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Client says “Do you guarantee results?” and You Say “…” (Ultimate Agency & SMMA Sales Advice)

It is Jordan, he is just starting his own agency and he doesn’t have any clients yet okay, but when he goes into a meeting, yes, the coins are asking him if he guarantees results. What should he say, Jordan, very, very good question, and did I certainly struggled that my soap when I started my agency? What I can tell you is possible huge respect for going down that path, huge in fact, for you know, trying to build out your agency and trying trying to design your life and build a solid business.

You know that’s a person, everyone say, and the second thing that I would say is there’s how I used to deal with that when I started out and it was a complete failure when they would tell me that I would try to guarantee results I’ll tell them. Hey look: we’re going to get a 12 turned investment every single time and you have to you know worry about nothing, and you know I can guarantee you’re going to get amazing results and the thing is a lot of times, especially if you don’t have any kind.

If you say that, first of all, it’s going to it’s going to make you look like a bit of a COC, spammy, saucy guy right, it’s a bit sleazy! It’s not the right approach, and I think it’s if you, if you do say that you digging yourself into much bigger hole, because what they’re going to do next is going to say cool. Can you show me concrete examples where you’re doing that consistently? That’s really where it goes downhill for a lot of people, and so what I recommend Jordan, is you tell them straight up the truth and the truth is in life.

There’s no guarantees, there’s no guarantees in life. I could invest my time. My energy I could. I could literally work on my agency for 12 hours. Even if I work smart, there’s no guarantees that I’m going to reach massive success right. There’s always that that Stern element of luck, there’s always there’s always a lot of variables that we don’t have control over right, and so we tell them. It’s no guarantees life and anyone who tells you that they can guarantee technology.

A certain result is lying to you and personally, I would not trust those people. In my case, what I can tell you is from our previous. You know from our previous track record, based on actual figures and we’ve done in the past. I can certainly predict working we’re going to get you killer results and our track record. For example. This is an example where our track record indicates that we’re able to produce 2x return investment resource for our clients on a consistent daily basis, but normally that what are you go as far as doing with my team? Is I only hold ourselves accountable to or or last metric or last results, and that actually keeps my team very sharp, and so you know would be.

I don’t like to you know cherry-pick any any. You know one single plan or want to move case study that you know. Maybe we’ve had success with three years ago right. What we won’t do is hold ourselves accountable to literally the last metric that we’ve gotten right now to the last result that we’ve got for our clients just to ghost off the new currencies in life, and I cannot guarantee you anything if, if people are you know, If someone comes and tells you that they can guarantee you souls they’re, certainly lying to you what I can say that would predictably get amazing results for hands.

If you like that, then amazing, if, if not, maybe we’re not the right fit so Jordan, that’s how I would approach that situation so about read the mind so that you go into a meeting with never try to to be in a position when you were you Almost need it to desperately to have them become a client of yours right, and that comes across a lot. If, if you tell them that you can guarantee results, which is you know, they know? That’s, that’s not.

You know, that’s not realistic right. We need for something. That’s not realistic. It immediately speaks a lot about your abundance and obviously puts you into just a necessity position just a week session in in the negotiation table certain. That’s what I would say about about that about guarantee and results, never guarantee results. If you guys have any other question when it comes to, you know, meetings when it comes to signing clients when it comes to, we bottles, leave them down below in the comment I’ll be checking those and I’ll be making articles about that before you go, go ahead And like this article subscribe to my blog there’s, a ton of valuable content coming out, there’s a lot of bluff in this industry.

What I can tell you is I’ve actually been through it. I’ve been through this approach that built a successful you see, and now I’m teaching all this completely for free or my YouTube, and going very, very deep, in-depth in in my articles, not you know, shiny stuff, real real value, so go ahead and swipe my blog and As I said, leave in the comments down below what you’d like to snack so till next time take care and speak soon.

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5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Dominate in 2020

Hey! What’s going on, on this article, you will learn 5 awesome help steps to become a better social media marketer in 2020. Let us begin! The first step is lead generation by gathering data. Now, how do you gather data and what is data? What’s the data that you should be gathering, let me break this down for you, your objective in using social media.

If it’s to sell, you should not be chasing followers or likes, or impressions otherwise known as vanity metrics. What you need to be doing is capturing emails, addresses and phone numbers and there’s a couple of ways that you do this one. You can set up a landing page on any type of website. So someone goes to your website and then they have to input their information.

They get something in return, whether it’s an e-book, a white paper or an exclusive article. Whatever that exclusivity is you want to make sure that someone has to opt-in first and in return you’re getting something out of it? So what happens when you set up this landing page? Well, you can then remark it through Facebook Ads or by sending any email out to potential customers. Don’t lose sight of phone numbers.

Phone numbers now become valuable for remarketing through SMS or text message marketing, there’s a platform that I personally use called super phone. So when you collect phone numbers through super phone, you can rebroadcast out and guess what you’re now bypassing the social media superhighway and you’re able to get your message in front of people directly on their cell phone. But in order to do any form of remarketing, whether it’s through email addresses or phone numbers, you need to gather data, not followers.

#2, which is text message marketing

The platform that I recommend for text message marketing is super phone. There’s an interview that I did a couple of years ago with Ryan Leslie, founder of super phone. Those are really insightful, and ever since then, I started using super phone income nation with social media. So if you have an Instagram account, you’ll see there’s a button on Instagram for you to send a text directly, Now what happens when you send a text through the account. It will then send you a text back with a landing page form.

So you see where I’m going with this? Once you fill out that landing page form, your email address is sent to whom ever owns the form. Now all the information that You need, in order to follow up. Basically, think of social media and email and SMS marketing all being married together. There’s not just one platform that you use, but you need use all of these platforms in combination with social media being the feeder source to get you the data that you need.

#3, private messaging on whatsapp and slack

Let’S face it. Social media today is noisy! Your objective use social media in a business is that you have to find ways to break through that noise and stand out! So staying along the same lines of what I said previously with collecting data. Wether it’s an email address or phone number. Think about setting up a private group on slack or whatsapp for your superfans or you’re more connected fans, Hopefully you’re using some sort of social listening tool that you can easily identify who these fans and these supporters are. Once you’ve done that then You invite them over to your own private experience by doing this, meaning by creating a group on slack or on whatsapp you’re able to bypass all the noise, all the self-promotion, all the flexing. That’s occurring every single second of the day on Instagram Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

#4, Gather Intel or set up listening feeds.

Let me break this down, for you make it really easy, let’s say I’m a public speaker. So I get paid to speak at conferences.

How am I going to find out when a conference is looking for speakers? It’s really simple. I go to Twitter and I type in call for speakers now you can save that feed and you can go back to that feed in real time at any minute of the day and you can see who’s updating the feeds. So, in my case, as a speaker as soon as I see that there’s a new call for speakers tweet, I then go and I apply speak that conference.

If you’re a real estate agent, you can set up feeds for the city that you do business in, and certain key phrases or terms like looking to buy a house in Houston or moving to Vancouver. The key is that you’re using social networks as search engines, so once you gain the Intel now, you can effectively communicate with your prospects.

#5, using

What I really like about Giphy is that you don’t have to have a big grandiose presence on any social network.

You just have to have the right gifs on Giphy , for people to use in their content on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Now, why are people using gifs? It’S really simple to spice up and add a little humor or character to their content, so provided that you have the right mix of gist. I have gifs of me doing all sorts of different animations expressions, You can also use Giffy to promote books as long as you have gifs in the Giphy library.

Anyone on these social networks has access to your content, so think about this. If you’re searching for ways to growth hack into Facebook’s, 2 billion user ecosystem 1 billion users on Instagram over 300 million users on Twitter, this is the easiest hack. Just put your content on Giphy, sit back and let others use it now.

These are 5 tips to help you become a better social media marketer in 2020. But if you notice, I didn’t tell you how to become a better marketer in YouTube or Facebook or Twitter. The reason for that is because these 5 tips can be implemented across the board on every social network or you can use them as standalone strategies as Well, thank you so much for reading this article.

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