails, I used a little icon.

That was a computer, so I’ll put that right there to make it look the same, and I didn’t use any other icons on any of these other ones. Okay, cool, but I’m going to keep this over here cuz. I used a lot of icons in this spread. Alright, next a junk drawer, I did use this Adrianna Piper sticker, so I grabbed this little camera guy. I got ta be like smarter than the sticker paper. Alright, a little icon right there.

Alright, I also filmed a bunch on Tuesday I’ll put that up at the top here and just right boom, okay and then I also edited on Tuesday I basically edit every day, but you know whatever that down at the bottom. Here am I even in the frame. Oh wow, I am in the frame. Well, that’s a first! Sometimes I look up at the viewfinder and I’m like. Oh it’s all blurry and whoopsie DUP sees oh well, okay and then I need a little shopping bags today.

Let me let me find that all right. What color did I use stuff? I used a purple one okay, so I use a purple one again, not that it really matters, but what else Tuesday’s done? Thank goodness all right and I don’t think I did any other shopping all right. I think I’m good with that, my goodness all right and on Monday I went to my P o box and I had to do a Nordstrom return as well. So I’ll use this and let’s see it used a phone icon, so I’ll put phone icon in here.

Alright, so I made two phone calls laundry on Monday, okay and I use this stickers washi and more sticker sheet. I don’t know, I don’t know what that looks. Good, oh whatever. Oh, this coil I mean. Maybe that’s a reason why I’ve never liked. I mean clearly this orientation is like I’m at my speed. I think you guys can see that by now, but I like on a Wednesday in the Erin Condren, I hate using the paper on the Wednesday just because I can’t write anything effectively.

I feel like okay, so now Monday and Tuesday are done. Let’s go into Wednesday. I did make another phone call on Wednesday took Kay, so I’m going to put that in I’ll put that in kind of at the bottom here all right and then did you all right use this one and I used a purple one. So I’ll stick with purple. If I can still use the same color, I’m going to use the same color, okay and then these are from design pandemonium if y’all are interested, but I got them a few years ago.

So I’m not sure I’m not sure what people have still on their shops. Okay, there’s this okay they’re kind of in the center to kind of even out this space a little bit, and then I also used one of these, because I was taking photos yeah, okay, now Wednesday’s done Wow. This is taking me way too long, y’all, okay, so Thursday. I used one of these little package, icons all right and then I also used another one of these laptop stickers.

So I did some emails here. I don’t know okay, oh I do have another coffee break. Planner sticker hold on here ooh. Where do I put it though? Ah this is like. Oh, this stresses me out: okay, maybe they’re package orders, I don’t know. Oh my gosh. This like makes me so nervous. Okay and then my brother was here overnight on Thursday. All right – and I also used on this planner lifestyle podcast. I am going to put a little icon on here, but it’s not going to be the same.

I kind of used originally I’m just going to put like a little time thing on there and I’m just going to put in 4:30 cuz. That was our start time and we didn’t end for quite a long time, but that’s alright, let’s see do I have everything on Thursday. I think we have everything on Thursday, so let’s go and flip the page. Finally, oh my gosh – this doesn’t stress me out, but this really stresses me out guys: oh my gosh, um, okay.

So, on Friday I I ran to the post office because I had to send out all of my orders from my Etsy shop and then also I sent out some giveaway stuff too. So that was kind of exciting. Oh – and I already have my facebook listing thing in here – okay, so I only have a couple of things to put in here: okay, so but this little post office guy right here, alright, so I sent out orders and it give away and then I’ll take another One other clocks here, I’m a little icon sheet.

I had an appointment and then I’ll take one of these little pencil icons and I had to do some stuff on the internet with my Adsense, okay, cool, so, okay, everything is freaking me out. Everything is freaking me out, okay, so into Saturday. That’s my filming day. So I’m going to put a little camera here and then I’m going to use one of these little houses. I’ll just use this house here mom over and then I edited for the majority of the day, like I feel like I always do so.

I also on my other one just going to see I like put in these little checklist things, so I am going to do that in here as well. All right, I need what four of them just a little bit to give me a little bit of breathing room with the writing a situation. It’s all looking so kind of crooked y’all, I’m doing the best I can with. As stressed as this is making me okay. So then, on Saturday I filmed my budget September lay out a plan of first impressions and then my kitchen storage article, like a good planner person, you got ta check them off right.

Oh, I need to like Center, my Chi here seriously, all right, so I edited then on Sunday twice. So basically I just need to put it in once. I don’t know. Okay, where do I put things uh? Okay, I’m going to put it over on the side. Here I’m just going to write it and I used this um for my Saturday layout. So I’m going to just use up what I can on here. So I’m going to use this sticker, that’s not the same but kind of the same.

So my friend Kayla came over and she wanted my IKEA chair from my facebook listings that I did all right and I think I’m going to use this I’m going to do something a little bit different all right. So I did film a plan with me that day as well – and that’s really all I did on Sunday – was um edit and then I filmed only one article, but that’s alright. I’m going to put this like over here somewhere, I don’t know, I don’t have the exact same sticker because I used it and that’s all I had, though okay and I usually on my regular Erin Condren, which she would probably use for your notes or your weekly Focus, I don’t use it at all, so whatevs I’m going to leave a blank alright, so I am finally done with this spread y’all.

This stressed me out so so much like, I said before, if you guys plan in this horizontal way, leave your Instagram or something below, so I can see how you do it, because this is all over the place for me. I still love me my Erin Condren. So so much, but if you guys can see here I’ll kind of put it like this, so you guys can see like what stickers I used and this one versus this one and then I’ll kind of flip it and show you guys, the other one.

But I tried to use as many as the same stickers that I can I used. You know about 95 % exactly the same stickers. Some of the colors are a little bit just because I’m clearly using what I have and then, if I go like this, let’s go like that because Thursday is down here and Thursday is on this page. So you guys can see how I mixed it up. A little bit there’s a couple stickers I just didn’t have anymore, but for the most part it’s exactly the same, but this makes my mind work a little bit better and also I mean.

I hope that this article isn’t super long for y’all. But this took me probably about triple the time that it normally does, because this was stressing me out so dang bad, even though I already had a template to go off of it still just isn’t working for me. So I know that I have made the right choice in planning in a vertical manner and not a horizontal manner, but that’s alright. I think we all just have to figure out what works for us.

So I’m pretty sure that this is going to be a pretty long article, I’m not sure. Hopefully I can edit down a little bit more, but you never know so if you guys like this so make sure to give it a thumbs up. I don’t think I will ever plan again in this type of version, at least not in a decorative way, but let me know what you guys think in the comments down below did I do a good job, or is this too messy for you too? I don’t know, but thanks for hanging out with me for a little part of your day, if you liked the article make sure to give it a thumbs up, if you made it this far seriously give yourself a thumbs up.

Also, if you want to subscribe, feel free – and I hope to see you all in the next article bye guys well folks, it’s time to kick it old school


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2019/2020 Planner Choice | Erin Condren

If you guys have been following me on social media or you’ve, seen my past couple of articles about this, I will leave a link in the cards as we kind of go along. This was the first planner that I got in PR and I got to pick everything out which was fabulous, but then I went to go wild, oh by the way.

This is the colorful version of the hourly layout in the gold coil July through June. Okay, so that being said, I went to go wild, which was fabulous by the way and I was invited to an Erin Condren party and there was erin condren binders out, even in just like the general admission areas, and I got to looking at the binder and I was like oh, I need that too, and the color way for this I feel like is so pretty so it was torn.

So then, on launch day, I ordered this I’ll leave the article up in a cart. If you want to look at this a little bit more in detail, so I got this and I’m like. I love this too. What am I going to do so? I thought about it for awhile and I really thought about, like my planning style, like what I like and if you guys know anything about me. I am a very like neutral person in my normal daily life, but in my planner I feel like I’m a colorful person, so I decided on the colorful.

However, I didn’t decide on this one. I was a little sneaky and ordered something else. So I got this: this is the Navy binder. I wanted to see the Navy – and this is the gray binder, which I’ll show you in a second and the colorful our Lee is inside of here. So I think that this is. This is the one guys. This is the one, so let me show you what’s inside and how I set this up so hold on. Let me move this for just a second, so this planner and this planner are going to go to some friends.

I change the cover on this because I wanted to use the cover in my binder and I’ll explain why in just a moment, so this is going to be given to a friend and then this one here I started moving into this just be like completely honest And my contacts page in here is gone because I started playing with it and I’m like oh gosh. What’s in great so yeah, the contacts page has gone in here, but I will still give this a to a planner friend that I know will absolutely love it.

I want to talk about the binder for just a quick second, this really bothers me. I feel like you have to like hold everything for it to like properly closed. If that makes sense like it doesn’t I don’t know it closes, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like if you don’t kind of like push everything to the middle of the binder clip or whatever you want to call it. It just kind of hangs out hold up. Let me let me explain it a little bit more.

So if I didn’t help it, let’s move this. It would go like this. Do you see it? I’m saying like all that’s right there, okay anyway, so this needs a little like Oh needs a little help, and then this one’s good, alright. So that was the gray one which I think is beautiful as well, but I went with the Navy. I thought I wanted to see what the Navy look like and then, if I didn’t like the Navy, I could just swap the binders, but this is the Navy.

It’s gorgeous. You guys know that I don’t really like personalization, so I didn’t do that plus. I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep this. This also has whoops the gold hardware as well, which is like my favorite, and then I put these big erin condren pockets on either side of the binder. So I’m going to be keeping these in here. That’s for coffee, brick, planner and they are like little transparent, dots and I’ll.

Show you how I use those in just a moment, but I’m going to keep those are right there and then I have another one right here and you get a packet too, and the Erin Condren website will be linked below for you guys. This is one of bookmarks and I used this to cut washi mainly, and then I took my old cover off of my coil bound planner and put it in here, and the reason I did that is because of that issue I was just talking about so I Have the back cover in here as well, so I feel like when I’m ready to close this up.

I can just easily go like this and I feel like I’m not going to tear the pages if that makes sense like if there’s something like kind of hard behind it. So that’s how I am going to use that so anyway yeah. So this is what I’m going to use. I was actually talking to a co-worker of mine recently because they wanted me to bring in my planner, because some of them have decided to become Erin Condren fans as well, so she was like wow.

This is so colorful. I’m like yeah, I know she’s like I would have just never thought that you would be a really colorful person, and I said you know the only place that I’m colorful in my life is inside of my planner and that’s kind of like what threw me over The edge of like okay, I need a colorful planner, there’s just no way around it. This is very similar from last year. I track a few different things, and all of these stickers are from coffee, brick.

Planner. There is a link down below, as well as a coupon code, if you all are interested for 20 % off, but I track my cycle, which is why I have these over here because clearly I don’t know when that’s going to be happening and then I have All my paydays and then I have work holidays in here too. If I decide to track something else, I’ll put it up here with a key and then I have a bunch of different colors.

She has a ton of different colors in these little transparent dots. So anyway, this goes from july 2019 through a December 2020, and then here I’m not sure what I’m going to do last year. I ended up doing like home projects, but I’m not sure what I want to do this year, so we’re just going to like leave it for now and let it marinate you know and then July July is clearly not here. Yet I’m still in the end of May, when I’m filming this so for July, I really don’t have anything major going on.

I did decide to open up my little package of long sticky notes and put one on every single month. So if there’s like birthdays or special events that I need to remember or something like that, I have them, you know a little place to write them down. I did put in my garbage and then I do have a hair appointment on Wednesday. That day on the 24th so anyway, that is that that’s all I know what’s going on, but I absolutely love this.

I think this is so pretty. I kind of feel like with the neutral I’d kind of get sick of it. After a while, then, I feel like for me there’s more functionality in the colorful, even though I know some people are very anti. This, like color block here, but I don’t really mind it also something I decided to do, which I hope you can see on camera. It’s so hard cuz. This like viewfinder, is like teeny, tiny small.

Over here I decided to take some Christian designs, transparent stickers and put in like paydays into the current month that it shows down here. So this is July and then I have to get paid July 5th and July 19. So it’s just something to track and then also if I want to track something else or if I know if someone’s going on, I could do that as well. But I love this little thing down in the corner.

I love that change. I think that’s so nice and then I’ve got that little guy right there and then in to auto stand. Then again I did trash and stuff, but let’s go to the back and take a little gander at what’s in there, and then we have our notes pages. Oh something I should say I did not do. Is let’s see here. I put everything in here. However, not everything so I put everything in here through January.

Sorry, I’m kind of like all over the board today. So I put all my weeks up until January in here and then once February hits then I just put in the month and then, like you know, this is the back of the month and then I pushed it into the next month. So I have all of my other pieces of paper upstairs in my office, so when these months start to happen, can put them in here. I just didn’t want the binder to be totally full.

I wanted some extra room in here and not make it like. So bulky and I do have the room to store – you know the extra pages and whatnot. So that’s what I did for February through December of 2020. So but I do have you know my months out there, so I can always jot things down anyway. Now we’re into the notes section, and so we’ve got a few things that I actually did a little bit of planning before I filmed this article because I felt like if I did this on camera, it would be like hours long and I’m just like not all About that life anyway, and of course I did it at like mmm like 10:30 last night and there’s like no lighting at that point in my home, so anyway, I decided to do something really similar like I did last year, and I actually have it sitting right Off camera here, so this is my one from the previous year and then I put in like July through June, and these are just like tasks so like 2019, 2020 monthly tracking cute little house sticker there from coffee break planner.

And then I got these from Christian designs and then this washi is actually from Christian designs, but it’s available at Michael’s, only so very fun. So these are all the things that I want to achieve in the next year or so so I just want to like you know, have the task done so for me. Obviously yours is going to be a little bit different and if you have different categories like, let me know in the comments down below, maybe need to add some.

So anyway, I have a budget donations. I tend to donate something every single month or a bag of things clean out the fridge clean out the freezer clean out the pantry. That’s done sometimes weekly, but you know it’s something that I need to do at least once a month. My air filter. I don’t need to change it every single month, but it’s nice to see when I’m doing it. I think it’s about like every three months.

My color gun service is not every month, but it’s nice to see when the last time was checking smoke detectors. My bedding and blankets, organizing my files changing out my toothbrush head clean out the car, a car oil change, face, mask I’m trying to get better at that, like the whole self care thing, I don’t know it’s just like very difficult for me and I need to Just like make the time – I don’t know if you guys struggle with that too, and I’m like one to talk like I don’t have kids and I have a very like subdued life, but still it just sometimes it’s just difficult to make the time and then no Plastic bags: that’s like a big thing that I am going to try to start well, I’m actually already starting it, but I’m going to try to not use any plastic bags in the next year.

I have so many reusable bags. Those Erin Condren ones are just amazing and I love them, and I have so many of them in my car ready to go, and you know you pop into like CVS or Walgreens or the gas station or whatever, and I’m like. Why do I have this plastic bag? I should just always have a reusable bag in my bag. So that’s what I’ve been doing. It’s been working out really well and if I’m clearly like going to the grocery store I’ll put like five or six of them in my bag and if I don’t use them all great, but I would rather over pack then under pack, because they’re so lightweight anyways.

So I’m that’s like a goal of mine and I don’t know if it’s weird but that’s like something I want to do in the next year or so so anyway. Um there is my little dot grid pages and then I haven’t filled out my contacts yet because I didn’t want to be all creepy and stuff Here. I am going to put in all of my house stuff, so the name of the heating and air company. That I view is the name of the electrician.

I’ve been using my HOA contact, my mortgage company, like any like service related thing like culligan. They come over and do service in my home and, like anything house related I’d like to keep it in here, so I think that will be good and then oh over here I put in so this is January 20 January of 21 wow, that’s weird to say Through December of 21 – and I put in all of the pay days as well with those same stickers from Christian designs, those transparent circles – and then here are the sticker sheets, which I decided to put in the back here.

I might end up taking these out because a lot of times, if you guys have seen like any of my other planner articles a lot of times. I kind of forget that they’re back here and then I don’t end up using them. But if they’re in here, which is like my little Erin Condren sticker organizer, then I know that they’re here, so I might just end up putting these in here. Eventually, these are just all loose sticker sheets from Erin Condren that I love so anyway.

They’re in here for now, like I said I might, I might move them – I don’t know so yeah and then we’ve got these ones too. These are so nice very underrated, but very nice, and then I have my back cover to the coil planner, which I love that too, and then here there is that big pocket again, so you can slip something in there. I was actually going to use this. I decided I was going to put this hold on and here’s stop talking so these little flaps kind of replaced this and I already bought it, but I think I’m going to give that to someone that is going to take one of those planners.

What I did last you, which I absolutely loved, is when I was tracking this for like my cycle and stuff, I put this in here and had this little flap here and had this inside and it worked out great, but the more I thought about it. I was like you know I kind of like more streamlined like that. So anyway, this is going to go to the friend, so this kind of replaced that, but I mean everyone, just kind of needs to do what works for them.

So anyways that’s going to be it for me today. I just wanted to share with you guys what I am planning on using for the 2019 2020 year in my Erin Condren hourly. Please please. Let me know in the comments below what you’re going to be using to organize your life for the upcoming year, even if it’s not an Erin Condren, that’s okay! Even if it’s like your cell phone, that’s alright and if y’all are interested in any Erin Condren products.

There are links down below, for you guys I will be leaving links to a Christian and also coffee break planner as well, because I used some of their stickers in here. So if you guys want to check out those websites they’re right down below, but thank you guys so much for reading. I really appreciate it if you liked the article make sure to give it a thumbs up, feel free to subscribe, and I will see y’all in the next article bye guys well, folks is time to kick it old school


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The 2019 Ashley Shelly Planner | First Impressions

This is Ashley Shelley planner or the Ashley Shelley planner. I should say I have done a article on the Ashley Shelley planner. I think it was last year if I can find that article I’ll, throw it up in a card for you guys but um they reached out because they are doing their launch, which is happening this Friday.

I believe I’m going to put this article up on Saturday. Cuz, I’m not really sure what time on Friday that this launch is happening. So you guys know me, I pre filmed the things, so, let’s open up the box and then I’ll tell you a little bit more about the planner. So mine came in this really nice white box and I like unsealed it, but I hadn’t opened it yet. So, let’s see here, I have a business card, create your best days cool.

I have a little note here and it just says Emily. Thank you. So much for checking out the 2019 Ashley Shelley planner. We can’t wait to hear what you think feel free to share your coat Emily 5 for a $ 5 off a signature 2019 planner – and it says the code expires on the 31st of December. So I will leave the information down below for you guys too. In case you didn’t write it down or you’re. You know, reading on the go or whatever so anyways comes in this nice purple, a packaging, little tissue paper, ooh, mmm, mmm, sour patch, kids, alright cool! Like that, it comes in this little bubble, wrap and then it has a little card that says create your best days and then just has like the hashtags and where you can find them on Instagram.

So let me pull this out and then we’ll talk more all right. So this comes in like a cell, oh bag thing just opened come on out, come on out there we go cool alright. So let me give you some information about the planner before I open it, so the standard price for the signature, Ashley Shelley planner – will be $ 44.95. But if you use that five dollar off coupon code it’ll put it down to 39.95 and that is good until the end of the year.

So that’s pretty awesome. It looks like last year their prices were forty, nine. Ninety five, so they have decrease the price which is kind of nice. As for scale, I have a seven by nine Erin Condren planner that I use on the regular it’s a little bit bigger or like my Erin Condren is a little bit bigger. I should say so: I have my cover. You can see the difference like you know, they’re and contouring is a little bit different there.

So the pages are just a little bit more narrow, but it’s the same same height. So, no it’s nine inches by probably six six and a half something like that, so very comparable to the you know: Erin Condren size. So anyway, when they reached out, they showed me their designs for 2019. So I picked this design and this design is called the chambray stripe so um I will show you guys mmm it’s going to be hard to see hold on.

Let’s see if I can like see it properly here we go Wow. Actually, let me put this down and then all sue me all in. I always gets funky when I try to show my screen so anyway. This is the chambray stripe. The aqua herringbone marble stripe painted floral rose gold, so the coil is rose gold and then the painted floral and the silver. So I know these have been like you know. I think these ones were last year too, or something similar to that.

So it might be like one or more of their signature looks, but I thought the chambray stripe looked kind of nice. So I figured why not go with that one and it’s kind of like more of a like a dark, denim color and it looks like it’s black like the stripes look like they’re black, they might be like a super dark indigo, I’m not sure so anyway. This comes with a silver coil, it has like a teal 2019 on it, and then it has the corners which I love.

Oh it’s kind of off camera. Sorry, it has the hard corners which I love. It has the bound in cover. So you know nice and sturdy, then you open it up ooh. This is nice, it has a little pocket, so you can put stickers or you know. If you put your bills in there, you have postcards or something like that or invitations or whatever you can put that in there all right and then whoa all right. So we’ve got a plastic pouch, it’s not movable, however, you could kind of slice it.

If you wanted to and move it around, it’s kind of up to you so and then inside of here it’s like a little sealed pocket here. Okay, it’s just the one sticker of icons, all right, I’m not going to take it out just because just one sticker! So but yeah, it’s all the Ashley Shelley colors, which is kind of nice. So it’s just got some different things on there. So yeah kind of cool all right. Let’s turn the page and then it says this planner it belongs to, and then it has the Ashley Shelley stuff and that’s from January 2019.

Third December of 2019 and it’s got a little perforated edges, I want to say they had those last year. Maybe I can’t remember, but I think they had those last year anyway. So then there’s some information from Ashley Shelley and she just gives you some planner tips, which is kind of awesome and then on this side is kind of just a nice blank page for an inspiration board, which I kind of like, because you know me, I don’t.

I mean I like structure. I just don’t like a lot of structure, so that’s kind of nice, you could, you know, like it says, write, draw and tape all of the inspiration here for your year ahead. It’s so true! So if you’ve got, you know, goals and the goal setting things like that, put it in there or use it for something totally different. So next page there is important contacts with some lines: favorite meal ideas, breakfast dinners and lunches.

I like that, that’s kind of nice. You know or things that were like a hit at your house or something like that all right next page, these are kind of reminiscent of the Erin Condren boxes, but this is a little bit more structure just because it has the months on there. So it’s a 2019 planning overview and I kind of like this – it’s kind of nice. I know a lot of people use like in the Erin Condren ones.

They have these boxes in the of the planner too, before you get into the months and a lot of people use them for basically the same thing like a monthly overview, but this would be easily enough covered up with a sticker or some washi or even just Like whiteout tape, if you wanted to use it for something else, you could just use all of these boxes for something else too. So yeah it’s still versatile with still giving you some structure if that makes sense, so the yearly overview you’ve got 2019 also 2020, which is nice.

I love to have a 2020 or like the next full calendar year in that planner. If that makes sense, because sometimes you’re scheduling, vacations or you’re kind of like grand scheme, looking at things of like okay, that one week there’s this conference in Orlando and we want to go – and it’s always the second week in September or whatever so you’re kind of, Like planning things and just kind of like general forecasting for the next year, so I always really like that.

Now it has all the 2019 holidays will not all of them, but some of them. So we’ve got that and then we get into January all right. So all the paper has been the same, except for the ones that have the tabs are very thick like, like a nice, thick cardstock. Alright. So here is the January 2019 layout. It’s actually really nice. So they’re not perfect boxes, they’re more like rectangles, and they have little lines on them they are.

Are they dotted? They kind of look like they’re like dotted a little bit very reminiscent of just like lined paper from a notebook, it’s kind of what it looks like. So it’s very faint, but if you do want to write like say you want to like write a list of something you could definitely kind of use that as a guideline which is nice. Also, I’m loving that it has last month’s monthly view, as well as the next month’s monthly view on here as well.

That’s really nice! Again with that forecasting or paydays or like whatever you’re looking forward to it’s like okay, yeah, okay, then yeah the 15th will work. But you know I’m out of town on the 22nd or you know like you, can just kind of like talk about that stuff and like see it visually. That really helps me on the left-hand side. Also, there are notes, and then there are some of those holidays that are put up at the very, very top in a very faint purple, writing as well and then into the months.

So here’s the first page in January, it says, create the life you love in January and that’s just it looks kind of more like a vision, board kind of a thing. I know that they do this. What did I just review? An inkwell press planner? I did like a first impressions on as well, so it’s different, but it’s kind of the similar idea. So like goal setting things that you could change for next month, you know all that kind of stuff, and it looks like I mean I’m just kind of reading over some of these.

It looks like these could be modifiable a little bit too or you don’t necessarily have to use this page to if it’s just like not your jam kind of cool, something different and then okay. So this is a notes page, but it’s two columns and then here’s a notes, page that is just all aligned and then we get into this alright. So we’ve got a daily planner, but it’s you know a week on two pages, so the very top.

We have a note section, your monthly word, which I believe you can put in right over here. So your your word of the month and then then it has all these like little colons. So you can put like what you’re doing at specific times to say you work at 7:00 a.M. You can just put 7:00 a.M. Work or you can put 7:00 a.M. To 3:00 p.M. Work. If you really want to do that and it’s got a bunch of lines and then a to-do list and then it says, do today and then dinner, so that’s kind of nice and then over to the right-hand side.

There are listed holidays so like the 31st is New Year’s Eve and the first is New Year’s Day and then all of them are exactly the same as the others, but let’s get into looking at some more all right here. So here is the next page and yeah everything looks exactly the same if you guys readed my what was it my ankle press planner, like my mock, horizontal, which this is actually kind of a horizontal orientation, but I could get more on board with this one, just Because it’s more of a list of times and other lines, so you really wouldn’t necessarily have to use this four times.

If you didn’t want to, you could write very easily shopping or whatever and then like put where you’re going or if there’s specific things you have to do, there’s also a to-do list. So I like that. It’s like a column kind of because my brain works in this way and it doesn’t work in this way. But I did that Mach plan with me and even my mom was laughing at me because she’s like oh Emily, that was so horrible.

I’m, like I know, she’s like, but it was really funny. I’m like well thanks, um I’ll link that up in a card, if you guys want to read me struggle doing a horizontal, but this I think you could, if you were a horizontal person or if you were a vertical person, I feel like this could work for You with this layout cuz, it is, you know, column E and that’s not even a word. What am I talking about anyway, but yeah? So this is the month and then we are now in two of February and so all the months are going to look the same, but let’s go in the back because sometimes there’s other accoutrements in the back.

You just you never know. So let’s take a peek and see okay, so we’re at an hour and alright. So now we’re into the last page of the month, which is December 30th through January 5. Alright and then we’ve got some notes: pages tada, alright, so we have little notes pages with. You know hearts on them. So let’s say one: two, three, four oops: five, six, eight, nine ten! Alright, so you get ten notes pages that are just there for you, which is kind of Awesome and then on the back.

It just has more information about Ashley Shelley and then in the back over here it’s got still the same hard like the hard board. It’s not cardboard, but it’s you know like a solid permanent cover. I can’t talk today. You guys I just like worked all day and got my oil changed just like. I can’t adult and human right now. No, but yeah. It’s like a really really nice, very, very sturdy. It’s like a nice gloss on it too, so I feel like if you spilled something even you wiped it up super super quick.

It would be alright, I mean clearly if you left something it probably wouldn’t be. The best but yeah it’s very smooth like very smooth feeling, and it’s like kind of glassy. I don’t know if you guys can see that, but it is kind of glassy and then this is what the back looks. Like still has the reinforced corners. Sorry, I’m not in the frame whoops and then has the Ashley Shelley logo on the back as well so yeah that is a sneaky sneaky little peek inside of the Ashley Shelley 2019 planner.

If you guys want a five dollar off, coupon code feel free to put in emily v at checkout for five dollars off one of your Ashley Shelley 2019 signature planners. If you used an Ashley, Shelley planner, let me know in the comments down below and also even if you don’t use an Ashley, Shelley planner in 2019 or ever. Let me know which planner you do use or planners I mean. I know a lot of people use a lot of different planners and maybe what you use them for.

I would be really curious to know in the comments and also that’s a cool way for me to check out new planners too, because I can always order some planners and do some open box first. Impressions like I just did with this one, so that is going to be it. I want to thank again the Ashley Shelley team for sending this planner my way and thinking of me and you guys, because you can get a little discount if you’d like one again.

The links will be down below for you guys, but it’s kind of nice to see a little sneaky sneaky peek and they launched yesterday as the time that you’re seeing this. Because I’m pre filming everything and it looks like they’re going to be launching on the 7th and I’m going to post this article a super early morning, I think maybe 5 a.M. Central Standard Time on the 8th so like the next day. So you know, if you want a little bit of a more inside look on this stuff, you can take a peek with me, which you are.

They just did and make your decision from there so yeah. So anyway, I’m going to jet. Thank you guys so much for out with me today. If you liked it make sure to give me a thumbs up, you can always give me a thumbs down too, if you don’t like it, but if you made it this far in the article you might as well give it a thumbs up feel free to subscribe. If you would like to join the ft e family – and I will see y’all in the next article bye guys well, folks is time to kick it old school


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Plan With Me | September 24th – 30th | #ECLifePlanner

I got ta tell ya. I’ve been back planning for a little while now and last weekend. I just didn’t get to the plan with me, unfortunately, and there’s just no natural light when I get home just because it’s now fall time in Minnesota, so yeah but anyway it is now Sunday into October, but I’m still going to plan out this week.

So you guys can see what I did and you know read all the pretty things so anyway, we are planning for the week of Monday September 24 through Sunday, September 30 and right after I’m done filming this bad boy. I am filming the next one as well. So anyway, um I pulled out a couple of wha she’s this one I don’t know where I got from, and I believe this one I got from my shop and yeah, so I’m just going to go with it PS.

My fingers are so dry and kind of just jacked up because of the weather change. Recently, it’s been really kind of irritating and I touch paper all day at work, so it’s even more irritating because of that, so it’s just kind of kind of a bar. So my hands are kind of chapped and kind of peeli. Oh, I don’t like the way that looks so yeah. Sorry, if my hands look a little weird today, alright, there we go.

Maybe I can line it up, Wow good job Emily. Sometimes I can’t line up my washi properly, but oh whoops, if I didn’t do these plan with me, articles it’d be a lot easier if the actual paper was a little closer to my body. But then, if it was closer to my body, you guys wouldn’t actually see it on camera, not that I’m the best at putting things in the frame. Clearly, if you guys have been reading my blog for a while, sometimes I forget to do that and I’m like.

Oh great, the last 20 minutes have been out of the frame: sweet, good, youtuber, Emily all right, so that washi is down like grab my Christian designs, binder here, alright and I’m going to pull these, which are one of my favorite stickers. These are the K ad zero, two nine six four, they are like the little movie placard ones. I use these from my articles, so, let’s put in what I put up this week, alright needed to go into a second sheet here, because I am done with a full sheet.

If y’all been reading my blog for a while, you know that it makes me so excited to finish up a whole sheet of stickers, it kind of like. I know some people don’t like it, but for me it’s like really really validating that. You know I spent my money on this and it is now realized that I actually needed all of these. You know I don’t know, maybe I’m weird like that, but it makes me happy alright and then Friday I put up my October budget.

Alright, alright, I can never really remember the times that I was at work just because I’ve been staying a lot later most days, especially this week. This was the last week I had with my coworker that was training me, so I’m pretty sure I stayed a little bit later than normal, but that’s alright I’ll just kind of put in some time and go from there. So I put in my time alright – and let me dig into some of my coffee break planner stickers.

Let’s see, maybe yellow, could be a good one. I’m trying to figure out like what colors to do know. It may be pink as well. I don’t know I’m just kind of working it out today. Alright, let’s do let’s do a yellow today, that’s kind of a fun one, alright, so, let’s put in the work situation. This is like all coffee break planner stuff today. So, Oh five of these stickers ooh next week, I’m going to get all satisfied all right and then these are from Catherine’s shop as well.

These cute little desk things I’m trying to make my office space at work kind of cute. I will have a article coming up, hopefully very soon, about some of the things that I purchased for my new office at work, so I’ve got lots of really cute things. Just you know kind of make it your own you’re there all the time. So why the heck not right so anyways um yeah, that article should be coming up fairly soon.

I believe this is going to be uploaded first, though I’m not a how-to percent sure, but I’m pretty sure, but unfortunately I am not really able to take photos of my cubicle at work for security reasons, so I won’t be able to share my actual cube with You guys, but I will be able to share like some of the products and stuff that I am going to bring to my office so anyways I will hopefully have that up in the future for y’all I’m going to put in some meal things.

So, let’s see here I’ll put in Panera oops come on. Oh my gosh, this one’s like not cooperating properly. Oh there, it goes it just did not want to be friendly today, okay, Panera right here. What else did I do? I usually have like a ton of stuff at the bottom over here. Okay, I’m going to leave this one out because I’m not really sure where I’m going to put this one for like Friday night, I did a whole lot of eating out this week.

I feel like I’m kind of all over the board today, but that’s all right, we’ll get this figured out. Let’s go and order cuz this it’s like stressing me out so um. Actually, during the day, I did a email that I had to take care of. I kind of did that during like lunchy time ish, something like that. That’s just like a little follow up situation, yeah and then, after that, I ran to the peel box. Alright, typically do that on my way home, because it’s on my way home my public mailbox, which isn’t really a P o box, but my public mailbox is not really near where I live, but it’s the closest I can get so we go for it.

Alright Q box is done. Alright. I also got Amazon delivery day, which was exciting, so I did a face mask which I’m trying to get better at, but a lot of you guys have way way busier lives than I do, but for some reason it’s just one of those things in life where I’m like I just don’t have time. I clearly have time. I just don’t make the time. I think that’s part of my issue with a lot of things in life.

I think that’s a lot of our issues. To be honest, so so, let’s see Tuesday they sent my brother document. So let’s put that in edited and then this is, I don’t read a ton of television, but I do read that show here we go. This is what I want. Let’s see here there is that you know I try to put things away as I go when I’m doing this, it’s like all off camera, but I don’t. I should really get better at that.

Okay, I did the post office, which was good. I also filled orders on Wednesday as well the post office. I did the very tail end of the day. All right, I had to create an invoice that done all right and package orders. These are all the fun things I did that day. Oh, except I did move some inventory into my new office, which I’m going to be sharing to you guys. Hopefully so nish um haven’t fully completed my new office yet, but it is coming up, hopefully very soon so yeah, I’m I’m really really excited about it.

All right, I got these cute little like washi rolls all right, so I’m Thursday we did a little happy hour thing for a co-worker. That was fun. I didn’t stay very long, but it was still fun. Nonetheless, you use one of these at all guys all right. I had a meeting all right, so that is that okay Wow come on. I’ve got like way too many things going on at the moment. Well, I just searched my sticker arsenal for quite a while looking for a particular kind of sticker, and I don’t have it so we’re just going to go with this.

I was lucky enough to be a guest on the planner lifestyle podcast and I’m looking for like a podcast occur or something like headphones or something. I don’t have anything in any of the samplers that I have, but I listen to all my podcasts on my phone. So we’re going to go with this, this is going to be my little icon situation, so yeah so planner lifestyle podcast was released on Friday, a September 28th, and this was going to this was part one.

There are two parts actually they’re both up right now. So I will link them down below if y’all are interested in checking them out, but yeah, so it was really fun all right and so the rest of the evening I had ended up going to the Justin Timberlake concert, which is kind of nuts. I was not expecting to go, but my friend over at life’s organized chaos head texted me in the middle of the day and was like hey.

I know this is like a real long shot, but would you be interested in going to Justin Timberlake with me tonight and I’m like well yeah kind of like you know, so we chatted about it. A little bit turns out. One of the gals that was supposed to go couldn’t go anymore, cuz of an illness so anyways. It ended up working out pretty slick, if I don’t say so myself, so I need all the stickers alright. So first thing I did was we went to Kirby’s, which is a restaurant really close to the Excel? Was it the Excel yeah the Xcel Energy Center? So we went there? Oh my gosh.

I cannot get the sticker off and met up with Jody, and then we went to the concert, which was like an all-night situation. I did leave a little bit early. I like to leave a little early, because I had this really fun thing called anxiety in crowd. So I don’t like to stay there too late. So I skipped just the last couple of songs and it ended up being just fine with me, so anyways, but Jody had other people there with her too.

So I wasn’t like the only one or anything, but anyway I had a great time and it was really really fun so anyway, yes, Justin Timberlake. That was really good times change my air filter and I did that on Saturday, clearly winning it life change. The air filter ooh – I didn’t finish my desk, put on. Let me pull this out cuz, it’s just there all right, I’m going to used I’m trying to like use up stickers.

It’s like the main goal in life today. Alright, so my desk took quite a long time set up office. Yes, the desk situation took a long time to do, but that’s alright. Here we go it’s a cute little thing there and also I had the chair to do which the chair, I said, a lot of four-letter words. While I was putting that chair together. I’ll just put it that way, but um there was nothing actually like wrong with the chair once it was together, but the holes were not drilled properly, unfortunately, so that was kind of a pain in the butt and then for the rest of the day.

I really just was in the office um and then on Sunday. I did all the article edits, so I edited basically all day yeah, let’s be real. I didn’t start really editing until like then, and to be honest, I don’t know what else I did that day. It says air filter here, but I know I did it on Saturday, but I don’t know these are all the things I edited. Maybe I’ll write it in make it look more exciting than it really was okay, so that is it for this week.

I hope you guys enjoyed the article if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up. I feel free to subscribe and you can always hit that little red Bell notification, if you would like YouTube, is supposed to be sending you an email when I upload – and I just upload these articles when they are ready. So I hope you guys enjoyed a look into my week. I will link as many sources as I can down below, for you guys so feel free to check those out, and I will see y’all in the next article bye guys well folks, it’s time to kick it old school


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Erin Condren Academic Planner First Impressions | #ECAcademicCalendar #ECSquad

As you see, I have a big old erin condren box in front of me. We are going to be doing a first impressions on some of the things that are inside here, so I’m very excited to get started shout out to the Erin Condren team for sending me all the goodies that are inside of here today. We’re going to be talking mainly about the Erin Condren academic planner.

Things have changed a sense last year and I actually did a review and first impressions on the one last year. I believe it was, and I will link that up in a card for you guys, but let’s get this big box out of the way and then we’ll move on from there. This was in the bottom of the box. I don’t know what this is for, but oh you know what I do know what this is for we’re going to just leave that right there so anyways.

First things: first, when you get your lovely box from Erin Condren, they always have a little postcard. That has a really nice quote on it, and it says whatever you are be a good one and then my favorite thing is these little guys. They are really nice gift label tags or just anything tags it always says enjoy they usually are these like scalloped adhesive stickers? Well, clearly, stickers are adhesive Emily, oh man, it says to and from I’ve used these before, for giving away like candy or baked goods to like co-workers, our neighbors or friends, or something like that and just put it on like a little cell, Oh bag.

I love these. I think these are awesome and that it comes wrapped in a navy tissue paper and has the signature Erin Condren enjoy on the side here. So let’s open this guy up – and I don’t really talk about this too often but like I got ta say I love their packaging just because I have rarely gotten anything – that’s been damaged if you guys are interested in my Erin Condren playlist I’ll link it up In a card and down below for you guys very rarely do I get anything that’s actually damaged because they have such nice like packing on their stuff.

So anyway, this is all the good stuff. So let me take all this like packaging away and then we’ll talk about it. Alright, so I want to talk about everything at one by one and then we’ll get to the planner at the very end. These are the designer note card set they’re fifty aligned, three by five and note cards with a binder ring, which is this bad boy right here, and I did see some people on the interwebs talk about these and I thought these are just really unique and neat.

So it has the woven, wonder pattern, and this is one of those like erasable things like you, can use one of those markers on here and then on. The backside, there’s also like aligned, but it’s like a laminated one. So that’s really cool and then there’s also a back as well, and then you’ve got all your note cards and they all have the hole punch in them, which is pretty unique and neat. And I really really like that, and then you can just put this all together.

If I can do it right there we go. I need a little strength in the morning. I haven’t had my like caffeination yet and there you go, that’s what it looks like. So you can take notes if you’re doing a speech or, if you’re just you know wanting to take notes on a certain topic or subject or something. But you know I feel like this would be good, even if you aren’t a student and next off. I got these.

I have been hearing lots of things about them. I wanted to see them in person they’re the 12-page flags. They are all different colors and they have a little asterisk on them. I kind of was in the same boat of everyone else, where I really hoped that these would be like several of them and one like they’re, very, very, like I don’t know thick, isn’t the right thick is the right word, but they’re very glossy they’re, like a Permanent adhesive, I really wish that these were like the removable adhesive ones that, like you, know, 3m makes and stuff, because I think that would be amazing because I use those all the time.

But I mean these are really cool, just because I love the Erin Condren little asterisks as well as I love their colorway. So I’m not sure what I’m going to be using these for, but I think I will have some sort of project that will come up and well. I will use these, but again, I wanted to see them in person, and I just thought that I could use them in some way in all my planning systems. Next up is this snap-in dashboard.

That also has the woven, wonder, pattern on it and it has in foiled top priorities and then like a little checklist and then I have and then a little checklist down here and then let me open this up because there’s always fun things on the back, usually And then, let’s see yeah on the back side, it’s got Monday through Sunday, so you could put in like a meal plan or two dues or anything like that.

Also with that woven wonder pattern, which is like one of my favorite things now and of course no Erin Condren box would be it complete without sticky note, so I thought that this would be great to put in this box just because I always am running low On these sticky notes, for whatever reason I got to say, I’ve had a lot of questions on my Instagram and on my facebook as to the adhesiveness of some of the ones in the years past.

I hear you, but these ones, the new ones, the woven wonder and the teacher ones that I have sitting over here right now. These are not part of this haul, but I do have them sitting over here. These have a great adhesive stickiness to them. They don’t leave a film on your page, at least what I have noticed with the ones that I’ve gotten, but they don’t like curl up as much these ones, the new ones.

So I think that they improved some of their adhesives. I’m very very excited about that. So I just keep buying the same patterns like over and over and over and over, but I just absolutely love this pattern anyway, and I really like all of the different sizes and shapes of these notes. Next up is this designer sticker book. I know if you guys have been reading me for a little while you have seen this in a couple of months back, but I did decide to get a new one.

It’s got lots of different stickers sheets and it’s got like transparent stickers and just like regular stickers too, which I absolutely love. But this is the new sticker book for this year. The 2018-2019 season, so I’m very, very excited about this and link will be below to all the products that I’m talking about. And lastly, let’s talk about this little bundle set before we get into the planner.

This was, I think it was like called, maybe like the writing, utensil bundle. Actually, let me look it up, because you know I’m not good at things sometimes. Ah, here it is it’s the writing, essentials bundle and, as of me filming this, this is on sale for $ 25. You do get a little bit of a discount when you buy some of the bundles. So if you actually search like erin condren and like the sale tab, there’s a bunch of different bundles available.

Alright, so here are all the things that are in writing essentials bundle. This is what I was kind of talking about. These wet erase markers you could put on here and then, when they dry down, they don’t come off, but then you can just take like a little baby, wipe or actually just throw it under water and it’ll all come off with pretty good ease. But I love these things and these are the fine tip ones they do also have like thicker tipped ones.

I believe I’m not sure if they’re still in their website, but I know they’ve had them in years past these. As you know, I absolutely love the dual tip markers, I’m a fan of all of them, but I thought hey. Why not get some of these as well, I’m always looking for a black or a blue. You know what I mean. We’re always looking for that. Also this pencil set – I have never had this particular pencil set before, but it has lots of different things in here.

I think I’ve gotten some pencils in years past from like some of the seasonal surprise boxes, but I don’t think I’ve ever had these particular ones. So it’s got some of the mid-century circles. Oh they already come sharpened, for you that’s kind of cool, so it’s got two mid-century circles, one’s a watercolor and then it has some of the metallic dots. So the pink one has rose gold. The teal one has gold and this purple one has silver and then like up at the top next to their eraser.

It has like the same kind of metallic that it coordinates with so very cool and they’re, just six of them, which I live and then really the reason I wanted this is. I wanted these highlighters. I’ve never had highlighters from Erin Condren before, and I thought you know what I think it’s time to finally do this. I know they’ve had them on there like website for ever, but I’ve just never used them.

I think you know it was just. It was time guys it was finally time to do it, so let’s try it with some Erin Condren paper. I just have this sitting here. This is not part of the hall, but oh that writes nicely. They like feel they feel nice in your hand too. I was kind of worried that they’d be like a little too bulky. You know some highlighters are just like a little too thick, but these feels really nice yeah yep.

I like those those are nice. Oh, I almost forgot to mention these. These are the colorful monthly adhesive tabs. I did get these separately, but they do have like a rose gold like January February March April May June July. You know all that good stuff, because the planner that I received is not tabbed. So I thought that this would be something that I could put on the planner all right. So here is the planner.

It also comes with these colorful date, dots from Erin Condren. This is an undated planner, so they do include this typically with your purchase. I believe that this always comes with it. Don’t quote me on it, but I’m pretty sure it does the undated Nastase it flexible. So you can start and stop your planner at any time. So big changes for this year, if you guys readed my other article, that I linked up in a card earlier, you would have noticed that the other one was bound and what that means is.

It was like a not a hardbound, but it was like a soft bound. It did not have the coil, so it was a little bit different and it also was not as thick, which I am very excited to see. What’s in the guts, so it comes with a coil which is fabulous. These are 7 by 9. They fit the regular 7 by 9 covers. I chose the woven wonder pattern in the white background. I didn’t do any personalization, because I wasn’t a how-to percent sure what I was going to do with this or if I was going to gift this to somebody I wasn’t a hundred percent sure.

So I thought you know what I’m totally down with the woven Wonder. So let’s get the white one, because I love the way that this looks also to let you know that these planners start at $ 35. There is some other detailed customization that you can do, that is additional, but these are $ 35 and when you open this up on the back side is also an opportunity for the wet erase markers to kind of put in a list or something like that.

And then, on the right hand, side it says academic planner, your name school and year, and this is a 12 month planner. I believe that the previous ones that they had were only six months. If I remember right but yeah, I think this looks really nice and the paper quality is the same as the red planners so who have a regular planner. It’s that same mohawk paper that they released last season. So like 2017 2018.

And then, when you open it up, you get right into stuff, so the first page here is projects and exams. Your description, your class, the details, the deadlines, important dates and then there’s like a little check for complete, and that is very satisfying. I think so. There’s three on each page and let’s see there’s a bunch of pages in here all right, so there’s a whole bunch of these. So if you’ve got projects and exams and things you need to study for there’s a bunch of pages and then on this page here.

On the left hand, side is just a nice blank notes, pages and or notes pages. This notes page and then on the right-hand side says what you seek is seeking you and then you get into your first month. This is where your colorful date dots come into. Play so you can write up here what month it is and then also put in your date thoughts. Also, if you don’t like the date dots, you can also just write it in too it’s just kind of up to you and then once you decide what month, this will be so say it’s really an academic year for you and you want to maybe start it In August or September, depending on when your school starts, you could grab one of these little adhesive monthly tabs and put in the coordinating tab on this page.

So then, you knew kind of you know what was going on. So this is very very similar to the Erin Condren life planner, as well as the Erin Condren deluxe monthly planner. However, the only real difference is that at the bottom here there is no coordinating month before the next month because it’s undated, so let’s flip through and see okay perfect. So this is the week of and then you can write whatever you want and then Monday through Friday, in full box form and it has Monday.

And then you know like a smaller box, a bigger box and then to do checklist. And then Saturday and Sunday is a little bit smaller because they all fit on one line down here. That makes sense, so you’ve got one two three four five weeks and then you’ve got two notes: pages that are in the lined and then two more and another one so yeah and then you’re into the next month. So every month it looks like is like that.

So, let’s get into when things change, let’s see, let’s see, alright, I’m almost at the back of the planner. Let’s see, I don’t know if there’s anything extra back here, I don’t think there is. That’s alright, though, cool alright, so I’m at the very back of the planner now after the twelve months and then on the back side over here, it says, arriving at one goal is the start of another and it has some info about Erin Condren.

Oh, this is really cool, so it’s got one sticker sheet back here and it says exam midterm test quiz read paper: do study group study no class and vacation. Then it has some other blank event stickers as well for you and then after this is another one of those covers on the inside. You could use those wet erase markers as well and then on the back. Is my nice little woven wonder pattern so that is a peek inside of the new academic planner for 2018 2019.

It again is undated with no tabs, but I kind of like that idea just because it gives you a lot more flexibility to start and stop your planner whenever you’d like, and I just think this is a really great idea for students out there or anyone that Really likes this particular set up, it could be good for and then also if somebody wants to use this for work, I mean it’s got. You know the week of and then some kind of tasking things and then to do is.

I think this would be great for work as well. I mentioned that in my teacher lesson, planner review – that’s a bigger planner than this – it’s like literally bigger, but that one was a great setup for that as well. But you know this would be wonderful for work projects or work things, and things like that that you want to keep track of as well, if you’re not into any of the Erin Condren life planner layout options, and it’s got lots of notes pages.

So if you have meetings or conferences or things like that, you could take notes – and you know do all that stuff, but yeah I mean. I just think this is a really really neat planner, I’m so glad that they put 12 months in there now rather than six months. But what do you guys think of the planner? I would love to know in the comment down below, but that is going to be it for me today. I thank you guys so much for hanging out with me if you’re interested in anything from Erin Condren, the links are down below for y’all.

Thank you. So much for reading – and I will see y’all in the next one bye guys well folks – is time to kick it old school


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My 2020 Medical Planner | Erin Condren Softbound Focused Collection

This is what I have chosen for 2020, as some of you know that read my vlogs or maybe follow me on Instagram there’s a link below. If you want to follow me on Instagram, I have been having some major health problems in 2019 and unfortunately, they are going to trickle over into 2024, probably the entire year anyway.

That being said, I’m, like you, know what I need to get my life organized and have a planner that’s dedicated just to my health. I do use on a daily basis, just the regular, like Erin Condren binder, and I do put my health appointments in here. Here’s my current week right now and I actually have a doctor’s appointment on the 26th but um I need somewhere to put and log everything and something easy and portable to take with me.

When I have these appointments, I do use an Erin Condren planner tote bag. As my daily purse um – and this fits really well in it – I do use currently the black one and it’s the smaller Erin Condren tote bag. I really really like it so anyways I decided to go with. This is called the focused planner and it is in the Navy soft bound. It’s an a5 size. You can decide if you want to get it embossed or not.

I believe there is a chart, I think it’s five or ten dollars. I did get it embossed with my initials, so it’s e j.G. Those are my initials and yeah. I’ve already set this up. I just wanted to walk through it with you, so I could show you kind of how I’m using it I’m sure it’ll keep being modified as we go so anyways. Let’s, let’s get going here, I actually have some test results that I need to bring to my first appointment on the 26th, so I just have that in here, so I can give that to my physician in the new department so anyways I haven’t my name on There I should do that and then the next page is 2020.

I haven’t put anything in here yet, but whatever so, you guys are going to see like names of my doctors, so like don’t be super creepy and like stop them. Okay, okay on this page, it has the holidays and then, like special dates, I haven’t decided what I want to do with this. I mean clearly some months, I’m going to have a ton of appointments and some months I might have none. I don’t know so. I’m just going to kind of like leave it as it is, so we are almost in January, so we are in December.

Currently, it is Christmas Eve actually right now, when I’m filming this, but on the 26th I have an appointment, it’s 7:50 at the Fridley clinic, and I have like my first consultation and a little bit about my medical background as to like what is going on this Early fall, they found out that I had a hiatal hernia and what that is, is it’s basically a hole that is in your body and it’s when your stomach and esophagus meet up, so the only way to actually fix that is with surgery.

There are some dietary things that you can do to help it out. However, those have not worked for me. I’ve been on a plethora of medications and more medications because of that, and I met with the surgeon that does regular hiatal hernia surgeries and because I’m not fully responding to the oral medications. I am no longer a candidate for the regular surgery. She then suggested the only way to actually fix it, in my specific case would be a bariatric surgery and for anyone that doesn’t know what bariatric surgery is, it’s a weight loss surgery.

They basically reroute your stomach, and I have had so many stomach issues for several years. It’s just been really bad, this past 2019 and finally did something about it. So I’ve probably had the hernia for quite a while and just been living very uncomfortably. I can’t sleep well, I have crazy, lucid, like weird dreams, because of all the medications I’m taking, because I’m taking all the medications, I tend to get more migraines, which is a whole nother issue.

So anyway, there’s like a lot going on so anyways. This is basically going to be now my weight-loss journey. Slash get my tummy write book, plus any other like doctor’s appointments. I have to deal with so as of right now. My insurance has not approved the surgery. However, my surgeon and my general practitioner doctor are putting or have put in a request for them to cover it because they would have covered my normal hiatal hernia hiatal hernia surgery anyways.

So it’s going to take probably a month or so for us to hear anything and then they’ll probably end up doing another submittal as well before it gets approved so anyways. Now you know way too much about my health, okay, so um like I said I have my first appointment on the 26th, so I figured I’d put it in here just because like why not and then I also have an appointment with a dietician. Her name is Janelle on the 16th, so these kind of go like hand in hand.

I can’t do anything with the surgery team yet, but I will be able to do some stuff with a surgery team once it gets approved through insurance, but I have to do this anyways, so I figured well. Let’s get the party started and I did call my insurance and they do cover this so anywho. I also have these really cute stickers that I got a while ago. I want to say they’re from planner bunny press or bunny planner press.

Something like that. I will link them down below, but it’s like these little trifold scales, so I figured I would like weigh myself every weekend or you know like just once a week and then put it in there, so I would have a record of it just to share with My physicians also, I got these little stickers um. You can’t see very well probably but they’re clear, adhesive and they’re for Erin Condren, and this one says January, and it says January, on the other side as well and then also on the month, because it’s not really a tab.

I ended up putting a little bit of washi tape right here, so you can clearly see you know where your month is like where, where the month you know, starts or whatever so anyway, all right, let’s get back to January, you guys are going to learn like Way too much about me on this okay, so the first page is you know over on this side. It just says January: you’ve got you know some lines, you got some checklists and then also you got the back side of the washi.

So currently, these are on the medications I’m taking and why I’m taking them, how much all that good stuff. So I wan na like every beginning of the month. I want to make sure to write that down, because, if anything changes I want to be able to tell you know my physician what’s going on, because they have been messing with my medications lately so and then, like February. I would do the same thing, but it’s clearly not February yet so I can’t put that in so anyways and then I can like adjust it if it needs adjusting and then so over here we’ve got like your weekly pages.

I’m not like a horizontal person at all, but I think for this it’s going to be just fine, because I’m not really utilizing it too much. I’m just kind of writing things down. So you know this kind of stuff or like. If I have a migraine or you know, I have to go to Urgent Care or the ER or something I can write that in and why and all that good stuff. So anyway, that is kind of how I am going to use this planner coming up, and here I’m going to put this right here, because that’s what I need and so yeah.

So these are some test results that I have to give my you know physician when I see them on the 26th, so I just have that in here and it’s just like a nice compact little thing and you know I can fit into my hand really easily Um, you know walking room with a life planner every day, just really doesn’t suit me and my needs. Even though I love my life planner, but I don’t think it’s ever left my house um.

I usually just keep it right here, um. You know you know on my desk or whatever and just let you know these do retail for $ 30. I don’t think I said that yet, but these do retail for $ 30 and they’re in the a5 size. So they’re, I don’t know they’re just really really. Nice and you know, I’m excited to use this and I’m excited to make progress. You know in my health journey also the back has a little Erin Condren logo on it.

So yeah I went through every single month and you know just started everything with you know this and then I put in like when I’m going to be gone. This is going to be go wild. I don’t know the dates yet I mean I know that. Go wild. It was actually like right here, but I don’t know like when we’re leaving and when we’re coming back. So I was like asker it I’m just going to like put all the put all the washi.

Why the hell not, and then I just love these little things, I think those aren’t really darn cute and to me I don’t feel like it bulks up the planner too much with the washi and the trifold stickers. I think it’s you know just fine by me. So yeah, then there’s July August. Remember that September and October. Oh and another thing, is I really like at the very end of the month hold on you have pages like you have two lined pages, so I can make any notes I want to make.

If I’m in a doctor’s appointment or maybe after the appointment, make any notes and then also in the very beginning of the month, you know I’m going to do my medications here, but I can make any other notes over here that I need to or if they’re Just really simple notes: you know I can make them on the day of the pointman or maybe a day. I don’t have an appointment. I can just like you know, keep writing or whatever.

So I do really like that so yeah and then I have November and then December and then in the back I decided to do so. This is going to get creepy. Okay, so like don’t be creepy and like stalked, my doctors, okay, so I wanted to put in some notable dates. So these are some dates that a lot of people ask about when I go to appointments and see other doctors. So anyway, I had an ER visit because of chest pain, that’s kind of like what started this whole thing I mean.

Clearly. I’ve had stomach problems and reflux issues for a long time like years, but yeah. I thought I was having a heart attack and I was not because yeah my hernia was acting up and I clearly didn’t know. I had a hernia at the time and then I have September 19th. I had the endoscopy which they found the hernia. I had my fallopian tubes removed on October 31 and then I had this esophageal manometry and 24 hour pH test in November anyway, and then so I have like all my doctors written down that I’ve worked with or are going to be working with and then, like Current allergies so yeah and then I’ve got more pages to go, and then I actually put in like some of the places that I need to go their addresses so yeah and then I’ve got the 2021 page so anyway.

That is it for a look at my medical planner for 2020. I hope you guys enjoyed if you use a soft bound, a focused planner. Let me know in the comments what you use it for, but yeah this is going to be dedicated to all medical things. I will probably be sharing some glimpses of this on Instagram when I can and yeah. I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and feel free to like the article subscribe.

Do all those things those new tubers tell you to do and I’m going to see you guys in the next article bye guys we’ll folks is time to kick it old school